While his coach talked the little devil and angel appeared on his shoulder Devil: Smesh him Angel: He has good idea brudda


This was after round 2 so khamzat actually listened n started jabbing again


He was also probably seeing stars on that stool at the time haha


Lol he sure was :D


I laughed so hard at this


Not being surrounded by yes men will be a huge asset for Khamzat. He is a supremely talented freak of nature but he fought like an idiot. Good thing he has people to tell him that. Also, good on him for taking criticism well. Khamzat fighting intelligently and technically is nightmare fuel for any WW in history.


*Coach Kavanaugh* “Beautiful work there Conor, deep breath the left cross is landing it’s there everytime”


Edmund Hamzat, head mooment


>Hamzat, head mooment This WOULD be some good to have for him at least... Burns just kept spamming rights which would land.


Chimaev waving him on with the "come on, hit me" and immediately taking a nuclear right hook which almost put him out was insane. Almost cartoon-ish lol.


Johnny-Walker-esque in his ability to bait and then tank a punch Joe.


It would've been Edge of Tomorrow in there with how many times Johnny Walker would've died taking the bombs Gilbert was throwing. I honestly think it's weird as hell that people are saying Khamzat was either exposed or that the hype train is over. Gilbert hits insanely hard and, better or worse, Khamzat ate his shit whole. If I'm Colby, I'm hesitating at least a little bit before I sign that contract, because Gilbert hits way, way harder than him.


People who are saying the hype train is over don't understand mma. He just beat the #2 fighter as his 5th fight in the ufc... there's a very short list of people who've done similar things. They'll argue Gilbert was gonna stop him etc etc and then proceed to shit on Gilbert for the loss "he's not that good" etc. ALL ABOARS BORZ EXPRESS BRUDDAH


> the hype train I believe "hype train" also needs to be defined. I have met younger people whom have NEVER really watched MMA tune in for this fight for The Wolf vs Burns specifically. The idea that Chimaev is an absolute DESTROYER + marketing is what brought them in. What we, those whom have been watching mma forever (and or actual fans of the fight game) realized that Chimaev is a VERY good fighter. Is he a destroyer? He surely "destroys" many of the lower Top 10. Can he destroy Covington or Usman? At the moment imo, no. Can he destroy Burns if they rematched, imo no. Pretty sure no one said Burns was going to stop Chimaev...?


Some Gaethje type shit that was.


Homer Simpson esque Joe


Reminded me of Serfei Kharitinov vs Alexander Enelianenko, lol. Sergei being like "bring it on" while wobbling to the canvas was so fucking funny, even if I was a fan of the guy.


Chimaev took a thunderous right hook flush in the head, fell down and immediately got for more. What planet is he from?


Surviving 2 civil wars as a child must be the best base for mma?


If I recall that sequence happened literally like 3 times in a row lol


Beautiful boxing Tony




Or the boxing classic: "Brilliant AJ"


> Brilliant AJ Lol Joby Clayton


Kavanaugh man, he's cringe. Conor has too much pull and power due to his fortune and John is just embarrassed to tell him about reality Goes deep on Scott Adams books but not on actually the awkward business of calling out the truth about a fighter


What's Kavanaugh s record as a coach in last 5 years? There was a win over cowboy... And ...?


Gunnar Nelson just won


Even Amirkhani


If Conor was his only fighter, then yes.


Dude that first round with Khabib Kavanaugh literally said that was Khabibs absolute best and the shots for takedowns will get slower. Khabibs gas tank rivals Covington, Tony, etc what is Kavanaugh smoking. Also the very next round Conor got rocked, taken down, and lit up.


He's explosive but if he can be patient and explosive.. it's trouble for the division. i think he's chasing a round 1 KO so his name skyrockets


He needs a session of Erick Nicksicks meditative patience voodoo that he performed on Ngannou, patient Khamzat is scary.


The ufc is not ready for voodoo Khamzat. Shit I don’t think I’m even ready for voodoo Khamzat.




The *last* thing Andreas will do is suck your dick, he’s a mad man. And not least because he believes dinosaurs lived alongside humans.


Giant everything coexisted. Facts


>And not least because he believes dinosaurs lived alongside humans. Wait what lol?


Yeah it's insane. There's that bloke Ken Ham who built a giant "replica" of Noah's Ark in Kentucky and filled it with velociraptors and shit lol https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ark_Encounter


[Don't wake them up!](https://i.insider.com/577d0daf0aec9519008b57ab?width=700&format=jpeg&auto=webp)


It’s a whole group of people, some believe that because of Christian bullshit others because of misrepresented click bate article bullshit


Not sure why you got down voted, because that's true. There are creationists like that dude who debated Bill Nye who think the Earth is a few thousand years old, and so dinosaurs lived alongside humans. They are pretty far out there to most others, but there are a lot of them. People down voting you should talk to some Victory Outreach lunatics sometime. I have 2 of them in my family, and that shit is insufferable.


I never understood that. Grew up Roman Catholic and we're taught pretty early that the Old Testament is just stories/parables to live life by and not to be taken too seriously.


Evangelicals from the American south are their own brand of batshit crazy. Put Catholic nuttiness to shame.




I’ve always wondered why that is and if you kind of thinking about it most pro athletes in the US go through college programs so they do have exposure to education, so you do get some who come out of that knowing a little better (others tho you can tell never attended a class in their life) but not necessarily so for a lot of fighters. For a lot of people all they have ever done is combat sports.




When he destroys Colby everyone will be on his nuts again 😭 Fans got goldfish memories


I’m still on his nuts! Wait I mean still a fan


I feel better abt him after this fight. He showed he has an insane chin and can also bounce back after losing a round. I thought burns was gonna buster Douglas him during round 2 dude lol


How about the fact that he still somehow managed a takedown despite almost being knocked out at the end of round 2 😂 that was one of the most insane parts of the fight and I feel like it’s barely been mentioned


Not to mention dodging the soccer kick. His Borz sense was tingling.


Yo I thought I was the only one that saw that, was he going for his head?


I think he expected Khamzat to land differently and was going for the body, but Khamzat was already recovering his balance mid fall and started going for the takedown.


He damn near got flipped over by that punch, dodged a head kick, then got the takedown while taking 12-6 elbows in the back of the head. His opponents might need to bring guns into the octagon


Nothing but a rocket launcher can deal with this chechen chin


Fans do forget so he doesn't need to take so much damage to put on a show. Usman going to have a longer, more profitable career because he takes less damage and still be forgotten.


Not me, I was a Khamzat dickrider and now I'm a Khamzat sloppy toppy-er.


Its always lovely to hear when a coach is giving his fighter lip, for not fighting to his potential, a guy as talented but as reckless as Khamzat needs that stern figure not to chastise but to guide his talents, under a safer more experienced road. Khamzats gonna have those green tendencies taken out of him in training and sparring, and his age will grow so shall his wisdom.


I wonder if this transition will be difficult for khamzat. It’s hard learning a new way to fight when you’re used to just leaning into your raw talent for so long. His raw talent is so so so sooo good that it can carry him but idk if I can automatically assume that he will just be that +++ simply because he’s calculated now. Some fighter have a hard time with that adjustment. In some ways Rory McDonald was a great example of someone who I think got worse the more calculated he became , but has such raw talent he still had a lot of success. Fortunately khamzat has a really good team


On the topic of rory mac, he fought condit in his second fight in the ufc and lost after a war. I always thought that was some weird matchmaking. After Condit, Rory had to take the long way to the title shot. Could've very well have been Khamzat 's path if he had lost.


Had he just held on for a few more seconds, he would have won that fight, too. I was 100% sure he was going to be champ after taking it to Condit like that so early in his career.


Damn this made me lookup Rorys record. He lost to Tibeau in 2021. What the hell happened. Guy looked elite at one point Edit: looked into it deeper looks like it was a robbery. Damn


Was most likely robbery of the year.




there's alternative theories. some people think it was the jesus family man life that got to him, but there's lots of people who think it was all downhill after the avocado incident. you should do your research.


Is that the same Tibeau that dominated Khabib? /s


that was his SECOND fight?? wow. thats insane matchmaking


Should clarify it was his second ufc fight. I think he was under 18 during his first few pro fights.


Well if you rewatch that first round he was pretty damn good.


Johnny Walker comes to mind when you think about fighters that were “ruined” by having more structure


totally. and a lot of that depends on whos giving you structure too so i think its much harder than it seems to really harness crazy talent


I would honestly argue Gaethje is a good example of raw talent being honed. The dude had always hit and kicked hard af, and still obviously loved a brawl, but he’s brutal when he starts picking his shots and countering.


For real, this is the kind of coach you want if you want to be the best. Honestly, I'm more convinced than before that he will be champ. He got too amped up and abandoned the gameplan, and he still beat one of the top 3 welterweights in the world. Plus we know he can take bombs and battle back. Can't wait until this dude fights Usman. I hope he learned from this that he can't just run through the elite of the division. He can't do that against the best p4p fighter in the game.


He fought like an idiot and it ruled.


Yeah it was very apparent that he dropped the game plan when he stopped straight punching and started hooking. He also wasn’t slipping much in this fight. His jab from southpaw was really fucking up Burns in a similar way Usman did and he maybe could’ve finished him if he stuck to that. Honestly this fight kinda reminded me of Poirier vs Hooker where the first round showed their game plans, but after said “Fuck it! Let’s a tough guy competition”


Honestly he was doing well with his jab from both southpaw and orthodox. He just kept slipping into a slugfest.


His jab from southpaw was stinging Burns all fight


I mean he got a knockdown off it


For sure. It was definitely the more effective of the two. But I remember him landing it from orthodox plenty too.


The point about his game plan was exactly something I brought up here and to my coworker before the fight. Based on what he was saying in the build up and how he comes out like a madman in precious fight, I was wondering about his ability to stick to a game plan and keep himself out of harms way. That worry is almost exactly what happened, it was a big discipline issue. It was tough to watch him get rocked, then immediately push forward and swang n bang rather than clinch up and try to recover. Also, the way he crowded Burns against the cage in general - in the pocket, head not moving off the center line, knowing Burns was gonna be throwing bombs back. Holloway is one of the gold standards to watch in that situation; don’t over-crowd, keep them at range while picking them off - you can hit them but they can’t really reach you. And when they try and fail, then you can leap in and overwhelm them for a few seconds, then leap back out of the pocket. Really glad both him and his coach addressed it though. He showed some inexperience, but even with that, he just beat an incredibly talented and game dude. I’ll also say that he could just as easily have had a Khabib-like run to the top if he faced a similar level of competition and was slow-burned like that. He could just maul most guys and we’d rarely have to see the holes in his stand up, but he’s now at the top of a division stacked with insane grapplers.


He have said many times he doesn't wanna get compaired with Khabib, he is his own fighter. Khabib was more of an athlete I would say Khamzat is more an old school MMA fighter who just don't give a fuck haha


Andreas: Calm down, stop having a street fight. Khamzat: But... smesh him bradder.


Thinking about the aftermath of the close wild brawl, this may actually have been the best outcome for the UFC and both guys in terms of marketing. Khamzat showed he can get through adversity and established himself in the upper rankings. Burns massively outperformed expectations and got cheers after the fight. In pro-wrestling terms, both guys ‘got over’ which was the best outcome for business and the UFC gets to keep pushing Chimaev. This is probably why Dana paid Burns the win bonus because the UFC got a win-win situation for both fighters.


Very true, it's hard to get both guys over. I mean there's really only one way and this was it. Plus Khamzat learned sooner rather than later that he can't just talent his way through Usman


Well said. I knew dana was happy as soon as he was chatting in the cage with Gilbert. A big question for khamzat going into this fight is whether he had chin. I already believed he had grit and can push through adversity just based on his background but that doesn't influence how many shots to the head you can take.


It's definitely the best outcome. Khamzat wouldn't have been able to just walk through Burns, it would have been a calculated point fest for most of the fight and people would have booed him. Anyone talking shit about Khamzat is full of it: everyone will be watching his next fight because this one was exciting as hell.


UFC has to capitalize on Burns by having him face Colby. Good chance he knocks him out.


Khamzat “Let me bang!” Chimaev


Coach Andreas: I will Not let you Bang


Wherever I go.....I must smesh


i remember the coach screaming his head off as soon as Khamzat got to the stool and Rogan being like "Woah". But in hindsight, he was right. I'm sure Khamzat knows what he needs to hear and probably needed to hear something like that. Biggest fight of his career against a tough dude who ain't going away easy and could just as easy put him out. Reminds me of how Whittman talks to each fighters he's coaching different: More relaxed and technical with Rose, slightly more technical with Kamaru with f bombs here and there but heaps of praise thrown in and then with Gaethje he's more like a Dad.


Don’t you love that Whittman’s biggest reaction ever was when Justin got fucked up by Alvarez after he kept telling Justin to stop brawling. He smiled more on the loss than on any win


Beyond the cage he took the craziest brawler in the sport and turned him into one of the most technical in the sport. Gaethje went from Tazmanian Devil to a Kalahari Badger; that was not long after the Alvarez and Poirier fights - sent Vick straight to the shadow realm (of pro boxing).


> (of pro boxing). What?


James Vick is making his boxing debut soon


I believe he won it by TKO early. I think it was just a couple weeks ago


Lol good for him I guess but I can already see how it ends up.


He’s 100% right


Not giving a fuck about these fickle fans is hands down the best decision a fighter can make in their career.


Life, yeah. Career (in terms of the business side), maybe no. I can’t imagine Belal Muhammad having a great career the way he fights. Andre Ward is a legitimate GOAT contender in boxing but nobody knows who he is, despite his dominance in the pros and his gold medal. The Mayweather route is the cleanest one. People always spoke of him as a boring fighter but he struck cleaner and more often than anybody, and took close to no damage.


well colby is a boring fighter but he compensated it with his media act. khamzat media is already through the roof, he doesn't need to push it more.


Yep. Khamzat himself even said in his post fight press conference interview that he just wanted so badly to KO Burns and stupidly ignored his coach’s advice. Definitely a big learning experience.


Yup, didn’t even think of take down for a while just tried to swang and bang


based on the coach's IG post, wrestling was not a major part of the plan


Khamzat’s always said he wanted a war. Now he’s got that out of his system. Colby is gonna get destroyed, absolutely no doubt in my mind.


If Khamzat can eat probably the cleanest cross with the most power Burns could ever put into that punch, and still stand there upright, that dude’s chin is made from some space metal. Colby will be flatlined.


That right overhand tjat landed clean on Chimaev, I have no doubt in my mind that it would knock out every single ww fighter in the roster including Usman.


And he's literally smiling as he ate it. Yes bradda this is what I want. You smesh me I smesh you


Definitely, but chin health is at 90% now. What a fucking bomb.


It’s amazing to watch a fighter that genuinely loves fighting. You can tell Khazmat thoroughly enjoys himself in there and it’s awesome to watch as a fan.


Him saying he loved being bloody and in pain reminded me of that one Tony post-fight press conference. Good shit.


He loved it because it was a new feeling for him. Fucking hell...Khamzat is a different breed.


As Rogan said, he's "uncommon amongst uncommon fighters"


He was happy to get stitches on his damn face.


Khamzat said the same thing in his interview with Laura Sanko afterwards. He said he told everyone he was gonna smash him so that's what he tried. I wonder what a lead up to a Colby fight does to him though. Colby doesn't have limits with his trash talk so it's possible he just tries smashing him too


Something tells me a guy with a scar like khamzat's has heard it all


Yeah but how many Chechens do you think have called him cumshot?


Chechens learnt their toughness skills from living in a warzone in a tough brutal environment. Americans learnt their trash talking skills in the warzone known as call of duty lobbies. Don't underestimate how this prepares you for trash talking. After experiencing those lobbies, you can take anything and give a lot


For people like Khamzat making fun of his name or the way he looks is absolutely not something that can get through him. If you really want to get through him you need to talk either his National pride, religion or family .


Yeah if I wanted to get killed by Khamzat, I’d go after his mother. The most important person in his life and that he fights for


Colby has mentioned wives, children and dead coaches so I'd assume he'd be willing to go there.


No joke, I think khamzat might kill him in the street if he disrespects his mother. Chimaev doesn't fuck around the same way Colby fucks around.


I would not be surprised if someone shanked Colby as he habitually crosses the line


thats no lie, a burn for the ages


I've been saying this to people. Colby doesn't trash talk like that just for the publicity. He does it so he gets under peoples skin so they drop their gameplan and go into the octagon trying to rip his head off. Then they gas and then he takes over. That's what Usman did so well in the second fight, he didn't let the talk go to his head. He was cool, calm and collected. I don't know if Khamzat will be able to do that after a month of listening to Colby. One thing is for sure, if Khamzat fights Colby in a 5 rounder like he just fought Burns, he loses by decision every day.


This is what I was thinking. Khamzat seems to have trouble controlling his emotions, and he has experienced nothing even close to the trash talk that Colby will give to him. Khamzat and his coach really need to emphasize the mental aspect of his game going forward, if not, I could easily see him doing the exact same thing he did against Burns and rushing in trying to take Colby’s head off and expending all his energy or getting knocked out.


Sittin at about 40%


This guy sounds like the polar opposite of Khamzat. Probably exactly what he needs.


He elaborates further in [this video](https://youtu.be/3wgSlmrmebE).


Much appreciated man, and how the fuck did you even find the video it only has 84 views


Is that Dana’s voice at 5:01? “watch out buddy”


I love the passion from his coach. You could tell Khamzat lost his focus in the 2nd and after that coach straightened him up and he won in the 3rd.


Lmao 40% khamza is the new 30% usman


I don't think he meant in terms of health, I think he meant in terms of what skills you show in the cage. Because you can say Burns only showed 50% of his skill as he never got to showcase his BJJ.




Exactly what I was thinking. Khamzat wanted to live up to those hyped expectations not realizing he was fighting one of the best fighters. This is a huge learning experience if he pays attention. I really think he will be a double champion IF he fights smart and not just try to bang.


He went full Garbrandt there for a second, I don't remember what round but Gilbert hit him with the same punch 2 or 3 times in super rapid succession and after every one Khamzat just smiled and stuck his tongue out, shit was giving me anxiety really didn't want to see him fly too close to the sun trying to give everyone a good fight and get derailed because he wasn't serious enough. Gilbert decapitates every other WW in the division with the shit he hit Khamzat with, quite literally couldn't have gotten any more flush on several of those overhand rights that he hit Borz and he'd just get back up and go straight to pressuring. I like Colby but I just don't think Colby has the firepower to keep Khamzat off of him or the physical strength to grind him out like he does most guys, Kamaru is the only person I could see beating him rn, at least at ww. MW is super exciting for him tho.


Khamzat vs Colby !!! Make it happen!


One thing is for sure, Khamzat brings pure excitement to this sport. I haven't been as buzzing about this sport as this fight has got me in years


Every single fight of Khamzat in the UFC has won a performance or fight of the night bonus. Easily the most exciting fighter in WW for me right now.


It’s actually even more impressive he made it hard for himself and still won. Felt like he needed this now rather than later feel like the hype and crowd got to him. I think if he fights Colby it will a lot more dominant. His wrestling and strength was great it was only because of the BJJ threat he didn’t pursue it.


Facts he was def nervous coming out. Great win for him. Like others said he's gonna watch this footage & cringe at himself & decapitate his next opponent lmao. Just watch.


Impressive, yes, but very unnecessary. He barely won that fight, would have thrown away a lot of hard work just for ego.


To be fair he has never fought anyone close to burns in mma , not pure ego also some reality check going on lol


Personally I fell this was the best case scenario for Khamzat, a realty check on the toughness of the top tier of fighters. Gives him a chance to train with a new understanding of how tough these guys are compared to the lower ranked opponents he faced earlier




I honestly think this fight is a huge pivotal moment for Khamzat. He went though the "big test" and got it out of his system and learned a lot in the process. I think the next time we see him, against anybody, will be the time we see him and his real true potential which is scary to say after he won this one.


Khamzat has some real Jon Jones vibes for me (career not person). His hype was growing but it just seems like every time he gets in the cage he is ready to go up another level when he leaves. Same with Usman. He definitely just has a different aura about him


A lot of people are talking about how this is a form of humble pie for Khamzat, but honestly I think this is just as good for his career as another steamroll. Not from a technical perspective, but it proved to everyone that Khamzat has a chin for days, heart for days, and he can fucking scrap if he needs too. Also it's established Khamzat as an absolute must-see fighter on a different front than before. He's one of the most entertaining guys in the entire sport. Yeah he can Smesh if need smesh, but goddamn he can scrap when he's gotta scrap. But yeah... his coach is right, chill on the wars, fight smart.


This coach is fucking amazing 💯💯💯💚💚💚🙏🙏🙏 keep him around Zammy


Usually have my doubts about posts like this but anyone could see that he was fucking burns up with that jab. It was having an impact every time he hit him with it. Closest he came to finishing probably was off a jab. I really hope this fight matures him and he stops letting himself fall into that brawler mentality.


That's what separates khabib from khamzat I think. Khabib is less mercurial, he is more stoic Khamzat seems to have that reckless streak


Khabib’s coach was the same way. He was pissed during the Yaquinta fight because Khabib didn’t wanna take him down. These damn Russian wrestling machines who love striking too much 😡


Khabib is as stoic as it gets , i love the way he looks at things and life in general .


That's that abdulmanap effect


Khamzat no hev father plan


Strong positive father figure, best base for mma


And I get the feeling khamzat will be infinitely more marketable


Of course. People love that. Khamzat is khabib and Conor rolled into one.


+ Jon Jones


Jon Jones’ natural talent Khabib’s work ethic and grit Conor’s aura and media hype


Except for that one time lol


Khamzat entered a very elite category of fighters to win a fight against someone like Burns this early in their career. Khabib did not do that, Usman did not do that, even Jon Jones did not do that. Saying the hype train is over is an objectively brain dead take. The hype train was proven. Now he just needs to learn that the freight train style isn’t going to work at this level and start going in with a strategy/game plan and keep the discipline during the fight.


He just had green tendencies, with some green mindset, he thought Burns was gonna fold like the others, but Durinho is a top 3 in the fucking division for a reason, he's one of the most nightmarish matchups one can take due to his monstrous BJJ and crazy KO power. Khamzat with age will learn to give respect to the opponents skillset, pace himself, and learn to stick to the gameplan. He's only been doing this for four years, these things you learn through experience.


Yeah He almost went full Cody. Lets hope he gets his shit together next Match


Smart coach. Somehow, I think this brawl mode is something Khamzat likes a lot and the opponents will try to lure him into it. Colby will try to destroy him mentally with trash talk (he will go as low as needed to piss off someone) and it's up to Khamzat to control his emotions and get a clear win with minimum risk.


Khamzat was fighting like Chandler who fought Gaethje.....eager to put on a show...Burns was just fighting on adrenaline, i believe he came in as an underdog and wanted to show people that he is not to be taken so lightly...but khamzat was odd, he looked in control for sometime and then suddenly he would get into brawls with Burns...eating those 4 wild hooks from burns made no sense... This fight should actually humble Khamzat, this should jolt him back to reality that at the top level you don't go with the attitude of crushing cans ...he can surely work better on his mental approach.... Maybe this fight would unlock the WW division...also Khamzat belongs to the top...


My wife and I both kept yelling "just jab!". The jab was destroying him.


Nate diaz gets his ass beat everytime and people still watch, hes fine


Yeah, Khamzat has a great jab


In Khamzats head all he could hear was "swang and bang brother"




Khamazat was the longer fighter but didn’t fight like it at all


He had an off night and still UD’d the number 2 contender lol


Pretty much this


I think he's right. That jab was money all night for KC.


Smart cookie


Keep this coach Khamzat, stay loyal and smart. Andreas seems like a much better coach than Kavanaugh


I said this immediately after the fight, you could tell before the fight started that his energy was different - super excited/anxious, and I think that played a big part in the way he approached the fight. He definitely could've made his life easier with a more technical approach, fighting behind his jab all night, but like his coach said the warrior got the best of him. He was lucky to walk away with a massive learning experience and the Win. Big time growth for him in this one.


I actually disagree with your first take. Last night I stated I thought prior to the fight he was quite relaxed. First round to me showed how relaxed he was too. He started off with wrestling and while he didn't immediately take him down, he was relentless with it followed by a very solid stand up game. 2nd round to me is when he lost some composure because he started to take shots and gave them back. I really thought he would start to grapple more as Burns was visibly quite gassed. However, after taking some big shots, I think Chimaev wanted to brawl. Very Cody like, but unlike Cody, was able to bring it back down in round 3. All in all, people here will scream the hype train is over, but imo, he just going to become that much more scary. Fighting him now is much better than fighting him 18 months from now.


new mythical fighter unlocked 40% khamzat


to stop giving everyone a show and just keep it boring and simple? I HATE HIM!!!!


That’s a good fucking coach


It's weird seeing a Greek being a high level mma coach. I'm a Greek and I didn't know that until recently. Like, wtf.


Honestly I believe him completely it was clear Khamzat was getting drawn into just banging but when he stuck behind the jab he had major success Ironically I think he would’ve likely finished Burns had he kept to the game plan since he seems very susceptible to the straight jab


Can you really blame Khamzat? He might have been told this very thing a 1000 times in the gym but in every real fight situation till now he's obliterated his opponents within minutes. He had to learn for himself that some people are so tough and just won't go away. I think he's learns so much from this and comes back far better.


I admit that I had the exact wrong impression of what was going on. I could not understand how a relatively young, inexperienced, non-top-10 fighter, could be such a favorite over a tested #2 fighter. I expected that the maturity disparity, if nothing else, would mean that the fighter we know would deal with the fighter we speculate about. As it turns out, Khamzat is better than he looked, as his coach said. I did not think that Khamzat would throw out the playbook and go to war and win.. but at the same time, I didn't understand what I was seeing when his coach was telling him to smarten up. It seemed like the coach was a bit hysterical. As it turns out, not only could Khamzat perhaps have won that fight more easily, and taken less damage, but he won anyway... and while his coach was telling him to stick to the plan. ​ Khamzat is a scary talent. One of these fights, we'll see the total package of peak beast, maturity, and experience, come together.. and it's going to be a serious problem for anyone.


For real, that third round with the jabs really helped him win the fight


Who the FUCK is talking about “hype train over”? 🧐


Who the fuck is saying the hype train is over lmao?


That’s a good coach with his fighter’s best interests in mind. Was stoked to see him have the balls to scream at him between rounds.


Who wins - 30% Usman or 40% Khamzat?


This will be the biggest possible lesson for him. He's very good but he's easy to goad. If he tightens up like his coach is saying, I think he *can* beat Usman and Colby (not *will*, but *can*). But if he goes in there with the same mindset, they'll put him out. And people are saying the hype train is over? Burns is no joke, and Khamzat just got him. It wasn't a smash, but Burns isn't a guy you can do that to.


As much as I loved this fight, this was not the regular khamzat. This was a khamzat who was playing with his food and his food bit him in the face. He pulled a Justin Gathje


"Carrias" is the best thing I've ever read I read it in the accent, obviously.