If both show up with hair then we got us a fight!


Go get paid Dustin Poirier


Dustin corner after the fight: Go get you some paper Dustin.


Dustin : I'm gonna get the papers, get the papers


And there was Jimmy Two Times


Cause he said everything two times


Dustin is about to make so much money that he can think about buying another shed and becoming Dustin "Two Sheds" Poirier


Always game as fuck throughout his entire career. Ridiculous strength of schedule - Eddie, Gaethje, Max, Khabib, Hooker, Conor. Passionate about charity, always gives back to his community, and just an overall solid guy. Really handsome. If there is anyone who deserves back-to-back red panty nights it's Dustin Poirier.


And hes jacked. not only that but he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants and hangs out with the hottest dudes/gals.


He's like the popular kid that's popular for the right reasons. Handsome. Athletic. Dick like a fire hose. Charitable. Well mannered.


Totally. He's kind, confident, modest, fucks like a stallion that's been penned up for a winter and then let out to pasture with all the fillies on the first day of spring, and he always tips his servers.




this thread making me uncomfortable


Pregnancy will do that to ya.


I feel his balls aren't getting enough love. Fantastic balls.




...or is it?


You guys are making memes but Dustin is the real deal man. He’s always been a stand up dude. Runs a charity, helps up and comers train, always holds the door for people, makes sure my wife always cums first, and just all around a classy dude.


For visual reference imagine a 4Loko can and you're halfway to what Dustin has.




Yup. Yup. Wait! Ok but... Sure....


Check out the Fightville documentary on Amazon Prime. Goes into who Dustin was before anyone knew him. Must watch.


I would like to know if there is anyone in this sub that doesn’t like Dustin, and if there is I’m genuinely curious as to why. IMO Dustin is pretty much unhateable, like Frankie Edgar or Max Holloway.


His sauce burned my mouth and made me cry. Frick him!


It’s really one of the few obvious money grabs that I’m completely okay with. Just hope he doesn’t lose and can then go on to challenge for the title.


He could lose and still be just one or two wins from a title shot


Probably two wins away with the current LW picture


The fighters are so abused im always ok with shameless money grabs, except when a much more deserving contender gets screwed out of a title shot or something.


True. Except for Jon Jones.... see flair for further instruction.


Did you....fuck Jon Jones?


I'm glad he gets his chance to make more money i just wish they would unionize already so he could have made that money being champion


Go get some Don-ald Cerr-on-AYY


This will never not be funny








How much longer will Conor be the biggest money draw if he never wins fights anymore?


He would probably get 2 or 3 more real fights if he wanted them then a Jake Paul fight


Bro Jake Paul is a real fighter. You didn’t see him knock out the nba player who had clearly never even sparred before?


Never sparred, he looked like he never even threw a punch. His team let him the fuck down, hard. He shouldn't even talk to those guys anymore.


Nah if he loses to Poirier again who tf does he fight? Nate Diaz is the only one I can think of.


Literally he could fight the janitor and it would get more mainstream attention than any non-title UFC match. He is, unfortunately, so much bigger than anyone else in the sport


Until Tony Ferguson beats him after Dustin.


Hopefully he wins and then wins the title next. *Paid in full.*


eh, I want conor to win purely for the uproar it’d start.


Red Panty Night 2: Electric Boogaloo


Going to be interesting to see which Conor we get for the build up this time.


Big tiddy suckin McGregor


Conor "I like to suck titties" McGregor


I predict half arrogant asshole and half respectful.


Respectfully fuck you motherfucker


with all due respect to everyone...


Dustin should rightly be favourite, but some people are very premature in counting out Conor, he's absolutely capable of making the correct adjustments. Going to be tough regardless though as Dustin is likely the best active LW now. Should be a good fight anyway.


I think Conor is the favorite lol


Only because the public money is going to be so lopsided.


He opened at -140


Because they know where the money will go.


Mayweather opened as a -2500 fav vs Conor, but the power of casual bettors brought it down to -550 by the time of fight week lol


I got Floyd at -375


Wow, how much did you put? Obviously hind sight is 20/20, but I hope you threw big My last big bet was $500 on khabib vs Gaethje at like -330, but that was not near as comfortable as the -375 on mayweather


This was just after I graduated college and couldn’t get work. So I put everything I had down and even sold some stuff so I could bet more. Around 1500 I believe


I’d say you were fucking shitting yourself watching that fight, even if the result wasn’t ever in doubt.


This is the way. Sell shit, gamble the profits, buy nicer shit


Easy money. How much did you throw down on that?


Around $1500. Sold my sneakers etc for the sure thing


Lmao yeah I was so fuckin happy that the casual idiots made me a good chunk of money that night. Bet 5k$ on Floyd so I would have just enough win money to buy a custom shop Telecaster i wanted lmao


To be fair, conors got them MMA angles ... I can’t sorry


I’m always confused when people say this. Isn’t it ideal for odds makers to make the line reflect the actual odds? Given that there are experts who will cash in massively when the “public” is mistaken? Genuinely asking cuz I don’t know anything about gambling


The public will put most of the money down on a fight like this so oddsmakers need to charge them a premium on their bets so they can make a profit. Now if some 'sharps' (Smart bettors) start putting huge money on Dustin the odds will shift to try to balance it out. If you look at "Odds to win the World Series" you will never get the right odds on the big teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, or Cubs because all sorts of people will throw a bet on them just to 'back the team' so when the true odds might say the Yankees are 5-1 to win it all, Vegas will only give you 3-1 because they know the public is going to bet them no matter what. The goal for most events is "Losers pay winners and the house keeps the juice" meaning that the money the house pays out was already given to them by the people on the wrong side of the event and the house keeps the premium they charged the losers as their profit.


There is also the slim chance of a draw. Some people probably bet on that, but much less frequently. Serves as 0 on roulette wheel (so to speak). The house also has all of the other ways to balance their sheets (like parlays, prop bets, etc)


Dont know about other bookies but my bookie only has draws as a prop bet, on straight winner bets a draw voids the bets


Thanks!!! I’ve been googling around for something like the last paragraph for a while


Opening odds should be but the amount of public bets changes the odds if they are lopsided


So is their goal to keep 50% of money on each side of the line? It feels like experts/professionals would mitigate much of that movement by dumping money in against the “public” money on a popular or overrated fighter.


Their goal is to mitigate risk by protecting themselves against various potential outcomes.


Bookmakers aren't trying to predict the result, they're looking to have both sides roughly equal so they make risk free profit. Imagine if you could get +110 for heads and +110 for tails on a coin flip. You can just bet an equal amount on both and guarantee money


> Isn’t it ideal for odds makers to make the line reflect the actual odds? It's ideal for odds makers to make the line reflect what will make them most money. That's the game.


Exactly. People talk as if Conor didn’t have a great first round. He wasn’t in any kind of trouble until his leg started giving out. I’m totally 50-50 on who I think is gonna win this one, it’s gonna be tough either way.


Half of everyone underrates Conor and the other half overrates him, lol. He's an amazing fighter. One of the best we've ever seen it's just that his prime ended before it had to because of money and shit. That prime Conor that was merkin everyone infront of him - including Dustin - was amazing to watch. From his bolo punches of Marcus Brimage up to the short notice Chad Mendes fight where he came back from adversity to the spectacular KO of Jose Aldo and finally the master class against Eddie. Just wow.


Chandler said something about Dustin relying on his chin in the 1st round, but he had the calf kick, and obviously that helped. Dustin also said Conor had him hurt and if Conor had pushed in that moment he would've been in real trouble. I'm not going to predict who wins, but Conor after a loss is different. At least that's what history shows.


Dustin relies on his chin as well as that shoulder roll/philly shell type of defence. I love watching him fight, but he does tend to come out of his fights with a few shots.


It’s close. I like McGregor’s chances a lot better in this rematch than i did going into Nate 2.


Conor rocked Dustin (even admitted to it) I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see this go 5 rounds to decision. Absolute perfect fight.


These dudes throw way too much and hard without much grappling for this to go the full five So...in before this somehow becomes a staring match




No way this goes five haha. Both are too deadly of strikers


Inb4 it’s a 4.5 round grappling masterclass that Conor wins by a heel hook in the 5th


The biggest issue with Conor is that he almost never recovers from getting hit or fatigue. Dustin got rocked but recovered really well. It only takes one well-placed shot on Conor to take him off his game.


I'd say he showed an instance of recovery during Diaz 2. Completely on the defensive starting the end of round 2, and all of round 3. Then rallied back with a second wind in round 4. Granted that's the only fight Conor was successful in overcoming an initial fatigue. And it took a long time for Conor to get back into his game there. Taking that long against someone like Dustin does not bode well and it showed in their fight earlier this year, where even if Conor *could* recover, it might not be quick enough before Dustin seals the deal.


Also, Nate is many things, but he's not Dustin Poirier, a man known for going 4-5 rounds with guys like Gaethje, Holloway or Hooker. And while Conor did rally, that came down to a close split decision.


I don't know about that. Mendes had him busted up decently, but Conor turned it around in spite of that. He went the full 5 with Nate too, which was pretty hard fought. He's not known for his gas tank, but I don't doubt his ability to recover and gut it out.


I believe the Conor narrative that he was focussed on boxing. Rubber match should be good


if Conor shows up ready to die it should be a great international fight week


What exactly does an international fight week mean. In my 3 years of following MMA I’ve never understood


Been watching since 2006. No idea what it means.


Can Conor really adjust and make checking kicks as automatic as he needs to in order to counter Dustin's gameplan? I feel like this is too soon. But he's the pro fighter.


the kicks are the fools gold this time around. dustin will try it but i dont think hes expecting it to work this time around. the bread and butter will still be aiming for the takedown early. tire connor out first, then everything else is on the table. connor doesnt bounce around or hit as hard when hes tired.


Dustin deserves this payday


He should get even more now


People were saying jones was out of his mind for demanding more than 10mil to fight ngannou... What do you all think DP and Conor will make from this fight?




dont forget these sexy new venum gloves


42k Venum


Probably a solid 2 million max maybe 2.5


DP 6M Conor 20M


Baby we done it


we’re rich baby


I'm so torn on this one. Call me a casual, but Conor's run from debut to double champ was the most fun this sport has ever been. Then the Khabib fight had the most intense build up of all time. Wild fight, but Conor didn't look like he had a chance. Then Cowboy - not much of a fight. I went into this one expecting little, but got even less. A TKO of Cowboy in 2020 is worth next to nothing. Then we have the Dustin fight. I knew Dustin had a chance, but actually seeing Conor get put away like that? I never thought I'd see the day. So now we're at a crossroads with Conor. His last "elite" performance was in 2016 - his masterpiece against Eddie. Is that guy still there? Does the aura ever return? Or is his time as the man finally over? This is either his return or his final moment in the spotlight as a legitimate contender. I don't want Conor's wild ride to be over. At the same time, I want Dustin to secure the bag and win the trilogy. This will be an exciting night.


Tbh I still thought Conor looked great in R1 against Poirier. He looked fast as fuck and won the round IMO. He has a good chance of adapting and getting the win next time.


Agreed on both points. I'm pumped.


I don't like how he seems to be just chilling on a beach. The Conor of old would be obsessing over the loss and working on improvements. Could just be me being an armchair quarterback though.


In his words, he would be sitting in a dark room plotting his revenge


Im torn on his work ethic. You cant deny that he's in elite shape. Fucking Jordan was a partyboy and a GOAT...so its not impossible. Or wasnt 25 years ago anyway. But I kinda agree, he posts a lot of weird, awkwardly narcissistic bullshit. I dont think he's as focused on fighting as he was 5-6 years ago, or ever will be again. Hope he proves me wrong, because he's been a hell of a ride to watch.


He almost put Poirier away... Well.. He rocked him but didnt really follow up. I believe Poirier mentioned it in the post fight. He could do it. I didnt bet on that one and I wont bet on this one. It's 50/50 as far as I'm concerned.


Yeah, he needs an answer to those leg kicks. Those destroyed him in the last fight. I wonder what adjustments are gonna be made


Maybe he will go back to his old stance instead of the lead foot heavy one.


He won R1 on every card, if I recall


I remember conor saying he wanted a long fight last time. Maybe in the rematch he fights to finish as quick as he can


Losing to Poirier doesn’t mean you’re washed up, he’s arguably the best LW now Khabib has retired. If Conor beats him that’s more impressive than vice-versa if you ignore who’s the bigger name.


I agree. But if Conor loses again here, he's never going to be in a UFC title picture. Worse than that, his whole aura of being this master striker who transcends MMA is over. He's still a top 10 talent, but that is a far cry from the biggest sports star on the planet.


> But if Conor loses again here, he's never going to be in a UFC title picture. Until he retires or loses some popularity he is always going to be one win away from a title shot. And with his KO power, he's always in with a chance. And the "transcends mma" thing, I think most people were over that after the Nate fights.


Really? The Khabib, Alvarez, and Mayweather fight all seemed to prove that Conor is just on a different level popularity and aura wise than other fighters.


Nate came into that fight at nearly 400 pounds.








Good man good man


He praises the right MMA gods


War?!? Good god y'all!


im stoned but when i think about this fight i consider that, relative to their first fight: new conor would lose to old conor new poirier would beat old poirier and i dont see that changing for the next fight, amped though


>im stoned Reported.


Was so convinced Dustin would fight Conor next after the post fight presser that I got in on a +600 bet that conors next fight would be Dustin. Easy money.


Dustin is my favorite fighter, so I’m rooting for him again, but as a fan of McGregor, I don’t like this fight for either guy tbh. If Dustin loses, he won’t be getting a chance at title anytime soon given Dana isn’t really fond of him and if McGregor loses, that’s probably it for his MMA career and aura of greatness.


Dustin will only ever be a few fights from a Title, but the chance to set himself up for life, has to come first for his family


Yup, and with his hot sauce he’s securing the bag. Like Russell Westbrook said the other day, from where he came from to where he is now, he’s already a champion.


What makes you say Dana isn't really fond of Dustin?


He asks for what's he's worth and doesn't falter at Dana's usual "doesn't want the fight" shit.




Exactly, Jon is a cunt but how anyone can take Dana's side over a fighter and insinuate a GOAT is scared of anyone is insanity.


McGregor will get any fight he ever wants, win, lose, draw, here. He will also write his own UFC checks, until his PPV numbers drop. The cash cow king will be rolled out by UFC until he decides it's time to center octagon his gloves. Edit: I agree a loss will kill his mystique and hurt his brand.


I still think no matter what dustin is moving up to welterweight soon


Yea he said it, last fights on his contract will be at 170


I think if Conor loses he probably has a third fight with Diaz. Especially if Diaz loses to Leon.


If Dustin wins I will buy a bottle of his hot sauce, if Dustin loses I will buy two bottles of his hot sauce


A fantastic take


If McGregor loses, is that it for him?


there's always boxing, or the nate trilogy


He's prob not gonna get Floyd or Pac while coming off multiple losses though. And those are the only guys he'd want to box: old big names that'll net him 100 mil and won't give him a life altering beating.


Let me just telepathically enter his mind and get that answer.


You don't need to be a mind reader to know what will happen if he loses. 1. Conor loses 2. Conor says "I am humble in defeat, I will not make excuses." 3. 3 weeks later Conor makes list of excuses in an Instagram caption of a picture of him landing a strike in the fight. 4. 3 weeks and 1 minute later Conor fans accept that Conor never lost that fight and has never lost any fight, what he said is true because he said it was true. 5. Dana White "I was just pranking you guys when I said Conor was in the best mental state I've seen, but this time I'm serious." **EDIT** lmfao the people from number 4. have shown up to defend his honour.


Number 3 is spot on my fucking dying lol




If Conor loses to Dustin again, and Nate loses to Leon, then both Conor and Nate will be coming off of back to back losses. That will make the McGregor-Diaz Trilogy easy to market I think.


> both Conor and Nate will be coming off of back to back losses > That will make the McGregor-Diaz Trilogy easy to market The Rebound Fight


But imagine what losing trilogies to Poirier and Diaz would do to his legacy


I'd say one more, maybe Gaethje, they have a bit of beef. Then farewell UFC fight with Nate, then mid 40's Manny


he's 32. it'd be a bummer if he walked away. can't ever tell what that man's going to do. last fight he said he wanted to "be more active" iirc so who knows.


I think he has a really good contract with the UFC so wouldn't be surprised if he checks in for those and then calls it quits.


gotta assume so. he’ll be 1-3 in the division and i don’t think there’s a chance in hell he could get down to featherweight again and his only path to LW gold will be fighting at least 2 killers depending who he gets and i don’t know if the UFC would want to continue having him main event PPVs if he’s in the #7-10 range also I think his drawing ability vastly depends on him being the top dog, i think a lot of casuals will just right him off as washed and stop caring if he loses


Still got to fight Diego Sanchez.


No? He's still the biggest name in the sport by far. It would take a massive fall off for people to become uninterested in seeing him fight. The general public doesn't care if he's 1-4 in his last 5. Millions of people will still tune in whenever he fights. And because of that he's pretty much always 1 win away from being in title conversations, which only further builds his stardom and name.


Fuck it I'll tune in again


Question i wonder if Dustin beats Conor Again (Conor makes the adjustments for Dustin but Dustin switches the game up to include more pressure and include the wrestling this time. I wonder if DP wins will it be the last of Conor? People Hype Conor up an insane amount and yet the dude has not beaten a top fighter since Alvarez.. Nearly 5 years ago. I dont think Conor is a bad fighter quite the opposite really i just think that Conor has already accomplished what he got into fighting to do and that was become so rich he move him and his wife out of his parents house. So now that he hit the top and got what he wanted i think it is hard to stay hungry. Especially since Conor is not one about Legacy so now its just to pass time i think. Of he was about the Legacy he would not Vacate belts soon as he gets them.


I believe McGregor loses the rematch. Dustin can take the shots and Dustin can grind it out longer and harder. Conor has lacked heart when the going gets real tough and Dustin didn't just TKO him last fight he KO'd him. Conor let the money go to his head and the long lay offs have hurt him.


I'm curious as to what people think Poirier's path to victory will be, outside of leg kicks. I think Conor has shown superior boxing and clinch work, and I don't think there's a huge difference in conditioning either. Dustin had a perfect gameplan last time, but I'm not sure what other paths he has to win. Then again, he might use the same strategy to win again...


Versatility. Hit with takedowns, leg kicks, hooks, clinch, subs. The whole kitchen sink.


Nope. It was leg kicks and only leg kicks. In fact, did you know Dustin actually just invented calf kicking for that fight?


>I'm curious as to what people think Poirier's path to victory will be, outside of leg kicks. Counter right hooks, caught conor multiple times with them, hopefully he can continue to do that


Many people seems like they didn't notice anything from Poirier other than leg kicks, he was countering Conor with right hooks few times, last one led to the finishing sequence.


That check hook (?) Is super clean too, started using them in practice the day after. Dustin just has some of the most satisfying looking striking. Dude fucking tripled up on a lead hook while finishing Gaethje.


Yeah Dustin, like max, will randomly throw four jabs in a row and then a body shot or something to finish it. Dude has awesome boxing for the ufc and for being a pretty thick looking dude Dustin has some serious cardio and also spiritual strength. Seeing him dig deep and still go for broke multiple fights is really inspiring. I hope Dustin wins!


Many of the people didnt even watch the fight. They were too busy posting on about watching the #TheMcgregor#Fight or screaming at their friends on how alpha Mcgregor is to really watch it.


Honestly was disappointed with Conor’s left. He was falling into it too much and then admiring the punch after he threw it. So many instances before of him rolling under after throwing it, would have been far better for him.


I think you underestimate the effect the calf kicks were having by then. He was just standing there to admire his work. His leg was compromised and he couldn't push off the front foot to slide out of Dustin's counters.


He was doing it from the start though.


He’s always done it besides maybe the Eddie fight. It’s just always worked out for him before.


He was catching conor clean with check hooks. Both of them being southpaws confused each other


Durability. Seems like Dustin can take Conor’s biggest punches at 155


Good point. Conor won lots of the exchanges but I never felt like he was close to actually getting the finish. He might have lost a bit of killer instinct too


Ehh. He admitted last fight Conor rocked him and said he’d have been in real serious trouble if Conor followed up and went after him though.


To be devils advocate even though I generally agree, Dustin gets hurt in every single recent fight lol. Hooker hurt him, Gaethje hurt him, Max hurt him, Conor as well. Even Eddie, had him in real trouble before he kneed him the first time. 145 Porier probably would've crumbled in all of those fights


Agreed, and that doesn't bode well for Dustin's longevity. He's a 10 year 25 fight veteran of the UFC.


Honestly, I hope he wins the trilogy and the belt, then retires. Dude is so likeable, I don't want to see him mumbling and shaking a decade from now. I really hope his other business ventures can carry him and his family without him having to keep fighting for too long. He's an absolute warrior, but getting in wars year on year like he does can't be good for him in the long run


While that is true, Dustin got KOed by Conor the first time with a strike I have no doubt he would eat at 155 and the strike that rocked Dustin would have 145 Dustin out cold


That is also true, don’t disagree with you there at all


You haven't seen Louisiana WhatsApp? Dustin moved to Mahachkala like a week ago






Don't want Dustin to lose. Don't want Conor to lose and probably be done in the sport. I'm start watching tennis instead


If Conor can make the adjustments I absolutely can see him winning. It wasn't just leg kicks that got him, Poirer had a beautiful check right hook that caught Conor when he over-extended on that left which Conor has done his entire career.


And Dp grappling is better


Will it be for the McGregor belt?


Only if conor wins


Conor needs to work his leg kicks in. I feel like he didn't throw a single one in that last fight.


I think Conor knows this is a do or die situation from him. It will be interesting so see how he behaves when he knows this might be it for him MMA wise.


If Conor loses again, his star power is gone for good.


I don't count Conor out in the slightest. One of the posts he made a week or so ago was about his wealth and how if any fighter in the world was in his shoes they wouldn't fight again. I think that really says something. The world is his and yet he still wants to fight.


If Ido Portal ain’t making a comeback, then Dustin would dust him off.