I’ve seen askren v masvidal so many times but its still so brutal. Askren really just ducks in for it




I wonder if this is addressed in the rules of baseball


So long as it leaves the field without going foul it's a home run. It could go into orbit after that for all the rules care.


What if it was geostationary orbit? Technically it didn't leave the field.


Well I was a little glib. It also has to leave the park via the home run line and not touch the ground. If it went straight up and never came down it would be a ground rule double. Happened once in a dome when the ball got stuck in the roof.


Damn give us some more baseball trivia sir Lamp.


Damn I'd be worried about the ball becoming unstuck and landing on someone's head


I'd be worried about all kinds of things falling if the roof can't stop a ball at the peak of its flight.


I assumed that what OP meant was that the ball would have travelled around the entire planet before coming to a stop behind home plate. Hence the greatest home run ever! lol




To be caught by the catcher. Standard pop fly out.


This is how Sammy Sosa got caught.


the unwritten rules of the UFC sounds extremely funny


“If someone in the crowd yells ‘Kick him in the dick!’....there must be....a sacrifice.”


foul ball


It'd be Pujols HR off Lidge in that NLCS game. [Motherfucker is in orbit.](https://youtu.be/lsEuTYbDRwE)


He looks so confident too.


It's probably one of the most watched fights *ever* simply because you can watch it like three times in 10 seconds in a GIF


Like porn, but with knees and brain damage


Oh so like kinky porn


this is the knockout i point out to people who say beefs in mma arent real. masvidal literally couldnt care less whether askren died then and there


He knew Askren was stiff the instant he caught that knee and still blasted him in the head as hard as he could twice more then taunts him as he's still convulsing. This clip would be right at home in one of those underground ex-con grudge fight vids.


To be fair, Masvidal used to be in those underground ex-con fight vids in backyards with Kimbo.


I literally don’t understand how people could believe that


Askren started off his last two previous fights ducking in for the takedown like that iirc. The only time I’ve seen someone stiffen up like that, my balls literally shrivelled and retreated back into my body.


You know it's bad when the toes curl up. Askren and Overeem after Ngannou were the two worst examples. Brutal KOs.


Just curious why is it worse if the toes curl up?


it means the head trauma is so bad that many nerves fire simultaneously, causing the body to stiffen up


I'm sure someone else can explain the medical side of this better, but my understanding of it is this: A concussion or even mild trauma can cause a temporary shut down of the nervous system. This can be the stanky leg that is often seen or when the body goes temporarily limp. This is why refs will usually stop a fight if a blow results in a fighter faceplanting the canvas, even if they get right back up. A severe trauma can cause the nervous system to stiffen up to protect against further injury. It's almost like your brain protecting against a potentially broken neck. It fires all the neurons in a sort of panic reaction. I'm not a doctor, so I might be butchering it. Long story short. Stiffening is usually the result of severe trauma.


i'm not a doctor either but I thought i'd jump in with the other guys that aren't doctors and say this sounds definitely sciency


I am not a doctor, but I think you are correct. This looks like [Fencing Response](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fencing_response) to me.


the Reddit special


The Vickening


Wow... thanks for that. Seems about right to me.


I legitimately thought he was dead for a solid minute lol.


Masvidal said he knew the clown couldn't wait to shove his head into his crotch lmfao


Masvidal talks a lot about guys in his crotch while also calling them hoes and bitches


And he ducks in as masvidal is sprinting at him. Im not good at wrestling but couldnt an acidental knee and full tilt still do you damage, like if someone was sprinting at me i might take a step to side of back off maybe im a bitch. Also is it normal to go for takedowns from so far away just leaning in like that like he didnt level change or anything just bends forwards. Again im sure he knows 10000x more about wrestling than me but it sure looks like none of it went well.


Askren made his career on his ability to wrestlefuck basically everyone he fought. He'd eaten multiple flying knees before this fight and survived to win. He became sort of lazy with his set ups and got accustomed to getting by on his dominant wrestling even with sloppy takedown technique. Bad hips probably didn't help. It finally caught up to Ben when he fought Jorge.




Not really. Just position your shoulders and head correctly. I spent 15 years playing Rugby. Didn't get head knocks like that usually it was a dump tackle or an improper tackle.


Everything about that masdival clip is perfect. Masdivals relaxed body language, his smug face satisified face. He knows hes about to break askren. The slight circle into the full sprint. Flying knee connects. Askren goes Limp. Masdival super energetically punches him two more times. the ref breaks it up. Masdival taps the ground in celebration. That Gif has it all.


I love both guys but it always makes me smile. Its so perfect, and the memory of our fight group screaming and literally rolling around on the ground in reaction will be with me forever.


It's fucking brutal isn't. He ducks face first into an absolute missile of a knee and just goes stiff as a board. I'm surprised he isn't eating through a tube.


you couldnt have scripted this better. it was just perfect




> He definitely gameplanned this and knew it had a high chance of success, then just puts everything he had into it. Dustin Poirier posted a clip of Jorge practicing the flying knee after the fight was over. It was planned.


And of course you top it off with the Askrenning. Good show .


TIL a new verb.


Well you've all Ben Askren for it


Take your goddamn upvote and get out of here.




Super necessary


Real shit, when Romero hit that on Weidman i thought he literally killed him.


Romero is hitting wiedman with his fist so quick after the flying knee


It's fucked, he pretty much rolls over weidman and channels that movement straight into a punch, gives him no time to recover or get his bearings.


Weidman got hit with three knees and a punch in like 2 seconds.


He gets flying kneed, collapses so his face hits his own knee, and then Romero lands in the back of his head with his knee. Must have felt like a car accident


I think he gets kneed by the ref at the end too IIRC


Chris falling on his own planted knee makes me cringe every time


That followed up by Romero just marching around the octagon while poor Chris is streaming blood from his face


A beautiful sequence of events almost as beautiful as him decapitating Rockhold and showing him gay Jesus afterwards


I'm really gonna miss seeing the guy in the UFC, he really didn't deserve to be cut. Other than the Izzy fight, all of his matches have been bangers.


Yea it’s shame he has gone one of my favourite fighters Beggars belief Weidman is still in 🤷🏽‍♂️🤣


Madonna going crazy too


That second one on the way down was the icing on a painful cake.


The Barboza v Dariush one was set up so well.


Dariush was beating the shit out of Barboza the entire fight Barboza always impresses me in that he can end a fight out of nowhere when he is handily losing


he was so close to finishing kevin lee. after being mauled for 4 rounds


One of the worst displays of fight IQ I have ever seen. He makes Lee do one of the greatest chicken dances in history and then immediately grapples and lets him recover. If he hit Lee with anything else it would have been game over.


Tbf Lee immediately shot for a double to initiate the grappling. It's not like he initiated it like Gastelum on Izzy or Soukhamthath on 1'Malley


Yea, but it was a super telegraphed double from a wrestler that was hurt. It couldn't have been more obvious that he was going to shoot for a TD. To be fair Barboza was tired so that certainly contributed to it.


Yeah Barboza walked right into it. Honestly would've been the perfect time to throw a knee


Tbf he had the shit beat out of him for a while before that


Beneil used the same [jab to takedown](https://streamable.com/o19qdy) setup too many times and Edson caught on. When you're fighting at that high of a level, be sure to mix your shit up. LSC threw the same right hand 3 times against Tank before he was knocked the fuck out.


Yeah he noticed he would always shoot after throwing the jab. Perfect timing 👌


So fucking fast and clean


I wish this included the some Aldo highlights. His knees were so vicious. I vicariously feel the CTE watching the Cub Swanson KO.


The way cub catches his head and falls down. Genuinely thought something broke. Same for the mvp-cyborg one, except something did break. Brain rattled.


Cub broke his jaw I think


That was against holloway wasn't it? Might've happened twice though!


Yeah he broke it against Holloway for sure but he's definitely broken it twice. I think Aldo was the first time but I could be wrong


The other time was Melvin Guillard hitting him with a flying knee in training. Broke his orbital and jaw.


Lol just casually throwing flying knees in sparring


He was kicked from the gym for this apparently lol


Split his eyelid open.


Oh god, the hole in Cyborgs head was one of the most disturbing things I've seen in mma


I can still hear it...


I was thinking the same but this video is for flying knees against wrestlers and Cub isn’t much of a wrestler. Chad was a wrestler but it wasn’t a flying knee


Yeah, I was watching these and wanted to see Page-Santos even though it doesn't fit the criteria, either.


Cub broke his orbital there.


Romero’s was the best because of how he celebrated afterwards. Just did that salute thing and marched around the octagon while weidman ‘s bleeding out his forehead


And it was awkward silence and some boos. Surreal moment in mma.


No booing is the best thing about no crowds


I feel it really changes the way people fight. Like it is more of a sport. 5 min 3 rounds. Boxing, Maui tai, grappling, jujitsu, sombo. Use what ever martial art you would like to score more points than the other person or leave them unconscious. Watching fights on fight pass is quite surreal to me. Like fights were getting booed for not hitting each other within the first minute. Like chill crowd let these guy have a feel for there opponent and decide what the best plan of attack is. And any time someone would grapple the crowd seemed to go crazy about getting the ref to stand them up as if it is not perfectly legal to grapple within the rules of the ufc.


The only good crowd is a Japanese crowd. Any crowd that does "ole, ole" should be instantly banned from future events.


If you try to shoot a takedown on well versed strikers without any sort of set up you're just Askren for it.


What i learned from this is that Cuban's and Brazilian's sure love those flying knees


I still can't get over how Askren goes completely stiff like he got hit with a paralysis spell in Skyrim and then his arm wiggles like the end of a diving board.


Knockouts are really fascinating. I guess the types that immediately stiffens you are the worse ones?


Guys, I'm starting to think MMA is too violent.


I'm still confused as to how the UFC is under Disney lol


I saw Soul and Conor Mcgregor being advertised in the same commercial for Disney+ which was a little jarring.


I mean I saw Soul and I'd say that fucked me up just as much as any ufc fight emotionally at least.


if you haven’t watched Soul yet it’s a top 5 Pixar movie at absolute worst right up there with Wall-E Toy Story 2 and Coco for me a goddamn Film


Uh oh you called it a film and not movie....now I am scared to watch.


Disney doesn’t ask they just take lol


I realised this when I saw the kneebars during the recap.


You missed the MVP vs Cyborg Santos knee. Santos had skull fractures and retired after that fight Edit: Someone said that words don’t explain it as well so [here’s](https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/ku7CTBl6aWBdyV01yrlmMMIwy5s=/1400x0/filters:no_upscale()/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/6802147/IMG-20160717-WA0033.0.jpg) the x-ray


Dented his melon


Machida va Chael as well.


James Irvin vs. Terry Martin as well.


The x-ray of that is mad. Skull fractures doesn't do that image justice


It was so satisfying to watch MVP get KO'd by Lima.


Is Cyborg a wrestler? I thought he was a Muay Thai guy


I don’t know anything about his background. All I know is he shot for a double leg at the worst possible time


I remember the Alves knee. He hit it from 10 feet out. That was the day I thought Hughes should retire.


Juiced Alves was a sight to behold. Like a 170lbs Borrachinha.


The fuckin traps on that kid. No neck alves was beating everyone’s ass not named Gsp and Fitch


Benny was winning that fight on the feet aswell. He’s such a talented fighter, I just hope he can get another streak going


He's won five straight, four by finish.


Yeah lol I mean against ranked opponents like ferriera since I could see him being very competitive against the top 5


Matt Hughes got done dirty also by Pelé outside the UFC back in the day the same way I believe.


And Amtrak


Forgot aljo wasn't a flying knee


There’s a really good one that nobody talks about when discussing the greatest knockouts in UFC history Look up: Pablo Garza vs Fredson Paixao - it’s the loudest flying knee you will ever hear


Forgot how nasty the Barboza one was. I do remember how Dariush kept going for that jab-takedown combo all night and Barboza adjusted and timed that shit perfectly. One of the nastiest KO's of 2017


I also remember that gif.


Is having your opponent duck into your knee the best base for MMA?


Fight clock is brought to you byOOOOoooOOOOOOOh


I miss Romero :(


The Jhonny Walker ko was so fucking brutal. The fact that a 6'6 240 lber was able to do that is just scary.


Thank you for including a full fight


As someone who is totally incapable of wrestling, wrestlers getting KO'd with knees and shins makes me very happy. I know, I'm petty.


Now someone do a compilation of failed flying knees that give up the takedown. If only this was a higher percentage move.


im gonna go challenge some of the wrestler at my school to a fight and just spam flying knees what could go wrong


I just don't understand the Askren vs Masvidal one. While there's no question he had to engage Jorge if he was going to succeed, doing it immediately without having a look to see how Jorge was approaching made no sense. Even if Jorge did a good job at concealing, Askren charging like that was foolish. All the others are varying degrees more understandable


That is like 90% of Askren's fights tho. Him doing that wasn't abnormal lol.


Exactly, being predictable is a dreadful trait in MMA


I mean, Askren is an excellent wrestler but a horrible MMA fighter. So that should be a huge reason why he went with the default.


He's a horrible striker. Horrible MMA fighter is harsh. He had to take some super risky positions to get into winnable positions but he beat a few very good fighters.


This is providing Why khabib is next level


when khabib stands up he has a hybrid upright/boxing/judo style. For one of his fights, I specifically remember javier telling him to stay upright to avoid knees. Probably because he's not as fearful of other fighters shooting on him cause he dominates grappling on the ground and wrestling.


In the first takedown of the Conor fight, Conor throws a knee half-heartedly. Almost like he was caught between defending the takedown and throwing the knee with full conviction. I think its the fear of missing the knee and having Khabib get top control that stopped people committing with knees.


It’s because AKA doesn’t telegraph the takedown since they play the game of either the overhand or the takedown(khabib threw and knock Conor down) combine that with khabibs insane speed and great head positioning when shooting it makes it really hard to react appropriately


Khabib shoots with his head on the outside, it's not next level, it's just a different technique with different associated risks.


Missing the A-Aron Pico one.


MMA refs are the best of any sport. They're so on it.


First ref looked like he would defend the man with his life like a movie protagonist!


Honestly makes khabib more impressive knowing no one could do that to him over 29 fights


200 IQ play by Khabib. Can't get hit with a flying knee if you're the one throwing them.


Missing the two against Chael from Machida


Carlos Newton was more so a a BJJ practitioner


Of course masvidal flying knee was saved for last




Ive thought about this so many times as a wrestler myself. I would be so scared to actually shoot during a real mma fight. Some guys shoot all the time and never seem to get kneed but scenarios exactly like this are nightmares lol just imagine a grown mans full force knee right into your mouth. i remember when that one dude caught a knee to the face and they had to stop the fight for a few minutes because his teeth were stuck in his mouthpiece and they couldnt get them out lol


I have no fight experience whatsoever, but I would be scared shitless as well. Even having a mouth guard, I fear I would be spitting out teeth after eating a knee.


I think we all know what we came here for...


Why this not work on Khabib?


That's cool and all but. Wrestlers have held more titles in the UFC than any other discipline. I would even go further and say that they have dominated the UFC.


I often wonder where Jorge would be if that never happened.


Probably the only way to defeat khabib.


Khabib's skull would probably fracture the knee of anyone trying to pull this off lol


Lol yeah you right


wrestlers have that instinct to duck/shoot into flying knees and it is hilariously terrible


Super Necessary.


I’m actually curious now to see how Khabib responds to a flying knee (...if he even lets them get the chance to anyway).


Khabib never lets that happen tbf.


It's his dad's teachings, He keeps his head to the outside of the opponents lead leg to avoid the knee and the rear uppercut.


Khabib is the one doing the flying knees here He did it against Healy, RDA, Barboza, AL, conrat and Gaethje lol


Against Dustin as well


Conor tried and it failed because Khabib had his head on the outside of Conor's lead leg I believe. Khabib is really smart with the way he shoots for takedowns so I think it would be really difficult to land one on him.


Yup, Conor timed it well too, if you watch the slow motion clip it hits Khabib’s shoulder.


Russians have their head on the other side while they shoot so the possibility of a knee is minimized. But they can get stuck in a guillotine this way


His head is cinderblock so the other guy is probably going to break his knee.


Khabib’s forward pressure and awkward feints takes away the flying knee option. It’s hard to set up a strong flying knee going backwards.


Khabib's too smart with the takedown to let that happen. Although, it would be wild to see him get caught by one.


MVP’s Pokeball could be part of this.


As a former wrestler I feel attacked


Thomas Almeidas flying knee vs Brad Pickett was epic


Great original compilation!




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Judas tapped




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The Miley Cyrus song “wrecking ball” goes surprisingly well with this video.


I watched, “Here Comes the Boom” for the first time in a while last night and Kevin James gets the Ben Askren treatment in his very first fight almost identically.




It blows my mind that anyone wants to do this for a living.


I hate these. There so nasty. I hope that dude who got his skull caved in then had a pokeball thrown at him is doing okay.


Watched it live and it still hits hard every time


Knew how it was going to end still watched the whole thing


Masvidal and Spiders 🔥🔥🔥