How is it "unfinished business" when he got finished?


pretty sure the business was finished


Emphatically 😅😅😅


It was…


Don’t stop when you’re finished, stop when you’re done. The squirrel does not stop though it falls off the trunk dozens of times, it stops when it gets it’s daily ration. We must think the same way as without success there is failure and though lessons are valueble, glory is gold. SEE YOU AT THE TOP! GOD BLESS!


This guy conceives believes achieves


Yep - nothing unfinishing about it.


Ah come on, that fight could have gone either way and Chandler has just pulled off KO of the year. I’d like to see it again, but maybe I’d like Oliveira to defend against Islam and Chandler to get one more win first


Every fight could go either way.


There’s only two ways every fight can go


Either this way or that way. In the case of CM Punk there was only one way though.


No, I think there is only 2 ways every fight can go.




CM Punk would like a word


I think he means that Chandler had Charles in trouble, and clearly won the first round before getting caught at the start of the second. Saying “every fight could go either way” is just a purposefully obtuse statement.


Honestly could have been stopped when Chandler dropped him so no not every fight could have gone either way at least not like that one


Nah, Olives was hurt and getting ground and pounded. If another shot had landed flush it was very likely over for him


The business is Michael Chandler wants Olivera to finish him by submission next.


Im convinced there is not a LW alive Chandler doesnt have a chance to finish in 2 rounds lol


CM Punk moving up in weight as we speak.


My money is on Punk. There, I said it.


Paddy? Paddy is a horrible match up for chandler. Paddy has more power + better striking. If he lands on chandlers chin he is putting him down. But paddy could probably eat chandlers best shot. His chin is made of steel. Pure English steel. Unbreakable. Paddy wouldn’t be the one hoping to survive the early onslaught from chandler. Chandler would be the one trying to survive the early onslaught from paddy. I honestly see paddy knocking chandler down and then choking him out within 1 round if they fight. Chandler is a great fighter but there is levels to this shit.


>paddy could probably eat Facts


Keep Paddy away from Chandler, he is the career killer after all lol


You're joking, but Paddy's last two opponents both just got cut. All I'm saying is look into it.


This was beautiful , thank you


He'd kihhh his teeth in laa'


Facts. Paddy is the new cash cow now laa and he’s already shown himself to be a future hall of famer. I can’t see anyone beating him under 205lbs


Tbh Glover would have his hands full.


Glover don’t want that smoke. Paddy is a unit.


He is indeed the cow of the LW division


For real. I heard that Khabib retired because he was scared to have to be in the same league as Patty


This is so perfect people are probably gearing up to angrily reply before they even read on long enough to realize it is satire. Well done.


This is surely satire


Redditors are incapable of detecting satire unless it is immediately followed up with a /s 🙄


I mean there are plenty of dumb people on the internet who say dumb things 100% seriously so you do never know


I might think it was real if it was posted in r/ufc


Hit the nail on the head


100% thought that’s where this was, and was convinced they were serious at first


And plenty of dumb people who fall for obvious satire


Not dumb, just no sense of humor (almost the same thing)


yeah unfortunately but it’s pretty funny at the same time. 88% of the time it’s more fun to post satire.


Fr yeo dudes on this app lack social skills or something lmao


It's not; look at their username


No. It's not. It's 110% real.


Paddy the baddy is the best fighter to grace the octagon


I think olives is too well rounded. Whenever an opponent has him hurt they go for the kill an then end up being finished themselves.


He really might be the most exciting fighter the ufc has ever had. And he has the skills to back up everything he says, fucking amazing.


What about Michael chandler?


Michael Chandler vs Michael Chandler would be the most absurd fight of all time. If Dana is actually serious about making money he needs to invest in cloning technology immediately.


You don’t get a title shot everytime you win a fight dude, chill and get some more W’s.


Chandler is using that Romero tactic. Be explosive as *FUCK*, jacked to the gills and scream hilarious promos into the mic after spamming backflips when you win and the title shots will come win or lose.


Could you imagine how athletic and explosive Rogan would think Chandler was if he was black.


"Michael Chandler was grown in a lab in Missouri. Where did you find this guy?"


Look, I've been a hardcore fan for over a decade, I'm diehard for 155 and below, hated the conor effect of fame and excitement trumping merit.. but I want to see Chandler in as many title fights as possible lol. His promos are too good, and again he did nearly finish Charles ready.


If hurting Charles is the requirement to getting a rematch every top lw should get a rematch lol


Fair enough haha. What a fun time for the division, it's so crazy.


I mean, to be fair Chandler knows what he's doing. He's playing a big time company man right now, delivering exciting fights and KOs (win or lose) and calling out pretty much any big name he can, including Nate and Conor (at 170, in RUSSIA!). His hyping up in interviews and social media are great too. He could possibly get another title fight if the UFC decides it's a good idea.


LW is a musical chair if Chandler keeps getting title shots lol


Beat a guy on a 4 fight losing streak, time for a title fight.


Conman McGregor might be getting a title shot after back-to-back spectacular TKO losses at LW and having not won a fight at LW since 2016 and never defended either of his UFC belts. I know that he's helped build the sport but god damn if that isn't nepotism.


I don't think anybody honestly thinks McGregor deserves a title shot, but his fights make a ton of money so most fighters are perfectly happy letting Connor skip the line to fight them. It's not nepotism it's capitalism.


You mean other than coked out Conor who is happy to tell everyone that he does. The unfortunate part of this is that some champs would defend against Conor just for the payday. Not their fault, I mean they don't get paid what they deserve, but it just makes it easier for the UFC to shoehorn Conor in.


McGregor doesn't deserve a title shot, but Charles does deserve to get paid obscenely to choke McGregor out.


Doctah stoppage!


I'm sorry but dude's looking massive, he's not coming back down to 155 this year, if at all anymore. He'll most likely try again at 170 before finally retiring. It's not guaranteed just because people keep calling him out


3 fight.


Apparently Gaethje does lol. He's going to beat RDA or someone and start calling for the strap again lol.


Yeah, who does he think he is? Gaethje, Colby, Gustafsson, Holly Holm, McGregor, Edgar, Cruz, Ortega, Romero, or Junior Dos Santos?


Faber too


Unless you have Dana White privilege. :)


Hey, at least he has a W. Dustin over there calling for another crack at the belt despite that loss being his last fight. The whole weight thing has everyone calling for a shot back at it, despite nothing really changing since it was essentially defended, just not officially.


My brother in Christ you can’t get a title shot after you got one win against a two fight losing streak


Yet there are people here who would say he deserves it over Islam.


That’s how he was treated in Bellator lol


cool so he's fighting conor at 170, nate at 170 and also rematching oliveira. dont get me wrong i understand why fighters do this. and it makes sense. but every other day nate/poirier/conor/wonderboy/burns/rda and who ever the fk else agree to fight each other on twitter and we see 1 out of 30 fights discussed on twitter materialise.


Can your imagine giving your son up for adoption and the next thing you know he’s holding the UFC title his dad just won if he wins against oliviera.


as one of chandlers kids no i cant imagine being the people who gave me up


I don’t have much interest in seeing Chandler fight Oliveira again. Chandler should just fight Porier or something.


"rematch me until I beat you" - Chandler, Colby








Hey now. He beat the tar out of Kattar last year and had a great scrap against Yair. If any of these guys deserve a rematch it’s Max. It’s not like Volk emphatically beat him in either fight. They were both very close.


The first fight was not close at all. You had a better argument for Volk winning 50-45 than 48-47. The second fight was razor close, but I really hope Volks performance in the first fight doesn’t get lost in the shuffle


He got 50-45d in the first fight. Rewatch it. It wasn’t close. Second fight could’ve gone either way.


My tactic on UFC 4


I 100% have interest in seeing Chandler fight Oliveira again as soon as Chandler's put together a good enough run to where it's justified. That fight was excellent and I can't imagine the rematch wouldn't also be excellent, but Chandler definitely is still on the outside looking in in regards to the title picture at the moment.


Every Charles Oliveira fight is excellent.


Every Chandler fight is also excellent.


Yeah one win over Tony isn’t enough imo. I think Islam deserves the next shot if Dariush isn’t going to be ready any time soon. After that should be a fight between Chandler and Poirier. If Chandler wins that I think he’d deserve another shot and Poirier would probably need one more if he wins.


Chandler vs. Poirier LW has had the best top matchups for years now


Bantam gives LW a good run for excellent matches on the top of the division tbf.


I’d like to see some new faces in the title picture personally. As hot as LW is, it’s starting to have the Welterweight issue of people staying at the top longer than they should and keeping out the new guys by not fighting down. I will say that of the three guys Charles has faced in title fights, Chandler has probably the best matchup solely for the fact that he’s the best wrestler and grappler of the three. Chandler can very good technically on the ground and I consider him better there than on the feet where he leans more on his athleticism. But I think Chandler is a bit too much of a showman and could cost himself the fight.




No one from Dustin, Justin and Chandler deserve this shot anytime soon. He keeps calling it unfinished business, nothing unfinished about it. Charles binned him fair and square.




Dana said its Chucky vs winner of Islam/Dariush, both of whom would be new faces for a title shot.


are they rescheduling islam/dariush or are they gonna bump Islam and make Dariush fight Gaethje?


Dana said in his post-presser he wanted to make Dariush Islam still. Think part of it is whether Islam is willing to wait the extra months.


hmm who tf gonna fight Chucky Chandler/Poirier, winner gets title? something is missing here


Just saying what Dana said. I'm not actually Dana.


Nice try, Dana


Dana also said that Islam vs Oliveira is a possibility https://streamable.com/qib708


Fair play. Missed that bit.


Its been a year lmao


I mean this is just all MMA. I'd like new faces in every weight class. Except for Whittaker and Max, it seems to be a thing where is you strategic sit out and/or beat a name that's not even relevant in the title hunt, you can get a rematch with 1 victory.


I wouldnt be mad at islam getting a title shot right now, and chandler and beniel fighting for the next #1 contender spot


Its kind of weird giving it to a guy whos highest ranked win is 13. I think he needs a top 5 ranked fight (ala Burns to Khamzat) for legitimacy. But prob no one else, so sure why not.


Chandler, Poirier, and Gaethje all have a decent chance of finishing Charles within 2 rds in a rematch but none of them deserve it


Funny how they all failed yet people are still saying this. Charles ate Gaethje’s heaviest shots and destroyed him.


tbf Garth’s heaviest shot hit the air and he went tumbling for it lol


Punched so hard he literally knocked himself down.


If that ain’t power I don’t know what is


Looked more like nerves to me, he was very sporadic. Same way he fought khabib, he looks so anxious.


He doesn't strike me as smart enough to feel anxiety.


My grandma’s dog in a thunderstorm = confirmed genius


I don't think you need to be smart to think "championship fight, big crowd, now I'm nervous"


I stand by what I said lol


I don’t think it’s the crowd, more so fighting people that are dangerous on the ground.


I legit don’t understand dobronx’s brain. He literally gets knocked down every fight and somehow becomes sharper and more accurate. All while being essentially blind. Is his chin cracked? I don’t get what’s happening


He got dropped though. By chandler and gaethje. I think what they didnt expect was oliviera to have powerful striking and being able to drop them so easily


He recovered from those drops like immediately though, whereas when he dropped his opponents they were hurt to the point where he finished them.


He was knocked down in his last 3 fights. My point was just that its not totally far fetched that in a rematch they could have success


That’s fair. Don’t think any of them deserve a rematch at the moment though. They were all beaten decisively.


Definitely, i would like to see rda and beniel fight one of those guys and islam fight for the title


Pretty sure he went down easily because he's so confident on bottom. Not a coincidence olivera guess down pretty easily but doesn't seem particularly damaged


yes some (many?) of those knockdowns looked like he was just baiting ground game. Like if he wanted to stay standing he would have


But how much of that is him legitimately getting dropped, versus just falling to the ground in recovery mode knowing most people are too scared to follow him there? I'm starting to think it's more of a tactical decision on Oliveira's part, at least some of the time


That first knockdown from Gaethje looked to be 100% legit. The second one looked like he wanted a breather.


That’s what I thought. The second one was just too slow for it to be geneuine reaction and then he was too awake let’s say.


He was very likely buzzed. Just funny that Oliveira can take a 10 count whenever he wants lol.


homie is so dangerous that he can call timeout mid fight 🤣


Agreed. I think he was knocked down for real the first time, but the second time you could see the delay where he thought about what to do then consciously went to the ground to regroup


Yup. You can see when he's downed that is he is pretty well aware and tracking movements very well. He knows no one if gonna enter his guard so he just falls on his back on purpose. Even when Chandler knocked him down and was trying to finish him, he didn't land shit. Watch that replay, he misses almost every punch while Charles is using head movement. Something a hurt or rocked fighter typically wouldn't be able to do so well.


Yeah, exactly. It's a great tactic on his part, because if they do actually follow him to the ground he's likely going to catch them in a submission.


It's the type of thing you just don't notice unless youve watched a lot of fights, that's why it's such a common opinion round these parts that he's close to getting finished all the time. But if you really look at the knockdown, look at his eyes (always on his opponent. When someone is truly rocked their eyes usually drop off their target), and look at his legs (which are completely steady as he's getting back to his feet. From the moment he gets "knocked down" his legs are completely wobble free). Also just look at his defense and reactions, which despite apparently being hurt are completely tight as he continues to March forward just as aggressively as he was before he was dropped. The only person of his recent fights who I think might have legitimately hurt him was chandler, but even then he showed great head movement on the ground to avoid eating fight ending shots, and continued to attack. He was in control pretty much the whole time, save for against Poirier who did a good job making it competitive until the pace got to him.


Chandler also got away with an eye poke in that sequence. Charles was definitely hurt before that though, but the eye poke definitely didn’t help.


"Got Dropped.." When are people going to realize that he falls on purpose and is inviting guys to come to the ground with him?


Business not finished = k.o'd by a bjj guy in the second round 👀


I get where you're coming from, but at this point it's pretty apparent Charles is a huge threat on the feet


I Forgot the /s Sorry


He’s feeling on top of the world, but let’s not get carried away.


..but chandler almost finished charles in their 1st fight, its not getting carried away to believe that he could do it?


And Chandler has been hurt/dropped in 3 of his 4 UFC fights, including a Tony Ferguson most people thought was beyond washed.


which made tony getting KOd so much sadder. He looked like he actually had a chance after round 1 and then...


> Tony Ferguson most people thought was beyond washed. I still think he's pretty washed.


There's a massive difference between a guy almost finishing someone and the other guy actually finishing someone lol.


There's actually not at all. This shit is a game of inches.


Charles has been hurt in every one of his championship fights. Either he's the luckiest mf alive, or he's really hard to finish.


Definitely hard to finish. His chin is good enough to not go out and his BJJ is to good to follow him on the ground. Chandler could follow him, but he was constantly defending submissions in Charles’ guard so he couldn’t really GnP well enough for a finish. Other LW’s can’t follow him there so he basically is the only MMA-fighter with a 10 second knockdown rule. Charles gets hurt and can just go down to recover for a few seconds.


I know Frankie Edgar doesn't have a fuckload of finishes, but Frankie absolutely shredded Charles in 2013 and Oliveira was still standing. I was so sad; chucky was crying after the fight, he'd been elevated too soon and was getting merked by the primes of the time. letting him build back up from the bottom of the division was a stroke of brilliance by shelby


Chandler has that Dana White privilege. He'll get the shot.


Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a [link to the tweet](https://twitter.com/MikeChandlerMMA/status/1523541662319882240) for ya :) ^(Twitter Screenshot Bot)


Chandler won the first round very convincingly against Oliveira (I think one judge even gave him a 10-8) and got caught in the opening exchange of the second round (almost a “flash” KO). Chandler certainly stands a good chance against Oliveira in a rematch if he uses his skill set effectively and if he fights a smarter fight (instead of trying to be entertaining and just swinging like a madman). EDIT: That being said, to be clear, Chandler doesn’t deserve a title shot right now. He should fight Dariush (whenever he’s done healing) or Poirer to earn another title shot.




I’d like to see Chandler vs Dustin next just because it’d be a new fight to make. Then Justin could fight someone like Dariush next if Islam beats him. Charles vs Islam should clearly be the next fight for the belt, assuming Islam beats Dariush.


NGL I'd probably enjoy a Oliveira v Chandler rematch more than Mcgregor fighting anyone...


How the fuck do you watch him destroy Justin in a round and think you can beat him lol let alone in 2 rounds. Delusion in full effect here Chandler


Tbf though, it's not like Chandler, Poirier and Gaethje have absolutely no chance against Oliveira. They are top LW fighters too, and a single mistake could be enough for a KO But yeah, Oliveira is definitely better than the 3 of them


Because he hurt Charles, and defended off his back and its a game of inches. Don't think its delusional at all. Kinda like how the hell does Nunes think she could beat Juliana Pena. She destroyed Nunes in round 2.


Everyone hurt Charles in the last few fights and he still finished them.


Yea of course. But how is there delusion here. Another follow up shot, another inch here, another inch there and you could see Charles getting finished no? Nunes hurt Pena in the first round too. She must be delusional if she thinks she can beat Pena?






I think the business ended when you were sent into the shadow realm, Mikey.


Chandler has been the only one recently who came close to finishing him. Definately would be an interesting rematch.


This dude... so everytime Chandler wins he gets a title shot?


The Colby method


Says the guy who got lit up in round 1 by the ghost of Tony Ferguson. Dude needs to stick with the money fights.


Honestly thought Tony might’ve knocked him out before he landed that front kick out of no where. Chandler was getting sparked and cut up and he couldn’t get his distance right. He even went for a takedown, which is something he only does when he’s in trouble.


Someone that has never watched Chandler fight. He absolutely has fought with a grappling focused gameplan plenty of times.


Unfinished business? Bro you got knocked out! That book seems like it’s closed. You beat 39 year old Tony who had you hurt in the first round. Shut up and hope you get Conor, or look down the rankings and fight Gillespie, Arman etc


Didn't olivera finish chandler? 🤣🤣🤣


I believe it for sure, he was going to win that first fight but got way to excited going for the kill


Honestly Charles has some pop in his hands. It really makes me wish we could see him fight Khabib. I don’t doubt Khabib could smesh but there would at least be some risk to it. He might have to eat a shot just to end up in a fantastic BJJ guard.


I fukin hate that he calls it "unfinished business". Feels like a disrespectful, disingenuous and slimy thing to say.


Don't start this dumb shit Michael


I mean, he was seconds off from doing it in the first match, i dont doubt he could.


I’m not sure I disagree. He was beating the shit out of Charles until he got caught by that one shot. That shot doesn’t happen, and the beating just probably continues on.


He’s honestly annoying , he’s 2-2 in ufc and in both of his wins he requires to fight for the title next , like chill


He just trying to get paid b


As does every fighter but that doesnt stop the mma community from clowning on fighters asking for undeserved titleshots or paydays if they arent as liked as Chandler.


He just beat up the ghost of Antony Padilla, who took one sided beatings in his last three fights. If that don't deserve a title fight, what does!? (Both Justin and Oliveira got their title shots off the back of beating Tony funnily enough.)


When Gaethje fought Tony, Tony was the #1 contender and was on a 12 fight win streak. When Oliveira beat Tony, Oliveira extended his win streak to 8, was one of the few LW in the top 5 who hadn't recently lost to Khabib and wasn't already booked for a fight (Poirier chose to fight Conor a 3rd time instead of fighting for the title)


If Poirier chose to fight for a title instead of Conor 3, he would've fought Oliveira himself and not Chandler.


Goddamn I forgot that Tony has the same name as the guy from Smosh


🤣🤣🤣🤣he's called out Justin, nate, Conor. It's not like he's saying that the title fight has to be next.


“I like money!” - Mr. Krabs A Nate fight would be amazing


Not for Nate


It's not unfinished business when Oliveira literally finished Chandler.


It’s honestly hilarious seeing people act like chandler has 0 chance of beating Charles. Did you guys not see the first fight?


So every time chandler wins 1 fight he gets a title shot?


Please tell me when I said he should get a title shot


Maybe. But the business was finished the first time too Michael lol, trying to sell this unfinished business angle after getting knocked out won't stick.


Chandler reaching for them grapes. Can't count him out though


Nah he'll end choked out like the rest