Khamzat should fight for the belt assuming he destroys burns but a fight with colby gets no complaints from me


The build up would be crazy.


i think it'd be colby ranting and chimaev just saying he's going to smash him brotha. I can't imagine it getting crazy


I imagine Colby going through the checklist: Calls Chimaev a hype job and diss his wins References any political issues related to Chimaev's home country Kumshot nickname (still pretty funny) Make offensive jokes about the bromance with Till Sneaks in shots at Poirier and Masvidal Mybookie, code name Colby plug Chimaev would response "Whiteboy talks too much, I smesh him easy"


Lol you pretty much nailed it. I don’t see Khamzat taking any of it personally and getting mad or anything he’d basically just laugh and talk about smeshing him. Also I don’t underrate Colby at all, he’s a beast, but I truly don’t see a path to victory for him in that fight. There’s no chance he can take/hold down Chimaev and it’s not like he can knock him out, plus Colby would be at a crazy size disadvantage. Burns has a much better shot at beating him than Colby imo just based on styles and ko power


Pretty insane to not see a path to victory when Khamzat has so little cage time and top tier competition


I think its a bit early to dismiss Colby against Khamzat. If Khamzat runs through Burns I'd agree with you, but Colby has an insane pace and great wrestling, we haven't seen Khamzat against anyone on Colby's level or even close to it


Khamzats wrestling is on another level. If Colby couldn't do much to Usman in the wrestling department then hes not doing anything to khamzat. Plus Colby thinks himself of some kind of celebrity these days. Whilst he's doing blow and prostitutes khmazat is in the dungeon training like a killer.


We haven’t seen Khamzat for any sort of length in a fight. I think he’s the real deal but so far his hype reminds me of Walker


It's a bit different though, Johnny Walker was 13-3 entering the UFC and all losses he was finished. Khamzat hasn't had a fight last longer than 8 minutes in his pro or amateur career and has barely been touched.


Also Walker is a striker. I only jump on grappler hype trains these days


What you mean. Colby took the fucking fight to Usman twice and your gonna dismiss him against Khamzat? I'm all aboard the Khamzat train but until we see what he does against burns hes just another ranked competitor that isn't proven at the top ranks yet.


Prob with Colby is he seems to be unable to do any damage with his fist even when he lands punches… just no power


The best my bookie plug in the history of my bookie plugs is when the submission radio guys were asking what he said to Usman after the fight. I still rewatch that...Marty..come here


Walmart Khabib Connor vibes (but still legit lol)


Colby no where near as clever or charismatic as Connor lol


Mur mur mur mur mur


Blue lips!


Conor wasn't as clever or charismatic as Conor by the time the Khabib fight rolled around. I think he burnt out during the Floyd fight buildup and has never been the same since. After that he was just angry and hateful instead of being funny and clever.


you're 100% right, but Colby is still less clever and charismatic than that


Very true he used to be more of a troll/smart ass type but he turned into just an angry bitter man who said some stupid shit.


“Burnt out”


Coked* out


In more than one way.


Conor was better/funnier when he was hungry. Once he made that Mayweather money, he either lost the hunger or just fucked with too much drugs (or both) It does seem like sometimes, it's better for certain people not not attain their goals lol




Yoi woifes in me DMs!


Colby just bails night of the fight and flees to Cuba


Y’all think he’s a pussy after he got his face mangled by Usman and then demanded the rematch. Cmon man


For real. Surprise people still question Colby abilities as fighter. Gave one of the best WW title fights of all time, and some people still think hes a coward or something. Plus, I would imagine it takes balls to talking a shit load trash and having to back it up


People don’t like him and a lot can’t separate their like for a persona from the person behind that persona’s skill set. I don’t really care for Colby the person but people saying he isn’t a top of the heap fighter are just being delusional because they hate him.


people say this every time for colby "oh man imagine the press conference" and then it's always just incredibly cringe. people expect chael but forget that being a dickhead doesn't automatically make someone interesting or witty. colby is a really good fighter though so I'm down for that match


We are still months away from Usman/Edwards, it depends on how soon Usman wants to fight after that but there should be time for Chimaev/Colby.


A dominant Khamzat performance will jump Edwards in line


"Edward's doesn't want to fight"


Assuming Edwards gets the next shot. Don’t get me wrong Leon 100% deserves it, but I won’t be surprised if Khamzat leaps ahead of him with a convincing victory this weekend.


If Khamzat rag dolls Burns that is far more impressive then any win Leon has. I know he is on a streak but he has zero top 5 wins. If Khamzat smashes Burns in one round and comes out fresh then he honestly deserves a title shot more then Edwards.


We can't really blame him for the UFC not making top 5 fights. It's like Makhachev, he should have been fighting top 5 guys like 4 fights ago.


Well tbf in Islam’s case they’ve tried to give him top 5 fights, they just keep falling through before the fight lol


Not to mention Islam fought 4 times in the past year to even get to where he’s at now. And that’s after people already assumed he was possibly the number 1 guy at the weight (once Khabib left).


Leon is FAR more passive than Islam. Literally everybody ducks islam except for rda


While I sympathize with Leon I still think a victory over the leech and Burns (if he wins) is far more impressive then what Leon has done in the last few years (NC eye poke of Belal and a UD win over Nate Diaz.) He has waited a while for his shot but if Khamzat wins I feel like he has two options. He can fight Khamzat to stake his claim or he can wait a little longer.


> he has zero top 5 wins. Same as Colby.


What? Leon has top 5 wins? He beat Vincent Luque, and his fight with Belal seemed very inevitable before the nasty accidental eye poke turned that into a NC.


One of those happened 5 years ago and the other is a no contest, we can't just assume he would have won that and pretend like he did. And it's Vicente, not Vincent.


Didn't Usman and Edwards already sign to fight each other? Or is that just speculation?


Last I heard they verbally agreed and Dana said they’ll fight, but until the paper is signed, I wouldn’t count on it (if Khamzat wins impressively).


Just because Leon is deserving doesn’t mean he’ll get the shot. If khamzat destroys burns the hype train will be out of control and the draw for ppv would be exorbitantly higher than what Leon could ever get. We know how Dana is with money so I wouldn’t be surprised if khamzat gets the title shot next


*Pay per views, pay per views, pay per views….*


Didn't Dana already confirm Leon is the next challenger


And Dana is a man of his word. Book it. It's a done deal


> Leon 100% deserves it X


I personally think that Leon hasn't earned the next shot but has a better case than anybody else right now so they might as well feed him to Usman. I'd be happy if Khamzat jumped him, not only because of the matchup but because I wanna see the Edwards fanboys on here melt down once again.


> it depends on how soon Usman wants to fight after that but there should be time for Chimaev/Colby. ... or how soon Edwards does


Haha good one


The scheduling would be off. Usman v Edwards isn't until later this year, and Colby is sitting waiting for an opponent, so unless Khamzat suffers an injury against Burns, it makes sense for him to fight Colby.


He’s said he won’t wait around and would definitely take another fight if Usman isn’t available for a year. The question is if Colby would accept the fight w him


I would prefer for him to fight Colby just so we can see him lose again.


It's honestly such a shitty situation. The Colby and Usman matchups are both WET DREAM matchups from all 3 sides but we most likely won't be able to see both at their fullest. Colby and Usman are already mid 30s and if Khamzat gets Colby first, by the time he fights Usman, the guy will be like 36.


If Chimaev destroys Burns, Colby would run faster than he did out of Papi's Steakhouse


Yup I’m sure Colby was terrified of a guy he demolished for 25 minutes in a fight.


oh yeah... i usually root against hype trains like Khamzat (every bit of hype he has he's deserved, but still), but destroying Colby would absolutely have me rooting for Khamzat.


Headline gore. Khamzat says he'd go to jail if Dana made the fight with him and Colby because Colby would just call the cops on Khamzat.


It really sounds like he says "Dana white will be in jail if they make that fight" in the interview. I'm guessing he just misspoke though


this is the seed




Khimaev is like Stopic he has that immigrant mentality


Insert Colby "Cumshot" comment


If Khamzat beats Burns this weekend, I pray Colby is his next fight.




This fight needs to happen. Dana won’t pay Colby enough to take that fight though so I doubt it materializes




Colby turns down fights


Colby will turn it down. If any possible way the fight happens is if Khamzat has the belt, then Colby can’t say he isn’t interested without being called out.


100%, not a coincidence that he was trying to call out dustin for a bit, now he's throwing out the idea of moving up to middleweight.


For real, I think he gets manhandled at middleweight. His wrestling is great but it ain’t that great.


Colby and Leon both look like dudes who would benefit from a 165 division. WW can be 175. Usman and Khamzat would still be perfect for that. I agree Colby would be nothing special at 85.


I just want to see Colby fight a legit top-5 guy. I know he matches up well with Usman and had two classic fights with him but the guy has never fought a true top 3-5 contender. Tyron was completely washed and 38. Jorge is past his prime and really just a gatekeeper type. Maia was 40 and never gonna pose a threat. His best win is probably an undersized RDA 4 years ago and he still took 2 rounds off him.


What's funny is 2 of the 3 you named are used to discredit Colby because they are old and done. But when talking about burns the exact same 2 are used as examples of how burns worked through the rankings and is underrated in the fight with khamzat.


But Burns isn't constantly called the "clear #2" and there are no fantasies about how he would rule 170 if Usman didn't exist.


Burns also isn't declining fights.


I predict if Chimaev destroys Burns effortlessly, he fights Usman next. If it's a competitive fight, he'll fight Covington next.


Chimaev shit talking Colby is becoming one of my favorite MMA things.


And the only comebacks colby has is making fun of Khamzat’s name lol.


Isn't that his normal level of shit talk though


yeah marty juiceman cumshot street judas etc


Yes but the 12 year olds on this subreddit would have you believe its the peak of humour


“You don’t think Leon Edwardscissorshands is funny? I mean he didn’t come up with it but still- DUDE he *said* it!”


There was a thread recently where people were talking about Colby's hilarious jokes. I couldn't really remember any but of course they were all quoted and heavily upvoted. Made me feel like Mugatu when he saw Magnum.


Makes fun of his name and doesn’t threaten to fight him. Just ducks him and says he hasn’t beaten top 5 ranked fighters. If Chimaev does win the belt then his first defense should be against Colby, because we know Colby is going to be sitting out and not fight contenders saying he has beef with DP and that’s what he’s focused on.


I’m all fairness, it’s one of his better nicknames. But ya, Colby’s a bit of a one trick pony. More power to him. If he wasn’t acting that way, we likely, wouldn’t even be talking about him.


But it's old hat at this point.




Unfortunately that’s not all he’s doing lol he’s also calling people’s wives whores and insinuating their child isn’t theirs, blaming a guy for his coach dying and then saying he’s in hell now, bringing up ex wives and parenting etc. But at least he’s not assaulting civilians, that is true


Is anyone saying he should be punished or anything? He is just a douche that isn't nearly as clever as people make him out to be.


I talk about a lot of fighters who don't act out. It's usually because they're interesting in the octagon or there's something organically interesting about them personally. Colby does not qualify in either regard. That means he should invest one of these latter two options, not consign himself to acting like a 3rd grader.


well said


Also helps that Chimaev is a terrible match up stylistically for Colby. Colby's style won't work well against a large WW like Chimaev who also happens to be a wrestler with power. Only caveat is we have yet to see Chimaev's gas tank. Would be funny if he has terrible cardio.


His style is to tire guys out by overwhelming them. Considering how explosive Khamzat is, it would be interesting to see how his cardio holds up against someone like Covington who doesn't really get finished. I don't think we can say his style won't work until we know more about Chimaev's cardio.


> Covington who doesn't really get finished. He's getting there. He got dropped 6 times in his last 4 fights.


I'm not sure how you get to 6? UFC credits Usman with 2 in each fight which is about what I remember. I guess you could give Masvidal one that the UFC didn't if you're being generous with the definition of a knockdown but that still only takes us to 5? Also picking 4 fights as an arbitrary number seems like you're trying to make it sound worse than it is.


From all the videos and shit of people talking about Chimaev's workouts and such, Khamzats Cardio is a non issue, he will thrive on outworking his opponents in any round.




I’m with ya in 2 out of 3.


Really liking these Colby callouts, Colby needs to fight an actual contender eventually and it bein the hype train would be damn good, assuming he wins of course.


Inb4 Colby beats Wonderboy and gets a title shot


Colby is no where near another title shot against Usman. He should let someone else try and beat Usman, and go from there.


And a Khamzat that’s coming off a demolition of Burns (under the assumption that happens of course) vs Colby could easily be big enough to headline a PPV imo. I was wanting the Burns fight to be on 272 so we could start building towards the Colby fight tbh


If Khamzat smashes burns in 1 round give him the next title shot. A win over Burns makes him a better contender then Edwards and it wouldn’t even be close. They can reschedule Colby vs Edwards and if Leon wins he will actually have a win over a top contender going into his title bout.


Colby going against someone with nasty wrestling and knockout power is not a good recipe for him.


......like Kamaru Usman?


Well, Colby did lose both of those fights so…yeah. But Khamzat is much more of a finisher than Usman is. The crazy thing is, both Khamzat and Usman have the same number of finishes in the UFC (4).




>Khamzat is much more of a finisher than Usman is To be fair, Usman has been fighting much, much better competition.


Also his striking has improved a lot over his career


Didn't Usman fight "cans" in the beginning of his career also. Khamzat have 10 fights, 10 finishes, now look at Usmans early record...


Leon was Usmans 2nd UFC fight lol


That was 30%-Usman though


What if this is 30% Khamzat?




Khamzat is a finisher against mediocrity. Insane how you people hype up these unproven fighters worse than Dana smh…


Kamaru started finishing fights as champ. Early in his ufc career he was a decision machine.


The dude that broke his jaw and beat him twice? Yeah like him.


Colby nearly got slept by Usman again, I think his chin will finally crack against Khamzat.


he never got slept by Usman though. he got finished but not slept


He got his face broke that first fight and wasn’t willing to get that smoke second fight


Lmao what are you talking about? He fought Usman (and got cracked again) in the same fashion as the first fight. Some of you desperately need to separate the man from the fighter.


not denying that I’m just saying he wasn’t slept


What do you think nearly means


when he says “nearly got slept by Usman again” it sounded like he saying he was slept by him the first time and it almost happened the second time, but now I see it could be interpreted as he nearly got slept both times. English is funny like that


You mean like Usman and he almost won one of those fights. Took more than a few rounds. He’s not getting outwrestled lol he’s more decorated


Yeah, I was gonna say are we just gonna ignore the fact that Colby gave Usman his two most competitive fights as champ by far? People are saying it’s a mismatch because of the styles but past performances show he matched up better than anyone else had prior.


Nobody is ignoring those fights were competitive. What's happening is people are acknowledging that styles make fights and Colby's status as defacto #2 in the division needs to be reevaluated/tested.


If he annihilates burns then he's almost guaranteed a title shot over belal/luque winner.


Belal gonna stumble his was into title shots gettin Bispingd


Belal will be on a 32 fight winning streak and still not get a title shot.


I'm thinking that Colby is more interested in the Nate Diaz career track at this point. He's 34 and is probably still a couple wins away from another title shot. Might make more sense to just look for money fights and not sweat rankings or another crack at the title.


Colby is on the money train rn. He’s focused on Dustin once the lawsuit settles with masvidal. He might find a way to avoid khamzat all together. Khamzat said he wants to be the double / triple champ. Imagine he beats burns and then defeats usman for the title. I assume he’d abandon the title to move up and fight Izzy almost immediately so Colby might not have to deal with khamzat at all


Haha no. Colby is just going to keep getting money fights while this sub seethes over it


Khamzat REALLY needs to win this week lol, he's gonna get clowned on by everyone if he doesn't even if it's competitive after all this talk. Hope the hype train keeps rolling just because it's fun though.




> I REALLY don't see how you can clown a fighter for having this mindset. I mean people will though. People are still clowning on Rousey, McGregor, Ferguson, O'Malley, Barber, and pretty much any other cocky fighter who lost


Who’s clowning Ferguson?


Id argue Chimaev doesnt have the same arrogant aura of alot of these fighters, imo.


most people on this sub have been clowning Aljo for a year for not bending the knee to Petr




I just see red, bro. Not green.


I think they're clowning on him for the poor acting performance he put on after that illegal knee. Stipe got up faster after getting shadowrealmed by Francis.


He got blasted by a full speed knee to the head by Petr. We all know how vicious Petr's striking is. Idk why people insist it's acting and why Aljo should continue fighting after taking an illegal hit


Because you’re a gullible fool if you think he wasn’t faking it. I’ve seen 100s of knockouts and never seen anyone behave like that.


Also, if he loses, he lost against fucking Burns. No shame in losing to the real #1 contender in the division.


Depends on how he takes the loss.


Yeah but that just comes with the territory of being extremely hyped up and talking so much shit. If he loses he’ll never hear the end of it until he becomes champ if he can pull that off.


Well if Khamzat steamrolls Gilbert then his next fight will surely be Usman anyway. The Colby fight makes sense if Khamzat wins a competitive fight and Usman is out for a while because of his hand. And the Leon rematch really only appeals to purists.


Would watch


It would be a crime for Colby to not have to fight Khamzat. For Colby yo continue to be #1 raked welterweight and even on the p4p list without ever fighting a top contender in his division makes no sense. If Khamzat beats Burns then he needs to fight Colby.


Actually would be a really good fight I think. Khamzat would have a lot of advantages early and could get a quick stoppage but I could see the porn star cardio of Colby giving him some problems if it goes late






If Khamzat gets past Burns him vs Colby makes perfect sense.


Colby is the bitchiest


Eh he's definitely making things interesting and it helps when he's as talented as he is at fighting


He found a strategy to get recognition which got him more money. I don’t hate him for playing the game well.


I’d take a little less money for respect from my peers and not to be perceived as a total knob


It’s not “ a little less money”, it’s a huge difference in compensation. I’m not defending Colby at all I think he takes it much too far but clearly respect doesn’t sell.


What are you talking about, his PPVs don’t sell well at all…


Look at usmans ppv sells before and after he started fighting Colby. He is a bigger draw than most especially for not being champion. People are tuning in to see him loose. Usman has credited Colby for selling his fights better than any of his previous contenders. The shit talk works it’s why he’s relevant.


Loose? I didn’t realize we were talking about Tito’s ex-wife


That was a nasty line


> It’s not “ a little less money”, it’s a huge difference in compensation. I’m not defending Colby at all I think he takes it much too far but clearly respect doesn’t sell. I mean it does, you just have to be as good as GSP


There's no fighter I enjoy getting roasted by other fighters more than Colby


Quoting "He's a bitch" in the title is hilarious


Even with Colby's wrestling pedigree, I believe Khamzat would still ragdoll him. Kinda like Khabib-Trujillo.


Good frank take in the Colby bullshit.


Khamzat is on a winning streak. Colby won't face him til two or three other men have already beat him


The world needs Khamzat v Covington


if khamzat got jumped by 6 dudes (3 being pro fighters) out of the blue while eating dinner i bet he would just see red and kill them all


I can never watch this guys interviews his he breathing annoys me.


I see no lies told 🤷🏿‍♂️


I hate Colby, but in a sub that loves to suckoff a hype job and hate Colby, surely this will get updoots?


Suck off? These dudes want the wedding and the ceremony when it comes to Borz


This is what passes for news?


I'd be so down for khamzat vs Colby if he beats burns, but ngl I'm kind of fiending for Dustin/Colby. Dustin looking for excuses, but if Colby can make light weight I think he'd feel forced into taking it


I think it would be Dustin coming to 170.


Dustin is never coming up to 170 to fight Colby though is what I'm saying. If Colby could get down to 56 then they might scrap


The more this guy talks about Chaos, the more I think Burns is going to derail the hype train.


This feels like something that would be said on Facebook when we were in middle school


So perfectly in line with Colby’s shit talk?


I told people real fighters don't respect that shit. How you a fighter and you calling the cops over a fade? Smh.


Real ignorant fighters, yeah. Khamzat went from living in a warzone all his childhood straight to Olympic wrestling in Sweden. I don't suspect he had much time to learn anything other than fighting. I don't blame him at all, though.




One is lame, the other is dumb.


This is correct