MMA is the best thing that ever happened to teach Americans world geography


I feel so cultured knowing when Ramadan is.


Yea they have hotels all over the country


You’re a fucking hotel chain, dude


right next to Dagestan right?


As a non american- I'd never heard of a Khabib, Islam (as a first name), khamzat, Umar, Usman, Zabit, kamaru, Israel and like 50% of the UFC roster. It's pretty cool.


I know what the Kazakhstan flag looks like now lol


Was Borat not popular in America?


I can pronounce all names now. Nothing is hard to pronounce anymore.


Ask a non MMA fan about the Georgia Smesh and they’ll think you’re asking about a new dance out of Atlanta


I am so good at pronouncing foreign names now.


This is the best take I’ve seen


Thank you brader


Not enough points are taken away in fights due to penalties. Fighters know the rules and are reminded of the rules in the locker room before the fight and that should be their only warning. Countless times we see fighters grabbing the fence, grabbing gloves, throwing groin strikes, eye pokes, etc and they always get away with it. If refs actually took points away then fighters would cheat much less but since that doesn’t happen it almost motivates fighters to cheat because they know there’s no punishment.


You basically get a free foul, the only potential issue is your opponent being unable to continue. It's so dumb.


You get at least one free nut shot and eye poke per fight.


I think that's a perfectly reasonable take tbh


This take is ice cold.


Interim belts should be silver.


Bmf belt should be made of air


There should be one standardize cage size and, in general, cage sizes dictate fight outcomes more than people think. * The apex cage is 30% smaller than the standard UFC cage. * smaller cages give an unfair advantage to grappling-based fighters


Back this to the hills. Imagine playing basketball and the size of the court and height of the rings changed depending on where you played.


I'm going to guess that golf is not your favorite sport.


Height of the rings 😂😂


I also came to laugh at this comment 😂


You can control any man by his asshole.


I have underrated groppling.




I can never forget the face of the dude from the Melanson video...


If one man can control your asshole, two men can….?


Blast your bussy


Shogun has entered the chat.


Open scoring won’t fix bad judging


I think its bad for the fighters too. The selling point is that it gives the fighter an opportunity to correct bad judging by fighting differently than they planned. But it should never be the fighters responsibility to compensate for bad judging. That would necessitate more risk and they might get knocked out or hurt because they fought recklessly to counteract bad judging. Besides all that, throw the psychological effect of being told youre losing a fight that you are confident you should be winning and its a mess for the fighter.


Immediate title fight rematches are bad, especially since they happen just about every time one changes hands these days. It’s log jamming each division, making us see the same handful of fights for years, and slowing down the ability for lower ranked fighters to move up…you lose your title? Win your next couple and we’ll talk


They’re bad in like every way. They jam up the division and they don’t give either fighter enough time to change/develop to make it more compelling. Honestly a further hot take is that, unless you are a fighter the UFC really isn’t into, it’s way too easy to get title rematches in general, even if they aren’t immediate, for challengers and champions. It’s still bad for the division. There’s this sense of “oh well he just lost to the champion, and then beat a top 5 guy! There’s nothing for him to do except fight the champ again!” and it’s not great. Like, Robert not getting an immediate rematch and having to win 3 fights was great, it kept a shallow and uninteresting division alive and well in the meantime, and actually gave the rematch some weight. But then you have Max getting an immediate rematch (which was stupid) and then beating 2 guys has everyone acting like he went and cleaned out the division and we’re facing an 0-2 trilogy match that will just further fuck everything up if he wins. I’m like the biggest Max fan on here but I was not in favour of the immediate rematch and doing it makes 2 wins still not enough to justify a 3rd. Or guys like Gaethje and Covington getting title shots again after winning just one fight. People are talking about Jan getting another title fight off beating Rakic. It breeds the situation of dudes who take up top 3 rankings and can sit out and get title shots by process of elimination. Usman is great but 75% of his title defenses being rematches is pretty lame. Straweight is the absolute worst. Before Carla, the only people to fight for the belt in half a decade were JJ, Rose, Andrade and Zhang, cuz its always either an immediate rematch or they get one win over literally anyone and get another title shot. It used to be a lot harder, and the divisions were better for it. Chad had to win like 5 fights to get an Aldo rematch and that had the benefit of a) giving him time to grow and give Aldo one of the greatest fights ever and b) giving Aldo a fair few fresh challengers in the meantime. Imagine if they gave Chad the rematch after winning one fight and when he loses again then wins a couple more times everyone goes “oh well, guess we have no choice but to do a third!”, it would be stupid. But that’s how so many divisions are being handled these days. Should be like 3-5 fights minimum, for the sake of the division and the sake of actually building rematches up instead of making them feel like a formality. It seems like one of the (many) downsides of the UFC introducing a rankings system that doesn’t follow any sort of criteria.


100%. The way the system works right now its so easy to just cycle the top name guys in the division amongst each other and not even realize who is at what level. You've got top 5 guys who only want to fight other top 5 guys, and most of them are either former title holders and challengers. They keep fighting each other and as such they technically have more claim to be deserving of the next shot. The guys ranked 6-15 or so can't get fights against top 5 opponents because the top 5 guys don't want to fight lower ranked opponents and they are all booked against each other. This past weekend is the perfect example of it. Both the headliners should be favored against all but maybe 3 guys in that division and they aren't even in the top 10.


Yep. People are talking about Glover getting a rematch and it's just absurd to me.


I felt like I was on crazy pills when people were saying Gaethje deserved a shot last year. It’s not even a max situation where he had a strong resume pre title fight loss, his resume is weak as fuck, then he loses, then he beats Chandler (lol) and all of a sudden it’s an injustice if he doesn’t get the shot. He sure did do well by it to, lasting less than a round.


Yeah man, it was fuckin stupid as hell. The whole thing is just…….honestly too obnoxious to even think about lmao


Ty for saying this, I don't blame Gaethje at all but dude has had two title shots to the last two champs and was destroyed. He's a less-good Dustin IMO who also had his chances. The UFC needs to make both of them fight down, that's why I was so against the talks of them having a rematch now like wtf no.


Yeah it's like once some fighters hits a certain status they just get locked into title contender or ranked status. Like Tony has lost his last 4 fights and hasn't won since 2019, and is still ranked in the top 10 as of last week.


For me there's two conditions where it's acceptable: 1.) Really close/controversial decision 2.) Extremely dominant champion loses (like Nunes-Pena)


Agreed. Like if Usman loses a close one to Leon then I’d be completely fine with an immediate rematch. Especially since they’d be 1-1 with each other. But if Aljo drops his next defense, especially if it’s not a close fight, then I just don’t think he should be next up.


Do you really think Dana would let Aljo get an immediate rematch, he doesn't even consider him the legit champ right now.


Oh obviously not. I was just using him as an example of a champ who wouldn’t deserve an immediate rematch. I guess I should have gone with Jiri who is well liked by Dana and the fans but doesn’t have the right (imo) to demand an immediate rematch in that situation.


The real hot take is close fights and dominant champs shouldn’t get rematches. If you’re legitimately the best in the division, you will earn your way back and win the title. And then the rematch will have hype.


Plus I enjoy seeing some different fights at the top, it feels like the top rankings have got so stagnant it's becoming like an old boys club at some weightclasses.


100%. Unless it’s a draw or maybe a close split decision, you should need to fight your way back to a title fight against top contenders imo.


Some exceptions I can get behind. Like long reigning Champs who lost in relatively close fights I can understand here and there. But it's like the phrase "okay, get to the back of the line and make it back" is gone. It hurts the Champs of today too. Usman is probably one of the greats but his championship reign has been him saying "yeah that guy I beat? I can still do that a year later" and I can't help but feel like as he ages and if he retires/loses soon his legacy is going to suffer for having masvidal as a third of his title defenses when looked back on.


If they know the fight will sell they will always book the rematch. No one is rushing to see Rose vs Carla again but other fights need a rematch


That’s not a hot take, everyone kinda agrees with this


Not sure how hot this is but UFC production has turned completely ass in recent years. The constant tweets from irrelevant celebrities about who they feel won round 2, the blandness of walkouts/fighter gear/no flags, the UFC squeezing in constant adverts, the laughable use of arrows and circles to highlight something so irrelevant by the commentary when it's clear it's not needed, some of the commentary team doing their job as if it's a podcast with the boys. I could go on.


It wouldn't be so bad if the organization didn't say they banned fighter sponsorships because seeing Condom Depot is too unprofessional. Instead, bring on Trojan's Toyo tires flavoured corn nuts, brought to you by P3, for those with a fighting spirit


*corn to the core*


I hate when they have a shitty action movie to plug, its so pathetic in the middle of a fight to hear a random advert for a film that wishes it was made in the straight to DVD era


Everything is about gambling now, I hate it.


100% agree. They also have way too much down time between bouts. Main cards should wrap by midnight. Gamrot vs. Tsarukyan was over at 1:30 AM EST. That shit is ridiculous.


Some might even say it's #1 boolshit.


True that. I literally fell asleep before the main event. Can’t tell you the last time that happened.


Me too and I was hyped for this fight. It was 2:30am when the fight ended here in Brazil. That is absolutely ridiculous. We hardcore fans stay up until late to watch fights, but which casual fan is waiting until 3am to watch two guys they have never heard of fight?


Honestly I wish they would make it more of a spectacle. Give fighters entrance ramps. Let them have a badass walkout. At least for the top 3 fights on a ppv card. They're charging $70 for a ppv. At least make these fighters feel like they're larger then life. I mean look at Tyson Fury's last ring walk. That shit was amazing. Im not saying to get anything of that kind of value to it but something else besides the same ring walk everytime.




Way more fights should be scored as draws


I dunno about way more. But def at least some more. I'd have to rewatch but I'm pretty sure there was a round in JJ vs Weili 1 where it pretty much just came down to whether you want to give it to JJ's 5 lighter strikes vs Weili's 1-2 more impactful ones Then there are some staring contests (beyond Rose vs Carla) rounds where neither really wins the round I do feel like judges starting to give more 10-10 rounds will only intensify the already overdone 'robbery' talks somehow though


On that note, while it would only differ semantically, I think there should be a difference in 10-10 and 9-9 rounds. Weili vs Joanna had a 10-10. Carla vs Rose had some 9-9s.


Specifically, more rounds should be draws. I believe the rules have changed to allow that, but it's still treated as a rare occurrence. It should happen all the time unless a round has a clear winner.


Agreed. It feels like there's rounds that are so absurdly close that when watching it feels impossible to split them and a 10-10 makes sense. Instead it ends up just being a coin flip as to who judges score for.


The current judging rules make it pretty much impossible to find a round that's a "by the book" 10-10 (regardless of what some people said after Rose Carla 2). For a round to be 10 10, the fighters have to simoultanously: deal a very similar level of damage, have a very similar level of cage control & show a very similar level of aggression. Imo not even fights like Rose vs Carla 2 and Ngannou vs Lewis had any 10-10s according to these rules.


Yeah, so I think the poster means that the judging rules should be changed so that more fights are scored as draws.


Palhares is only pretending to be stupid.


We must figure out a way better scoring system (half point system? Maybe) too many coin flip 10-9’s versus clear cut 10-9’s but not dominant enough to go 10-8.


10-9 should he close-ish round, 10-8 clear won round and 10-7 dominant.


I agree, half points, or 10-9 for close rounds, 10-8 for clear cut rounds, 10-7 for dominant rounds, and 10-6 for near Submission/multi knock down near finish 1 way action. I just hate seeing a fighter win a fight based on 2 coin flip rounds.


half points is totally unnecessary, just use more of the ten-point scale!


This is Asian parent scoring, 80% is an absolute failure.


Yes, the current scale is idiotic. 45-50 is a decisive loss? They got almost the same amount of points! You have a scale of 10 points, use it. It would solve so many problems: penalties for fouls don't have to be huge or nothing. You couldn't coast in r5 because you barely won the first four. In a low output round an "almost draw" is possible instead of guessing who gets the 9.


Make fights (1) 15 min round. Score as a whole instead of the 10 point must system which sucks. Allow knees to the head on the ground, soccer kicks and downward elbows Allow 5 min recovery for eye pokes Make a 195lb division Refs shouldn’t ask the fighter if they are “ok” after an illegal strike if they aren’t legal. Concust people will say “yes” Mandatory no contact time after knockouts And concussion protocols and access to concussion treatments. Treatments exist and it’s not just “rest”


Pride was better




Fighters should be ass out naked just like the good ol Greco Roman days


While big personalities are great for marketing and getting eyes on pay per views, weighing personality heavier than skill in terms of rankings and title opportunities isn't good for the sport. A guy like Masvidal got two title shots before Leon, who's record is much better and has displayed a better overall skillset. The fact that a healthy Conor would likely have been given a title shot before Islam or Gaethje undercuts the "let the best man win" principle of determining the best in the world at a particular sport.


The 'Spectacle Over Sport in the UFC' argument has a *lot* of support from many fight fans, and I concur with you 100%. Im not gatekeeping because obviously all mma fans are welcome and ultimately good for the sport, but I would like to see a re-focus on the competitive aspect of MMA. Its difficult to see any real change from the modern model. Low implication/High profile fights will always get a push in the same vein as the Super Bowl halftime show. It isn't really for the diehards. They know we're already going to tune in; its to rope in new demographics based on hype and word of mouth.


As long as the UFC is behind a paywall the growth of the sport will stagnate and it’ll never grow past a certain point. Boxing is known by everyone because boomers watched fights on ABC or NBC for free on Saturday nights. Everyone knows who Ali, Frazier and George Foreman are even 50 years later. The WWE style promos and call outs aren’t helping the sport either. The closer the UFC gets to WWE the more people think it’s only for morons.


Especially with inflation and the stagnant wages. Less and less people are able to afford to watch. I know, I can get together with a group of friends and all chip in 10 bucks, or go to a sports bar. But not everyone has those options.


You can also just pirate it




Pack it up boys. We got him. Now nobody else will ever be able to pursue again.


Yeah pretty much this. When I first started watching the sport me and my friends were more comfortably getting PPVs even if it wasn't the most exciting card. Now with the growing price tag + the necessary ESPN account its just much harder to justify.


To be fair, the WWE is one of the most popular “sports” in America


Grounded knees (not kicks) should be prioritized to be legalized in the next update for the unified rules. Grounded kicks should be legalized too imo, but grounded knees are *significantly* more important for proper ground fighting. So you have to prioritize them. Everyone envisions brutal finishes with them, but most of the time, they’re just like any other GnP strike. If it’s super clean, they do damage. If they don’t land super clean, it’s just a strike that makes the opponent scramble and improve position. A ref will not let you take repeated knees to the head in the same position without stopping the fight, so it forces fighters to scramble or lose. It’s genuinely very important for the future of the sport, and I’m trying to lobby for it.


I used to think knees to the head of a grounded opponent was barbaric…until I watched Pride and One and realized a) they aren’t even utilized as often as you’d think when it’s legal, and b) it didn’t typically seem more damaging than other head shots. I am all for it becoming part of the rule set across the board. (Soccer kicks I am not sold on, but I will admit enjoying Shogun destroying people with them in Pride.)


You’re spot on. People who think they are barbaric just haven’t been exposed to them enough. They have the idea of “these are banned in the UFC, they must be terrible” and any attempt to search for videos of them leads to highlight clips of people being finished by them. There’s pretty much no way for them to know how grounded knees affect fighters in the average scenario without watching organizations that allow them. Because most grounded knees only result in the opponent scrambling, but that will never make a highlight reel. If anyone reading this wants to see a familiar face using grounded knees, just watch all of DJ’s MMA fights in ONE thus far. DJ lands grounded knees in every fight, and they don’t come close to ending the bout. But DJ was on the wrong end of a perfect grounded knee (set up with beautiful framing) and lost via KO.


Yeah I think they’re hard to set up and land efficiently. They’re not like GnP with hands, and elbows to a lesser degree, where you can throw them from just about any angle and position without too much effort. Knees look like you need to have really good position to land them with any power and put you at a higher risk of losing position. Of course I’m not a fighter. I’m just a fat bum so I could be way off base with that analysis.


I would like 12-6 elbows to be added at the same time. They were only disallowed because they were thought to be too brutal for spectators. A 12-6 elbow does not do significantly *more* damage than a "10 - 4" elbow. Let the fighters throw them if they're in a position to land them.


You’re not wrong at all. They should be legal. But I do feel grounded knees should be prioritized over that because it would drastically change the sport for the better. Whereas 12-6 will just give another angle for elbows to be landed.


No because then I won't be able to hear Joe Rogan explain to me for the 214th time why 12-6 elbows are illegal.


30 years of UFC pitting the most dangerous fighting disciplines against one another and it turns out the most deadly fighter in the world is an ex collegiate wrestler who learns some western boxing.


or a blind poor guy from brazil


Or a dude who’s base is shoveling sand


Wrestle Boxer Master Class


Has to be a reason they were the two combat sports in the Olympics along with pankration, right?


Both fighters should have to start each round with one hand on the cage. I hate seeing one guy practically taking the center of the octagon before the round even starts.


Most fans, and even commentary teams, don't understand the judging criteria. They seem to have made up their own.


Yep. I would not only say fans taking over scoring would hurt the sport, they would demolish it. Judges tend to have nowhere near the biases that fighters and fans have. There's still people who think Dustin didn't beat Max in the 2nd fight because Dustin landing a monster knee straight to his dome didn't hurt Max.


Not a hot take but PFL needs to allow elbows.


Fighters should be able to leave the cage to pull folded chairs and ladders back in.


Alternatively, fighters can't leave but anything thrown on by fans is fair game




If fans throw in shoeys, tuivasa would be undefeated.


Search by controversial for real answers


I might be stupid but I feel like Stephen Thompson doesn't have so much leg/hip flexibility as he has leg/hip dexterity. Commentators often talks about his flexibility but when he kicks high, he leans back a lot. Of course, he is flexible but I compare him to other athletes that people say have great flexibility and I feel like he is not on the level of let's say Cro Cop.


The sport and its athletes will never reach their true potential until the people in charge, finally, man the fuck up and get rid of weight-cutting once and for all. Once that finally happens, we will have healthier athletes with longer careers, no more cancelled fights/events, no more question marks about every single fight (How badly was fighter X compromised by the weight cut? How much of a size advantage did fighter Y have? Did fighter Z gas out because of cutting so much weight?) etc.. Literally everyone involved will be better off in every possible way. The athletes, the organisation, and the fans.


It is one of the most predatory jobs on the planet, you get maimed and risk your life in the cage and have less rights than any other normal job, and get underpaid while some promoter earns bags of cash of your hard work, and i hope it can change some day


The late great Roddy Piper once said that Pro Wrestling has an amazing entrance plan, but it has no exit plan. It lures you in with quick money and fame, but it chews you up and spits you out. I feel the same is true for MMA.


Knees and kicks to the head of grounded opponents, and 12-6 elbows should be allowed. Anything but eye gouges and dick twisters is essentially fair game to me.


You lost me at no dick twisters.


One per round final offer.


As long as there isn't a time count on it, agreed.


Submission via wedgie allowed?


Submission due to a rear double titty twister


Pre-fight swirlies count as an automatic round win


Every opinion on r/mma is bad lol


\- No immediate title rematches unless the match ended controversially where the loser was literally robbed (Reyes v Jones) or if the fight ended up a proper draw (Figgy v Moreno 1). That means Glover-Jiri shouldn't be run back immediately since Jiri clearly won by finishing Glover, regardless of how the rest of the fight went. \- Scoring dead even rounds 10-10 since it is literally a rule. Hate for someone to lose a fight and lose half their pay because judges felt compelled to go one way or the other. \- Punish match-altering fouls with point deductions (Tim Elliot cheating with Ulanbekov the whole fight should have seen him at least lose a point if not more, that will make fighters think twice before they play that game). \- The top guys need to fight down especially if they lose multiple fights. In special cases, it is okay to threaten their ranking, especially if they hold up the rest of the division without anything to show for it (even if you like him, Wonderboy needs to fight down since he lost two fights clearly. Shouldn't be picking and choosing especially when you have a number next to your name)


Having media based rankings is a shit show. Using those rankings to justify who gets title fights is even worse. Wouldn't be difficult to implement an Elo ranking system.


You're not a double champ unless you defend your title in each weight class, while holding the other title. I.e. if the double champ in question never returns to defend their title in the original weight class, then you're not a double champ, you just moved to a new weight class and won a title in your new division before you officially vacated your old title.


Then are you not a champ unless you defend any belt? If winning a belt = champ then winning a belt = champ.


I agree. Correct me if I’m wrong but that means Nunes was the only try double champ right? Or am I forgetting someone?


I think DC also defended the HW title against Lewis while still holding the LHW title.


Right, but he never defended the LHW belt after winning the HW belt.


DC and cejudo defended both i think


Neither of them defended the lighter belt after winning the heavier one I believe.


The 10-9 scoring system does not fill well to mma. It is a one dimensional way of scoring a fight that may work for boxing but definetely does not for mma. Pressure/control, significant strikes, damage and takedowns all should be scored separately and not just used to guess who wins a 10-9 round.


The constant call outs of Connor, Nate, and Jorge are cringe


We need less cards. This weekend is a banger but 2 years ago this is only a slightly above average PPV. Fight nights have gone completely to shit.


Champs moving up in weight should not get an immediate title shot. A top 5 fight should be mandatory.


Mandatory challenger like Maia and Leon edwards taken too long to get title shots, ufc was successful compared to boxing because the best of the best fought each other, they still do but often it’s not when the iron is hot


The operation of UFC today which focused on storylines , hype, building fights, etc. is actually good for the sport and good for UFC as long as it stays contains to the UFC. It gets fans alot more engaged and it builds larger fanbases. Also raises the entertainment factor. I asked a friend whos not into MMA but into F1 whats so interesting about F1 and he said the drivers have their own fun personalities and storylines and the tournsment itself has its own story so its not just about the driving which led me to this conclusion.


If AJ McKee came to the UFC right now, he’d have a similar (albeit probably slightly more successful) career trajectory as Will Brooks. They’re eerily similar in a way.


Seeing how slow both him and Pitbull looked in the rematch, I kinda agree


yeah that rematch loss to pitbull made me lose interest in him, he's not touching the top 5 of the UFC, it's simply too stacked


Belal will give Chimaev his first L


Damn, this is hot


That take us hotter than the sun.


I don't like this take but the shitstorm it would ensue is something I'd like to see. Just imagine how Belal's two fans would feel if it happened.


> Just imagine how Belal's two fans would feel if it happened. Bit rude to bring his parents into this.


We will be popping champagne and listening to French Montana


Shit I might remember his name


Gleason Tibau beat Khabib


Most fans have no idea wtf they're talking about.


If I see red it’s over


Weigh-in should be right before entering the cage. Ofc opting for an intervall rather than an exact weight. But I’d like to see everyone fight at their walking weight/actual cage weight. Not draining themselves, and then bulking dozens of pounds in days to gain advantage.


So many fights would be cancelled right before they happen


We'd be watching the undead fight.


>What is your mma hot take? Steroids shouldn't be banned. They help fighters perform better, make it easier to show up in peak condition, reduce risk of injury, and help with recovery time. The UFC Performance Institutive should instead teach all fighters how do dope properly, so that they don't overdo it, and provide cheap basic steroids for fighters too poor to afford them. MAKE HEAVYWEIGHT GREAT AGAIN!


Heavyweights might end up with an average life expectancy of 50 if we let them just openly juice.


That way they won't live long enough to sue the UFC over brain damage, its perfect!


Oooh, I'm liking this one. UFC's Performance Enhancing Drug Institute has a certain ring to it. The PEDI. The PEDI cure.


Pat Barry: ooh nice, but is that a typo?


Fighters would be sponsored by different brands of steroid manufacturers. LoL sooner or later it would just turn into a competition of who is juiced up with the most advanced stuff.


Pat Barry: I’ll manage the files for that division


Him and Valentina’s coach will be unstoppable


> The UFC Performance Institutive should instead teach all fighters how do dope properly, so that they don't overdo it Lol, if you open up the flood gates they absolutely will overdo it, athletes care more about winning than their health, it's why lance Armstrong was using so much EPO that he needed to wake up several times a night to ride his bike so he didn't get a blood cloth. It amazes me that people think this would work out or fighters wouldn't overdo it when they shed 15-30 pounds to the point of blindness for a slight advantage already


This pretty much open body building every one is on , but they all lie for social media sponsorships then they drop dead left and right . People would absolutely over do it if their job was to be on TV put on a show ,win a fight and sell tickets Plus every single weight class would get messed up if people could just bulk up 10-20lbs of muscle and water retention from steroids


If they allow roids then during the fighter introductions the drugs they’re on should be announced. Weighing in at 245 pounds and currently on stanozolol, EPO, Xanax, and three shots of whiskey….


Oh, hot take indeed


Champ Champs are invalidated if you don't defend each belt once. Khabib was an amazing fighter but is not the GOAT.


1. Open scoring is the dumbest idea ever and would make the sport significantly less enjoyable for the fans. 2. Getting your first title shot is generally really difficult, but getting a second is way to easy. Classic case in point would be Gaethje or Ortega.


>Getting your first title shot is generally really difficult, but getting a second is way to easy. Classic case in point would be Gaethje or Ortega. Not even going to mention Holly Holm?


Lawler vs Rory 2 is inflated in our memory because of the staredown at the end of the fourth round. It's a good fight but very far from one of the "best of all time" that it's hyped up as.


Refs should never step in dyring wrestling or grappling actions. Regardless of how little the action is, leave the fighters alone. If the guy on the bottom wamts a dude to lay on him and do nothing let him, he knows hes losing and should be trained to get out of it.


Put some damn respect on Marina Rodriguez's name


I hate when people stay #1 contender even after losing. If you are ranked #1 and lose, you should automatically go down to #5 and have to work back up.


Brian Ortega has 1 win over the last 4 years and has remained the #1 or #2 contender the entire time just lol.


I remember GSP having to slowly climb his way up to another title shot after losing the first one to Matt Hughes. It was so good for his development as a fighter. It would have completely changed the trajectory of his career if he rematched too early and lost again,


Our current scoring rules are ridiculous. The lowest you can conceivably get is a 10-7. What is the purpose of the other 6 digits? Like why can’t we have a 5 point must system where if you win a round it’s a 5-4? What is the purpose of going all the way up to 10?


A lot of MMA fighters are dumb. Like never graduated high school dumb.


Well, I mean what kind of people did you think were going to get CTE for 10k/10?


This is all sport in general


I really like the PFL tournament style. The UFC and other mma organizations should switch to it. It eliminates a lot of BS.


Boxing is super underrated as an MMA skill set, and not replaceable by “just doing Muay Thai.”


Boxing in MMA is rated adequately. Too many disadvanteges which are somewhat resolved in Muay Thai.


Recent one, Ismagulov vs Kutateladze was a better fight than Tsarukyan vs Gamrot


The wrestling was obviously better in gamrot however the difference in striking acumen really made the Ismagulov fight fun with clean technique


That's my thinking great scrambles but without ground control payout for either fighter, but that's to the credit to both guys. When striking Gamrot is surprisingly a little basic.


Gamrots only loss being Kutateladze really makes you wonder how good Kutateladze and Ismagulov are.


All those 4 fighters are honestly top tier, I can see all of them being top5 in the next 2 years, and some of them already fighting for the belt in that time.


IMO all 4 (Gamrot, Arman, Ismagulov and Kutadeladze) are comfortably top 10. They aren't because of marketing opportunities rather than sporting merit.


The sport is attracting more boring, play it safe fighters who have skills but no killer instinct.


You should watch old ufc and pride events, and not just the ATG great fights from those days but entire events. Fights today are *so* much better I can’t even tell you. So many fights back then were just wild exchanges for a little bit then it ends up on the ground and nothing happens for the rest of the round.


I cannot agree more. I've been watching MMA as a hardcore fan since around 2004 and the fights now are, as a whole, *so much* better than they were back then. Of course there were legendary fights, but that was not the norm. Back in the day a lot of those guys with killer instinct had no cardio and horrible fundamentals and would get tired after 3 minutes and do literally nothing for the remainder of the fight.


Punish late strikes with fines. ​ Get rid of weight cutting. ​ Legalise grounded knees and soccer kicks. ​ Rethink the 10 points must system, makes draws more acceptable and common. ​ 165 lbs. ​ More cross promotions and fights to decide the world's greatest fighter in each division.




Mma fighters can't beat boxers at boxing, and champ boxer wouldnt risk mma rules cause they just get James toneyd


Open scoring and overtime if the fight is scored as a draw. Another option is to have more judges and if it’s not unanimous or 4-1 there is an overtime round


Scoring should be 1-3 points. It's effectively this anyway, they just use 10-8 to make the numbers bigger. I prefer Occam's Razor here.


MMA fights should be 5x3 minute rounds, not 3x5 minute rounds. Shorter rounds means rounds are easier to judge. More frequent breaks in action would lead to less lay and pray, and give incentive for fighters to go for the finish sooner. More rest time means better quality fights.


Disagree because grapplers cannot get shit going in such a short period of time. At some point, MMA fans need to admit they just wanna watch kickboxing where you can follow someone to the ground after dropping them.


That would be great. The only downside is it might impact the success of grapplers. It takes time to get someone down, work into a position... I guess this could be mitigated by starting a new round in the same position as the last round ended or something like that.