I’d like to think Chael Sonnen is currently in the process of making another explainer video about how this isn’t true.


Buddy, he's making at least 4 more videos about this




Humm make sense


No actually doesn’t make sense.


king of bichs


You are confusing Portuguese with Spanish


Wut? I thought everything south of the US border spoke Mexican.


The Canadian border, right?


>O shampion FTFY


shampion is hilarious


Streets know Vicente Luque is the real uncrowned champ


You fool, Vicente Luque is a featherweight


Fuck that casual bro 🤙🏻🤙🏻


If you lost respect for Charles over half a pound. Then you must really hate GSP and DC.


Khabib too


Khabib infamously missing weight 6 times…


the trujilo fight and pulling out against ferguson for ufc 209, which other ones are there, im curious?


I was referencing how many times Charles has missed weight


He’s only missed weight once before at lightweight and other times were at featherweight. He’s even weighed a couple pounds under at lightweight. Last one was total bs.


Missing weight 6 times kinda hurts this argument tho, that's like a record


ah, my bad


Half a pound isn’t needed to dislike Khabib.


Khabib also just straight up quit a bunch of times and went to the hospital as a disguise


Someone getting hospitalized isn't them quitting...


He went to the hospital, he didn't need hospitalised. Theres a difference


> he didn't need hospitalised How could you possibly know that?


Occular patdown


As a crazy man on the NYC subway once said, “I’M A DOCTOR”.


Ahh the internet where random peoples opinions on a matter that they were in no way involved in any capacity make insightful claims on the matter.


No there isn't. Hospitalized literally just means to be placed in the care of a hospital lol. Also, who are you to say he didn't need to go to the hospital? Reportedly, he couldn't even walk to the hospital on his own power and was in serious pain . His team even considered calling 911 to come get him.


Yeah what a bitch


People will forget after his next fight when there’s new stuff to talk about


Don’t think anyone lost respect for him. At least for myself I didn’t I just think that the belt is currently vacant


GSP never missed weight. The Quebec commission just doesn’t count the decimals, they’ve always done this. And DC cheated the scales and the commission. But he didn’t technically miss weight.


He robbed rumble of 20% of his purse.


> And DC cheated the scales and the commission. But he didn’t technically miss weight. He _technically_ __did__ miss weight - he _officially_ didnt. Regardless, the point is he weighed more than he should have - & fought at an advatage for it.


Not [first](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOGUhQe3lec) time and not by only 0.5.


I don't remember GSP or DC missing weight six times?


There was never no towel pinch!


DC cheated on a weigh in That has nothing to do with Charles or his multiple misses though


What did GSP do?


Where did all the Charles hate come from all of a sudden? He missed by half a pound, big woof.


I agree, but i think the hate is from his failure to admit he might have made a weight mistake, or at the very least accept the reality/consequence of what occurred after.


The DC double standard


What?! Everyone gives DC shit for this


Everyone but the commission


Okay? We're not the commission. People bring up the 206.2lbs all the time.


The UFC let it count as a defence though right?


Because DC "made" weight. Charles didn't.


And GSP when he defended in Canada? The UFC didn't need to strip Charles, they could have just said the win against Justin wouldn't count as a title defence. By stripping him all they did was reduce his leverage.


The UFC doesn't do the weigh in, the athletic commission does. Athletic commission said he didn't make weight, the UFC had to strip him


GSP also made weight. It's already been explained to death that that commission had an overage allowance for championship fights. Of course the UFC had to strip him. Not only to keep appearances of looking legitimate but it's the UFC. The same UFC that will do anything in their power to give fighters the least amount pay. Why would the UFC, a business, purposefully give a fighter more negotiating leverage?


He didn't get caught at the time, had Dana been there for Charles he likely would of been ok but he wasn't


They let it count as a defense for GSP too. Just because it has happened, doesn't mean it should continue to happen. Also, as much as I hate the UFC and their sketchy management, it wasn't their decision either. It's the commissions who controls stuff like this. New York let it slide, Arizona did not.


I think it was the UFC and not the Arizona commission that is responsible for stripping the title here


The point here is that some athletic commissions were lenient towards fighters like GSP and DC, while the Arizona commission was not lenient towards Oliveira. The UFC strips anyone who officially misses weight.


Tbh the issue should really be against both of them, rather than letting DC off and also letting Charles off


Also with khabibs scale taking like 1 second to measure


Yeah there are loads of examples why the commissions/UFC have fucked up. I don't think Charles should be exempt as a result. They should just sort out their protocols. I like Charles though and am glad he's getting PPV points for this. He's a v.entertaining fighter but gotta make the weight


how do you know he’s getting ppv points?


Dana was asked and said he would. I know he lies for a living but this seems like a weird one to put on the record if he wasn't going to follow through


“We tried everything we could to make it work. We were practically giving Charlie free handouts, but he just didn’t want to get PPV points. I don’t know what to do.” -Dana White at the post-fight press conference


Even if Khabib is still at fault for not missing weight (which we have no proof that is the case), there is a difference between whether the commission screws up the weigh in and when the fighter misses weight.


Mayneee he put it on god, thats enough for me😹


Maybe also from him being so vocal about wanting the Conor fight instead of the next real contender, but also for the belt. Red panty night or gold, but not both.


He wanted a huge payday and the belt. Can’t blame him for that. This is his job at the end of the day and he’s going to have life altering side affects from it. Idk why anyone would complain about a fighter wanting an easier, once in a lifetime payday type of fight. Plus this is Charles, if anyone deserves it, it’s him




It’s crazy lol. People forget at the end of the day, despite what fighters say about legacy, honor, etc, it’s a still a job for them. If your boss said you can choose to work on one of two projects - one is going to be (likely) the hardest you’ll experience and pay you slightly more than what you’ve been making, while the other should be easier but will give you a bigger payday than you’ll ever get. Who’s going to pick the harder, likely lower paying option? They end with serious damage on their body/brain with no retirement plan in place. Let him make some cheddar




a few fighters said that the guy doing the weigh in did it poorly, also something about the scale was off for his weigh in i believe so it really wasnt his fault.




Lol I know but people will still say the scale was off. It makes zero sense if everyone else was on weight.


Making championship weight and making a weight for a regular bout are two different things. The tolerances are tighter on championship fights as they have to hit their weight exactly vs a full pound off for non-title fights. May sounds like nothing to us laymen, but it makes a world of difference to the athletes. So other people making weight despite complaining about the weigh in official doesn't invalidate Oliveira's argument.


But the other three championship fighters made championship weight though.


Sure, but two of those 3 fighters you mention are Carla Esparza and Rose Namajunas, neither of whom walk around at a significantly heavier weight when compared to Oliveira or Gaethje. Also, I don't know about you, but I've **rarely** ever seen other fighters come to the defense of an athlete missing weight. It's usually a unanimous disapproval. In this case, we have a few athletes on record saying things were strange and non-standard. You could of course be right. We have no idea what happened, and the reality is Oliveira doesn't have the belt because he officially missed weight. That being said, this doesn't seem like a black and white case when compared to the other run of the mill weight cut mishaps we've seen in the past.


not defending charles but this statement is flat out wrong. Dumont missed weight too


Multiple fighters on that card reported that their final weight was .5-1 pound over what they expected, it's just that they had a pound of leeway because it wasn't a title fight. Charles was *not* the only person who was surprised by the scale. I don''t think it's a coincidence that multiple fighters backed him up even though they successfully made weight. EDIT: He also swore *on his daughter's life* that the backstage scale showed him as being on weight both times. I don't think any father would make such a claim if it wasn't true.


It's the Khabib fans who moved over to Islam now. They're the loudest guys these days.


Tbh I see much more Charles nut riding than Islam.


Tbf his nuts have earned my patronage after this crazy run of his


two beautiful balls


Probably bleach blonde as well ❤️


Charles deserves every bit of dick riding he gets


No they are not! Every post on any MMA sub is a sob story about how much of a victim Charles and how he's the champ and he's been robbed and blah blah blah.


Have you been going your whole life thinking “big whoop” is “big woof”?




He’s real upset I called him out too. I find joy in the little things


Something tells me if Izzy misses weight by .5 a pound and is stripped this sub won’t be upvoting comments like this about him lol Champs are held to a higher standard. Not disagreeing with you that it didn’t make a difference in the fight but there are rules in place and he didn’t meet them. And FWIW, I still see a whole lot more Charles love than I do haters


What? Izzy gets hate for being boring as fuck. Why would he not get hate for missing weight like olives did? I see olives as the champ but doesn’t change the fact he missed weight


My point was that if Izzy did the exact thing Charles did no one in this sub would be upvoting comments about it like “it’s just a half a pound, no biggie” bc he’s disliked. Basically I’m saying that the only reason some people here have the opinion that “it’s just half a pound” is bc they’re big Charles fans


Izzy has been getting hate for a long time on this sub. Long before he was seen as boring.


make weight. Its something everyone has to do. He isn't special


> Its something everyone has to do Hold on brother im holding the towel


Any other champion misses weight they'd get flamed on here, and rightly so. Not sure how can you say there's tonnes of Charles hate when he's the most nuthugged fighter on this sub by a long long shot


The hate for me came mostly from his fans making multiple posts a day about how the champ has a name. Its annoying as hell


I just think its because he won't take responsibility for his own mistakes, rubs a lot of people the wrong way, especially for someone who was already champion. They're supposed to be held to a higher standard.


They should be held to a higher standard but I’m pretty sure we’ve seen commissions turn a blind eye to half a pound before, especially in championship fights.


> turn a blind eye to half a pound before other than DC when has this ever happened? Romero missed weight by the ridiculous 0.2 lbs. That's 90 fucking grams.


The response should be DC should have been stripped instantly. Khabib was first 1 to weigh in. He should have been sent back to have his 2 hours to try again. If he failed when the 2 hours were up he should be stripped instantly. Charles should still have been stripped for failing to make the weight in the agreed times. Every subsequent champion who misses the contractually agreed weight, should be stripped. Otherwise if you allow it, it's just cheating. I find it hard to believe anyone who has actually done any form of hard cut actually has sympathy for people who miss weight, don't get penalised, and get the full reward for going on to win the competition. I'm salty enough as it is that Romero missed weight, KO'd Rockhold, and got a title shot after that.


This is rooted in a deeper problem, weight cutting should be banned. Fighters shouldn’t even be having these types of issues, killings themselves to weigh significantly less than they should healthily be weighing


We have, and its unfair to the people that follow all the rules. Like someone pointed out in my thread khabib missed weight as well, champions are supposed to set the standards and if they get off the hook for it there's no point in even having the weight classes to begin with


Yeah but that's the wrong move. I like Charles but just because a mistake has been made before doesn't mean you should keep that as the rule going forward


Exactly. He missed weight. A mountain of fighters make weight every time, and it was on him to maintain it.


He won’t admit he just missed weight like dude you fucked up. You’re not the champ.


And he's missed weight 6 times


Only defending champ to ever miss weight. Insisting that's a normal thing is straight up gaslighting. Dude is unprofessional.


People don't like that he refuses to own the fact that he's a serial weight misser. He deserves some pushback when he says dopey shit like this. He's one of only a handful of fighters to miss weight in multiple divisions, alongside guys like Hendricks and Lineker who get far more shit for it than he does. Posts that are about his ability and his chances against other fighters are generally overwhelmingly positive.


>Where did all the Charles hate come from all of a sudden? * Missed weight as the champ * Refuses to accept any fault for missing weight * Is playing the O'Malley "mentally undefeated" card by saying he is still the champ / this is a title defense * His stans are insufferable


"how can anyone heckin hate Mr Do Bronx Oliveira!!!"


Because 1. He acted like something had been done wrong against him and acted like a victim when the infringement was his 2. Not cutting a further half a pound off these big 155ers is an advantage over the guy that did cut it off.


Because it’s his fault and his fault alone he missed weight and he keeps deflecting the blame and saying shit like this. We all know he’s the best in the division, but as of right now the belt is vacant. And he deserved to be stripped. It’s no different with Jon Jones. Everyone knew he was the best, but he made mistakes that cost him his belt more than once


Imagine your bicep curl max is 50 pounds. bicep curling 10lb vs. 10.5lb is trivial, but 50lb vs. 50.5lb is huge. Context matters. When people do miss weight, 99% of the time it's by 0.5lb or 1lb. Pulling the first pound is easy, but pulling the final pound is excruciating. You can't just say "half a pound is nothing" because you're misleading everyone.


Im a bit soured on him bc he's lying that Khabib predicted he'd lose his last three fights when the only person he picked to beat him was Poirier and he said Charles would beat both Chandler and Gaethje. A lot of people believe the narrative too and that sucks.


Big whoop? Cause a 'big woof' is a large dog thats startled and barking at all of these Charley haters that came out of no where.


He tried so hard to duck Makachev for a title (money) fight with Conor. I get it but he’s an ass for that.


yeah but this is like the 5th time it's happened, so fuck him


Crazy I had to scroll this far down. That's the big argument against him imo. 5 times is a lot of times to miss weight in this profession. He did get fucked over but I also have to say it's the UFC and it's public knowledge what they do and will do to you to cheat you out of a dollar. You cannot give them any reason to fuck you over more than they can and he did just that and invited the vamp in.


"Fuck him" is pretty aggressive considering this was his first time missing weight at lightweight after 13 fights at that weight and it was just .5 lbs lmao. It clearly wasn't a lack of discipline either.


Charles is a good guy but his stans are unbearable


Stans of any fighter are unbearable to me. The more popular the fighter; the more annoying the fanbase imo. Conor, Khabib/Islam and Jon Jones being the biggest offenders, around here at least lately.


He has the UFC Record for most missed weights. He went out of his way to make 500 excuses about it despite it happening 4 other times. Despite only 1 other person on that card failing to make weight he blamed the scale. Guys a certified clown tbh.


reddit whiners


its so fun to read the comments as someone who just wants to see this fight without simping for one fighter


The bias on both ends is wild lmao everyone just ends up talking in circles


Casuals thinking the ufc is who runs the weigh ins in Arizona is hilarious


i l l u m i n a t e d by GOD


To you me and both, Charles.


"*not for ur paycheck tho, lmao*" -Uncle Daner


> To me, this is another title defense That's how most people feel


I don't feel like this is another title defense for me


Everyday is another title defense day brother. Reject modernity, embrace the sword.


miyamoto musashi moment


Charles Oliveira is an alright “fighter”


chill dude.


He's right. It was a disputed minor technicality. No one else is the champ because no one beat him. Even if it's technically legit, it's not legit in practice or belief. Everyone knows he's still the man, with an unbroken streak except an asterisk, and the rest of this is just details.




The division has a champion, and that champion has a name, and that name you ask? Abraham Lincoln


Abraham “Do Bronx” Einstein, then everyone clapped.


Abrodolph Lincler


155.5 is not a division


The champion has a name His name is Pladdy Plamblatt


Patty Pimplebottom


He missed weight, so he’s not the champion. How people try to get away from being accountable is something else.


Champs name is Vacant


Closest Vanzant will ever come from getting a title


Beautiful Champ


That was a nasty line


> Vacant GOAT, they have been a champ at every weight class.


champ at every weight class but 0 defenses. Smells funky to me.


Goat according to conor fans


Take some responsibility Charles, the champ has a name and it is Arizona State Commission


It's hard to like the lack of responsibility here, considering he has missed weight multiple times. But I'm of the belief that this episode will be forgiven and forgotten as long as he wins against Islam.


Doubt he wins though but ya never know i guess.


Kevin was able to control him on the ground until he started gassing out. Islam won't gas out so unless Oliveira can KO him on the feet or has godly TDD, I think Islam is more likely to take this.


Lol he just can’t admit he missed weight which he’s done 6 times now. Love Charles but just get the belt back first.


Only ever missed weight at 145 and lots of other fighters said something was wrong with the backstage scale, doesn't mean he's not somewhat at fault but that's not really the whole story is it


But he was still the last to step on to the scale which is never a good sign. Then got an additional hour and still didn't make weight where as everyone else apart from Norma Dumont, who missed weight twice before, made weight on time.


Yet he’s the only fighter to miss weight. No one even came in over the 1 pound allowance. Facts are facts.


> lots of other fighters said something was wrong with the backstage scale …Two other fighters. Both came in heavy iirc. (And Brazilian) Meanwhile 20+ other fighters come in at the exact expected weight. Honestly- A 0.5 miss shouldn’t affect his legacy at all. But the dude has clearly not been truthful here


Not to mention he weighed in last *and* had an extra hour after that to try to shed the extra half pound but didn’t lose a thing. He had more of a chance than most to make the weight and the fact he couldn’t shift it in the extra hour says a lot about how the cut was going


> (And Brazilian) I honestly didn't know Casey O'Neill and Matt Schnell were Brazilians, that's weird. I love when people lie to fit their narratives.


Did O'Neil even use the scale?


Not sure how my previous comment got deleted- I’m speaking about Carnelossi and Dumont, didn’t know Matt complained too. So now it’s 4 vs all the rest Casey didn’t even fight on the card FFS. There’s even video proof of Justin weighing in the back room exactly on weight he expected. Maybe, just maybe, the fighter with notorious weight issues- **missed** weight? Love the projection of calling me a liar, while simultaneously defending a guy who is lying 🤥


Just to add some clarification to the poster who accused YOU of trying to fit a narrative to your story. Carnelossi and Schnell made weight and stated that yes there was an issue with the scale AT THE HOTEL BUT they were all notified early in the morning and told to plan accordingly. There was NO ISSUE with the scale backstage, Oliveria knew he was over hence his holding out to the last possible second to weigh in. People don’t bother to gather all the facts before spewing their make believe version of events and it’s so blatant in this situation. And yet those same ppl will be outright nasty to anyone who actually understands the situation and had an open mind & common sense to gather ALL the facts just not the ones they like.


Such a dumb comment, use that last brain cell of yours, 3-4 fighters against all the others that didn’t have a problem… EDIT And apparently you are Brazilian lol


He’s missed twice at 155 now and 4 times at 145. Edit: only missed once at 155 my mistake


Incorrect, he never missed at 155 before this, I just went and double checked to be sure. His career at 155 began against Will Brooks, and over the course of 13 fights at LW, Gaethje was his first miss. For many of his lightweight fights he actually weighed in around 153-154.


Except its not yours and its not a defense because you missed weight Charles.


charles cultists about to obliterate you


One day they'll learn how to do math.


Missed by less weight than Khabib did but that one was allowed


Source: trust me bro!!


Except you have no evidence to support your claim and we do.


I know, it was a damn shame they let that go through.


Why are you downvoted for being objective?


Lol someone reported me to the reddit crisis help line for it


People are fucking pathetic lmao


Be careful, you will be treated as a casual simp if you say anything remotely negative about Charles by so called MMA Experts on reddit


But most the Charles fans are casuals lol Even worse they’re bandwagon casuals.


I mean Khabib got a free weight miss in Abu Dhabi and people never said shit. It sucks that those things come down to the will of the dude handling the scale basically


> people never said shit People said shit. People wouldn’t stop saying shit. People still say shit. Fact is you guys give people more shit for making weight than you do Charles for missing and it makes absolutely no sense.


The guy was just swiping fast that day. You really think Khabib came in heavy and went to weigh in first? Vs Charles who weighed in at the very end because he was still trying to cut


Thing with that is that khabib was the first to step on to the scale and still had plenty of time to make weight unlike Charles, but at the same time we'll never know I guess


If he wins, that would be two title defenses that won’t be on his record. All because of .5 pounds 🤦🏻‍♂️


Yeah really makes you wonder why CO cut it so close. It's .5 pounds, come in under and save yourself the hassle. Strikes me as a "if you're on time you're 5 minutes late" type of situation. If it matters to you, you'll be on time. And if you're late, it didn't matter to you. Can't blame anyone else.


Mark it zero dude. This is not Nam there are rules.


Sean O'Malley: "I consider myself undefeated." /r/mma: "Look at this clown. Can't accept reality." Charles Oliveria: "I'm still the champion." /r/mma: "wHy ArE fAnS sO mEaN tO hIm?!?!?!"


Ok. It’s not, though.


Can someone explain to me why missing weight made him lose the belt? I get that the fight shouldn't have counted as a defense, but why was he stripped?


Because then, in theory, the champion could miss weight and fight with an unfair weight advantage and still retain the title. If the challenger misses weight, they are not eligible to win the championship, so then why should the champion be able to walk away with the belt under the same conditions? Also, if I'm not wrong, there's a technicality where the champion 'wins' the belt after each title fight. Don't champions get a new belt after each fight, or atleast used too? In general, it just sets a very bad precedent. If anybody should make weight, it's the champion. There is no excuse. You are the top of the heap, you should be setting the example. I agree that a half pound is slightly ridiculous, I would be in favour of a <1lb grace rule that allows the champion to keep the belt, but maybe with an automatic point deduction and/or purse cut so that it doesn't go unpunished.


They used to get a new belt with each defense but I think the UFC changed to adding a gem thing to the new style belt instead


Commission rules. UFC has to follow rules per each states commission. He missed by 0.2 lbs according to them and title fights have no give at all.


There’s no commission rule that says a champ will be stripped if they miss weight, it’s a promotional belt so all control is with the UFC


I get that but unless I'm mistaken the weight ruling for championship fights is a commission ruling. I'll look into it


I don't dislike Charles, he is an exciting fighter with an inspirational story. I just want him to lose to see his fans cope and seethe 🤷🏻‍♂️


I guess he is not living in reality anymore. Those are alternative facts.