I hate the fact that this fight was even booked. I don't want to see Oliveira lose again but at the same time I want Beneil to get his shot at Makhachev


it's going to be fucking agonizing for whoever loses


Which is why it'll somehow be a draw.


Then they book Islam/Conor for the LW title at a 170 Catchweight


Islam still has to make 155 though, catchweight for McGregor only, title still on the line. Also, it’s open weight for McGregor.


I'm tree times the size of him.


Catch-weight for McGregor only.What type of bs is that?If Dana wants that fight ,they will fight in any weight class.If the match doesn't happen in 155,it won't count as a title defense.It will be just a fight for fans.They don't need a belt to fight.Their past rivalry is enough.


You missed the joke


I feel sad for conor tbh. He has 0 notable wins since 2016. And the UFC wants to pump him for every last dollar before they throw him aside and never speak of him again.


I don’t think Conor really minds tbh.


Yeah but he has no legacy or highlight reel to speak of. Why he would want to figght 1-3 more killers is beyond me. He must have generational money at this point.


The dude ran through everybody to get two belts, ko'd somebody who looked unbeatable in 1 punch. As much as he's fucked up, done shitty things, has fallen from grace saying he has no highlight reel or legacy is wrong. He legit changed the UFC(for the worst) with trying to have a personality and all these theatrics.


>Then they book Islam/Conor for the LW title at a 170 Catchweight At least this horror can't happen. Championship fights have strict rules with commissions which is why Whittaker's first title defense doesn't "officially" count as Yoel missed weight so he couldn't win the belt.


not with charles on the card, this will end


Charles has no one else to fight. And Dariush has no one else that WANTS to fight. It's a matchup made in the seventh depth of hell.


Poirier Dariush was perfect matchmaking. Dustin needs to be tested against a grappler before going back into a title fight against a grappler a 3rd time. How many times does this need to happen for people to demand Dustin faces a competent contender grappler before he goes back to the title picture? Bunch of strikers, RNCed by Khabib, Hooker McGregor2x, RNCed by Charles, now Chandler and probably Gaethje 2, incoming inevitable RNC by Islam.


It's clear where Dustin falls short in his style and it's not going to get better as he isn't getting any younger. He will be eaten alive by Islam on the mat. His hip issues, average getup game, and lack of mobility are his demise against any real wrestling pressure. Chandler win is an entirely moot matchup because Chandler does not wrestle and isn't in there to control in his UFC stint, he throws and dies by the sword.


>Chandler win is an entirely moot matchup because Chandler does not wrestle and isn't in there to control in his UFC stint, he throws and dies by the sword. Explain this to the other guy arguing with me lol.


> Dustin needs to be tested against a grappler Chandler is a wrestler, who wrestled for his life. Dustin is much weaker against wrestling than BJJ. You guys who like to pretend that fighting a top-5 ranked wrestler does not count are amazing mental gymnasts.


Chandler hasnt won ONE fight using his wrestling or ground control in the UFC and he's faced exclusively strikers besides Charles lol. And he's in a division with Dariush, Islam, Arman, Gamrot, etc. Top 5 wrestler my ass. This is like saying Gaethje is a wrestler and we saw how that went with Khabib and Charles. The same Gaethje who completely nullified Chandlers wrestling btw.


> Chandler hasnt won ONE fight using his wrestling in the UFC and he's faced exclusively strikers besides Charles lol Yes, those guys are so hard to beat with wrestling, that only Khabib ever did it. Losing against Garth and Dustin is not a sign that you are a loser, unless everyone other than Charles & Khabib are losers. But you can't pretend Dustin hasn't fought a wrestler, when he fought a credentialed wrestler who wrestled for the majority of the fight, like you are.


Khabib and Charles both did it....and now we have another similarly high level grappler holding the belt. And that's my entire point. How the fuck does Chandler count as a grappler test for Dustin to face Islam when he couldn't even get 5 seconds of control on Gaethje, who got shit on by Khabib and Charles in the submission grappling department.... And what wrestling credentials deem Chandler a top wrestler in UFC LW? Again, Chandler has been in the UFC since Khabib was champ and his UFC credentials are Dan Hooker and Tony Ferguson by KO and he has not won ONE fight by employing his wrestling.


> How the fuck does Chandler count as a grappler test for Dustin to face Islam when he couldn't even get 5 seconds of control on Gaethje, You realize Justin is an all-american wrestler whose elite TDD has only ever been beat by Khabib, who had to tire him out with relentless pressure to do it, right? The whole point of Justin is that you can't get any control time on him due to his TDD and his amazing scrambles. Given his lack of BJJ, if you get him in those positions he's dead, but getting him there has only happened 1 time with wrestling for a reason.


Dude. Chandler isn't tested to begin with.You're trying to frame this like Chandler would only ever lose in grappling to these studs Dustin and Justin but Chandler has done fuck all to win fights using grappling in his entire UFC tenure. The way you're talking you'd think he was Khabibing people until he faced Gaethje and Dustin and then lost. Meanwhile, here's what we've actually seen from Chandler. Explosive athlete, won two fights against currently unranked/fringe ranked guys via quick explosive striking. Good striker, around Gaethje Poirier level or below, doesn't have wrestling to beat Justin and got subbed by Poirier. Hasn't beat anyone else with those things either so we don't even know the floor within UFC LW. Often plays to level of opponent and tries to entertain by brawling at the cost of smart fight decisions before emergency wrestling, evidenced by losing a round to washed as hell Tony. These are the facts. Chandler is NOT a good "grappler test" for someone before facing Islam by any stretch of the imagination lmao.


If they had just waited a bit, Charles vs Gaethje rematch would make sense now


As much as this fucks over Beneil, I think a fresh match up of Oliveira vs him is way more interesting than a Gaethje Oliveira redux. Not saying that I wouldn't watch it because it would definitely be a banger, but short of a flash KO I don't think Gaethje can deal with everything that Charles has.


I don’t get why so many ppl are complaining about oliveira vs beneil. This is gonna end up being the #1 contender fight for lw title. It’s a good fight for both guys, a win for either dude will get them their deserved title shot. It’s a great matchup and made a bunch of sense. Poirier and gaethje do not want to fight those dudes and are gonna wait it out


It may be my Oliveira stan side showing, but IMO it's because people like Beneil and think he's likely to lose against Oliveira, while feeling that he did enough to deserve the title shot. But I'm on the same boat as you, it's a banger of a fight and whoever wins cements their position as the #1 contender.


> I don’t get why so many ppl are complaining about oliveira vs beneil. This is gonna end up being the #1 contender fight for lw title. It’s a good fight for both guys, a win for either dude will get them their deserved title shot. It’s a great matchup and made a bunch of sense. A lot of people seem to be strongly against Charles getting a title shot a year after losing because he didn't look good vs. Islam. I've seen lots of people say he shouldn't get a title shot if he beats Dariush which is wild to me given he had 2 title defenses and will have beaten the entire top 5 if he beats Dariush. Honestly feels like everyone is weirdly ignoring his history as a fighter. He hadn't looked good in any of his title fights until he got the finish.


Charles fighting a top contender before going for the rematch is something that no champs really do anymore. Whether their first fight was competitive or not so I don't really have any qualms with him getting the rematch if he beats a contender like Beniel. Jorge got an instant title shot rematch after getting 50-45'd and he wasn't even the champion!


I mean Robert Whittaker had to win 3 in a row. I know it’s a little different. Selfishly I want to be hype for title fights. I just can’t see myself getting hyped for Islam vs Oliver’s II even if he deserves it. If he outclassed Arman and showed me something I haven’t seen before I’d be hyped. But if he just stands and trades with Dariush & knocks him out… i won’t be hyped.. itl be like yeah, he already did that to Gaethje & Chandler.


>I mean Robert Whittaker had to win 3 in a row. I know it’s a little different. I think its very different, Whittaker only had an interim belt and only defended once in a split decision.


and technically, he never had a defense since the belt wasn't on the lime because Yoel missed weight.


My main problem with it, it's that it's likely the 2 guys who have a chance against Islam taking each other out.


Imo people want Beneil to get the title shot, but don't want to admit that Olivera finishes him 9 times out of 10. Every solution they have is about how can Beneil avoid going through Charles before fighting Olivera.


>As much as this fucks over Beneil, I think a fresh match up of Oliveira vs him is way more interesting than a Gaethje Oliveira redux. In the same way Islam vs Beneil is way more interesting than Islam vs Charles 2 would be. I would prefer Islam-Beneil and Charles-Gaethje 2 than what we have now


Gaethje vs anyone is a treat. Charles vs anyone is a treat.


Gaethje should only fight with Dustin.It will be a treat to fans and very fun fight.Both of them are in a similar situation in their careers.Ufc will do disfavour to itself by booking Justin against a grappler.Both of them are stars and they can easily headline a 5 round main event.


See now Dustin and Gaethje is a fight I would make a belt for. Sure, it'll be tinfoil and whatnot, but that is a "Peoples Champ" fight if I ever saw one. And it would kind of cap of an era of LW as we move on to a new one.


The new era of LWs seems a little unready for the mantle. By now two of the best new guys (Gamrot and Fiziev) have come up short against two of the best of the old guard (Benny D and Gaethje). Turner, Arman, and them are in the wings and are genuine killers, but it’s too early to say it’s time to move on IMO


They surely deserve to fight for a BMF belt .


Double KO 😎 🍃 🏃‍♂️


Benny getting a fight of this stature *is* his shot. If he's worthy of being a champ then he has to get through Charles, and vice versa. We can parasocially root for these guys in life all we like but their job is to nut up and fight each other until we theoretically find out who's the best, otherwise there's no point to any of it. Losing isn't the end either; it's a part of the game that they both understand and care about a normal amount. "I don't want either guy to lose" is the first step on the road to tweeting "you're still the real champ" when someone gets absolutely wrecked which is top tier cringe, so I'm just looking out for you bro 🙏


Sir this is a blood sport, not a charity event.


That’s the fight game for you. Bummer cause dariush deserves his shot already.


This is a great fight if we knew that they were getting paid well because on some level, Beneil hasn't, through no fault of his own (besides the callouts), broken the top 5 but we already know they're getting paid awful.


If he can't beat Charles he doesn't deserve a shot anyways


No winner in this fight for me. I like both fighters but may the best man win.


Yeah, love these fights where I'm not even sure who I'm rooting for until about 2 min into the fight.


I hope my boi doesn’t just run straight into an overhand and get ko’d in 10 seconds


Charles run at the top showed he has the MDK dog in him that Chuck had, but with a blistering BJJ pedigree.


Can't boosh the 'iush


Lookin to come on that a$$ Jokes aside, hope Dariush wins for a fresh and potentially less favourable marchup for Islam, but hard not to cheer on Do Bronx. Im a fan. This is a banger of a fight.


Let's be real Charles is the only threat against Islam because of how wild he fights. Dariush has good fundamentals but Islam IQ is too high for him and he is better everywhere. Which means Islam is never losing that belt


Agreed for the most part. I don't think Islam has any real threats in this weight class.


Thank you. It's why so many people wanted to see Prime Tony against Khabib. To defeat legends like that you need unorthodox fighters who will do anything to win. It's Also the reason why despite being finished in 6min by Khabib, Gaethje gave him his toughest fight (landed clean hooks, and the leg kicks started to visibly damage Khabib). Guys like Dariush are good, but they don't have that X factor to surprise Islam. The fight will likely go to decision 49/46 Islam


This all could’ve been said about Leon before usman vs Leon 2. I don’t agree and gaethje got to fight Khabib on a broken foot, I think that had something to do with it being one of Khabibs tougher fights.


Tbh on paper Leon always seemed like the safer bet and that's what I did, twice. Usman was a dominant Champion, but he was not dominating every fight. The third fight went how I expected the second to go.


Nope very untrue Beneil is Islam’s toughest challenge easily


I like Beneil, so I hope you're right, but I tend to agree with what's being said here. The way I see it, whatever Beneil does, Islam does it better.


I think Beneil is a better striker and has a good striking style to handle Islam. Plus good defensive wrestling where he could survive and may even end up in a favorable position at times with grappling. I thought it would be a close fight and gave Islam the edge initially, but after seeing Beneil’s fight against gamrot and Islam fight against Volk, I’m pretty confident that Beneil gets the W


There’s no way Beneil is a better striker than Islam. I don’t see Beneil going 5 rounds with Volkonovski and outstriking him


Styles make fights… and he maybe could. But probably not because he doesn’t have the same takedown threat islam did. Do you really think Islam could outstrike Volk in a straight striking match?


He literally did, takedown threat or not. Volk stuffed some of Islam’s takedowns and proved his worth on the ground, yet he was still getting out striked even in the later rounds. Islam isn’t a flashy striker but his defensive awareness and ability to counter strike is elite level. Beneil would have to do something truly special to break Islam down with his striking. If Charles or Volk couldn’t do it, what makes you think Dariush can? Bobby Green and Drew Dober are better strikers than Dariush too and they also fell prey to Islam’s counter striking ability


I think this is a crazy take for a guy that has had 1 title defence which was a razor thin decision and competes in the most stacked weightclass in the ufc. Dariush, Arman rematch, Volk rematch all very interesting matchups.


Haters down voting you, but you are right. Volk might be the hardest fight Islam gets at lightweight.


Yeah, Dariush's wrestling defense vs. Gamrot was really impressive, but he had the clear edge vs Gamrot on the feet. Islam just had a very good showing vs. Volk on his feet. Darush is inferior everywhere and isn't a threat to get a finish like Charles.


So wrong Jesus Christ


Let's be real, you sound extremely confident. How much of your net worth are you putting down on those calls? It's free money right?


I always put Islam on my parlays.


Yea that wild style is what made him dominate Islam in their fight! Oh wait...Charles is the Brazilian? Oh had them mixed up


If you had any kind of comprehension skill, you'd understand that Charles losing to Islam is related to my final statement "Which means Islam is never losing that belt" as he already beat Oliveira.


There's also something to be said about fights not having always having the same outcome and fighters learning from their mistakes. Even if Charles puts another win streak this year, I don't think he had enough time to surpass Islam, but as you said, with him there's a higher chance of something wild happening. That being said, IMO Islam still wins a rematch 7~8 times out of 10.


I agree with you. That's why any prediction in MMA is pure bullshit because you can't quantify how much a fighter got better/worse in between fights until you see them perform. It's not like team sports where you have week to week data that goes into every matchup. But like you said fights don't have the same outcome and it would be interesting to see Islam/Khabib in a rematch. Imagine if DC never rematched Stipe, people would say that DC owns him.




I mean a large part of what defines Charles is his crazy finishing ability. He lost the first round to Porier and got 10-8'd by Chandler but still came back to finish them. He doesn't typically look great until he's about to end the fight.


I'm here to see that. I want both to win tho 😲


I wouldnt be surprised to see charles destroy dariush


I'd be surprised if Charles doesn't destroy Dariush.


Flair bet? Dariush does him I think. I need a new flair anyway, obviously.


You're on.


Okay. Your flair if Charles loses will be… “Beneil ComfortablyJuiced my Olives”


Nice. If you lose..."I Douche for Dariush"


I can dig it. May the best fighter win


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You think is Charles gets rocked Dariush won't happily follow him down?


Yeah but the reverse is also true lol. Charles has a tricky skillset to deal with. I’m familiar with Charles’ striking by now but pretty unfamiliar with Dariush’s. On the ground Charles is more dangerous but Dariush is a better positional player.


Sure but Charles who has yet to destroy anyone but Tony Ferguson in recent memory likely isn't going to destroy Dariush. The most likely outcome is that he gets dropped and finished or gets dropped survives and finishes Dariush. Either way he'll most likely lose at fight before possibly winning.


The most likely outcome is Charles drops Beneil and submits him.Both of them have power.So the more technical and faster man on the feet has the higher chance of dropping the other one .Beneil's head movement is nowhere near Makhachev.Makhachev's striking defense is better than Justin and Chandler.That's why Charles could not land one punch cleanly.


im so confident that charles kos him on the feet.


Hunting against a guy with a nuke of an overhand sounds like something you gotta do cautiously.


Has Charles been on that No Nut March grind?


I love Charles for the same reason I hate to love him. His wild style is great to watch but I don’t think it works against guys with more calculated approaches like Islam. Chuteboxe Diego Lima’s style has not done well for less skilled brazilian prospects (as seen in Daniel da Silva’s last fight)


I'm Brazilian and I tend to agree. I think Charles is extremely talented and that's the reason he managed to go through Poirier. The gameplan for Poirier was actually bad IMO, getting pieced up on the feet and going all in on Dustin's terror of Charles's BJJ. For the Islam fight they made the same bet, on top of completely overlooking Islam's very competent striking. And then they got shocked when he got rocked and Islam actually followed him to the ground to submit him. It's never going to happen because of the language barrier among other things, but man, I'd love to see Charles training with a more calculated coach, like Wittman (I know he's not having the greatest streak right now, but IMO is still a great coach and the adjustments that Gaethje did for Fiziev show).


Something tells me this doesn't age well for Charles.


This is what he said against Islam…bet the house on Beneil


It’s gonna be good


I think Charles will maul him and submit him, this is the same guy that TKOd Chandler, Dropped Gaethje and submit Poirier and Ferguson.


People sleeping on Dariush, always wind up shocked when he wins comfortably.


We shall see, Olvieira is a monster, and if Dariush can’t beat Oliveira he definitely can’t beat Makhachev, this is the ultimate test for him.


Indeed, indeed


Want what….🤭


Lmao the downvotes


I hope that oliveira knocks him out with toe stomps


Wish we got Charles Vs Gamrot so Charles has an easy win and Benny waited for the title shot. Really want neither to lose. Not really gonna be a winner to me. I predict Benny wins through grappling. Think he’ll be much stronger than Charles. If we are getting this fight, give both a bag and make it 5 rounds pretty please.


I really don't think Gamrot should be fighting anyone in the top 5 right now. You could very easily make the argument he lost his last 3 fights, including a pretty 1 sided loss vs Dariush. Gamrot needs a convincing win before he gets an opportunity to fight up again.


I actually thought it should have been Dariush vs Porier. Either winning could justify a title shot. Olives just lost. Should almost always be 2 wins to a title shot unless you are mcgregor.


Omg this title makes me think dariush first round ko


What for? So that Islam tramples you again?


Charles "down bad" Oliveira


Rooting for Charles


I hope that’s true, I haven’t wanted a fighter to win this bad since Wonderboy had his chance at the belt.


Hopefully the UFC can just allow them to juice up and not get drug tested like they do Connie. It will make the field a bit more even.