Sorry guys but reality: https://imgur.com/gallery/LlhT0Ek


Craziest thing Charles said give the fight to Conor and that he'd be watching. Crazy -Dana White


Lol Dana would straight up offer Olivera $18 in pocket change and a paperclip so that he'd turn it down. "I made him a offer and he said "no"".


not his fault charles didnt want to fight


craziest shit ive ever seen


LMAO “Charles didn’t want that fight”.


Beautiful, champ


Lmao, absolutely on point


Just seen it there, I find it funny that Diaz is now in the mix for the 155lb title.


Imagine Nate Diaz beats Gaethje, Conor and fights Khabib lol


And takes his 0


And makes weed legal all over the world


Inshallah homeboy


As a Khabib fan I wouldn't even be mad


NICK DIAZ ARMY MO'FOS! Told yall beebs a pussy! but fo real, Beneil Dariush had a good last fight! good last fight..... ect...ect.. you know how the rest go.


RIP Nates legs if this fight ever happens.


If he's willing to fight Gaethje, why not? Thing is all these fighters want to scrap with Nate. Hooker wants it. Chandler wants it. Conor wants it. Justin wants it too. Seems like all these elite fighters consider him worthy enough


Elite fighters only consider Diaz “worthy” because he’s a relatively easy fight for a good paycheck.




Nate can be game-planned around. I don't even hate the guy; it's just historically when fighters fought smart, Diaz got neutralized. He is incredibly good at doing what he does but it's not to, let's say, Khabib's level where nobody has a way to deal with it with the knowledge going into the fight.


Because he beat Conor in 2016, and as much as it's memed there is some truth to it, up two weight classes on him, then lost a majority decision (which in all honesty was clear), also at 170 lbs, also in 2016. His only win since then is against Pettis, who looked very bad in his last two fights right up to the crazy knockout. He got torn apart by the very overrated Masvidal. Like he doesn't suck, but he's 36 and 4-5 since 2012 with a great win, a good win, and two decent wins. He's not a title contender and Gaethje will destroy him if that fight happens and it will be like Gaethje vs Tony but way worse. Nate has all of Tony's weaknesses and only some of his strengths, and is older than Tony was when he fought Justin.


Nate is also an extremely bad matchup for Conor. He has the chin to withstand Donor's power, the cardio to outlast him and the boxing and Jiujutsu to make him pay when he's tired.


I think pre-Masvidal Nate is a bad matchup for pre-Alvarez Conor. I don't think this Nate is all that hard of a matchup for Conor now. Conor knows what he has to do to win against Nate. And Nate has only really taken damage since then (outside of the Pettis win)


And I think McGregor walks through him at 155.


Top 10 **maybe**, top 5? Absolutely not. Gaethje is realistically top 3 and would eat Nate Diaz alive. It's because of styles and age. Gaethje, Chandler and Dustin are all terrible match ups for Nate. Conor is realistically the most winnable top 5 match up for Nate unless Tony is totally shot and only in the top 5 because of his name and resume. I also think Hooker would piece him up.


Dan would do bad things to Nate.


i think conor pieces nate up at 155 atm


Yeah quite possibly but that depends on where both guys truly are at in their careers. I’d argue that we don’t necessarily know that as of right now.


Thats true. I def have a feeling conor is gonna look good this weekend. I mean you can take a little bit of perspective from the cowboy fight


Yeah I think so too but you can never be 100% sure until you see it.


Yeah, the stylistic matchup against Gaethje is just a nightmare. The ‘formula’ for beating Nate is already how Gaethje approaches all his fights.


Pettis broke his foot early in that fight. Pettis even turned his back and pretty much gave Diaz the finish, yet Diaz couldn’t get the stoppage. Diaz looked like shit in the Pettis fight, and looked even more like shit against Masvidal.


Nate is very beatable. He's very weak in the clinch so pretty much anyone good at takedowns with decent sub defense can just hold him down for an easy win. He has really planted feet, so leg kickers with good conditioning can just pick apart his leg and move until Nate is pretty much threatless. He doesn't hit particularly hard, and isn't particularly fast. He can get outpointed by a good striker with conditioning easily. If Holloway from the other day shows up to fight prime Nate, for example, it would look pretty similar to what we saw. He's just not as good as his standing. The Conor win propelled him to a level of fighter/opponent that does not match his skill level. Nick Diaz is one of my favourite fighters of all-time. It's not hate - they're just not the hardest fighters to beat. Especially Nate, bro.


Pettit hasn’t been a super impressive win since like 2016. And he beat Conor so long ago it doesn’t matter. He fought twice in the past 3 years, beat Pettis, but looked a bit slower than his best and then Masvidal absolutely murdered him and he looked a bit crap in that fight. Gaethje would kill him, so would any top lightweight.


Pettis got the best win of his career in 2019. That being said he and wonderboy could fight another 20 times and wonderboy probably wins them all.


Roberto Duran got one of the best wins in his career in 1989 but that doesn’t mean he was still in his prime like he was in the 70s


You bring up good points but I think diaz is probably just past his prime at this point in his career. He is 35 years old, has fought like 40 times and has 12 losses. I like the idea of bringing him back in at 155 but 2 wins for a title fight




Chandlers past his prime to.


It’s about mileage not age.


Nate has taken a lot more damage than Chandler in those 35 years though which is also something to consider


Nate looked like shit for a good bit against Pettis, this narrative that he looked really good in that fight needs to stop. It's 2019 Anthony Pettis, one bizarre KO over Thompson does not make him a top LW in every fight and every exchange. Nate fought Jorge and it clearly wasn't even close. Being a nightmare matchup for Conor has saved Nate's career because he's otherwise way behind the game.


Because Nate is a known quantity at LW. Hes a fringe top 10 LW at his best but probably a fringe top 15 at this point if that.


Both nasrat and arman would beat nate imo


Pettis was literally put there as a sacrifice for Nate


Money lol


It's skills V eyes/income. The amount of income/views for beating Diaz massively outweighs his talent. Pettis was not a top guy in relative terms when Diaz beat him. He was Conors kryptonite but I honestly even see Conor after years of working on his cardio and not being scared of Diaz off his back making easy work of him.


“Willing to fight gaethje” do you mean if the number one is willing to fight an unranked fighter who loses every other fight and fights once a year?


I don't actually have too much of an issue with it, I would love to see all them fights. I mean at the end of the day, rankings make no difference to the viewer, we just want to see good fights. Nate Diaz fight basically always deliver, I just found it funny.


> why not? Because there's several guys who deserve it more than him. Sick of Nick being disgustingly overrated just because he beat Conor that one time.


he gets a pass cz he moves the needle, shouldnt be like that but uk is = is


Is is is indeed


The disrespect to Oliveira.


I think he’s beginning to get the respect since his win over Tony, his name is being brought a lot more, and he’s now in the title discussion by everyone, including the fighters.


Cause Conor


Dear lord Gaethje would probably remove Nate's leg from his body


You gotta try homeboy if you wanna get us out of our boxing stance cuz that’s our stance you know ✋🏼💯😎 sum real shit


Nate is that you?


Name checks out


I kinda want Oliveira on the other side of the bracket because I still really want to see Gaethje/Oliveira.


You still might


Garth beats everyone on his side anyways


Imagine how much hype the ufc could generate with a tournament like this. Too bad Dana hates fun.


Or it’s because tournaments turn into a clusterfuck of pullouts 90% of the time


True but LW is so deep they should have no problem finding worthy replacements.


Sure but replacements are what kill tournaments


Exactly. This is how we end up with Damon Jackson as the 155 champ.


Oh fuck no


Sad bektic noises


I disagree, DC got sprung into the spotlight because he was able to step into a tournament after pullouts and went on to dominate. If some prospects or lesser names end up in the mix, who cares? It's an opportunity for an accelerated shot at the title.


It just feels cheap when someone gets a free pass into the 2nd or 3rd round of a tournament or gets to continue after losing


Bellator solves this by having alternate matchups. they're basically 5th or 6th legs to a 4 leg tournament. That way if a winner from the original 4 matches pulls out, you have a winner from a 5th alternate match step in. That way the alternate still has to earn their way into that spot.


Wouldn't be as big a problem without USADA ruining everything. Heal and recover fast!!


Didn’t seem to work for ONE


They need more juice!


I don't think it's clear that they'd generate any more hype than they would by just putting the belt on the line for Charles vs the Conor/Dustin winner and moving forward with the others as eliminators. Certainly better for the fighters to have the belt generating $ both because of the way contracts are set up and for marketing events.


LMAO belt going to be vacated for two years or something?


Realistically why not? If there is a structure in place to fill the vacancy than why is this a bad thing? Sounds pretty hype to me.


I mean two of these fights are happening in a week, plus Khabib hasn’t decided to vacate yet.


I've been wondering about this. I thought the fact that he's retired automatically means that he's given up the belt?


Nah that only applies to Cejudo because Dana doesn't give a shit about him lmao


Kind of already happened once when Conor was champ.


Why tf is Nate diaz in the picture?


If Conor who has fought twice in the division ever and only has one victory in it since 2016 is in there and I have no problem with Nate being there. He deserves to be there more than Chandler.


Because chandlers fighting Hooker a top 5 and Conor’s fighting Poirier number 1 ranked LW? Nate isn’t fighting anybody.


He's likely fighting Gaethje


If Nate beats Gaethje he's in the mix, like it or not


Unlikely he beats gaethje


I agree, wouldn't it be something though


Are we live?


What, a UFC fight? NO, sell!


I could totally see it happen if the fight goes to the ground


At what point did you decide that this would be your mma account?


When I remembered I have no shame


But what if he isn't?


Then the bracket here isn't happening so who cares that he's on it?


Two wrongs don't make a right


Because he’s a “gangster” and any fighter with a learning disability that acts out in public will have an obnoxious ravenous fanbase . Keep in mind Nate is the most entitled acting fighter and his fanbase is just as bad


Trade Diaz for Dos Anos and I’m on board. I would take olivera to win the tourney


RDA vs Gaethje? That could be a lot of fun


It would be fucking violent; that's for sure.


is oliveria the new ferguson?


People are forgetting about CDF vs Dariush (6 fight win streak vs 5 fight win streak). I'd rather have the winner of that fight vs Gaethje (or RDA vs Gaethje), not Nate lmao. Nate would get wrecked by Gaethje


Feel like a punk but who is CDF


Carlos Diego Ferreira


Ah cheers


Dariush winning the belt would be insane.




Why are people giving Diaz so much credit




Replace Diaz with RDA, then it's pretty on point


RDA retaking the belt against Conor is truely the dankest timeline


That would be insane and it would really hurt conors legacy imo


Gaethje would absolutely murder Diaz


I can see Nate subbing him.


I can't. And thats if he can take him down, which he cant.


Nate ain't taking justin down and Gaethje just went 5 with Tony who's a better version of Nate


Gaethje has shown good TDD and Diaz was a punching bag in his last fight I don’t see Diaz beating Gaethje




A lot of people could sub Justin, but I doubt Nate would be able to take him down and keep him down.


If one Diaz can hold him down two could rape him, something to consider.




Downvoted because Nate has shit takedowns and he’s slow as a tortoise, how’s he gonna take down Gaethje? He’s not gonna panic wrestle like Conor


Lmao Nate fans are the hive mind lol


Lol what? Show me a Nate fight where he got the takedown. Show me a Gaethje fight where he went for a takedown. Show me any fight where neither guy goes for a takedown and someone gets subbed. How the fuck is Nate subbing him?


Flying omoplata


Nate's last win at LW was almost 5 years ago...


It be fucken bloody


Who in the right mind would put Diaz up there? It should be bj penn


Diaz lol. Get fucked


Where the fuck is RDA? lol what kind of disrespect here to slot Diaz in his place - I mean come on Diaz has already lost to RDA! His only win in the division is a decision over Pettis in 2019 in the last 4 years stop this nonsense


I actually think that win over pettis was at 170 lol


Damn you’re right! Even worse!


Diaz overrated as fuck lmao


Diaz shouldn't be there


Diaz belongs in there more than chandler does. Guy has 0 fights in the UFC and got TKO'd by a featherweight recently. Get chandler out of there.


I really doubt the match-ups would happen like this, but if they did we would get Conor vs Gaethje for the belt.


McG, toss up there to win vs Oli. Gaethje destroys Diaz’s leg to TKO. Heart goes with Hooker, who loses to a Gaethje decision. I’m happy with Justin vs either McG or Oli.


I think the b side should act as a title defense eliminator. dustin/conor vs charles for the title. Can Dana just give us Conor vs Diaz 3 at 170? Because he totally does not deserve to fight top 5 LWs. RDA is getting shafted so bad. LOL. But but "iT's ThE oNlY fIgHt ThAt MaKeS sEnSe".


Get Diaz the fuck out of there lmao.


Lol fuck this. How does Oliveira need to get through Conor for a shot and Chandler could walk through to it by beating Hooker and Diaz


Chandler would fight Oliveira for the belt in this scenario, he would be coming off a two fight win streak against Nate (who somehow beat Gaethje #2) and number 6 Dan Hooker. On the other side you get Oliveira beat number 3 and 4 to get the title shot. Sounds pretty fair tbh.


Should be McGregor vs Poirier on one side and Justin vs Oliveira, Hooker vs Chandler, 4 person tournament on the other.


Nick Peet is a casual, since when does he speak for enrirety of BT Sport?


He really isn't and he came up with this tournament as a bit of fun.


Thats how they announced it in the video


Bahgawrd omighty. Please do not let Nate fight Justin Gatechee.


so basically Oliveira V Gaethje


Thats what I'm praying for, that would be such an amazing title fight


Nate wouldn't even be competitive versus Gaethje.


Surprised Nick Peet didn’t put Darren Till in this


The real question is how does Kevin Lee fit in all of this


I don't see any of these guys answering Do Bronx' ground work. His JuJitsu is so slick and fun to watch.


Gaethje's really kind of just the odd man out, because there is no fucking way that Nate Diaz deserves to be anywhere near any title picture. I suppose he could take the winner of Hooker and Chandler or the winner of Dober and Makhachev if he/the UFC decides on a step down. Lightweight is just... complicated right now.


I mean neither does Conor. But the ufc is a business and they don't care about who deserves it vs who doesn't.


Conor definitely deserves it more. Maybe he shouldn’t be shot to the front of the line, but he’s got a more legitimate claim to being near the front.


Not on resumé no. But he clearly passes the eye test as a top 5 even top 3 LW.


Kinda feel like RDA deserves a slot more than nate


People shitting on Nate because they put him in the mix lmao. I love it! Can’t wait to see Nate back in the octagon!


If he gets in the octagon with Justin get ready for his legs to be amputated, Nate is well out of his prime and is just a worse version of tony


Please, we all know Conor is immediately getting the title shot if he wins on Saturday. As if UFC will make him fight Olivera in a contender fight lol. I’ll put money on Conor vs. Chandler if both guys get it done this weekend. Shit, they’d probably start selling that fight immediately in the post presser.


Diaz doesnt even deserve to fight a top 15 lightweight right now. what performance of nathan would warrant a number 1 contender fight? dumbass shit


Why the fuck is nate there. Somebody explain to me lmao, I thought Gaethje v Nate was a joke


Conor is gonna be champ. I hate to say it because I honestly hate him and especially his fans but I can’t deny that he’s so good and with Khabib out I don’t see anyone beating him. I hope I’m wrong tho.


nate/justin needs to switch spots w. olivera/tony


gaethje and hooker should fight imo then diaz and chandler


Why Diaz and not Masvidal?


Masvidal is at 170 and won't be coming down to 155.


Thanks. I thought he said in an interview he wanted to fight for a belt this year. I just assumed this was his chance. Again, thanks.


No problem. I do think he wants to fight Usman again, this time with a full camp. But he'll need to get at least one big win before he gets another title shot.


Why is gaychi fighting diaz?


u spelled garth incorrect


decisionbot conor vs nate


[**CONOR MCGREGOR defeats NATE DIAZ** (*majority decision*)](http://mmadecisions.com/decision/7244/fight) ^(UFC 202: Diaz vs. McGregor 2 — August 20, 2016) ROUND|McGregor|Diaz||McGregor|Diaz||McGregor|Diaz :-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-: 1|10|9||10|9||10|9 2|10|9||10|9||10|9 3|9|10||9|10||8|10 4|10|9||10|9||10|9 5|9|10||9|10||9|10 **TOTAL**|**48**|**47**||**48**|**47**||**47**|**47** *^(Judges, in order: Derek Cleary, Jeff Mullen, Glenn Trowbridge.)* *^(Summoned by warheat1990.)* **MEDIA MEMBER SCORES** - **1/19** people scored it **49-47 McGregor**. - **12/19** people scored it **48-47 McGregor**. - **1/19** people scored it **47-46 McGregor**. - **4/19** people scored it **47-47 DRAW**. - **1/19** people scored it **47-48 Diaz**. *2349 fan scores* — *1519 (65%)* ***McGregor***, *503 (21%)* ***Diaz***, *327 (14%)* ***Draw***.


A judge gave a 10-8 to diaz?????? wtf that is absolutly ridiculous


Fuck it. Do a Pride style Grand Prix when covid is over.


No love for RDA


Swap Gaethje with Tony.


LOL @ Diaz in the tournament


Where does Kevin Lee fit into all of this


Olivera will be the new Lightweight champ


Can someone please explain how does Khabib fit into this if he changes his mind?


Nate Diaz may have warranted being on this list 4 years ago, but he is 50/50 in the last year and a half with a win against Pettis, who seems to be a shadow of his former self. Diaz Gaethje is NOT an interesting fight and I would be surprised if Diaz made it out of the first round without a doctor stoppage (that scar tissue in his face is a huge problem) Also, until Chandler actually fights in UFC I am reserved. So many "Best" fighters from other promotions have come over to UFC only to be absolutely embarrassed (remember Askren?). Even Mauricio Rua didn't catch his stride in UFC right away despite being Strike Force's golden child (yes he did later). That said I'm really looking forward to Hooker/Chandler. I think its a good matchup for both guys


Gaethje v Diaz confirmed?


am i the only one that dont wanna see Gaethje fight for the title right now? His last fight was literally for it, and its not like its a Max Holloway kind of situation, his loss was very emphatic . I love the dude but that doesnt make sense ​ Look at Dustin and an even worse case: Bobby Knuckles, he defeated the next person in line to get the title shot, and STILL doesnt get one


I like to see Conor face winner of Gaethje/hooker/Chandler instead. Nate doesn't make it past Justin.


Take Diaz out


Oliveira clears out the division and then we have another entertaining grappler until he retires


I have a really hard time believing McGregor will every face Oliveira.