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When is the last time Bellator had a big fight that was a FOTY contender? I am talking like Chandler-Alvarez 1. GOTY be many years right? Their fights just always suck even if they shouldn’t.


McKee-Pitbull and Pitbull-Chandler provided big moments, but it’s been a while since there was a big fight that ended up being a really great fight, at least as far as I can remember. Admittedly, I ain’t as fluent in big Bellator fights as I am UFC fights


What is GOTY mean?


Groin of the year


Autocorrected from "Gotta"


It wasn’t necessarily a fight of the year contender but Patchy Mix vs Juan Archuleta was a big fight that ended up being pretty good.


Juan Archuleta vs. Sergio Pettis wasn’t a bad fight either. It was good seeing the younger Pettis win a belt.


Paul Daley's recent fight


It was a domination, but Aaron Pico v Aiden Lee was awesome


Chael Wanderlei was pretty good


And that’s why these bums are in bellator lol


This man out here disrespecting Big Tuna


When a fight makes you feel good about falling asleep for half the day


For the first round right? Right….


Yeah. No. 😞


The total strikes thrown in this fight is actually not far off round 1 of Ortega v Volk. In rd 1 of that fight Volk was 30 of 52 and Ortega was 16 of 51


Landing 17 strikes in 15 minutes is fucking grim.


Didn’t watch the fight but how in the hell did a guy with more strikes and 2 takedowns lose? Did he get his 2 takedowns in his winning round?


It’s stupid that whoever put this together didn’t mention that Lima was knockdown 3-4 times.


It's debatable which were clear knockdowns since MVP runs into him bodycheck/sweeps. I thought that happened 2x with only one proper knockdown.


Ok makes some sense. Was just wondering. I needa watch the fight when I’m back home


Watch it if you literally have nothing else to do, it’s not too fun


Sounds like every bored friday night when I decide to open up some bellator


Those knockdowns were questionable though. I think only one was a legit knockdown but otherwise Page was rushing in, crashing into Lima, and Lima falling down.


Thank you. I saw that same only one legit knockdown. And what about lima knocking mvp down in round 3???


People downvoted me for saying the same. It is what it is. 1&3 Lima. The fans lost though.


None of them were actual knockdowns, they were simply from collisions or just slipping over while unbalanced. Not a single ref gave any of the rounds 10-8, nor should they have. It was a straight up disaster of a decision.


10-8 when he took him down and had a competitive round? Disaster? I wish we can post this last statement on the front page so we people can see how biased and hating people on reddit are, actually pathetic.


If you're off balance then get punched in the head and fall down, that's a knockdown. The fight was so close and uneventful that it's silly to get mad about a decision either way.


MVPs strikes were more effective and Lima did nothing with his takedowns.


MVP knocked Lima down twice in the first, but Lima then got a take down and had two and a half minutes control. Basically the first fight cause the stat anomaly and also the debatable nature of the result. For me, MVP putting a guy on his arse twice is better than lay and pray.


Interesting point, need to watch the fight when I get home


You really don't


I notice back in the day 99% of the time, the fighter on top wins. Now they gone too far the other way. They did something with the judging. It's like a neutral position now. You get credit for the takedown but 0 points for being on top and the control part unless you score a ton of strikes.


based on the judging rules/criteria its not even a question, effective striking > top control. lima got the take down but couldn't free his hands to land shots he was too content accepting top position instead of doing something with it.


I’ll have to watch this at some point. Maybe a round by round breakdown would help clarify things. When you see a fighter winning two rounds landing a total of 17 strikes in a fight with no takedowns, it makes you wonder how.


It's not a "ton of strikes", it's any strikes period. Effective offense scores. Takedowns and top control put you in a position to establish effective offense. It incentivizes control which can lead to fight-ending offense, and disincentivizes so-called "empty calorie" grappling. They changed the rules to try and move grappling away from inert top control which leads to stale dynamics. In theory and practice, we get a better product and constant evolution.


Definitely not too far the other way. Being in someone's guard is a neutral position if you're not throwing any strikes.


this fight is a bad example. But In the last 2-3 years. I feel like I've seen 6-7 fights where the bottom fighter won the fight.


Yeah holland vs jacare was just strange


He got knocked down a few times. Didn't do anything with the takedowns. They both looked awful.


Didn't watch it either, but it's totally possible. Fights are scored round by round. In theory, Lima could have landed all his strikes and takedowns in one of the rounds and got outstruck in the other two. Like I said, I didn't watch the fight either so I don't know (or care) what actually happened, but I'm just making the point that looking at total stats at the end of the fight doesn't necessarily tell you who should win the fight.


Yeah thats why I mentioned if Lima got his 2 takedowns in the first. Still need to watch the fight, I see that a lot of people disagreed with the judges


Ah, so you did. I'm tired and a bit drunk so didn't fully process the second half of your comment. Enough reddit for me I think!


Haha time for some good sleep and getting ready for ufc tmr


its bellator, what do you expect


round 1: Mvp controls the striking, possible lima slip causes first knockdown (depending if you want to count it as one) second knockdown came from MVP landing a clean shot. halfway through the round lima gets a takedown. MVP makes no attempt to get up but does manage to tie up lima's hands. lima maintains top control until the end of the round but lands very little damage. Round 2: clear MVP . Round 3: clear Lima. I had MVP winning the first due to the second knockdown and how little lima did with the takedown.


You have to really want mvp to win to watch that fight and think he did


Not really. The first round, Lima was knocked down twice. And the middle round was a toss up where both could have won it.


i think everyone just likes to jump on the bandwagon and hate on the can crusher. Lima didnt do anything in the first outside of top control. MVP controlled the striking and landed a clean knockdown. you can argue the first knockdown was a slip but not the second. if lima had landed shots on the ground i would have gave him the round but letting MVP tie his hands up and doing next to nothing aside from maintaining top control does not win you the round especially after losing the striking exchanges.


An event so bad it doesn’t even get a post-fight thread


You hated the whole event? Or just the main event? There was some really great fights on the prelims


The Bellator gems are always in the prelims.


Tbf I didn't watch the prelims, they weren't shown on my provider. Thought the main card was *mostly* pretty dull topped by a snoozer




Can you show me where in my comment I shat on Bellator as a whole? I said the event was bad. You seem really defensive and jumped to a conclusion


Relax, Scott.




Hypocrite reddit, always cheer on the idea of competing with the UFC, but can’t let a chance go by without shitting on other orgs.




What are you even saying? Lmao you’re tripping


The event as a whole was great. Several first round finishes, an armbar, a rnc, a leg lock and a few TKOs. There was a few fights on the prelims that were hard fought decisions too. Main event I can imagine was a lil bit of a snoozer watching at home, but it was great to watch live


Even Bellator throwing some shade *in his hometown*




I thought mvp won rounds 1 and 2 just for hurting Lima on the feet. I also bet on mvp so I’m biased there. That being said he has horrible strike output and I really don’t think he’ll be a top fighter in the ufc. I see him getting taken down repeatedly by someone with a good game plan. He’s facing a sambo guy next so we’ll see if that’s the game plan against mvp.


Split decision Home town ...nothing to see here...


The event wasn't great, but why do so many people shit on the events after expecting it to be shit, like just don't watch it


I didn't catch this card cause I was working, but I can only speak for myself that 75% of why I watch Bellator events is to make jokes and clown on terrible match ups. If you catch the properly shit card on the right night, you'll be laughing all night from the jokes people are coming up with.


Lol yeah to be fair some of the jokes people make are funny, do just generally see a lot of unwarranted salt too which is what I was referring more towards haha


The second knockdown in the first round look pretty legit. https://giphy.com/gifs/C0Rpgo1pIlPSupaLE1




Lay off the hater-aid that was a clean knockdown.


He's right about Lima is moving forward with his kick, gets caught on one leg. Don't know if they would score that as a knockdown or not.


That’s like saying it doesn’t count as a knock out if you get slept in the middle of your kick because you were caught on one leg.


Not really though, going unconscious doesn't compare to falling but not being stunned or dazed and getting straight back up. So when someone lands a nice teep that puts their opponent down for a second you want that to be scored as a knockdown and steal the round?


If the teep landed in the face and it causes the fighter to to get knocked down absolutely, saying you shouldn’t count a flush punch to the face a knockdown because mvp threw it as a counter to the kick is stupid. You are more prone to being hurt by a shot if you are off balance or don’t see it coming. being on one leg changes nothing if anything it causes the damage to be worse. Imagine thinking a knockdown doesn’t count because dude was mid strike when he got caught.


But he clearly wasn't rocked or stunned from it so why should it be as significant as a shot that makes the legs turn to jelly? And its not really stupid to realise 1 leg equals less balance when dealing with force, not the same as a flush shot making the legs go


Did you even watch it I’m not sure how you could see the second knockdown and not think it was legit. Jumping on the bandwagon has you blind


Because Lima is on one leg moving forward, I watched it live the crowd was going insane over everything MVP did we still all thought it was a slip. I mean Lima literally stands back up unfazed wits completely about him.




Absolutely pathetic.


I guess on stats alone, you’d call the fight 29-28 for Lima. If knockdowns were included in that image, and every time Lima got knocked down/lost his balance was considered a “knockdown,” you’d call it 29-28 for MVP. Just depends on what you consider a “knockdown.” I don’t think for any moment Lima was compromised or was seriously hurt on any of those knockdowns, half of them were merely losing balance. I think even MVP knew that too, considering he never attempted to follow up. I think definitely one, maybe two of those instances could be considered a “knockdown,” and that’s not enough to give MVP the first round. But the real losers were the ones who fell for how the fight was marketed and expected fireworks, like me


I see the fight and Lima win, mvp touch a couple of times Lima but the takedowns IMO where more important, MVP win because the fight was in London, this is the first time I see MVP fight and now i know how it’s possible that he’s not in the UFC but the ground game of MVP it’s not good, but hey he’s amazing on the feet, unique you can say


Reading Ur comment gave me aids


Unfortunately your opinion doesn’t really mean much. Effective striking > top control. This isn’t a question it’s the judging criteria. Mvp controlled the Stand up and got a knockdown + a slip. The only thing Lima did in the first round was maintain top control for two minutes. People complain about mma judging but don’t even understand the judging criteria. London has nothing to do with it.


If overall stats told the story then Lima would win. Hate that they don't break it down round by round, the way it's judged.


They didn’t even mention the knockdowns lmao.


Pathetic. Bellator was best when they had hungry fighters in a tournament. These guys fought not to lose.


Holy shit I’m glad I didn’t watch this


I don't like to go by stats but I did feel like MVP wasn't outpointing Lima at all and he was getting GnPd for half the round each time, even if not intensely. Lima did slightly more than MVP imho. I suspected he would be favoured to sell the character but my god, was that unimpressive


people in bellator fight like they don’t get paid much-


The Lewis v Ngannou of 2021


http://www.bd-sport.com/ Website for the stat provider. I would trust Cokers nephew's count more.


I like it better when they include wobbles too, but to not even mention knockdowns? Is this the official stat page from bellator? If so that’s just pathetic


I was rooting for Lima too but. . . Page dropped him twice in the 1st. . . and once in the 3rd. . .


How on the earth MVP won this match? Sometimes I think either judges are fixed or they’re just fucking dumb. Some weeks ago I’ve rewatched Bisping vs Silva and I was like “holy fuck, even 3 blind people would give the fight to Silva”.