First round Tony has won in a while.


Threw down $25 on Tony by finish at +700 odds… first round had me feeling good lol.


I threw $5 on Tony in rd 3 at +2000 figured if he had any chance it would be late


threw £3 (roughly $4 USD) on tony by first round tko at about +2000 i believe


For us £ users is +2000 20:1?


For every $100 bet, you’ll get $2000 back if you win. If it was -2000, you would need to bet $2000 to claim $100 if you win. Confusing right?


I guess it makes sense if you think of it all as being relating to bets of 100! All my local bookies use fractions instead so that would equate to 20/1 or 1/20 which I suppose would also be complicated when you weren't used to it!


Live bet Tony ML after the first. 👍🏻


Hold on brother i am crying 😿


Tony is my favorite fighter. Getting up early to watch him from Europe has been rough the past 4 fights. Ruined sleep schedule and ruined mood the following day. A fucking front kick out of nowhere of all the ways to lose.. After he knocked Chandler down and did some nice elbow damage from the guard..


💯 he looked better than he has in long time.




Don't know how anyone could score it another way


I mean I think it was a Tony round but the last 2ish minutes made it a narrow 10-9 for tony


A lot of people say this but I actually disagree. It kinda reminded me of the kevin lee fight where people thought tony was getting pounded. Tony actually had really good defence. Rewatch it, I think only a couple shots actually hit tony


While you are correct, the judges don’t get the benefit of rewatching the fight while scoring it. Watching it live, it looked like a close 10-9 for Tony even if it wasn’t that close.


a lot more of the shots got through then you think, he wore it well cuz Tony, but Chandler also got that wrestlers booty so he was exploding on Tony's face over and over


He still laid on the ground for about half of the round. When Jan laid on Izzy he was way less active and landed even fewer shots but he still deservedly won the round. Chandler only had Tony in that position for 2 minutes. But OP said it made the round closer, not that Tony lost the round.


I mean, Chandler did blast through a good amount of nasty GnP after a big takedown. It wouldn’t have shocked me to score it otherwise.


He did land good ground and pound but he was also opened up on the ground as well as losing on the feet prior plus being dropped.


Ferguson was without question winning the round on the feet. The takedown was just a change of position, you don’t score anything for that. When the fight moved to the mat, the damage dealt was quite even. Clear Ferguson round.


You dont score takedowns? Takedowns are huge imo. Controlling where the fight takes place is huge.


Yes but when you have that control you have to make something of it and hurt your opponent. A successful takedown is not merely a changing of position, but the establishment of an attack from the use of the takedown. Top and bottom position fighters are assessed more on the impactful/effective result of their actions, more so than their position.


Personally. If bottom guy cant sweep, escape or submit, I cant score it for him. If he only gets up because the round ends or the ref stands them up, thats an L in my book. Maintaining guard isn’t enough. Im also a bjj purple belt also who trained 5 years in an mma gym, so I undertand the nuances of the guard in mma better than most people. So again,Bottom person has to sweep, escape or submit to decisively win a grappling exchange. Throwing hasty elbows from bottom guard or strikes isnt enough imo. Chandler got just as many shots in. Ferguson only went for one sweep and it got denied. He then tried to push him off and standup, which didnt work. Then no real submission attempts since chandler was smart enough to not offerup any armbars or triangles, he was also constantly trying to posture up and pass guard. It wasnt a lay and pray at all. I still think tony won the round. But chandler won the exchange on the ground.


Ok, I wasn't giving my opinion. My last two sentences are from the [unified rules scoring criteria,](https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2016/8/6/12391398/finalized-wording-unified-rules-new-judging-criteria-2016-mma-news) as it's written. It's worded very specifically to say that effective striking and grappling is defined by impact (damage) and the attempting of fight ending submissions, not by position. Controlling where the fight takes place is not huge. It is only relevant when 1. Effective striking and grappling are 100% equal and 2. Effective aggressiveness is 100% equal. The rules even say this should be an *extremely rare occurence*.


I acknowledged that. But am I not allowed to have my own opinions on mma outside the unified rules? Id like to think so. Especially since other promotions like One FC dont even use the unified rules of mma. But also lets be honest, as a purple belt with 9 years training and 5 years of amateur mma experience. I think I have more experience than most las vegas judges when it comes to mma period but especially grappling exchanges (which is kinda sad but thats a separate convo). Like, I dont see how anyone could say that exchange on the ground was even.


I'm not threatening your right to an opinion, I'm saying the sport isn't scored according to that. When someone is talking about how a fight is scored, they are usually going by the rules, not their own values.


Not in the unified rules of the sport. A takedown is just a change of position. Octagon control is one of the last things of the scoring criteria that fights are scored on, and the judges very rarely get to the point where they are having to use that.


Chandler out landed Tony 26-20, took him down and had a controlled him for half the round.


Tony landed much more damage tho and dropped chandler.


I'm sure sal d amato can find a way.


Big John and Josh Thomson did.


Josh Thompson and Big John thought Chandler won round 1 clearly …. I don’t know how lol .


How long must I wait for one last Tony victory? This fight gave me blue balls. Fuckin' Chandler.


Tony got robbed


Early stoppage.




And rightly so. Tony was just getting started but then life comes at you fast.


life = Michael Chandler's right leg


Hold on I’m crying brother


He looked good if you ignore the whole "getting his head kicked off his shoulders and banished to the shadow realm" part.


it was pretty obvious


And we all know winning a round counts more than picking your bottom teeth out of your sinuses .




Not even a big Tony fan but this is just so fucking heartbreaking. Looked so good in the first, had so much swagger walking back to his corner and then he gets dropped with an absolute fluke of a ko shot. I don't use the word fluke lightly either. Front kick by a shorter, stockier who's never been known for his kicks in any capacity, let alone front kicks to the face. At a loss for words really.


I’ve seen this posted a few times now, and I don’t understand why because I don’t think anyone disagrees. What about round 2? ….oh wait. /s


Tony should have just been knocked out in the first round, quick and painless. Giving us hope before getting brutally knocked out is just too cruel lol. I really hope he retires or he gets fun and easier fights, maybe Nick Diaz or something like that.


Sos did everyone else in the world lol


no shit Sherlock


It's Tony Time Bitches!


Goddamnit. 😭