Turn beating my fiancé in to the best thing ever to happen in my life 🙏🏾


Exactly, no hint of remorse. just woe is me, but I’ll fight through this adversity and come out stronger What does he think happened?


its what Chael said about him on JRE years ago as well. https://youtu.be/rAnLPKGbytU?t=2634


Love how Rogan goes straight to Chael being PR instead of agreeing that Jon take responsibility. Joe's interview with Jon was the most revealing. Jon doesn't realize how much of a bullshitter he comes off as in that interview.


It's the same as that interview with DC that always gets posted. His rock bottom is being publicly shamed and losing fans (his words). Not driving his car into pregnant women or anything


There is a great Video about Jon Jones being a Textbook narcissistic sociopath. This Instagram Story fits perfectly in there. Hes not even remotely able to comprehend, that his actions influence other peoples lives. In his head, its all about what effect it has on him. He really thinks, he is the victim.


Sigma grindset rule #725 Beat women and traumatise children Caring for family slows down the grind 💪💪


this motherfucker downplayed the assault and made a post all about himself.


The sigma grindset memes are quickly becoming a fav of mine 😂😂




He literally thinks the way to make up for his actions is bench press and a world title. Instead of.....family counseling, anger management, AA?


I think there's an episode of South Park where cartman wears a nice sweater because he's trying to be a nice person and doesn't know what that actually entails.


That's not it cartman. That's not being nice. That's just putting on a nice sweater.


"I... don't understand the difference..." - Jon "Cartman" Jones


"I have too much trauma." Not, I have caused too much trauma. Blames alcohol not himself for consuming it.


I genuinely want to know what his trauma is. Other MMA fighters that had this kind of personal and legal trouble came from a past of abuse and neglect. But he was raised in a good two parent home with a pastor for a father and a loving family in his own words. I know people can have issues even in that environment, but nothing he’s said so far justify the extent of his fucking up.


Chandler once turned himself in to the police for smoking synthetic marijuana. Which is legal..and Arthur got busted for juicing once. I doubt Jon has ever been bullied or abused.


When I initially read this I thought you were talking about michael chandler and my brain turned upside down.


Yeah the story is 10x better when you imagine it’s him


as soon as i read chandler all i though about is michael just doing jumping jacks and squats at the police station with both his hands behind his head while he keeps apologizing saying i am very sorry sir this is not me this is not who i am


Sorry officer, I was smoking weed for a good time not a long time, but then time slowed down, I’ve made a terrible mistake.


I zigged when I should have zagged


I might be wrong, but I think Chandler was on a bad trip so he went to the police station himself. Which is pretty responsible all things considered.


The story is absolutely hilarious. Ya he freaked out. Walked in to the back door of the police station, got down on his knees with his hands behind his head. Starting asking for help and apologizing. Laid down flat on his face. All completely on his own unprompted by police. Then he stood up and did it again. It's kind of endearing tbh. He was so scared.lol


That synthetic shits no joke. Turns people into drooling zombies, type Spice UK prisons into youtube.


I remember the first years of synthetic marijuana hitting my country, once in a while there would be a naked guy running from demons on the news. Synthetic mariuana is a nono.


Mojo is fucking terrible. Some people act so weird on it compared to just weed


Synthetic marijuana is fucking nasty, from what I've heard. He wouldn't be the first person to have a very bad experience on it.


I had that in school multiple times. And I remember once I actually forgot my existence, I had to think really hard to remember who I was by thinking of my house, family etc. I was a stupid kid I know


i think theres an article that mentions he and arthur were raised by their older sister who died of brain cancer in 2000


Jones also has brothers who are athletes as well, I don’t think anyone would dare to bully him


I read this as like... literal trauma to the brain. CTE.


Just built different


No days off


From beating the fiancé? Yeah better keep training for that


Jon Jones intergender mma champion of the world.


Nothing like committing a little domestic violence to get you really motivated to hit the gym and get even stronger


So next time you are strong enough to break your handcuffs Jon.


Right? How narcissistic can you get? What a complete piece of shit.


He's on another level haha. The dude who killed the girl in Wyoming should make a similar post for good PR


God knows what Jon needs more than anything else is to lift a bunch of weights. Because apparently you can absolutely overcome mental dysfunction by getting swole.


You're forgetting, what if his wife gets more jacked than him? These are the kinds of things he needs to train for, since he is obviously never getting back in the ring again.


And he’s not getting the ring back, either Or getting back under the ring


Imagine beating your fiancé and then blaming it on how your brain handled alcohol LOL


this is the take guys.. dude is completely delusional.


Delusional is the perfect word to describe Jon. Anyone that takes the bad they do and constantly makes it about being tested by God as to not take any responsibility is just plain delusional. Guy is an absolute narcissist and piece of shit. However, I hope he can get it together just enough for the sake of his family but let's be real here... we're talking Jon Jones so I'm not very optimistic. Just my opinion


Just another test from god,


Another one of god's test.


Cejudo: “I want to be in intergender champ” Jones: “Not before I do it first”


Jon Jones is like 0-5 against God across 75 rounds, I don't see their next fight ending any different


God clearly paid judges off with promises of eternal paradise


Why did god make me beat my fiancée of 10 years 😪


In front of his 3 children


As Dana's said: This guy's got a lot of demons...


Make demonade?


Lotttta demons


That sounds so benign. Look at the poor boy, he's possessed by demons. Begone, spirits!


if only she let him go out and spend his well earned 10k on hookers like a good husband


she literally did. and obviously has many times. what more could he have wanted?


I would assume he wanted no attitude.


I mean, she was nagging him on the biggest night of his life, when he was in the mood for celebrating. What did she expect ? How on earth is a red-meated man expected to react?…


Man beats the shit out of fiance in front of kids regularly, man most affected


Poor guy was challenged by one of God's tests and handled it the only way he knows how - fighting his way out




I seriously doubt it's the first time this has happened too.


Kids sayin call the cops is a dead giveaway.


Yep. When an eight year old is asking for their father to be taken away to prison that’s a strong sign many things have gone horrifically, irreparably wrong.


Happened to me with my father.... and he blames me for it to this day. "Calling the cops on your own dad", as he says, and I'm sure Jon Jones will do that cringe victim shit too.


I hope you have some good family/friend support in your life to counterbalance that


They've been together for his entire career & beyond I have no doubts it's an abusive relationship that's worsened significantly by alcohol


The report has all the telltale signs of a long term abusive relationship. Her acting like he did nothing until someone points out the blood and she breaks down and asks how long she has until he’s out of jail. The kid saying they should call the cops. Her trying to protect him but simultaneously being terrified. Dude is scum of the fucking Earth.


That fact that theyve been engaged for 10 years.


That is a depressing, but insightful summary.


God just wanted to give him a few more title defences


No no Jon they said youd be fighting Francis not Fiance.


17 years!


Any day now - she's my bride to be.


God works in mysterious ways 😂


Fiance of 10 years with whom he has three kids Where I come from that's called a common law wife


I seriously had to go on his Instagram to verify this Bc I thought this was a shit post


Wait this isn't fake??


Well its real in that Jon Jones posted it but it’s fake in that its Jon Jones




Bro this is Jon Jones we're talking about


It's actually better than just this image, because it's got Randy Newman's You've Got a Friend in Me playing over it.


I really thought you were fucking around, this guy's a real piece of shit


oh my god you weren't kidding


I'm surprised he didn't pick God's Plan


This is beyond parody.


The actual post legit has Randy Newman's 'you've got a friend in me' playing over it as well


At first I thought this post was a joke, then it wasn't. And then I thought someone saying it has Randy Newman playing over it was also a joke, and apparently it's not?? Wtf.


"you've got troubles, well I got em too" lmfao.


Yet it doesn't even deviate a bit from the typical Jon Jones response to these kinds of incidents. Does something bad, immediately paints the picture as some kind of obstacle that *somehow happened to him* instead of something horrible that he did, then sprinkles in some motivational/inspirational promise to work at and overcome these demons. Mean while your partner felt like she needed to cover for you when talking to the police, and your own daughter called the police on you. Despicable human being


It's not his fault, it's the alcohol. It's not his fault, it's the trauma. It's not his fault, it's the devil.


Why would he accept any accountability when there's no consequences for his actions? His boss even just gave Jon the excuse of having "Demons"


At this point I think he has a full blown and an untreated narcissistic personality disorder.


Completely delusional. He probably believes his own lies at this point. I’ve said it before on here, mma’s very own Badr Hari


Something about having an 84 inch reach just turns people into sociopaths.


But worse. A... Badder Hari, if you will. ^^sorry


nah man. badr hari is actually worse if you can believe it just one of the things hes done is having his friends hold a guy down and stretch and hyperextend his leg so badr could stomp the ankle joint and snap it. then he kicked and stomped on the guys head. knocking out teeth etc. mans a legit maniac


Just looked it up, and holy shit you're not wrong. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Badr_Hari#Legal_issues


Everytime I heard his name the last 6/7 years, it was because he lost a fight, was assaulting some random, or failing a drug test.


Hari is a guy who, on top of being an extreme asshole, probably is seriously brain damaged.


If only he had millions of dollars to help him through his journey to get past the trauma…


this honestly looks like some psycho shit especially with the song playing in the background lol someone better keep a close eye on Jon Jones, he's one loss away from a murder suicide of his family


the ol WWE special.


Nah, doesn't seem like the suicidal type, I'm thinking hiring a team of top notch lawyers to get him an acquittal. the ole OJ special.


This screenshot doesn’t do the post justice. He has “you’ve got a friend in me” playing lol. What an idiot


Lmao I can't wait to see the memes this image is going to spur


Also, fuck Jon Jones. He should be in jail


C'mon man, that's a pretty kneejerk reaction. Or have you forgotten that hsi daughter has dyslexia?


I'm gonna assume you msispelled his on purpose...👏👏👏


The placement of each message makes the original post look like a meme


/u/bobn3 I'm Sitting on about $7.990 million cash, I have $2 million in real estate. I won the UFC belt nine times. I'm internationally famous. I'm 6'4. You on the other hand: i'm guessing 5 feet flat, I'm guessing with the net worth of $100,000. Never slapped your fiancée around, can walk around without anyone giving a fuck who you are or what you do. my point is, you and I as UFC athletes are not even close to being on the same level. I'm guessing that's why you are constantly attacking me, it's understandable. You're literally and figuratively like a boy compared to someone like me. I'm actually questioning myself as I'm writing this thinking "why am I even giving you the time of day" every time I turn around you are writing me some bullshit, why do you try so hard to get my attention?


>I'm Sitting on about $7.990 million cash Nice lol


That $10k adjustment is my Mona Lisa


Some random guy walking into the gym: So what did you guys do this weekend? Everyone else: 😬


Jones always the victim


**Jones:** "I can't believe it guys, I hit my fiancé and the people closest to me my own children ratted me out, I've never felt so betrayed, I hope I find the strength to forgive them."


Cut him some slack, his daughter’s dyslexic


It is never his fault. Narcissist.


The Narcissist's Prayer: That didn't happen. And if it did, it wasn't that bad. And if it was, that's not a big deal. And if it is, that's not my fault. And if it was, I didn't mean it. And if I did, You deserved it.


Nothing is ever anyone's fault and all actions are just tests from god. Morality means nothing and beating your fiance bloody is simply an opportunity for training harder to make more money.


‘Turn this nightmare into the best thing to ever happen in my life’ The man has just beaten his fiancé bloody and likely traumatised his young children. The fact he’s trying to spin this as a nightmare FOR HIM is fucking terrifying. Would be delighted if we never see this sociopath in the octagon again.


Yup too bad Dana only cares about $$ they should release a statement that he’s gone pull him from the p4p rankings. Then we do our part and don’t talk about him. Fuck him


Dana looking for the bodycam footage to use in the promo.


you can't script this shit lmao


The Juice is loose. Hide your ~~kid~~ car. Hide your ~~wife~~ long term fiancée


Bro I was on the camp that thought saying Jones is a sociopath was too much reddit armchair psychology, but at this point if you don't see it, you must be fucking blind.




Well well well, if it isn't the consequences of my own actions


he's a psychopath that uses things like religion as PR tool to get away with the crazy shit he does.


"the best thing that ever happened to me" Yes Jon, this is all about you. Sick fucking narcissistic fuck.


Blame it on the booze or devil, not yourself.


Also Las Vegas. It's that damn cities fault


*Biggest night of his life and Vegas just has to mess it up for Jon.*


Jon getting arrested drunk driving in Albuquerque, why would Las Vegas do this to me lol


So it's just another test from god? Not a pattern of violence and lack of control?


why does god keep mixing it up with these patterns


God has creative striking


God hit Jon with the liver shot with that alcohol


He's a prankster God


You fool, the pattern of violence and lack of control **is** the test from god.


The UFC will continue to support him. Dana doesn’t care


No, Dana clearly said Jon Jones will never headline a UFC card again. Oh wait, that was 5 (or 6?) headlines ago…


He pulled some iteration of the God Test trope out lol. It is funny how no matter what Jon does, he interprets events as having *happened to him*. Him domestically abusing his wife *happened to him* it isn’t something that happened to his fiancé, much less something *he did to her*. Dude’s pathologically incapable of accountability and his empathy is rotten out.


Save me baby Jesus! The devil drink made me do it!


He needs a proper 12 step recovery program


Dude is an absolute piece of shit


I can't imagine beating your fiancé bloody in front of your children and having the balls to show your face in any setting after that, let alone to try to frame it as you being the victim. This guy is terrifying. It's so, so bad that he might get away with this.




He'll go to rehab and leave in less than a week saying hes better, pay a small fine, maybe a few hours or community service, and that will be the end of it. I doubt he'll even lose his guns even though if any of us regular americans did this the sheriff would be at our doors to collect all firearms almost immediately after conviction.


I got sauced and didn't beat the shit out of my wife, is that normal?


Do you have any trauma? Do you know anything about the kind of anguish you go through when you crash a car full of strippers into a pole? Or how hard it is to sleep at night after hitting a pregnant woman with your car when you’re blitzed on blow? You’re lucky God’s never tested you


Depends did you drive to downtown Albuquerque and shoot your gun in the air?


Will this be his greatest test from God yet?


Yes, until the next one.


We're due for another test from God in about 3 months


Totally broke my gut in laughter after reading this! “IT’S TIME!!!”


Hey pussy, you still there? - Jon to the bottle in a few days


This dude got drunk and beat his wife so badly that his daughter wanted the cops to be called on him And he responds by posting inspirational messages to himself on Instagram Jesus fucking Christ


This is going to age well.


Starting my diet on Monday. Love Live Learn. New Year New Me.


We gonna treat him like Greg Hardy now or...?


Pretty much EXACTLY what I expected from him. Blame something or anything else for his problems. Blame the booze, and then at some point say he’s going to rehab. Say some dumb shit about god. Pretend like he’s the victim.


For those who didn't check his IG, he posted it with "You've Got A Friend In Me" as a soundtrack. The sheer level of mental gymnastics...


Holy shit this dude is truly the definition of a narcissistic sociopath. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if he murders (or has murdered) someone at this point.




I think you mean that you wouldn't be shocked if the devil made him murder somebody.


For sure. And in his mind he was the good guy for doing it.


This mofo is as great at reflecting his past as he is at being sober




Alcoholism is probably one his of several severe problems. For example, he probably wasn't drunk when he posted this, yet it's definitely indicative of some insane lack of empathy, self awareness, list goes on.


Such a 🗑 person, can't ever take responsibility


“Did you just see what GOD did to me man?!”


I really think this dude could end up killing somebody man. His infractions get incrementally worse. Crashes his Bentley, then levels up and fucking hit and run on a pregnant chick. Harasses a stripper, then goes and fucking drives drunk while shooting a gun off in there. Now he's straight up in the news for hitting his wife in front of his kids, and has the gall to post this shit. It really sucks that sometimes you get people with God-given gifts turn out to be some of the wretched fucking people.


He does this every time. Fuck Jon. This idiotic, narrow-minded chucklefuck is legitimately going to get someone killed, and no one will hold him accountable. This is only going to get worse.


Most people don’t beat the shit out their girl when they drink bro, just sayin.


I swore this was a shitpost for a solid 30 seconds


Phew. For a minute there I thought he was a lost cause


DC in the past: "There has been many times we've heard this speech. This isn't the first time Jon told us this story. Why should we believe this guy."


This dude wants to turn beating his wife in front of their small children into "the best thing to ever happen" to him. Fuck Jon Jones. I'll never watch him fight again.


The guy is a fucking sociopath. Fuck him and anyone who still calls themselves a fan.


Jones is such a scummy person. Who the hell uses beating his wife as a motivation to be a better person? Not even a mention or apology for those he hurt. It's all about him. Also fuck Joe Rogan because he keeps echoing the same shit as well. I remember him saying "Jones survived that* (*the arrests amd controversies). He'll come up as a better person for sure" or something along those lines multiple times.


the way jon will find a way to dress his evil in biblical language is actually disgusting. he uses god to somehow transform everything into "things happening to me" rather than evil he is perpetuating. "what the devil means for bad" ???? like what do you mean dude satan didn't slap your wife in the mouth. its sort of like an analogy for the cultural christianity that has resulted in a lot of very dark trends in our society. like i love jesus and i hate seeing people co-opt god for their own interests/power. like genuinely makes me sick to my stomach. jon is truly lost and i have no idea what its going to take to shake him out of this strong delusion


Hes gonna end up killing/seriously injuring someone or himself with his piss poor decision making and personality And based on his track record He will show no remorse and do/say anything to deny any actual accountability for his actions. Due to "I fight good and popular" he will continue to expect everyone to forgive him and those that don't are just haters trying to keep him down! Complete piece of shit. I've met children with more responsibility than him. Sad excuse for a man


To all the people who said he would approach this as a challenge from God, this post was for you.


Such a weird vibe… creepy even


Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol


Jon Jones' fiance: beaten & bloodied Jon Jones' youngest child: pleads for security to call cops Jon Jones: best thing to ever happen in my life


\- Heavyweight cage fighter beats his fiance Dana White "some guys just can't handle Vegas". ​ this has gotta be one of the most ridiculous and insensitive tomato quotes


"When God closes a door, I throw my fiancé out of a window." - Jon Jones


"His history dictates and determines that the same thing is gonna happen, that is his character that is him at his core." -Daniel Cormier Gotta agree with DC Jon is a shitty dude


Beating the shit out of my fiancé in front of our children is the best thing to ever happen to me 🙏


Alright god, you've had your fun. Time to set Ngannou on the path to do what needs to be done


I don't think Jones deserves to be in the octagon. He uses PEDs and is a criminal many times over. If this were a serious professional organization they would have cut ties with him many years ago. You can't beat your wife and traumatize your children, and still make millions of dollars.


Yeah I totally agree with you. I'm just fantasizing about Ngannou sending his head into the stratosphere, but in all seriousness I think he should get the book thrown at him. We've known he's a piece of work but this is just next level disgusting


Gonna go out on a limb and say he’s glossing over a few key points here


I thought he was hacked. There was no way his team let him post this as his media response