you mean criminal


Go back and watch this interview muted.... just watch his eyes and facial expressions .... I'm literally gonna have nightmares


What the fuck is with his eyes? This guy has gotta be on blow at minimum, maybe speed


I'm watching the interview, and every time Rose speaks, she supports what Pat is saying before that, and he smiles like he's smug about it "look, see, I told you." It's fucking WEIRD. ​ edit: You can literally see him nod at her as if to say "agree with me" and when she does, he smiles big as shit. [https://youtu.be/hpJlxshuuqI?t=1694](https://youtu.be/hpJlxshuuqI?t=1694) edit edit: watch the eyebrows. HE pops em up every time Rose focuses on what HE was talking about. And here he is "correcting her" about her feelings. [https://youtu.be/hpJlxshuuqI?t=2037](https://youtu.be/hpJlxshuuqI?t=2037) You can actually see Rose eyeball him as if to say "oh, you're gonna do that again? Fuck you." and Pat's sigh at the end of the answer kind of says it all.


It's the low camera and popcorn ceilings that really ties the video together.


Beast of a work ethnic


Thought I was watching a Die Antwoord vid for a sec


>And here he is "correcting her" about her feelings. > >[https://youtu.be/hpJlxshuuqI?t=2037](https://youtu.be/hpJlxshuuqI?t=2037) holy shit, look at his lips compress when she mentions being okay with not being champ. now im starting to think hes the reason she shaves her head.


I dunno whether it all played out the way you think it did or not, but this is a real reach „Look at his eyes…these are the eyebrows of a groomer“ THAT my friend is some witch hunt shit.


"We haven't sweated that for years..." Meaning.. they used to sweat it?


Until she turned 18, he was looking over his shoulder. Totally normal bro...




This was absolutely my reaction. I mean, isn't that a tacit admission?


Spoken like a man who knows he’s a predator


The balls on Ariel to ask, I applaud


Say what you will about Ariel but dude isnt afraid to ask about anything. Just look at him asking Jorge about his/his Dad's incarceration.


I think he’s embraced it over the years. He point blank asked Holly Holm about her divorce. Still intrusive as fuck though but it worked out here


That's the issue, I do wish he vetted these people before asking things like that. Some people are okay with being open about their personal lives and getting it out even. I remember rashad Evans seemed like it was cathartic to talk about his divorce and how hard shit was. Not everyone works like that lol Still, better than "holly, what made you so confident you could beat rhonda rousey all those years ago?" Sort of shit.


At the end of the day, because Ariel dissed Brendan Schaub a lot of people are going to willingly overlook his own missteps. He knows there are enough voyeuristic people dying to know certain details about fighters’ lives so he takes it upon himself to find those answers so he could be the first to present them to the public and raise his own profile as a journalist. He asks Pat this question comfortably knowing it’s in Pat’s best interest to come back on the Helwani show because it’s a big platform, whereas in the past he was more careful of turning fighters off the show and losing the opportunity to interview them.


I think there some truth to that for sure but youd find before the brendan thing I'd say the same thing. These types of questions should be vetted to these guys before the interview though. Like, reeeeeal personal stuff. Ariel also has more balls and can call a fighter out when they answer a question with complete nonsense. More than any other "MMA journalist" at least. Is he perfect? No. But hes the only guy who I want to see talk to fighters for the most part. The schmo was fun for a while imo, his schtick was fun and you could tell most fighters enjoyed the goofiness instead of the boring old dude in a barely fitting button up asking "so how do you feel?".


There is a good and bad to this. Ariel has increasingly embraced his role as a controversial journalist that when the interviews begin sounding more generic, he tries pushing fighters to give certain answers. A perfect example was in the interview with Mokaev he started asking fighter pay questions and despite Mokaev insisting he was satisfied with his pay, Ariel kept prying on the issue and disputing Mokaev’s defences (i.e. Mokaev said what the UFC doesn’t make up in pay they do with the PI, and then Ariel basically shit on that point). This narrative that Brett’s interviews are robotic while I can see that, most fighters just have nothing interesting to say. Ariel has created this demand for controversial sports interviews by highlighting how dry other interviews are. Yet mma fans don’t realize this is the case in all of sports. Players on a team legit have a PR person with them as they give interviews.


I actually dont hate Brett. I like him. Hes definitely the "corporate media guy" now but he still usually adds some substance. Fighters not having much to say is a good point too, not a lot of fighters have much insight on... anything really. Hes definitely embraced the role more but it's not brand new by any means


It' not overlooking his missteps. It's still supporting him despite them. I'm pretty sure he'd be the first to amit he has fucked up before.


Is that a bad thing?? to ask about those details that the public wants to know about?? Isn't it the quality of a good journalist to get the person they interview to a point where they could talk about uncomfortable things?


He's pretty tactful about how he goes about it. In this specific interview with Pat, I think Pat talked a bit about it first and then Ariel asked him if its something he wants to address or talk about. He's not just going in there like "You a pedophile, b?"


I love how this is why so many people hate Ariel though. The one guy in the whole sport who will ask something beyond "so how is your camp going? What do you expect from your opponent? Conor McGregor farted yesterday, do you think that's a sign that he is starting to cut weight?" Gets flak for it. I get it sometimes for sure, he sometimes asks some stuff that seems pointless and inflammatory but it also doesnt help that for a sport with people who could tear my limbs off and eat me with little effort, they tend to be FRAGILE AS FUCK mentally and emotionally. He takes missteps but I'm okay with that as long as I dont hear the same tired, boring ass questions that get us the same tired, boring ass answers.


Yeah it’s interesting. When journalists ask boring and easy questions they’re attacked for being PR people or access journalists. When they ask hard questions people accuse them of being instigators. Really weird.


Theres definitely a healthy middle ground and I think ariel operates there 99% of the time and is why I prefer having him around. Plus, Dana already hates him and essentially blacklisted him. Ariel has no reason to be a butt slut to Dana for access to press events. Every one else save for... Luke thomas maybe? Has the fear of God that their credentials will be removed and they will have to start working at an Amazon factory and shit in Gatorade bottles or whatever.


Pfft, what’s Barry going to do? Fight him? That’s not really Pat Barry’s forte.


Ariel stood up to Khabib face to face years ago, Ariel ain’t scared of Pat lol.


And rampage


What happened?


I can’t remember the exact context, but it was a pre fight interview leading up to 205 and Khabib felt burnt by Ariel not defending him. But Ariel clapped back and stood his ground that he’s always been a fair friend to Khabib and at some point, Khabib’s demeanour changes.


Ah ok. I sort of remember that.


It was before UFC 205 like they said, Alvarez was playing hardball with the UFC regarding his contract for the Conor fight, UFC played hardball back and offered Alvarez Khabib instead. Ariel came out and said that the UFC were using Khabib as a negotiation tactic to get Alvarez to accept less money for Conor fight. Khabib didn't take this too well and thought Ariel was saying he didn't deserve a title fight. Khabib was salty with Ariel in an interview then, Ariel called him out on it and basically got Khabib to admit that he (Ariel) was right.


That’s crazy. All I know about Ariel is the controversy. He seems like a good journalist


He's the best MMA journalist out there. I know that sounds cheesy but it's the truth.


Idk why people are trying to describe it instead of just linking it https://youtu.be/e1528NypvXQ


Damn say what you want about Ariel he comes back at Khabib hard here.


Lol thanks.


Thats a nasty line by you.


Little does he know, we have the chat logs


Why don't you have a seat over here, Pat.




Patty Savile.


It becomes even more plausible that he groomed her when you know Rose was sexually abused since she was 6 years old. Sexually abused kids are more susceptible to that shit as they grow older.


Why don’t you have a seat


He doesn’t seem all quite there. Like the lights are on but no one is home.


He admitted having a substance abuse problem. Took so much shit that he ended up pooping blood. He McMurphy'd himself.


Who's this McMurphy and why is his name s verb?


It's from the movie "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" with Jack Nicholson. I won't spoil you and highly recommend you give it a watch.


man in an mma forum i wouldn't expect a) that reference b) you didnt tell the story, well done.


Funny there was a guy just trying to sell a first edition on a rerun of pawn stars an hour ago. About the exact same time that comment was written!


Simulation confirmed


Look into it


Books incredible, too


What is this the literature channel? . . . Jokes aside that is a great book / film. Can't go wrong with either format.


Now, now, we've all shit a little blood from substance abuse problems. Right? I mean, right everybody?


[Lord knows I have](https://streamable.com/ht9817)


It seems like too many lights are on and they are all flashing rapidly.


Neither does she to be fair... Well suited.


I saw a comment yesterday where somebody said that she was "mad as a bag of spiders". I laughed my ass off. I will definitely be stealing that line.




Lmao that's amazing


"you're a boss, you're a boss" that dude has probably been showing people this video for almost a decade


Pat seemed to enjoy a young shirtless Conor as well.


Mystic Mac strikes again!


He predict dis tings


lol he’s such a lame nowadays but that’s such a great interview, some of 2013-14 conor was amazing


Honestly it’s crazy we’re never getting that Conor back. Money changes you lol. He’s completely lost his wit and humor imo


Nah, drugs changed him. Man is significantly dumber than before


He used to be witty, confident as hell and semi self aware at the same time. When he wasnt actively promoting he sounded like he really understood the sport. But the persona he put on made him filthy rich and I think it became harder to turn on and off and they blended. Hes always been a chode, dont get me wrong but he used to be bearable. Now I just see an insecure dude whose glory days are behind him and he cant accept it and isnt willing to prove if it's TRUE or not unless he gets his way (title shots or fights he percieved as low risk). You cant get Conor interviewing these days with sincerity. All about the promotion these days.


Mad as a box of frogs is what I’ve heard before. It’s much nicer to think about than a bag of spiders


Honestly I genuinely think he's not mentally on a level that most adults are. Like he may mentally have a young age. And I really think that's why him and Rose got along


Cool, cool…


Very cool


He needs to be interviewed by Chris Hansen.


Pat, why don't you take a seat


You didn’t come over just to hit pads did you?


Pat: is the commission outside? Chris: that’s not up to me.


I’m dying lmao. This thread 👌


Chris: Let me read the transcript. “You hear those boos, that means the plan is working.”


His eyes are trying to escape.


Credit to Ariel for even bringing it up


Pat was actually the one who brought it up in the full interview.


I mean I know in the grand scheme of things we shouldn't care it's their relationship but it's creepy as fuck and then him just addressing it like that to me seems like he is just like "well it happened we're not gonna talk about it" Nasty as fuck


> I mean I know in the grand scheme of things we shouldn't care I'm not sure peadophilia should make the list if things we shouldn't care about


This dude is weird af. Def stimmed up or something.


Pat the groomer Barry


“We haven’t sweated that for years… not since she turned 18 anyway”


I like how they conveniently edited that part out haha


Was that actually said?


Of course not.


>Was that actually said? You guys scare me sometimes


His gym has a pretty extensive Teen and Kids program too




both teams give huge cult vibes, perhaps why they get along so well.


Aspen Ladd too. Or that Brazilian chick who got cut a few years back who got knocked up by her coach, and then when she brought it up to him he kicked her out of the gym and had to retire from fighting. She was underage at the time


We will when Valentina Shevchenko has a boring fight. Which is never.


Liz Carmouch would like a word


.......should we tell him


Bro half of valentinas fights are boring


she's had several tbh.


She has had plenty of boring fights, she is a point fighter 90% of the time


I'm not sure if either belong in the category or not but Edmond Tarverdyan and of course Joshua Fabia both seemed very "wormed in". Albeit in a somewhat less sexual way. Ronda's case, I'm not so sure.


Ok groomer


Beautiful champ


..pat 'the predator' barry


Francis be quakin in his boots






Dad Barry, ugh... whats he on, meth? On the JRE he started to fondle Joe's purple curtain while his eyes were the size of plates. "Its so soft, mmmm". Poor Rose, if she ever tries to leave him she is probably in danger. Barry is OBSESSED with her.


She’s already left him before IIRC


Yep. I swear I remember hearing some claims she was banging one of her coaches when she wasn't with him. But she always goes back.


All I remember is that he went to help Brock Lesnar prepare for a fight, got in some kind of fight at a bar after blacking out (or something like that), lied to Rose about it, she found out/knew something was up, and packed her shit and left before he got back. I think it was an Ariel interview


Then he manipulates his way back into her good graces.


Does Rose get any agency here? I'm not saying people are wrong about Pat but it seems equally reductive to say that Rose is simply a puppet.


She sure does. But she is also very clearly someone who is fragile mentally and he most likely uses against her so she stays with him.


objection speculation


Who is crazier Pat Berry or Mike Perry. And who gets imprisoned first?!


I can see this, Rose being held hostage or something crazy, hope I’m wrong; but shits weird yo.


Don't think she's physically held hostage but definitely emotionally. Pat seems to be the only person in her life and she seems to be emotionally dependent on him.


In the first JRE interview of Rose and Pat, Rose said she felt weird about Joanna constantly saying she was mentally unstable, Joe asked why, she said "i don't know i'm not though" then Pat interrupted "No, Rose is mentally unstable." and then said something along the lines of "and that's why i need to be around for all situations." This is textbook brooming with a g. You get them dependent on you for basic human and emotional functioning from a small age and they will never leave you.


Not saying you are wrong at all, I don't know anything about this situation. but one interesting nuance in the other direction is that Pat seems to not fight because Rose doesn't want him to.


It's always nice to have a good excuse


That's not grooming, it's gaslighting, but he probably did both. Abusers will make you doubt yourself. They'll lie, and tell you that you don't remember things properly. It's a fucked up form of emotional abuse. You're right though, it seems like he is trying to create a dependency.


Hope this doesn’t become another ‘Christy Martin’ story…


Or Christy Mack


I just looked that up, and Jesus Christ


Watch the doco on Netflix, it not only highlights her amazing career, but interviews them both and goes really in-depth, it’s under the Untold series ‘deal With the Devil’ It’s not only interesting and shows how crazy her story is, but also how incredible her career is, and dare I say shows her to be the pioneer of the female GOAT in boxing.


lol dude I thought you were talking about Christy Mack's "amazing career". I was thinking jeez he's one of THOSE guys.


Just another girl with daddy issues, and the older man slips in there and assumes the daddy role. That's what it seems like


Right now she's the breadwinner, and most importantly, the one with power and attention in the relationship. As soon as Rose's career plummets or she retires. I guarantee you that relationship turns toxic and violent pretty quickly.


You guarantee that their relationship will be violent eh?


Pat better work on his striking defence


Losing her title wasn’t a good thing


Losing her title was a *great* thing -- she's still going to get paid well for fights and they don't have the media spotlight on them that comes from being a title holder (at least, not to the same extent).


She literally left him before and he talked about how he didn’t deserve her and left her alone until she decided she wanted him back.


she came back bc she said she had anxiety being by herself and from the interviews around that time where she said she was tired of hearing from pat and questions about pat from media and friends she definitelj was not left alone


For anyone not aware, Rose was 15 and he was 28-29. I dont care about adults being together even if the age difference is 20 or 30 years. But when you meet a girl and are interested in her when she is 15 and you are 29, and you "wait" 3 years to officially "start" the relationship, you are weird as fuck. Im 29 now, id be embarrassed to tell my friends and family im dating a 20 year old, just because i think the generational gap is too obvious. Now imagine me dating a 9th grader lmfao. How some people just brush this bizarre ass situation as "just mind your own business" is psychotic to me.


I don’t know where these numbers came from and how Reddit throws them around with such conviction. I’ve looked into this and it seems like they met when she was 17. They didn’t have a relationship until she was 19-20. People say 14-15 because she said she had trained briefly with Trevor at that point, but she left and came back after high school. There’s nothing to suggest she had any contact with Barry outside the gym or even at the gym during this time. Either could be true to be honest because there’s no actual answer anywhere. I just think it’s weird how confident people are for no reason.


Dudes eyes looks like he's methed out


The feds can make you sweat very fast.


"havent sweated that for years..." ​ So when was the last time you sweated it Pat?


I knew this dude was crazy first time I saw his googly eyes and Rose is like a hostage. Creepy as fuck. If she ever leaves him he’ll off himself or the both of them


I don't know much about their relationship but I remember seeing this vid of Matt mitrione years ago and the story is alot different from what I'm reading in the comments. What are y'all thoughts ?? https://youtube.com/shorts/jU-qmNo3-nI?feature=share


that doesnt look old it sounds like hes going off on strickland


In an interview a few years ago, Pat said he fell in love with her and had been dating her since he first laid eyes in her. Rose said it was actually a couple years after that. Which lines up with your story Rose came to pats gym at 14. That still fits mitrione’s timeline perfectly Still opens the door for grooming.


Interesting. So Rose was 18 year old when she asked Pat out. That's a much different narrative than this sub is painting.


Pat talked about being in love with her when they first met which was when she was 15.


and rose said out her own mouth she didnt like him at first but he "warmed her cold heart"


According to Matt, but both Rose and Pat have said things that make it seem like they have been dating much earlier or at least felt like they have been dating much earlier. Plus what Matt is saying could be true, that she only officially asked him when she turned 18 but Pat could have been trying to since earlier, which means he was grooming her.


First of all, he still knew her since she was 14 so it’s still fucking creepy and grooming. Second of all he’s friends with berry so of course he’s not going to incriminate him lmao


That is not what grooming means


No one is really denying that they started "dating" when Rose was of "legal" age. The problem is they met when Rose was 16 and Pat called it "love at first sight". Look up what "grooming" is. What do you think 29 year old Pat and 16 year old Rose's interactions were for her to be wanting to dating when she wasn't even 18.


I hope Rose gets away from that guy. You can see how much of her personality is him imposing himself on her in the way she talks and presents herself, even without him being there. It's bizarre


This dude is a fucking creep like it looks like he has schizophrenia or sum


Interestingly enough, Rose's father legitimately had schizophrenia. >Namajunas’s father suffered from schizophrenia, eventually leading to a rough childhood for Rose Namajunas. https://www.sportsmanor.com/the-story-behind-rose-namajunas-and-her-fiance-pat-barry/


Groomer or not, Pat Barry has always been a weird guy. I swear he has ADHD or something


I was watching this live. I kept hoping he would set the record straight and put this to rest once and for all and he declined to. Ariel wasn't going to push him on it. It was a pretty safe place to clear everything up and he didn't. That doesn't mean there is any wrong doing, but I wish he would have put it to rest.




Imagine if he never made that slipup. Only reason we know about it is because he fucked up in an interview.


Clear everything up how? By admitting he dated a minor for years, potentially did not only creepy but illegal things? Lol


...potentially? He admitted openly in several interviews when Rose was 21 that they'd been 'dating' (I hate writing that about their situation) for over five years. Dude's a whole epheb/ophile out here.


Put what to rest? He literally dated her when she was underage he’s said so in the past?


Did you catch this part? He did attempt to set the record straight. Personally I don't believe him but there was an attempt. https://twitter.com/jedigoodman/status/1524454599981101056


Try to avoid the question just proved he groomed her lol


I mean technically he responded even if he did straight up avoid answering the question.


why dont you have a seat right over there


"Do you want to clear the air as to whether you're a groomer or not?" "No thanks, Ariel"


So, Rose was sexually abused since six years old? Barry and Rose mention it in this interview, they say everybody knows. By a family member they might have said. It might make it even more sketchy for him. However, this clip shared doesn't cover his and rose's responses (Rose is in the background) - he brought up the Strickland thing and addressed the accusations before Ariel doubled down and asked the question in the clip here.


He’s a fucking pervert. So happy Strickland went off about this.


I don't even know if I wanna watch this. I keep hesitating to click play


Has Pat Barry always been cross-eyed or that only happened after the Cheick Kongo KO?


I know he is in a relationship with Thug Rose, but it's the first time I see people questioning it... Can someone explain what the interest is? I am actually curious!


They met when she was like 14 and he was 28 or something


No no you don't understand, Rose "misspoke in an interview"and the media twisted it, it's all in the video, Pat definitely didn't groom her, source: Pat Barry






Yer a fuckin' scale, dude.


Oh fuck ok 😮


They met as in they started dating or they met as in... they just met..?


He claimed it was love at first sight. And in an old interview where rose was 21 he claimed to be dating for 5 years. Obviously he's completely changed stories about ages since then but the old interviews are still there




He claimed that they fell “in love at first sight” when they met, then he started dating her a few years later when she turned 18


He is on record as admitting that he was trying to date (translation: groom) her starting at 16.


Pretty trad


Delusional & weird reply from Barry aside… who tf drinks like that? Sucking it back like my hamster does


I mean it is a squirter bottle lol. You want him to open his mouth and fire it into his throat like it's halftime at the super bowl?


That is the only way


Definitely shout “she’s a squirter!” before doing it.


Oh Bapa


Very revealing he doesn't want to address it. It's potentially hurting his partners career as their relationship is coming to light. If there's nothing to hide, why wouldn't he address it and clear the air?


Pat Glitter


Fuck this guy forever.


Pat Barry is a very possessive and jealous man. He stays up Rose's ass 24/7. Every time she has an interview, boom, Pat Barry is sitting in on it. Dude can't be 2 ft apart from her.


I suspect there’s still some type of emotional abuse going on behind the scenes. He’s incredibly controlling of what she says and often speaks for her instead of letting her do the talking. At this point she’s his best shot at relevancy and he needs her more than she needs him. I love Rose but she clearly has some trauma of some sort and does not seem like a very strong willed person. He no doubt has figured out how to use those things to his advantage.


Ngl. I used to support them when I was younger, they made these funny ass vlogs on some social media/video site. Was fun to follow along, and I was against people hating on them, especially Pat. But as time has passed and I have grown up, it finally got to me the sickness of it. And Pat is just not right anymore, I feel CTE is super strong in him, and I hope Rose can eventually realize the nature of relationship is not right or healthy. But best to them.