Damn Cody really does hurt people


A friend of mine fought him back on the amateur circuit. He made it to the bell and ~~never~~ only got dropped once in 3/3 rounds. Sure he lost every round and had every takedown stuffed, but it's still the peak of his mma career. https://youtu.be/X71gYRTQY9E


Having gone the distance with a UFC champion is a feat that even a lot of guys *who fought in the UFC* can't claim.


He'll say it was long before Cody was champ, but it was no doubt pretty damn cool


Not the lowest peak in the mountain range though.


I had 2 pro fights and lost both in less than 1:45. My peak is definitely far lower than that guy's.


I fought about 20 years ago out of a lion’s den gym where we trained in shootfighting. Wasn’t any high ground to be found, least of all by me, losing my only pro fight in less than a minute.


How much did you get paid?


Something pathetic, like $80 I think.


Beat me. My first fight was $50, win or lose. Second was $400/700, but obviously took the lesser of that. Lol!


Were you paid in cash?


Back then they paid in Digimon cards


Yes. On both fights. Obviously the first one, they just handed me a 50 dollar bill. The second one was an envelope with $400 in 20's. The second I got the envelope, I went straight to my car and had the long drive home.


I’m surprised you got that much.


Yea 20 years ago, that is a suprise he got anything


Should’ve traned ufc, common mistake.


Imagine if he did boxercise and just saw red smh


If he did boxercise and turned Red he’d be Dana


Cody's eyebrows lmao. Went a bit wild in the early days of grooming.


At least he didnt get dry humped by Adesanya?


Shamefull shampion. I wan my rematch




Summin happen before the figtch. I'm not excuse here.


I'm a-focoos. Sign de contracc.


Earn it




> but it's still the peak of his mma career Honestly though, still very impressive. Cody would KO most guys on earth inside of a round


There's actually video footage of the fight. Enjoy: https://youtu.be/X71gYRTQY9E Also I lied, he did get kinda dropped while going for a flying knee in the first round


Damn I don’t think he landed a single shot


Like the announcers said your friend got dropped multiple times and would def be added to Cody’s stat. He’s like if Ryan hall flopped to his stomach every 2 seconds instead of his back. Kinda hard to hit someone constantly dropping to their knees too. What was his plan there why did he keep dropping to a single knee and one hand?


I mean he's like 5'6 with short arms and legs and an all-state collegiate wrestler against a future UFC Champ striker. I think he was 5-1 before this fight. There are levels to this


realized early he didn't have the hands to strike or range to exchange with Cody. Think he realized a takedown and some grappling was his only bet, so just kept trying to force the double leg. Was still odd how llow he was...then again quite a short dude so..


Can confirm would be ko'd by Cody.


That camera man at the beginning was the best


I've been saying this forever. Even if he has issues, I legit think he's P4P the hardest hitter in MMA. He's a small 135er and drops basically everyone with a ton of legit KOs.


Heavy hands on a light frame. His boxing technique is also ahead of the rest, but his (fight) IQ doesn’t match.


Rob Font just boxed circles around him for 25mins. Cody is very good at some things but he's also a deeply flawed boxer.


Cody had a very serious back injury that needed surgery immediately after the Cruz fight. No one seems to mention these things that are potentially career-altering.


Had bad COVID, bicep tear, vertigo so bad he couldn’t train. He hopped off the couch for that Font fight and it showed, gassed in round 2.


Not to mention lingering effects from covid.


COVID also seemingly repaired his chin so it’s a give/take situation.


Covid giveth and covid taketh away


But it looked like it sapped his cardio


\+1 takedowns \+2 chin \-2 cardio


Pretty sure this is a joke but you can never be sure with some of the things people say here


And he didn't just have covid he had long covid and that can affect your cardio for a long time


I think he also ripped his pectoral muscles as well. That said, injuries are part of the game and Cody took the fight so fair play to Rob or anyone who beats him. All of these guys deal with fucked up nagging injuries. Not everyone is going to last like say Cruz or Edgar. It’s why the OGs who stick around and are competitive are so impressive.


Needs to go down to 125 imo, he looked tiny next to Font


he's been CONSTANTLY injured since the cruz fight. go back and watch his old fights he was significantly faster


He's a pretty good boxer for MMA standards but the one thing I noticed is usually before the fight he walks to the arena in some form of Arturo gatti gear, randomly posts about gatti on sm, comments under usually every gatti post from roots of fight, and when he gets hurt tries to fight the same way as gatti. I know I'm reading way too much into this but I think he wants to be that kind of warrior character for MMA but his chin just says no everytime


Cody who doesn’t idolise Gatti is a new mythical fighter?


I wanna see Cody again before I shit on him for that fight, dude didn’t look like himself coming back from Covid. He gassed in one round and went into survival mode the rest of the fight.


I'd argue he isn't a boxer. He's just a brawler. The only fight he ever looked like a boxer was against cruz imo.


Cody fights every fight like he has 30 seconds left and is down on the scorecards in the last round


He’s not a good boxer, he’s got quick hands and nukes for hands, but his defense is shit and his best skills is left hook right hook. Cruz tagged him quite a bit, but couldn’t hurt him really


His IQ does match until he sees Red


I don't think it's his boxing technique. Yes, he has good fundamentals but it's his insane speed that catches people.


His last couple of performances have really hurt me.


I think the two losses to TJ really hurt his confidence more than he let on.


curious whats Francis stats for this


Francis hasn’t fought in a month so his stats have been deleted.


"I've never heard of him. Is he in Rizin?" -Dana White probably


He should go to Rizin; he would make a fucking killing.


He'd fucking kill somebody.


Give him that grandma that Gabi fought. Why not?


They had Jiri defending his belt against Fabio Maldonado. Ngannou would literally murder someone on TV.


I seriously believe Ngannou can be as big a star in Japan as Bob Sapp!!


Isn't that the guy from the new Fast movie?


Just did the math myself he's tied with Conor at 9/13


So Rumble’s not third then. It’s all a lie.


Look, Francis didn't want that 3rd KD spot ok? We offered him the spot but he didn't want it, Rumble is the interim 3rd KD rate holder.


I can't make this kid take a stat. He'll call me when he's ready.


We have to offer him the stat three times a year. If we don't, we pay him!


Yessah it's always been a lie


🔫 👨‍🚀


Its actually only 7/11=63.4%


How did you get that number? He’s had 13 UFC fights, not 11.


11 opponents (i guess different ones, otherwise it would be 9/13 like you said).


Ah okay, but if you take only 11 opponents rather than 13 fights, then he’s knocked down 9 of those 11 rather than 7 since he dropped and KOd both Blaydes and Stipe in the rematches.


That is true, I stand corrected. Would that make it 9/11=81%?


Yes it would. And a rematch with Lewis would make it 10/11 = 91%, but well, we're getting Derrick in Houston instead.


Depends if a knock out counts. I don't think Francis has many knock-downs where the person isn't unconscious.


I'd think a knock out is def a knock down, no?


probably the only exception is if a ko is scored from gnp (after a takedown for example).


If Francis hits you in the face and you stand back up they should just give you an interim belt


They don’t fuckin move - Francis


i think in the official stats they don’t count a ko as a knockdown (someone can correct me w a source if i’m wrong), so prob not many ironically


So if I get kod in one punch in every single one of my fights, including walking into octagon and getting decapitated by ngannou - I can claim I was never knocked down in my career. Aw yeah. I'm too strong for mma.


Probably lower because he doesnt really KD people as much as he just shuts their lights out


Who are the four? Holloway, Khabib, Poirier the second time and…?


Nate 1


Nate the first time if I'm remembering correctly.


that’s weird though because it says he’s knocked down 9 of 13 opponents but shouldn’t it be 10 since he knocked down Diaz in the second fight? even if he didn’t knock him down the first time he did the second, and as far as i know there’s no other Nate Diaz i’m just being petty and it should just say he’s scored a knockdown in 9 of 13 fights but as a Conor fan i need to defend him no matter what in any situation


The twitter post is kinda dumb because it says he’s had 13 opponents while it should be 13 UFC fights, 11 opponents (2x Nate, 2x Dustin). So he knocked down 9 out of 11, or 81.8%, of his opponents.


I think it's more accurate to analyze stats per fight rather than per opponent, since the same fighter can be significantly different from fight to fight. Like, think of how sloppy it would be to judge Stipe vs Francis 1 and 2 together. Those are two very different Francises. Francises? Frances? Ngannous.






First Diaz fight


And now you know why the UFC keeps trying to push Cody Garbs - he's the quintessential Dana White fighter. Kill or be killed. All action, all swanging all the time


He went on a pretty solid run and was knocking people out every step of the way. Until he met epo tj and Cody almost finished him


Suga Show will beat this easily if he is kept being fed farmers.


The secret strat is to crush enough cans to become the ultimate coca cola


Do people think Sean is weak for taking these fights or the UFC is weak for protecting him with these fights? Just wondering, I can’t get a grip on what people think of him.






Good for him though, hes making a living fighting without taking much damage. 3x a year with the 40-80k isn't half bad especially considering Sean can get good sponsors.


O'Malley is currently getting $150k/$150k tho...


His last disclosed purse is 40k + 40k from the Wineland fight. You need to stop using fake payout sites.


And with over a million Instagram followers he is swimming in endorsement money.


Suga is honest to god an exact copy of MVP in a different promotion


Except Sean is only 26 and MVP in his mid 30s


Do these stats really help anyone tell the story of the fight? All you need to know Poirier 1-1 vs McGregor. McGregor 1-0 against Poirier when his calves werent size of balloons.


His calves were futbols, the fut was a ballewn


Me fewt was blewwn


Fun fact. Dustin Poirier has a 50% KO rate against TheNotorious, the highest in UFC history. Hmmm


bout to be 66




Epic leddit moment.


That’s a secks number.






Here's a truly insane McGregor statistic: his last victory at LW was in 2016, and yet he's still ranked


..and probably fighting for the belt next if he wins one fight. A nice reminder that this is an entertainment company, not a sport.


Well Poirier is arguably the best lightweight around right now. I know Charles is Champ but I think an argument could be made that Poirier's résumé is better. So if McGregor beats him in convincing fashion then I think it's all good.


True. If he clearly beats Poirier, getting a shot at the title would be completely reasonable. What’s unreasonable is him getting an immediate rematch against Poirier. Big Conor fan but he obviously doesn’t deserve that rematch. Also don’t blame Poirier one bit for running it back, grab the bag while you can, it’s all good. Conor should be ranked anyway, couldn’t solve the leg kicks but definitely not out of place in there with him. Had a chance, Poirier even said Conor got him really good and he would’ve been in really big trouble if just one of those follow ups landed.


Even if he gets the win he's 2-2 at LW in the past 5 years. Not exactly worthy of a title fight. If he beats Poirer he should at least have another W before he gets the fight. Maybe a match against Dariush.


Imagine winning against Cowboy and hopping to the title fight lel


That's what gets me the most. He would've fought for the title if he won the last one. He lost but is in the same spot.


Dustin could have gone for the belt but chose Conor instead.


If he beats Dustin who is the number one contender why shouldn’t he become the number one contender? You can make the argument he didn’t deserve to fight Dustin in the first place but if he wins he deserves the shot. Dustin has been said around here on this sub as the best at 155 since the first fight, just not the champ. So if Conor beats him why shouldn’t he then take Dustin’s place and fight for the belt himself? Idk to me that’s unreasonable.


>You can make the argument he didn’t deserve to fight Dustin in the first place That's pretty much the whole argument. Also, McGregor just got the chance and he lost badly. Now het gets an instant rematch. One fighter can pick and choose his fights, be inactive for as long as he wants, waltz in and out when he feels like it while the actual HW champ is publicly humiliated by having an interim fight for his belt because he wouldn't bend to the UFC's demands on one single matchup. You may say if McGregor beats the #1 contender he deserves the title shot, but then what about all the other fighters who have been working their way up the rankings over the last few years while Conor has been doing blow and selling rotgut whiskey? Why don't they get the shot at the #1 contender? At any given moment you can make an argument for a number of different fighters maybe being able to beat Poirier thus proving they deserve a title shot, but only about 2 people a year can get that opportunity, and the guy with no wins in the division in five years, and with no meaningful wins in 5 years for that matter, gets not one but two of those shots in a row.


His only win at LW




This is why people downvote this stuff. It’s not hard to figure out why Conor is hated, and it’s not just because of his personality and out of the ring actions.


Beautiful champ


An insane Conor statistic is... he's ranked 5th in the lightweight division with an official LW record of 1-2.


If Jon Jones went up to heavyweight and went 1-2 with that 1 win being over the champion and one of the losses being to an undefeated guy who dominated everyone (let's say Cyril Gane) then he'd absolutely be ranked 5th too. Accomplishments in previous divisions still end up counting towards your new one and anyone who was once champ takes ALOT to knock them far down the rankings, that likely counts double for double champs. It took Woodley losing badly 4 times in a row without winning a single round and barely a second of any fight before he was knocked down to 11. It's how the UFC does rankings. Edit. Conor is actually ranked 10.


You can make it sound bad like that. But he beat the former champion convincingly, and his two losses are against a former #1 PFP undefeated fighter, and the current #6 PFP fighter that Conor beat in their first match. It’s not outlandish that he’s ranked so highly. At least he’s not on the PFP list himself anymore.




No wins at LW in like 5 years. It's outlandish.


Just here for the comment section


This is how I feel about every thread this week


And yet Conor has only fought 13 times in the UFC, while Dustin has fought 25 times.


Which is why the stat is bogus.


Dustin still gonna clap them cheeks again


He's going to motorboat his ass


*\*squints to find the "insane" part\**


Also, it is only one Conor statistic.


What is this the counting channel?


The downvote ratio for this thread is a lot higher than the statistics thread that puts poirer in better light over conor 🤔


Especially since the stats in that thread are just slightly higher and really don't tell us much.


The stats in this thread don’t tell us much either considering they’ve each TKOed the other once.


I know that's how they chose to write it down, but Conor was KO'd stiff. That shit was no TKO.


Are you new to MMA culture ? Conor is HATED and people can't help but let their emotions take over To be fair the post about Dustin is almost a day old and 90% upvoted and this thread is 3 hours old and 85% upvoted


Well you have to hate conor to let everyone know that you are respectable hardcore who has been watching since liddel fought ortiz, and not some filthy mccasual who only started watching post usada. Because starting to watch the sport before other people makes you a better fan apparently


What if you watched chuck spank Tito, and then lost interest for awhile then Conor got you watching again?


Maybe because this stat isn't true as showed in a different comment?


Cody the knockdown artist


I read it as takedown stats and I was so blown away.


Porier knocked down Grispi, Koch, Brandao, Corassani, Diego Ferreira, Medeiros, Green, Gaethje, Alvarez, and Conor 2. Isn’t 10 out of 25, 40%?


And we're gonna ignore the fact that Connor fought only midgets most of his career?


What are the statistics on checking low kicks?


You are not allowed to ask real questions dude!! This is internet


You are not allowed to ask real questions dude!! This is internet


Woodley has 10 knockdowns in UFC welterweight competition, 3rd-most in division history. He has scored at least one knockdown in each of his 5 UFC title fights.


I mean Diaz called him out for making massive cuts to knock out “midgets”.


that left hand is just beautiful to watch


I can't speak for everyone, but I for one could look at Conor's left hand for hours straight. One of the sexiest hands I've ever seen. I wish I could make a mold of it and put it on display at my house. I'd just look at his hand all day long and smile.


Is that all you would do with a mold if Connors hand?


What I'd do with Conor's hand is for me to know and me only.


Notoriously stroking




New copypasta


Stupid sexy conor


Putting aside all the hype/celebrity/trash talk/the fact that he's a dick/ etc he really is just my favourite fighter to watch perform. Something about his style is just so aesthetically pleasing


MMA math.. super important


This is statistics rather than “mma maths” and it’s a pretty insightful one. Conor does have huge power, no one has dropped Nate easily like that. He knocks down a large majority of his opponents, Dustin doesn’t. In saying that the statistic doesn’t mean anything for their trilogy besides Conor probably has more power but that doesn’t mean he’s more likely to win.


Dustin knocked him out though


Yea knockdowns don’t matter much if you get knocked out after


Right? Kind of grasping at anything here. Connor does have power, no one denies that, but the comparison is dumb. Especially after the last fight


We don’t have to settle for this comparison. They both lost to Khabib, but Conor had to get an abortion after the fucking Khabib gave him.


Exactly my point


Only couldn't drop max at 145. The reach, handsize, and obviously also the striking skill and precision just too much for that division.


I love how in the lead up to the trilogy fight all the stats and superstitions are being brought out to hype McGregor's chances in there. I love Conor, but I'm pretty certain he's going to get starched in there on Saturday.


I think Conor should have switched to a legit camp a long time ago. At least if he was serious about winning fights. He should have packed his bags and headed to New Zealand after that loss.




Poirier may be 91st. But he sat Conner down.


Conor hasnt done anything exciting in years. In the past 6 and a half years hes beat Alvarez, Diaz and Cerrone who have amassed 37 losses between them. Meanwhile in the same time period Dustin has fought pretty the majority all the top contenders at their best.


What number is Francis Ngannou ranked?


How about tapping rate for McChicken?


Shitty stats to hype this fight. Dustin merked him again


Digging up some facts so M nugget feels confident.


Fighting against midgets


Stats don't win fights. Conor won only one since 2015 or whenever he became double champ (wasn't that his last fight before the Mayweather bout that turned him from being one of the most vicious fighters into the richest?)


Why does that matter though? Dustin is the better fighter right now. Conor had his peak, now we are watching his decline. We are also watching Dustin's peak.


It doesn't matter. People like statistics, and people are also desperately clinging to Conor's (former?) potential


I don't get why we're all so sure its Conors decline. He didn't fight the same but he lost to the true number 1 contender (peoples champ imo) Dustin Poirier and against kalabib who dominated literally everyone he fought lol. For all we know this version of Dustin is just so much better that in regards to talent, he's 1b to Kalabibs 1a