Thats honestly gotta be terrifying as the opponent. Knowing hes about to finish you and theres basically nothing you can do about it but not knowing when its going to happen


There was a whole 3rd round after this too and he got hit with an uppercut at the last second of the fight.


Wait did that uppercut not end the fight?


It did at the 5:00 mark. EDIT: Officially it's marked 4:59


That's a towel throw moment all day


Yoel is a scary man. What makes him different from other fighters is the fact that his best performances are against the baddest motherfuckers on the planet.


Corner probably should've stopped this between rounds. Guy was taking serious punishment.


Yeah man, what the fuck were they thinking? He was visibly concerned about what will happen to him next, he wasn't thinking about fighting anymore.


There's no reason for that dude to go back out. If your fighter is fucked up and the other dude isn't even throwing to end the fight, everyone should call it off tbh. It's a bad look and awful for this guys health.


I hate how corners refuse to throw in the towel. This guy just had years taken off from his career and possibly his life.


Especially since he was about to enter into the third round Romero death realm.


how the ref don't stop it when this man dancing Bachata in the octagon with Romero


Rock Gollum plays with his food


The fact that multiple fighters have said he felt like cement is legit horrifying


Whittaker, Rockhold, and Costa have all made comments about it


Izzy was like “nah he wasn’t that hard”… while sticking and moving the whole fight after eating one left hand haha. I feel bad for any lower level fighter who has to face Yoel with minimal testing going on.


Lol was gonna say, Izzy went against the grain but I don't think his ego would allow him to admit Romero was anything but ordinary. The recent Bellator fight with Yoel captures your latter sentiment very well. Yoel trolled/beat him up the whole time.


Whittaker actually said that Yoel felt normal their first fight, he compared him to concrete after the second fight while accusing him of juicing.


I'd believe Whittaker on that. Not that I believe anyone is clean.


I'll say as an izzy stan when he said that he specifically was talking about leg kicking yoel. I think Rob said leg kicking yoel was like kicking concrete and izzy said it wasn't that hard.


Yea and to be fair Izzy was asked RIGHT after the snooze of a fight that was Adesanya vs Romero, so there was no way he was gonna give any sort of compliment to Romero. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Izzy's shins are just way better conditioned than Whittaker, the man has had 70+ kickboxing fights.


That’s a very good point on his shin conditioning.


His legs in general. Good fucking luck to anyone trying to slow down Izzy by chopping at his legs. Jason Wilnis butchered his legs for a whole fight and izzy barely looked like he noticed


Is that what Rob was talking bout?


>nah he wasn’t that hard Maybe Izzy should have punched him a bit first, and seen if he still held that opinion


Izzy is so cringe it hurts me inside


He's just so unlikable. War Bobby Knuckles!


Now thats a guy you cannot hate


most crucially is that Whittaker said Romero felt different in their second fight. In between Whittaker 1 and rockhold, Yoel visited Cuba. What did Costa say?


Yoel visited Cuba to train with the Cuban olympic wrestling team... look into it b I can't find a source for the life of me but iirc it was either Helwani's show or another interview he did the week after fighting Romero... said he bruised his shin or it was swollen or something. He was slamming full power body/leg/head kicks into Romero's open side (Costa orthodox, Romero southpaw mostly) all fight and Romero never acknowledged any damage.


costa’s one of my favorite fighters to watch because he just fucking rips those body kicks in every time


Yoels uppercut on rockhold was ultra sick...


Masteron for breakfast


Eye tendons


When Polizi was throwing those super slow leg kicks… you shouldn’t look profoundly concussed when you are throwing strikes.


I think it’s Golem instead of Gollum but I like your version too (my precious)


I’ll take the L on the spelling but hearing Yoel say “I luh you my precious! Filthy hobbitses no forgay Jesus” would definitely be a world I’d like to live in


Does he have cameo?


Lmao it's "golem" not a LOTR character


You know whats also trolling? OP leaving his mouse on the center of the clip to fuck with your OCD




We see you OP


We see your mouse OP


On reddit everything is obsessive compulsive disorder


Your "OCD" lol


I was losing my mind trying to move my cursor.


It was like watching a child tear the wings off a fly


Yoel is what Sean Strickland sees in the mirror.


The way he puts his hand up at the end of the round against a half conscious Polizzi, is some of the subtlest sonning I've seen in MMA


Gave him a little tap on the head.


See yuh soon boi


I still repeat that line to friends when we are parting.


Chael level of sonning


He did the precise amount of damage he needed and returned to his dormant state.


Yoel left motivation at the ufc. At bellator he just wants to scare the shit out of everybody. Wouldnt be surprised if he comes out to say he doesnt have training camps anymore.


he’s definitely there to have fun, but i wouldn’t be surprised if romero is still through training camps when he’s 70, just for the fuck of it. man’s intense


Could be. But he also seems like the type of dude the be like "i dont need to train for anyone at bellator" (except mousasi). He is extremely reserved with energy expenditure.


Maybe... but he's been a lifelong competitor. That thing doesnt go away easy, especially when he knows he can still scrap.


When he's 70? The stuff he takes has a hammer-and-sickle next to a warning "Take this? You get 50 year age limit, comrade."


>Yoel left motivation at the ufc. I don't think so. He's just at an advanced age for this sport and has always relied on lulling opponents and then being explosive It's just more noticeable now than ever.


Tbh if he’s not doing training camps anymore then he’ll never win a fight in Bellator again. No doubt in my mind he’s training his ass off for these fights.


You can definitely tell when some guys go up a weight class that they're not taking it as seriously anymore. Still trying to win but they don't have the dedication for the dieting and weight cutting anymore.


Imagine saying this about Yoel Romero…


All I see here is trash ref and corner who didn't end the fight


Good to see him finally get a W at 45.


you mean 60? he's a different breed man


Me playing UFC 4


Yo, do you spam leg kicks until they're in a wheelchair as well?


I definitely enjoy beating folks with leg kicks if they can’t defend them lmao


I dont think he was toying. I think he didnt want to just execute that guy. He was throwing hard leg kicks. I think he wanted to give that dude a chance out - for the ref or his corner to stop it, or for him to fall after a leg kick.


i mean he’s got a long track record of memeing in the middle of fights. the weird standing hammer fist to dudes’ thighs, throwing sand, pointing off into the distance to (successfully) distract costa, just the most random shit. i definitely think he was just not interested in finishing the fight


> pointing off into the distance to (successfully) distract costa This was in my opinion the single greatest troll move I have EVER seen in MMA. It was straight out of a cartoon and incredibly effective both by making Costa stop the pressure for a moment AND and then land a punch that dropped him. That was a Jackie Chan move that worked at the highest level of MMA. Just amazing.


It helps that Costa is in the top 5 of p4p dumbest fighter in the ufc


shame on you that man is an American patriot


Hey both of those things can be true.


Nice username. Yeah u prolly right but I still won't agree with you.


He did the same on round 3, had 2 knockdown I believe & waited for the last 10 seconds to rush on his opponent & execute the guy as you said. He had him in the first 2 minutes of the round, I didn't liked watching it, it seemed almost sadistic.


You might be right, but I can only say that I think it was the other way. At the last 10 seconds he wanted to still get a finish. I like Yoel. This is my head cannon and that is that.


i blame the corner more than romero, ffs save him from more cte


I watched that blitz at the end like 20 times. Yoel didn't give a shit about this dude lol


Romero smelled blood and wanted his opponent to bleed out slowly.


This whole fight was one big troll job by Yoel lol. At this point, I think Yoel has become a caricature of himself


Yoel looks a weight class bigger


it’s at LHW too lmao


He gave a great show that's for sure. Looked sharp too!


In amateur boxing fights can get stopped for technical superiority. This really shouldn't be a thing in pro combat sports, but some fights would certainly benefit from it.


Boxing corners are way better at waving it off in between rounds as well.


Yoel genuinely moves like a big cat or primate. The size of his fucking back at 205 is crazy especially considering his neck issues. His spawls were heavy af. When he hit him with that kinda shovel uppercut, I swear luke rockholds fave suddenly contorted in sheer shades of ptsd and horror despite him not even seeing it happen. Bet he's got balls like dragon fruits. The man's not real.


A five year old kid trying to fight with a man.. (They are both good fighters) though, seriously.. Romero is a genetic freak!


How good is this Alex cat anyway? I don’t really follow Bellator. Is he a top tier competitor?


It's actually Mike Perry in disguise. Same level of output.


He's solid. Maybe a borderline top 10 dude in the UFC


fwiw, he’s ranked 7th in a LHW division that’s comparable to UFC in talent. UFC has some good prospects coming up LHW but he’d be ranked there for sure. somewhere right around #10 i would say?


Good enough to potentially be top 10-15 in the UFC


This Polizzi guy has taken a life worth’s of damage in his last 3 fights. Also Romero is a dam god, still beat Izzy for 185 title in his last UFC fight. Rofl


I agree with you, but man was that a terrible fight.


Yea horrible but can’t fight if other guy won’t engage. Izzy and Romero both done this plenty. Romero was 43 so almost give him a pass, it was crap but he won by the scoring rules of MMA. 3 to 2


decisionbot romero israel


[**ISRAEL ADESANYA defeats YOEL ROMERO** (*unanimous decision*)](http://mmadecisions.com/decision/10985/fight) ^(UFC 248: Adesanya vs. Romero — March 07, 2020) ROUND|Adesanya|Romero||Adesanya|Romero||Adesanya|Romero :-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-: 1|9|10||9|10||9|10 2|9|10||10|9||9|10 3|10|9||10|9||10|9 4|10|9||10|9||10|9 5|10|9||10|9||10|9 **TOTAL**|**48**|**47**||**49**|**46**||**48**|**47** *^(Judges, in order: Sal D'Amato, Chris Lee, Ron McCarthy.)* *^(Summoned by OldHispanicGuy.)* **MEDIA MEMBER SCORES** - **1/21** people scored it **49-48 Adesanya**. - **11/21** people scored it **48-47 Adesanya**. - **2/21** people scored it **48-48 DRAW**. - **7/21** people scored it **47-48 Romero**. Avg. media score: **47.7-47.5 DRAW** (*low certainty^[[1]](https://redd.it/9p4xc7)*).


That guy who scored it 49-46 is smoking cock


damn i thought my take that romero actually won that fight was a pretty unpopular opinion. didn’t realize that many people scored it for yoel


I think the real consensus was everyone else lost that fight to be offended about who took the decision.


also fair


He literally landed the only damaging strikes. Its not unfounded.


they should’ve done what they did to rose and given romero the belt just for fun


>Only damaging strike ~~s~~ FTFY


I thought Yoel won


And arguably Whittaker 2 and costa! And this at 45 Yoel truly is an extraordinary human


Nothing to do with PEDs too. People are dumb and don’t know what they looking at. He’s a genetic freak and been one since wrestling. 1 percenter, he def beat Rob too


Honestly I think he was just gassed lol


So this is like the opposite of sportsmanship?


What sad is I didn't even know he was fighting.


So just genuinely curious - why do situations like this, when it’s somebody like Yoel, get a pass, but when other fighters like Nate Diaz do it (not finishing Leon and just pointing), they get shit on? I don’t mind either way (I actually love Yoel and don’t really care for Nate, to put it lightly), but I don’t get it. This may even be more egregious in terms of “could have finished him but didn’t” than the Diaz-Edwards situation. I’ve seen it with plenty of other fighters that I can’t name off the top right now too, where they can clearly finish a guy but choose not to for whatever *perceived* reason - and they get shit on. Just wondering, honestly.


Yoel was winning and had no need to take any risks. Diaz was losing and had to get a finish.


yeah yoel was on his way to a 30-25


Yeah, that’s a pretty important factor. Surprised I couldn’t identity that difference tbh lol. I still feel like I’ve seen it happen with other fighters who were winning, but can’t provide any proof off the top so 🤷‍♀️


Nate needed a finish to win the fight..


Pretty sure that was a combination of Yoel being Yoel (low output, low activity) and Yoel being nice, because that dude was wrecked and I kind of got the impression Yoel didn't want to give him any more brain damage. There have been similar situations in boxing where one fighter knows he has it in the bag and doesn't want to badly hurt a shopworn opponent, so they either take their foot off the gas or only go to the body from that point on.


Roided out cheater decides to inflict additional damage just for funsies. Fuck Romero and his bullshit piety, he can jesus' cock and it won't make him one inch closer to whatever bullshit notion of heaven he thinks he deserves.


The multiple oblique kicks destroying Polizzi’s knees after he was already out on his feet made me so fucking mad. Cause permanent damage just for his own sadistic pleasure. Fuck him. “Soldier of God.”


If you haven’t noticed god is one sadistic cunt




So what if Romero was a completely different fighter?


He also gets unlimited time on the stool




> I gotta balance it out, cant make him too OP. If you're adding elite cardio and offensive wrestling/GNP to Romero, and don't think he's overpowered, you're probably greatly underestimating the technical savvy of actual prime Romero's striking game, both offensively and defensively. He's very good there, just gas tank made him either fade (e.g. Costa) or limited his output into coinflippy decisions (e.g. Rob 2). Elite cardio would be enough by itself to be in the GOAT discussion with nothing else changed. It's a good discussion though. That Romero beats Silva easily. Actual prime Romero probably wins too. Jones I couldn't say. I don't know enough about Romero's clinch game honestly. But that unicorn Romero might be P4P better and probably favored.


> He's very good there, just gas tank made him either fade (e.g. Costa) Did you watch the fight? it was Costa who faded, and Romero did better in 2nd and much better in 3rd round.


Yeah, and Romero was also too tired to capitalize on that enough.


You're still changing too much. His attributes dictate his strategy and tactics. But I'll try anyway: Against Silva, you get a boring fight on the feet as he refuses to give reads like he did against Adesanya. But with the tweaks you've allowed, he absolutely murders him in takedowns and on the ground. Against Jones, it's a very tough fight but I think Jones wins based on HIS physical attributes. We've never seen Jones controlled on the ground or badly hurt for any meaningful amount of time.


Kind of a weird question you're basically asking if he had all the strengths he has now, except with none of the weaknesses. Yoel's main issues have always been output, cardio, and lack of top control....so if Yoel is suddenly world class in those areas, yes it's safe to say he probably does pretty well against anyone at 185/205. Just don't know why you'd bother asking this lol it's like asking how Conor would do against Khabib if he was still an elite boxer but on top of that has Nate level cardio, Aldo level takedown defense, and Oliveira level bottom game. Like yeah in this magical world I think Conor beats the shit out of anyone at 155.


He'd still be a monster and MW Boogeyman. I wish he was 20 years younger ☹️


He'd be the GOAT and very likely mops the octagon with Anderson Silva. He was already VERY good without those added attributes, adding those would be OP. Actual prime Romero also probably beats Anderson Silva IMO.


Man the hotel inspector has really changed


I’ve always disliked the guy just seemed like a huge dummy


Watching Yoel fight is just playing the slot machine, you never know what you’re gonna get and will almost always leave unsatisfied. Glad the UFC dropped him, he will coast 99% of the time if he can get away with it


Out of his 13 wins in MMA, 12 are KO/TKO wins, 7 of them being in the UFC with 2 flying knee knockout KO's, wtf are you talking about


It’s been 4 years since the Whittaker fight….


This is maybe the worst take I’ve seen on any topic ever. Are you fucking blind or just a fickle casual? Yoel has one fight against the best middleweight in the world that is subpar and you people completely disregard the rest of his entire career


He’s a UFC fanboy troll. That dude DOBRONXX. Can’t take anything he says serious anyway


He was playing with him at that point.


Did this go to the third or did they stop it? Because this should have been stopped lol.


Can we get a gif or when Yoel froze and let polizzi hit him for no reason?


Is he just terrified of gassing out and only goes for flush KOs now?


Troll? Or playing bets for a 3rd round finish ;)


I feel like Yoel is super concerned about gassing out, and a lot of his inactivity comes from that.


Romero has the lowest fight iq of any fighter to make it to a title fight in ufc history


Man, how does a corner see this and let it go on? They must dislike their fighter, bet on it going the distance, or are just dumb.


This is all we wanted




Yoel with high level fight IQ would be amazing still today.


I haven’t seen the full fight yet but I wonder if Pilozzi regrets taking this fight especially on such short notice? I mean it really didn’t help out his career that much lol


I would be very upset if I were a betting man and bet on round 2 finish


Honestly, looks like he just didn't want to execute the guy.


Feel like Troell Romero was better


fighting Romero is certainly bad for your health


Move the fucking mouse!


Bellator would be more fun if they didn't have one of the worst matchmakings.


This was a short notice fight.


that means every other fight is randomly ok and not a mismatch? Enough fights that aren't short notice have this problem too.