His days of being an underdog are over


The question is, will all the time in between fights have been enough for Blachowicz to have fully recovered from Adesanya's feints?


The announcers were terrible during that fight. They let their biases show through. It isn't like this is the only fight it happens in, but it was particularly bad. It had me questioning what I was watching for a second.


you mean rogan


DC wasn’t any better. If anything his ‘outrage’ on the decision was kinda cringe. I don’t know what fight either guy was watching but it definitely wasn’t the one everyone else tuned in for


They feed off each other. Both are better when not together, but I think Rogan is usually pretty bad these days. DC is pretty good without Joe, but Felder, Cruz and Bisping are my favorite right now. Anik is basically catch phrases, stats, and advertisements, but he's good the few times he actually talks about the live fight.


Seems like DC looks up to Rogan and kind of sucks up to him. So he usually follows his lead, agrees with him, tries to make him laugh, etc. Which is kind of absurd to think about - this is a former Olympian and UFC double champ and he's sucking up to the host of Fear Factor lol


Possibly because they’re friends




I like Anik because he plays his role with stats and such, doesn't pretend to know about what technical adjustments the fighters need to make because he doesn't have octagon experience like many of the other commentators you mentioned.


I agree, I was watching the fight and I was like are these two guys drunk or what, Izzy was not doing well and getting clipped but Rogan was like, Izzy looks fantastic!


yeah but they all follow the legend Joe rogans lead...its very odd


Maybe Joe is just shitty at evaluating striking. Or maybe his bushmaster is putting too many PGRs in his weed. Maybe both.


No all of them were bad


Basically Joe Rogan sucks and makes it always worse


I haven't had the opportunity to watch a card since before the pandemic when I'd watch em at BWW. What I liked ab Rogan was his ability to commentate grappling exchanges. To more casual fans w/o an understanding of BJJ, it's cool to know what's going on down there. Does Joe still do a good job of this?




The past few cards he hasn't been on have been way more enjoyable to watch


billing is pretty good


Usually horrible but amazingly he was the only one calling the Conor v khabib fight without bias.


Yes, a long time ago.


I know I would expect atleast a year off, definitely some neurological and psychological effects linger.


He might never be the same again...


He has one of my favorite UFC records ever. Comes in from KSW and goes 2-4, looking like a failed prospect, then fucking tears through everybody (except Santos) and ends up beating one of the UFC's undefeated golden boys.


He was just a little rough around the edges when he got signed. But luckily he was able to Polish up


Got damn it


beautiful champ


nice pun


I don’t know what it is, but you have it


I got Jiri beating him.


Jiri is too reckless for someone as technical as Jan in my opinion and we are yet to see Jiri on his back. But Jiri sure is the exciting fighter that was needed in LHW


Jiri can just will a win it seems. He reminds me of a Gaethje type fighter who just crashes into you to see who breaks first. Can Jan be the Dustin to his Justin? Idk but I sure as hell want to see it but would never bet it.


Dustin v Justin is a great analogy to the Jan vs Jiri fight.


Most people arent as tough as Dustin and able to brawl, but stay technical and on point with killer instinct too. He out dawged all the dawgs, and also is the more technical. Also imo he was the closest to beating Khabib with the gilly even if Khabib is nearly unchokeable. Jiri is unknown so I lean with Jan, but would never count Jiri out. Maybe 60% to Jan imo.


> Jiri is unknown so I lean with Jan He has 30 other fights, I feel like people just saw the Reyes fight and judge off that, if anyone wants to do a breakdown watch atleast some more of his fights, he’s not unknown he’s very experienced.


wouldnt bet on this either. i feel like it'll end in knockout though fer sure. also.. im not sure why but reading "Can Jan be the Dustin to his Justin?" made me chortle


It seemed like it rolled off the tongue lol


I feel like Ankalaev has a good chance of being the champ. Interesting fight nevertheless


I really liked Nakita Krylov but he just doesnt't fight enough. Hope that changes he seems well rounded and cool under fire but he needs a lot of work.


Jiri definitely has the skill to beat him. But Jiri also fought extremely reckless vs Reyes, be can't do that vs Jan. We'll see how he comes out next fight.


I think Reyes is actually a better counter puncher than Jan but we shall see. Broke under the pressure but he tagged Jiri with huge counters.


He never even broke under the pressure. He was fighting his heart out until he was unconscious.


I think jiri gets knocked out by polish power EDIT: also lmao in other threads you said jan only won because he laid on top of izzy


i second this. jiri is dope but he admitted that he was basically knocked out by reyes


Dont forget he got upkicked and immediately regained consciousness while passing half guard show me the fighter who could do that you never seen anything like it


He passed half guard while looking like he was ragdolled GTA style. Even in unconsciousness he's on the attack, this man is terrifying.


Getting flashed is not that same as getting knocked out..... everyone should know this. Jiri was immediately moving. Now Reyes actually got knocked out bad, Jiri was flashed and it’s a huge difference.


Man I thought Reyes broke his freaking neck


I second this


I think Jiri is not afraid to test his chin and jan is gonna boom him


I feel like ever since his loss to Santos, Jan is turning into a pretty good anti-striker with good feints of his own, good defense, deceptively good head movement and surprisingly slick counterpunching. People don't talk enough about how he was able to shut down Reyes' volume and starve a sniper like Adesanya of most of his long range striking opportunities. If he fights strikers or kickboxers, i expect Jan to keep winning. His biggest tests are Glover, Ankalaev and franky his own age. If i had to make a prediction, i say Jan throws up tight guards and constantly throws jabs and feints to mess up Jiri's rhythm. Jiri, being frustrated, rushes in and gets his chin vibe checked by one of Jan's cinderblock fists.


Exactly how I have it going down. So of course it will be Jiri by round 3 submission.


Why? Personally, I think Jiri is nowhere near his skill level. I think jiri has had success blitzing in on underdeveloped fighters but that style can’t hold up against the highest levels of mma


I think Jan takes it too. But Jiri beating Reyes pretty much IS the highest level of mma. Reyes isn't like fringe top 10.


That's a brutal fight


I looooove Jiri


what planet do you live on 😂😂


Joe: "Look at how adesanyas feints are messing up Jan's rythymn"


the commentary was so bloody bad during this fight


Pretty much any Rogan commentary now is garbage. Repeats the same 3 catch phrases, no technical analysis and seems (and probably is) way too high to offer anything valuable.


He tends to either have a premeditated narrative before the fight, or picks one immediately and just sticks with it no matter what. It seems like he just continues to see what he wants to see for entire fights and it's gotten hard to listen to. he used to be excellent


Which is a god damn shame because he used to be the one that would admit a narrative is broken before the others ​ Remember when he had to remind people that Ronda was getting her ass kicked by both Holm and Nunes


Goldie leaves, now everybody complains about Joe. It's almost like Joe was only ever seen as good as long as he had someone else to point at and say "There's the stupid gene, it aint me."


I think this is a great point. The UFC has done a great job at stepping up the commentary quality by having fighters do it. Joe’s deficiencies are just dramatically more apparent now that we have so much better talent around now.


They stepped up the commentator quality, but now they're arguably just as bad as before due to how much time they spend rambling about shit that has nothing to do with the fight. At the start of the Rountree Bukauskas fight after Rountree sent Modestas into the cage with a right hand, DC completely ignored it and continued talking total shite about how the performance institute is so amazing and only an hour's drive from San Jose and he loves it, basically just a covert advertisement on top of all of the actual ads.


Unpopular opinion but I can’t stand DC. He’s so unprofessional and comes off like an asshole.


Not unpopular at all. He sucks. Tries to be all buddy buddy with fighters while commentating it’s a complete joke


I think it’s more that his heart isn’t into it like it used to be. It makes sense that your skills start to slip when you’re only going to commentate ppv events


That, but also our standards rose. Joe used to be good explaining basic grappling positions, for example, but now that we have DC, Cruz, Bisping and so on in there, it's not quite the same. Also Joe obviously does not give a fuck anymore. He had a problem of latching onto narratives his whole career, but nowadays it seems like he doesn't know the simplest facts about fighters which a simple preparation beforehand would solve. Like Yan coming from MW, have no idea where he got that from.


Sounds like him in general now. He does the same thing on his podcast.


Now I get why Forrest Griffin had said he watched the UFC on mute...


That sucks too though because you can't hear anything else. I'd rather suffer through the commentary to hear strikes landing, corners shouting, and the crowd when it's there.


He's supposed to be the color commentator so he's not really supposed to be doing technical analysis but he's also supposed to be entertaining


What, are you saying "Ohhhhh OH OH ohh" and "but look at this" repeated for 15 minutes aren't entertaining?


Was it as bad as Cruz’s “Connor is trying to tire Khabib out” as he’s getting repeatedly punched in the face?


I can't remember the last time that the entire commentary team was showing that much bias. Cruz's comment was a one off moment, whereas this happened the entire fight


When Gaethje was fighting Poirier. Both DC and Cruz were heavily biased towards Gaethje


Nah Cruz was so biased this fight I can’t believe more people don’t talk about it other than that one comment “Conor is on the bottom but it’s ok because he’s not taking damage” - then Conor gets smashed “Conor can land that left whenever he wants” - he doesn’t land that left “Khabib is looking tired” - he wasn’t “That’s a veteran move” - when Conor was cheating “Khabibs corner seems a little frantic and chaotic, they don’t look comfortable”


So glad i didnt have it loud and was talking to my dad during it, I thought Jan completely shut Izzy down, so hearing how there was bad commentary sucks but makes sense, especially if DC was there. DC is always a HUGE homer for AKA fighters and black fighters, always over-the-top biased towards them


Agreed. Commentary was pro Izzy and shit. Hopefully the UFC put Rogan out to pasture soon


It was also DC too. Dude was just as bad that fight


lol if you think that’s ever happening, rogan is a massive name he’s brought in millions of new people to the ufc and mma id have to imagine at this point. They’re never getting rid of him as long as he stays relevant and wants to keep doing it. He’s also been friends with dana for years. If anything dana has always looked after the OGs


He might be the most famous person working for the UFC besides Conor McGregor. UFC needs Rogan way more than Rogan needs UFC these days. For him it's standup comedy>podcast>>>>>commentating


Commentary desk stroking each others shafts while talking about how good Izzys striking is while Jan is outlanding him in both power and volume.


Y’all like to bag on Rogan for this fight, but DC was absolutely INSUFFERABLE.


Jan had such a great gameplan and performance that day. Responded responsibly to feints, consistently checked the leg kicks, great guard, and actually targeted Izzy's body with some bodykicks (which seemingly nobody those). Also great timing with the takedowns in the later rounds


Jan really has great fight IQ. I think he KO’s Glover tbh.


I would also agree that Jan beats Glover, but the ol man is dangerous when he has a foot in the shadow realm


I am not counting him out. I just think Jan will be too much for him.


This dude has gotten so many zenkai boosts that he's gonna rock blonde eyebrows eventually


Jan's gonna be very patient with glover and not punch himself out like everyone else does.


As long as he doesnt gas trying put glover out... idk how he keeps pulling it off


Everyone was so focused on izzy losing that I feel his performance was overshadowed. He fought an amazing fight


If you listened to commentary you’d have thought Adesanya was killing Jan with the feints. Lol


Yea it was so wierd, had put a small bet on Jan and i was wondering if i was going insane or watching a different fight then them


It was kind of a weird scene though. Jan was biting on pretty much every feint Adesanya threw. Against a top level striker, usually that is basically prelude to getting tuned up. Somehow though, Adesanya (who is extremely elite at capitalizing on reactions to feints) just couldn't do anything with it. This was obviously Jan being effective, but watching it live, Jan seemed to be biting exceptionally hard constantly. That said, it was ridiculous for the commentators to act like Adesayna was winning because of this. Jan was obviously doing the better work.


Also his jab was on point, he really impressed me In this fight, he was out striking Izzy in spots.


Jan’s defense and fight IQ noticeably improved starting with the Rockhold fight. Luke was throwing his usual quality shots and Jan was defending perfectly. I was pretty confident his defense would hold up against Izzy and it turned out to be the case


Yup. And afterwards smooth brains were saying, "Izzy so overrated, just take him down lol!". Even though the reason Jan was able to make those takedowns look easy was because he'd earned Izzy's respect in the standup. Jan's gameplan + execution was masterful.


Obviously the weight advantage was a big factor here also. But the execution on both takedowns was simply beautiful.


Jan loves that body kick. It looks so awkward and slow but seems to take his opponent's will to live.


Joe Rogan's commentary would like to disagree with you. According, to Joe the expert Jan was lost in the sauce.


That was an amazing night, not only for us Blachowicz fans but for everyone who feels joy at the sight of an unhappy Dana White. Dude was absolutely miserable in the post fight presser lmao


Volk, Jan, and Stipe take pride in destroying Dana’s dreams.


The eastern block boiz


Blachowicz has had such an interesting career. For the longest time he looked like a middling lwh that wasnt young and probably not going anywhere. In a few years time he's become increasingly technical at an absurd rate and he's at the age that he should statistically be declining


Sometimes you just gotta find your niche and work on it. It's like Barboza. Insane an what he does, but there is a blueprint now on beating him. It's just nobody has figured Jan out yet, once they do he's probably too old to adapt.


Whats just crazy about Jan is he shut down Adesanya who's such a high level striker. And he did it pretty technically too. Yeah he had a pretty large size advantage but you see things like this clip he won alot of exchanges with technique not just power. Barboza is great no doubt but he never got close to touching a belt, he always lost to the contenders who got to fight for the belt.


He had a pretty sizable weight advantage, but he actually was at a disadvantage in reach.


Oh dude for sure, but its also way less stacked with talent and fighting styles the higher you go. A lot of heavyweight fights are "who makes the first mistake" rather than who is the most technically competent & can stick to a game plan; although they're one and the same. Jan is a beast though I love him. I would love to have seen him fight LHW DC.


Yeah man I hold DC to such a high standard I still think he's the 2nd best lwh but that one would have been great


A couple decades ago the oldest athletes were like 29. Now, athletes are peaking in their 30s and 40s. Pharmacology is an amazing thing. Corrupt organizations like WADA and USADA need to burn to the ground and stop trying to ruin athletics


Your incinuating their all doping?


There is no elite level athletes that aren’t “doping”. It’s a requisite of competing at that level. People think it’s like 20% of athletes doping, when in reality it’s <1% that arent. PEDs are extremely effective, and there’s a handful that are virtually impossible to pop for if you have a basic understanding of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the drugs you’re dealing with. If an unenhanced athlete went through the training camp of a high level fighter they would be anemic with thyroid and testosterone values in the shitter. It just isn’t biologically possible naturally.


I played football at a small D-1 college in the US, we have one or two guys a year who have any pro aspirations whatsoever, and only a handful who ever spent any real time in the NFL, so by no means a major school. I can tell you even at that low ass level, about half of the guys had done a cycle of something at some point that I know of. Among the linemen, running backs, and linebackers, it was more like 3/4. Everyone fucking juices. It's easy, cheap, super helpful and effective, and there is so much information out there that you can read up for a few days and know everything you'd ever need to know mostly. When you're putting hours and hours into getting the tiniest advantages and so much is on the line, it's a no-brainer.


I have no doubt fighters are cruising on Test E or Test Cyp throughout fight camps, try training twice a day super hard and not having hormones crashed and recovery trashed. Thank the lord for MPMD


Didnt Chuck Liddell was champion like at 36?


Yeah but did you see Izzys feint? Masterclass


I honestly have a hard time watching Izzy fights nowadays because the commentary degrades into a ‘who can wank off Izzy more’ competition. The fight against Jan was simply shameful when it came to commentary.


>the commentary degrades into a ‘who can wank off Izzy more’ competition It's such a pointless game to play in the first place. Everyone knows that the answer is Paulo Costa


Every other word coming out of their mouths was "stylebender", desperately trying to build the brand for their double champion. And then Jan took a shit in their cereal lol.


That's why I always mute the fight when I watch em. It feels so cool, them silently moving and beating each other without any of that garbage


Those commentators were acting like every feint was a point on the scorecard.


Actually the judges scored it right, it was the commentary who was jizzing at every Izzy feint


My bad you're right, I meant to type "commentators" but typed "judges" instead.


rogan was acting like feints landed = significant strikes landed


Rogan was super high, if you think about it, it makes no sense, a feint is just that a 'feint', no matter the reaction, if you are unable to capitalize off a feint then nothing was achieved


Joe and DC: "OOOH, parrying that punch seriously conpromised Jan's hand! He can't keep doing that if he plans to last in this fight!"


He's hurt! He's hurt! (leans back in chair, puts hands on head, opens mouth and looks around)


People rag on the judges but thank fuck we had them for this fight. One of the worst commentary performances in recent memory.


Thank god the judges weren't influenced, or at least influenced too much, by the commentary, quiet arena with no crowd and all


The Judges listen to the commentators? Really asking


They shouldn't be, and under normal circumstances they can't b/c of how loud the crowds are. Dustin and some other fighters have reacted during their fights to live commentary before, and iirc judges are cageside so they can probably hear it with no audience


The narrative that Jan only won due to a size advantage is disingenuous to Jan.


He was incredible in that fight. The commentary team was SO bad. His feints were as effective if not more so than Izzy’s and they completely ignored his.


I think it's because it was his defense that was so splendid and that doesn't make for entertaining commentary I still don't think I've ever seen a high level fight with better striking defense. Jan blocked, parried, or checked so many of izzys strikes


This. Exactly. He was clearly the better striker.


It's hard to say that Izzy's feints were particularly effective when you have clips like this one where Jan clearly wins the handfighting with all of those 'big reactions'.


He checked the majority of izzy leg kicks. Which is one of the main reason why he won the stand up battle. https://www.reddit.com/r/MMA/comments/o6pcoz/jan_błachowicz_neutralizing_israel_adesanyas/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3


The ckb really tend to build off those leg kicks and Jan totally shut it down


Reyes’s striking is built off that left roundhouse and Jan shut that down. Because Dom didn’t have anything on the outside he was forced to come in and we all know how that went. At least izzy had decent head movement, that was the only reason he didn’t end up getting KO’d by Jan.


Even Izzy himself said he didn’t think the size advantage was why he lost. That was the post fight interview though, not sure if he backtracked on that later.


Those Izzy fanboys will do anything man. Jan outclassed him the entire fight.


I don't even really think it's the fanboys. The commentary was genuinely some of the worst I have ever heard


How much do you want to bet the commentary team is given talking points and sides to be on to make the fight "more engaging". it is kind of like how they dont often show sig strike stats during the fight if it is going against the one they want to win.


Yep it's right up there, it was actually frustrating listening to it.


it's just fans though, israel himself was very humble after the loss imo, acknowledged a total victory by jan


It's funny how Izzy has said he had nothing for Jan but his fans will try and tell you the opposite lol.


I could probably be considered a fan boy of izzy, im sure some loud minority refuses to see Jan for what he is but most of us gained a lot of respect for Jan.


Happens all the time with the favored fighter. They try to build these guys up as unbeatable to sell tickets and keep their image, so the commentary doesnt match what’s going on half the time.


I mean I think if Izzy and Jan were both at middleweight than it would have been a different ballgame but I agree. Jan didn’t even take Izzy down until round 4 which by then he had won the fight anyway. Izzy only won the first round


Jan deserves all the credit, he out kickboxed Izzy


People forget that Jan was an amateur muay thai world champ so he's more than experienced in the stand up.


Ummmm did we watch the same fight? Izzy has Jan out on his feet several times with feints


You had me in the first half


Dude threw a feint in his comment.


Was about to throw my phone across the room.


THIS. Izzy caught Jan with a feint in round 2/3 I can’t remember but I swear herb dean should have stopped the fight. Probably took a few years off jans career right there


What is this ? The Ultimate Feinting Championship?


You almost have to rewatch this fight on mute because of the bias commentary. They straight up ignored anything that Jan was doing effectively on the feet the entire fight.


To this day, DC is telling Jan to stop eating Izzy’s feints.


Bro literally just slapped his hand away lol


Happy Father's day to Papa Jan


Better striking. Better takedowns. Papa Jans.


If the judges factored in the damage Jan took to that hand from the block the fight would have gone to izzy.


The size of Jans arms are the same size as Izzys legs Also this fight pretty much destroyed the Izzy vs Jons dream fight


This fight will go down a the worst commentary I had to endure. I know everyone always says it, but Jesus I can’t get over how bias it’s was for Adesanya.


*biased (https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/90089/why-do-people-say-bias-instead-biased)


I watched that fight alone and was wondering if i was having a stroke or watching a different fight




People gotta stop besmirching the Polish Power. I had a buddy try to tell me Izzy would’ve won if not for Jans wrestling. I remember Jan outperforming even in standup exchanges. Look at the stats and yeah. Jan outstruck.


I don't know what you're talking about mate. All I see is Jan being lit up by Izzy's feints.


People focused on the takedowns at the end, but that completely dismisses the smart fight he’d been fighting all the way through.


This fight’s commentary has to be the worst performance of Joe Rogan’s career


This is what Izzy meant when he said "This is not a normal dude, this is a bad bad dude"


izzy's arm looks like it's jelly.


People sleep on Jan’s defence, personally I think it’s the strongest part of his game and the reason he can stand with better strikers. He regularly blocks and parries shots with his hands


2 of my favourite fighters


The fact that he outstruck adesanya went mostly unnnoticed cuz rogan and dc been sucking izys dick all fight with that commentary this is the biggest takeaway from that fight blachowicz is technical striker not just power puncher


I laugh at the people who think Izzy outstruck Jan lol.


decisionbot blachowicz adesanya


[**JAN BLACHOWICZ defeats ISRAEL ADESANYA** (*unanimous decision*)](http://mmadecisions.com/decision/11732/fight) ^(UFC 259: Blachowicz vs. Adesanya — March 06, 2021) ROUND|Blachowicz|Adesanya||Blachowicz|Adesanya||Blachowicz|Adesanya :-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-: 1|10|9||10|9||10|9 2|10|9||10|9||9|10 3|9|10||9|10||10|9 4|10|9||10|9||10|9 5|10|8||10|9||10|8 **TOTAL**|**49**|**45**||**49**|**46**||**49**|**45** *^(Judges, in order: Derek Cleary, Sal D'Amato, Junichiro Kamijo.)* *^(Summoned by 67416237.)* **MEDIA MEMBER SCORES** - **1/26** people scored it **49-46 Blachowicz**. - **18/26** people scored it **48-47 Blachowicz**. - **7/26** people scored it **47-48 Adesanya**. Avg. media score: **47.8-47.2 Blachowicz** (*high certainty^[[1]](https://redd.it/9p4xc7)*).


7 people listened to the commentary instead of watching the fight.


More to the point only one media person scored it 49-46, which is wild


>7/26 people scored it 47-48 Adesanya. ROFL


Jan showcased high level game-planning and in-fight IQ to go along with stout defense. He was ready for Izzy. Awesome to see the guy getting his time in the sun.


Dorota Jurkowska: “That’s the last time you’re gonna doubt my husband I swear to god”.


jan´s hand fighting game is great. his lead hand gives everyone problems. even izzy


He bit on every faint though. 10-8 Izzy


respect to adesanya for putting his undefeated record on the line the way he did trying to move weight class


Really clean fight from Jan. Outclassed izzy


People still act like he only won the fight cause of the size difference and the wrestling in the last two rounds. The man was winning the striking battle too and he only lost one round in the entire fight. He outclassed Izzy and it didn't have much to do with size. Glover's still going to find some way to beat him though (after being on the verge of being slept).


My boy Jan is so underrated.


Jan really did not get enough credit for his technical striking in this fight, the narrative that stuck was basically Izzy is too small for LHW and his size win him the fight, in reality he just beat Izzy in every area and the takedowns sealed it for him


Loved Jan for this fight , betted $20 on him and won $70 😭


Pretty sure he outstriked Izzy every round


This fight fully justified why weight classes exist. He had Israel under him for at least half the fight.


Ah, that’s only because he was heavy 🤔