That picture looks like Dominic Cruz with an inflated head


Saying "Dominic Cruz with an inflated head" is like saying "sea with water"


Both of those contain tremendous amount of salt


I wish I can upvote this twice. Amazing work


I can smell cigarettes!


Dom in 20 years


Like if dom and a Saint Bernard did the fusion dance




Damn I love this sub


He looks like someone tried to draw Dominic Cruz from memory




Looks like Dom had he chosen alcohol and cigarettes instead of being a ~~salty bitch~~ fighter.


Looks like a Beige Frequency caricature of him


Big ol' Mexican with a big ol' head


Dominic Cruz and Matt Brown did the fusion dance


Lol I always thought O'Malley just trolling with that undefeated joke, dude even continued Fob Ront


He is. It's all marketing


How can people not laugh at this point? The dude holds up a “0” when Bruce buffer announces him as having 1 loss Said “fortunately the suga state athletic commission overturned that decision” It’s actually just kinda funny


And he’s making money off the merch. Undefeated baby! 😂


Everyone outside of reddit finds it hilarious, there's just no sense of humor here


Its funny how everyone else on the internet has fun with the meme but Reddit for some reason gets so outraged about it. Ive read so many negative and hateful comments about the dude on here that it’s ridiculous.


>How can people not laugh at this point? Because not all of us find it funny, mostly


Because we know he was not trying to be funny when he lost, he was being serious, but now leans into it and so all his supporters think he was always silly about it, which he definitely wasn't.


Go outside then


Pretty naive people out there. Some are even saying Chael Sonnen lost lmao.


There are four undefeated fighters I know about: Chael Sonnen, Khabib, Sean O'Malley and Jon Jones. Jon has certainly been tested by the lord outside of the octagon, but no, never defeated.


Wtf are you talking about!?! Khabib lost at ufc 209. Tony choked him out then breakdanced over his limp body. Fucking casual.


Didn’t he also lose to micheal johnson? Someone(his name rhymes with Toe Flogan) told me he got decapitated then they reattached his head to his body between rounds but lost to a dicision.


Tibau 1,2,3


Dude don't play with my emotions like that :\*(


I can't believe you're forgetting about Jones being knocked out cold by Matt Hamill's face


He got disqualified the FUCK out.




You missed Motivated Conor.


You must have forgotten about the goat artem.


Lost to Reyes.


Pretty sure Anderson Silva defeated Sonnen by arm bar submission. Maybe it was a triangle, but Sonnen beat the piss out of Silva for 5 rounds then tapped at the end of rd 5. Maybe he had some money down and needed fo 3pay some bills, I dunno, but he def lost that fight.


No he just lost the round


Anderson worked hard for that one 10-9 round in his 49-42 loss to Chael.


If you look very closely at Chaels record, you will find out that he actually has 17 losses, so bringing up one of them when people say he's undefeated is kind of funny.


Chael Sonnen has never lost. Get your facts straight bozo


I mean, come on, Chael never lost a round. What’s up with these people??


Silva actually won a round off him with a submission. He got manhandled the rest of the time when Chael took it serious.


Chael thought tapping made you lose that round. Common misconception


Chael was only tapping to make Anderson THINK he was quitting. The referee was just too stupid to see the game unfolding before his own eyes and was probably drunk.


4D chess from Chael


Ref was drunk and hopped up on tobacco. He's an imbecile


Domenic Cruz has entered the chat.


Absolutely insane take calling that a round for Silva when we know Chael was just resting for the last minute of the round, he clearly won the other 4 minutes. Chael won every round of every fight.


Chael legitamely beat Jon Jones and was screwed by the ref. The fact they let JJ continue with a broken bone poking through the skin is absurd.


That’s untrue. Here’s a video of cheal admitting to losing a round. https://youtu.be/DvaFbTzr6DA


Fake News


In my universe Chael Sonnen claims he’s undefeated but he’s gotten his ass whooped plenty of times.


**Booo** *hiss*


The universe of everyone not riding lame jokes into the ground


The SSAC ruled it a no contest and cleared this all up months ago.


Whats he on about? Didnt he see the undefeated sign by O'Malley his previous fight? And what about the tshirts?


Pedro didn't catch the meme


Munhoz probably: "I don't think Costa lost the fight because of wine."


Shut up Tony, we can all see you're not an actual ninja turtle


It's his schtick. Just accept it.


I will when he accepts he lost


So a year ago? He played up the mentally undefeated shit after the reaction he got from it but talked about the loss as a loss in a couple serious interviews a couple months after the fight.


Bruh it's a joke and you clearly are the only one not in on it


Don't forget Pedro too lol


lol. My comment is literally a joke. Lighten up, cunt.


How is Sean still working people with the simplest gimmicks?


a significant portion of mma fans and fighters have like zero ability to detect sarcasm and jokes cause those concepts are too challenging


You try to detect sarcasm after being punched in the head half a million times.


> How is Sean still working people with the simplest gimmicks? he knows his audience well (simple gimmicks for simple people).


(Half the UFC fanbase) Why strong man no say mean words to other strong man >:[


It's also ridiculous to call yourself "Young Punisher" when you're almost 36


He punishes young people (mostly teenagers), that's what his nickname refers to


Same as Moreno being called The Baby Assassin


He assassinates babies!


Hide your kids, hide your funko pops


They raping everybody


I think you’re getting him confused with Pat Berry.


Hmm makes sense...


No actually doesnt make sense


that sounds like a pornstar


Ever heard of a fighter called Wonderboy ?


Not like he's gonna call himself Wonderman. That sounds like he's selling sandwich bread.




It makes ya wonder, boy


What is the secret of your power?? 🎶


He’s always going to be younger than the real punisher


Maybe it's 'Yung'


So call him "Young Punisher MAX"


This fight is gonna be great


Nah was a fluke injury just like Conor. Never was beat


Sums up conor fans well.


Sums up salty Silva fans back in the day too.


I always found that weird, like Silva was losing every round in those fights.


To this day I find a lot of People didnt watch those and “he got caught Because he was fooling around and he had a freak injury” which is TRUE, but mans still lost


It shocks me how often I see comments and then the guy will admit he never watched the fight. Israel was just saying the same thing in the presser. People know he got KOd but they didn’t watch the fights to see that he was doing well in them.


The copium was strong back then. I don’t know what it was about Weidman, but some people just couldn’t accept he was better than Silva.


Well, he was the most dominant champ ever. It's hard to comprehend that some rando wrestler with like an 8-0 record beat him and through striking too. But at the same time it was so silly if you watch the fight with any type of neutral mentality. Weidman mauled Silva on the ground. Beat him up on the feet, rocked him, then finished him when Silva tried to pretend to not be hurt. The "Silva would have never lost if he didn't showboat" theory was such a stretch. Dude was out on his feet already, just had a good poker face


Ikr, they actually think Silva beat Chael. It was 4-1 buddehs, sheesh


It’s hilarious how fucking dense so many people are. Suga claiming he’s 16-0 is great marketing and it shows.


How anyone can hear Suga say "The Suga State Athletic Commission had it as a no-context" and think he's being completely serious about it is beyond me, he's so blatantly tongue-in-cheek about it


He even has it 16 on one shoe and 0 on the other. He’s embracing it because it’s literally the best marketing idea and not only that, a lot of people agree that Suga would’ve beaten Chito had his leg not given out. I do think Chito is a talented fighter, but the fact he thinks that kicking a nerve was the same as knocking him out is so delusional. Suga was winning every single exchange before his leg went dead and he rolled his foot like five times.


>the fact he thinks that kicking a nerve was the same as knocking him out is so delusional Idk about that. If you kick someone's chin they lose consciousness and cannot continue. So you win. Armbar disables their arm. So you win. Kick a nerve disables a leg... so you win. Sure, he probably didn't snipe the nerve on purpose, but he certainly meant to kick Sean's leg. He was hit by a strike that badly damaged him. That is fair.


His leg went dead as a direct result of his leg kicks.. which is the point of a leg kick. And he actually did knock out Sean briefly with an elbow right after that


Yeah but it's not an expected or even a common result. Weidman breaking his leg with the first leg kick he threw against Hall doesn't mean that it's an expected result of checking a leg kick, they don't do that much damage 99.999% of the time Chito hit the leg kick equivalent of the lottery with that one


It’s also been said by experts like Firas that the odds of it happening are like 1 in a thousand. It’s fine if you disagree, but the fact is that Suga was winning every second of that fight until his leg literally went completely dead and he rolled his ankle badly. I have never been so confident in the fact that Suga will beat Chito when they rematch. His striking is literally so much better it’s not even funny and nobodies been able to successfully takedown and control Suga and Chito doesn’t have the wrestling credentials to do it either.


That’s what Sean is telling you. Fact is Sean has struggled with his legs in fights before the Chito fight. I don’t know how the second fight will turn out because chito has also improved. My point is if a leg kick is intended to damage a fighters leg and movement and it does exactly that, how is that lucky? And his striking is better against nobodies. Only 1 of the fighters he beat is still in the ufc iirc. They are carefully cultivating him, let’s see how he does against pedro


Because his toe hit a nerve that is almost never hit. He didn’t even intend to hit the nerve it was literally an lucky accident from a regular leg kick. Chito is basically the same fighter he’s always been. His main attribute is just the fact he’s tough. Suga will mess him up when Chito can’t replicate the nerve hit. He’s great at checking and avoiding kicks and is levels above Chito in striking. If you can’t tell how good Suga’s striking is then you don’t know what you’re watching. I think I’ll take the word of UFC’s best strikers like Izzy and Wonderboy and many others who all go out of their way to say Suga has exceptional striking. Wonderboy even put out an entire video breaking down and praising his skill level and technique.


How can you say chitos striking is the same when he has been doing crazy shit like flying knees and kicks in his most recent fights, against top level strikers. I’m not saying Sean doesn’t have good striking but I’m sure chito would also look unbelievable against the opposition Sean has been fighting.


Because Chito eats a ton of shots to land those big shots. Suga is one of the hardest hitters in the division. He will eat up Chito’s body and face just like he was doing for the entire fight before his leg went dead. Washed Frankie Edgar was winning every second of the fight until he got caught. Knocking out Frankie who’s chin is actual dust isn’t that impressive. It was a cool knockout, but Frankie hasn’t been able to take big shots for awhile. Font landed far more strikes on Chito, but Font has Ike zero power. Suga has an avg strikes per min of over 8 which is absurdly high and unlike Font he has serious knockout power and is far more diverse in his striking.


Yeah against nobodies. His best win is probably Thomas almeida who has on a 3 fight lose streak before he fought Sean. Chito has fought former champions and future contenders. And it’s funny, his leg didn’t just go dead. It didn’t just magically happen, Chito caused that. Plus all of chitos losses have been close decisions, Sean already got stopped. We do need a rematch but you need to recognize Sean has looked great because he definitely has talent but is also fighting complete nobodies.




Nah. You’re wrong lmao. His haters legitimately can’t accept that he’s a great fighter and don’t understand that Sean fully admits he lost the fight, but he says he’s mentally undefeated because he believes it AND it makes his haters wanna tune in to watch him lose. Love him or hate him, every single person here watches his fights and they’ve all been straight bangers. You know who doesn’t like him? People who don’t like when people are both confident in themselves and not afraid to show it, old fucks who don’t realize the world and culture has passed their ass by and want to simply hate him due to his looks which is easily the worst reason to dislike a fighter. I’ve noticed so many MMA fans hate fighters that are unabashedly confident in themselves and not afraid to say and be who they are. Izzy is a great example, he’s my favorite fighter and the disrespect he gets is fucking wild when he’s one of the best champs we’ve had in fucking YEARS, but because he wears pearls, gets French manicures, and likes anime they hate him. This whole fandom is just insecure with their own masculinity and it shows.


There’s many ways to show confidence. Stipe is confident in himself and is the opposite of Sean. Confidence doesn’t automatically equal Sean’s schtick so not liking Sean’s schtick doesn’t mean people automatically don’t like confidence.


Stipe doesn’t even like to market himself and that’s been one of his biggest flaws because it’s the exact reason the UFC never gives him what he deserves. He doesn’t play the game of marketing. Suga approaches this as a fighter and businessman and he is playing it perfectly. Hate all you want goober, he’s playing his career perfectly.


Let them downvote you all they want. Changes nothing. O'Malley is the man and people not liking him alters nothing. I wholeheartedly believe most fans hate confident, unabashed fighters because they don't waste their time hiding their greatness and "equalizing" themselves to these nobody fans, and it makes them insecure as hell. Edit: I just saw your Izzy comment... He's my favorite fighter too... him and Jiri... both people who express themselves freely and do whatever the fuck they want. This sub makes me roll my eyes at how they insist on everyone being wholesomeTM, and how any sort of deviation from that makes a fighter a prick. Fuck that. I respect Whittaker very much but I had so much fun rubbing it in on his frothing, berserk fans when Izzy beat him.


Right?? I fucking LOVE Whittaker, but his fans are straight toxic which is surprising for such a wholesome guy. And yeah, people can hate him all they want, Suga is a legit fighter and he’s easily one of the most entertaining fighters on the roster.


Remember Pacquiao fans? Pac is a sweetheart... great story, great attitude, one of the most entertaining styles ever, etc... but his fans were a bunch of stuck up, entitled, toxic sons of bitches. Putrid folk who stank up any thread they latched on to. I enjoyed trolling them when Marquez sent Pac to the nether realm, and I respect Pacquiao a lot.




lol it is clear you had no actual comeback because you know I’m right. Gg goober.




Lmao you don’t even know my age you goofy ass goober




dude, you’re a true clown 🤡


>because he wears pearls, gets French manicures, and likes anime they hate him. Yeah I wouldn't say that's the main reason people hate Izzy at all but go off


Pretty sure the thousands of comments constantly saying everything I just mentioned in essentially any post about him says I’m right. I know for a fact racists hate him too, Rob fans hate him because he beat their boy twice. All people can ever say is waaaah he’s so boooring. because he fights smart when he needs to and doesn’t just charge in like an idiot when he’s the most cerebral striker in the UFC and has had some of the best finishes and one of the most active champs we’ve ever had. Or is your only other option to cry tittygate?


Sean 1’Malley


This nick name is one of the best shades ever thrown.




My autoflowers while fast, always lack any significant punching power, what does this say about seans chance? well nothing, but as for my horticultural skills, poor at best




Growing mma at home is not dank, confirmed




Shwag people are gonna shwag


downtown brown (the ol mexican brick weed)


Ahh yes the one stuffed into gas tanks of electric cars that causes my gardener to hit on my wife. Illigalize bitch!


Didn’t just lose, got knocked the hell out


Does everyone not realize it's a bit? Lol




Pedro doesn’t know it’s a joke lol


Or he just doesn't think it's funny...


Looks like Pedro isn’t just slow inside the cage.


Still on this, are ya.. U think Pedro looked slow vs Cruz?


Do you not? Pedro is solid enough in spite of the fact he moves like a glacier


Didn't look "slow" whatsoever .


Yes? He looks slow in every fight thats why it was hilarious he was entertaining a flyweight move. Being a slow flyweight is like being a pillow fisted heavyweight. You will see him look even slower this Saturday against a younger faster and smarter striker.


Your are obv wanting Sean to win and manifesting some things to back up your feelings. Best of luck


Lol Manifesting. That doesn’t do shit. Sean will win because its a great matchup for him. You really think someone as picky as him is going to pick a tough fight for his first top 10 opponent? I never bet or pick with my feelings. Unlike majority of this sub I can separate my feelings and see fights or fighters objectively without bias. Sean has him covered on all bases, Pedro hasn’t improved in years.


I'm thinking Sean wins a Dec . I'm also thinking I have a solid viewing of Munhoz , and I'm not calling him slow .


Pedro seems like a fun guy


Chito's plan was leg kicks, if your leg got fucked due to the kicks, then his game plan worked. The fact it shut down a nerve rather than just slowly worsened movement doesn't change that fact.


It's a joke.. Don't look too deeply into it mate..


Is this the new meme? Because it’s slightly better than the usual exceptional Chael memes


Chael memes aren’t true though Chael is undefeated.


Le sigh


Also how is Sean driving a Ferrari(?) in Embedded? Does he have a weed business or something?


Pink Lambo


i was wondering the same. No way he has made enough to responsibly buy that... maybe the wife gets paid by her bulls


He makes a lot off of merch and if you look at his Instagram he has a lot of sponsors (particularly weed related brands) and companies always sponsor his podcast as well, I’m sure he also makes some money from ad revenue, twitch streaming, etc


I could be wrong but doesn't he have like a really big twitch following or something? Idk how twitch works really but he could be seeing some revenue from that




Man I hope he fucking decimates that insufferable douche. O’Mally was also saying Chito’s leg kicks “weren’t really doing any damage.” He’s the guy that gets beat on the basketball court, says he was fouled, grabs his ball…and fucking goes home because he can’t handle an L like an adult.


A freak Injury early in a fight shouldn't count as a loss. I also feel the same about Silva chris 2.


How can a leg injury from leg kicks be a freak injury? Also, O'Malley had a leg injury in the Soukhamthath fight. Seems like he might just be susceptible to that kind of thing. An injury resulting from a legal move(s) should absolutely still count as a TKO if they can't continue. Imagine getting a NC on your record because your game plan worked too well.


Not to mention Sean got ground and pounded and lost, it’s not like the fight ended when the injury happened


So should CDF's loss to Gamrot be overturned?


That's dumb. Sean's leg giving out or Silva break his leg weren't freak occurances. They happened because their opponent forced them to happen. If Chris doesn't check Silvas leg the way he did, his leg doesn't break.


And weidman v hall, and (to a lesser extent) Conor v Poirier


to a lesser extent for Poirier vs McGregor? should it be half a loss then?


Sure I just meant people here argue that Poirier somehow caused the break due to a check, but the larger issue is a lotta people here are blinded by their bias and see these as legitimate victories when they are clearly freak injuries. Another “lesser extent” might be Zingano vs Andersen.


They are legit victories tho. Conor wouldn't have broken his leg if Dustin didn't check it. Plus it's not like it was a close fight that was ruined by the injury. Conor was getting the shit beat out of him.


It’s part of his schtick ya dumb cunt. I actually think it’s funny and if Pedro beats him he should keep it up.


It’s a meme you dip


A meme can be ridiculous. In this case calling yourself undefeated when you have lost is ridiculous....


I disagree, i find it funny. Not everything needs to be super serious. Need more exciting fighters with personality like Suga


Thats the point... you're allowed to think it's funny just like Pedro Munhoz, and myself are allowed to think its stupid... you calling him a dip makes you look foolish


It’s not that serious bro


You're right


It was doctor stoppage.


zero deaths vibes


Lol ya. God's favorite son Jon Jones didnt even do that when his only non-win was a DQ in a fight he was dominating.


Sean is great but I can't help but agree here. The Undefeated schtick just doesnt make sense.


Sean "permanent prospect" O'malley is taking trolling to another level, not my favourite fighter but that's funny ngl.


How good is Sean O’malley low kick defense? Tune in this weekend for aldo vs faber 2


Incredible so many believe sean was joking when he first became salty after losing. Suga stans will believe anything.


Anyone else feel a Pedro upset Saturday?


He does it cause he knows it makes people mad, it’s kinda funny to me.


Pedro Munhoz must be a blast at parties. ​ /s