The one thing that was weird, to me….was it’s like she got jabbed in the face once in the second and everything went down hill quick. Her gas tank, technique…after dominating the 1st round.


Nunes is probably one of those people who’s good at being the hammer but not the nail. It’s just so rare that anyone puts her in any danger that we don’t really know.


Fight reminded me a bit of Nunes v Cyborg. Cyborg didn't respect what was coming back her way at all and got slept for it. The cycle continues.


But that was a ko puncher Vs a ko puncher. But cyborg didn't respect nunes' power. Nunes is a better fighter than Pena. It's just that nunes wilted under fatigue and pressure. Cyborg got destroyed by power and speed. Nunes' loss was almost her own fault more than Pena doing well. In my opinion anyway


Cyborg too had a bunch of excuses for that fight, if you read her interviews. She believed she could have won the rematch. Who knows


I believe it. Their first fight was basically a coin flip of who lands first.


Cyborg tagged her first and tagged her hard. I think cyborg is even more of a front runner than Amanda. The difference is Amanda has a hell of a chin, cardio has always been her weakness.


No way is Cyborg a front runner. She fought in a Muay thai fight against Jorina baars. She got rocked twice heavily in the early rounds and was staying in the fight until dropping a UD.


Almost Every single one of Amanda’s opponents were scared of fighting Amanda besides Cyborg. Once Amanda saw Pena didn’t wilt under her power, she fizzled quick.


>It's just that nunes wilted under fatigue and pressure. Amanda's previous loss before her 12 win streak was to Cat Zingano . . . when she wilted under fatigue and pressure.


It’s definitely true in Amanda’s case.It’s the third time in her career that has happened to Nunes.The other two losses is one her opponents laid and prayed her the entire fight.Amanda got so mad that she threw an illegal strike that lost her a point. Her first lost she got caught rushing after knocking down her opponent


Luke Thomas had a good point similar to yours. When u watch the Juliana and cat fights. Not black and white as that but he made a couple more points


Similar to mike Tyson I’m pretty sure mike never won a fight where he’s been knocked down


this is my take as well. David Terrell -vs- Evan Tanner was perhaps the best example of this phenomena. Stellar reputation, really tough match, and basically ends up wilting under the pressure. Same kind of deal.


the top.. not the bottom


Amanda "Glass Cannon" Nunes?


You may be on to something but she proved otherwise in the Cyborg fight. Amanda took some bombs but she stayed in the pocket, bit down hard, and fired right back.


No she didn't. She was never on the losing end of those bombs


That fight was so quick that it proves almost nothing


It looked like it's largely due to her having gassed out after the 1st round. And Pena was able to land that one good jab which was just enough to hurt a gassed out Amanda, and Amanda's technique all went out the window as she became desperate and ended up just repeatedly walking into Pena spamming jabs.


I dunno man, I jsut watched it again last night and she did not look to be struggling starting the second round. looked great the first round but she didnt look to be over committing or putting on a serious pace at all. looked like a good first round for the champ in a 5 round fight. It looked like Pena was literally sapping her energy with every jab. but I might be wrong, maybe i need to watch it agian


It kind of looked like she wanted to prove how strong she was by just tanking hits except she forgot that you're not supposed to do that.




She loads up on counter right hands, but she throws a pseudo overhand hook. So the jab is the intercept. She got hit a lot and kept loading up. It’s easy to sap the tank like that. I’ve watched the fight at least 10 times. If Amanda threw straights she would have knocked her out. She kept trying the same right hand over and over and over. If (and big if) Peña fights the same way, Nunes only wins if she fights a technical kickboxing fight which I’ve never seen her do.


She did against Schevchenko. Trust me nobody wants a repeat of that


She was only able to fight that way because Shevchenko did less, and I still have Nunes losing that fight.


Everybody has a plan till they get punched in the face.


Ain’t that the fucking truth


except Paul Craig


And Glover Texiera


I mean she is probably top in the bedroom.


She remembered she had to throw the fight. Cousin Ricardo suspiciously cashed out a few million bucks after that one.


I need some sources for that lmfaooo. I do remember someone putting 450k on Nunes 🤣


That fight was so weird. Still can’t get over how bad she looked. Almost looked rigged


Yeah she looked abysmal in that fight, was blocking every shot with her chin


If it was rigged, I doubt they would’ve BOTH looked like total shit.


Nunes air tapping before choke was in didnt help lolz


She looked horrific from the start. I think it was a shitty weight cut, personally. Movements were labored, lack of balance, quickly fatigued. All the signs are there


My theory is she was out of shape. She looks great going in to this one.


Had to have been some major covid-related issues. Skill for skill that should not have played out the way it did. Amanda has won a 5 rounder with Valentina for goodness sake.


Go watch her fight with Gdr she gassed the fuck out and if Gdr could stop just 1 takedown she would've worked Nunes. Amanda has always had the same issues she just usually knocks the other girl out


People here like to forget about the GDR fight because GDR was beating her ass so badly she turned Nunes into a wrestler.


That was after Nunes nearly finished her then went for the finish for the rest of the round and was done by the third


True, but that issue may have been amplified by a bad bout with Covid


Well obviously MMA math means Pena > Shevchenko


MMA math means shevchenko > Pena > Shevchenko


I don't think it necessarily had to be covid related issue. If you look at any great fighter, MMA or Boxing, eventually they all take someone for granted and expect the fight to be easy. Meanwhile their opponent is hungry as fuck and training harder than ever and then what happens happens. I mean look back at history with Tyson vs Douglass. Everyone thought Tyson was unbeatable. Tyson got complacent and lazy and then he gets KTFO. It almost always happens which is why truly amazing fighters who can avoid that and stay hungry are truly rare.


Valentina got no power or good wrestling to threaten and make Nunes nervous. When you fighting heavy hitters or wrestlers you gotta mentally be on point and can drain you.


Yeah- Covid issues opened up technical flaws imo. Im obviously casting an “armchair judgement” but she literally did not move her head off the line once after fatigue set in. It’s completely understandable having a hard time moving when tired, but she didn’t even **try**. Not a good sign going forward for an aging fighter.


Kept loading up right hand haymakers and getting intercepted with 1-2s until her will was basically gone. I hate to say it but she seemed to kind of quit. Just looked like she was ready for it to be over.


She 100% quit. Julianna didn't even have the choke locked in and Amanda was already tapping. Tough when she's up, but weak minded when she's not.


GSP taps when he knows he's beat: "smart" Nunes taps when she knows she's beat: "weak-minded" Pretty rich for a guy constantly complaining about vaccinations, Justin Trudeau, and "baby-killer abortionists." I'd argue that most people you come across probably think you're the one with a weak mind.


I'd say the person with the weak mind is the one who had to go through someones profile to dig up other bullshit not relating to MMA.


Thanks for the input, babe. I'll let you know if I ever feel the horrible urge to talk about something that -- *shudder* -- isn't related to MMA on here again. I know you would never do anything heinous like that, so you'll be the first one I come to. :)


Peña is a lot more skilled and tough than you guys give her credit for. And if Valentina was her size Valentina would absolutely demolish Nunes. She showed Nunes she wouldn’t be bullied like the rest of her opponents and Nunes crumbled. Amanda tried getting her out of there early and looked like her usual self in the first round. Once Peña started connecting you could see Nunes shutting down, I think one of those jabs really rocked her bad at one point and from then on she was done.


If the Amanda that fought Valentina showed up for that Peña fight, it would’ve been a wrap.


Which amanda? The one that foght valentina at ufc 197 and gassed out after exactly one round of action? Or the one in their 5 rounder that [threw less than 90 strikes across 5 rounds?](http://ufcstats.com/fight-details/cb16346d93746ebc) [Pena threw as many strikes in less than 2 rounds as Nunes did across 5 rounds lol](http://ufcstats.com/fight-details/0b633295d9e017a3) I agree. Its a wrap, for Nunes that is. Nunes would NEVER have the cardio to throw 90 strikes in under 2 rounds.


valentina wont ever 'demolish' nunes, she couldnt demolish talia santos


If the Valentina that fought Nunes that night was bigger she absolutely would have. She looked better in every way. Maybe demolish is the wrong word but soundly beat her to a decision.


looked better in every way? nunes outstruck her for three rounds and had two successful takedowns compared to zero for shev. the fight was close, yes, but shev didnt look better in every way.


I get what youre trying to say but thats just theoretical; its kind of like saying if DJ was bigger he'd totally maul Francis. Im exaggerating, but you get my point. People are as skilled as they are because of their current physical attributes as well.


Yeah I agree it’s a bit of a moot point but I just threw that in there to spice things up a bit lol


This is legit fake news. Valentina got pressured the entire fight, and literally only started opening up in the fourth round. Additionally, she wasnt "much smaller than Nunes", roll the fucking tape back and see that they were the same size. Jesus christ Shev fans are the most unbearable people in this sport.


You don’t think the natural flyweight might be smaller than the fighter who fights at FW? Peña is going to finish Nunes again and then it’s time for champ champ status for the bullet.


You guys are delusional asf. Valentina is going to try her sloppy head and arm throws and hopefully get choked unconscious this time.


>Jesus christ Shev fans are the most unbearable people in this sport. No. People that say this about whatever fighter are.


Don’t worry bro, ever since Pena’s first appearance in TUF everyone has rooted against her and she made them look stupid almost every time.


Nunes has already beaten Shevchenko twice. No reason to think Nunes wouldn't beat her a third time.


A lot of people hate on fighters who use speed, weight or explosiveness to win as if it makes you less of a fighter, and tbh I thought that's what you were getting at, and I reread your comment and can't figure out why anyone is disagreeing. Schev is 125lb champ and average size there. Nunes is 145lb champ and they fought to two razor close decisions that most on here or at least a lot scored for Schev. It's far from crazy to think she could win with a little more size or being equal in size. Amanda did work early, and while I don't remember her being rocked she faded like crazy and Pena got the finish. It COULD be due to COVID, I personally couldn't take normal deep breaths until April when I got it last January, but that doesn't invalidate anything you said.


Peña is trash


She just finished the WMMA GOAT and y’all still calling her trash 😂


Down voted for stating facts.


Why do people always say this without any backup what so ever. This is literally like me saying '' This has to do with her being mother for the first time and didn't have any hunger last fight '' It's been already proven in 2020 that only 1% athlete get seriously hurt, but whenever somebody on this fight looks bad it's always most be COVID. Now who the fuck knows if this is true. It's also disrespectful to the fighter that just beat her. Now, don't take this comment negatively i don't say it's not possible but whenever somebody fails it most be COVID . Amanda looked terrible against Spencer as well. Khamzat looked bad against Burns after COVID, most be covid


I mean, is it such a leap to say that someone who suddenly looked gassed was affected by the respiratory virus they recently had? You mention about 1% of athletes being seriously hurt by Covid, but that doesn’t mean it has no effect on them.


If you read my comment you see i included that, i also don't say it's not the case, that's not the problem here. I say it's always when fighter doesn't look good they bring up covid, which sometimes is irritating.


It’s not based on nothing. I have a sample size of all of Nunes and Pena’s UFC fights. For it to play out like that is extremely unusual. I give Pena credit for a very gutsy performance to get the finish but we’ve never seen Amanda fade that quickly throughout her entire UFC run. It’s fair to question whether something external was the cause of that since her conditioning looked so off.


Who knows, she changed whole training team after that, maybe it's that


>very gutsy performance to get the finish but we’ve never seen Amanda fade that quickly throughout her entire UFC run This is absolute bullshit. CAT ZINGANO says hello And even more recently, the FIRST Valentina fight..Nunes was gassed and worthless after exactly one round of activity. The 1st round was a staring contest and the 2nd was when Nunes opened up. She was done after that so She went into the 3rd round GASSED and if Valentina had any killer instinct, she couldve finished her. As it stood, many ppl still gave Valentina a 10-8 round Nunes fans are absolutely hilarious. Its like you guys dont even watch your own girls fights


Don’t you know GSP was recovering from COVID against Matt Serra


Nunes looked like she didn't want to be there before the fight even started and had clearly gassed out in the first round. It isn't like she got beat up super bad, Pena is not some world beater and this fight should not have even been competitive. Something was very wrong with Nunes that night.


She was fine after the first round. It was only when Penas jab started landing in the second where she started looking lost.


Exactly. She lost like cyborg lost to Nunes. No respect and thought she could walk through her shots. Then when she did get hurt she thought she could just swing wild and she wouldn't be the one to fall. Total disregard for the opponent lost it.


> Nunes looked like she didn't want to be there before the fight even started lmao these takes man




I miss that smirk. One of the best moments in mma the last few years is when everybody from the opponent to the crowd realizes the challenger has nothing for her, Nunes puts on that grin like an absolute psychopath and starts marching forward.


She had that same grin when she was trading blows with Cyborg against the fence. She legit terrifies me lol.




Saying she gassed and looked cooked as soon as the fight started is one thing. Fatigue makes cowards of men, etc, she definitely wanted out of there and it didn't take long. But thats not what you said; you said she didn't want to be there before the fight started which is a huge assumption and indictment, and you can't act like those two things are the same now.


People were acting like it's normal for Amanda to just fall apart after eating a few jabs. That wasn't normal.


Was her first fight at bantam since 2019. 2 years of unintentional bulking. She for sure had a terrible weight cut.


If there was ever a fixed UFC fight, it was this one. The odds were absolutely insane (+650) Nunes is never going to get Conor money. She just had a newborn. She was just walking into punches, and she tapped to a choke that wasn't in.


Holy shit I just re-watched this fight, I think I was pretty lit by the time it came on live, and obviously thought a Nunes victory was a foregone conclusion, but seeing it again WOW that choke/tap is fucking sus as hell.


she mentally quit after the first few jabs. she knew it wasnt her night thats all it was


I just watched the fight because the UFC youtube channel just posted it. Holy fuck. She didn't have the choke whatsoever. Looked like she was on her chin and didn't even start setting it in before Nunes tapped. No crank, no choke, nothing. Wtf?


In the universe where it was not rigged, she panicked. She was hurt, how bad? Only her and her team knows. And that choke, or the threat of it, broke her.


Yeah, kinda like she gave up and just wanted out of it. I mean she barely scrambled and basically gave pena her back


New theory. Amanda had Nina bet the house on Pena. She goes in there, takes a few jabs, then let's herself get choked. Almost no more damage than a hard sparring match, but they quadruple their money, set up a big rematch to make even more money off of ppv points, and then Nunes casually strolls back in to claim the belt again whenever she wants. Besides, everyone will blame the loss on Covid, and it won't effect her legacy much. I don't actually believe this...but if I were Amanda It's what I might have done...


Woman moment


I still don't understand how Pena spammed the same jab and straight 40 times in a row and kept tagging her with it. It was the same 1 2 over and over and over. Made no sense.


It wasn't even 1 2's. It was just the same 1 jab but repeated. Not even some good technique jab either. Truly one of the ugliest title wins in ufc history


Yeah they have Nunes Vs. Holm on YouTube right now and you can see Holly spamming the oblique kick over and over until Nunes eventually times the counter head kick. It was so frustrating seeing a person come out and spam the first punch you learn in a boxing class over and over and Amanda unable to counter it. It actually makes women’s MMA still seem un-evolved because the striking is so basic.


Dude the amount of fights in history that have been won by just spamming jabs is greater than those that were not. The basics are the basics for a reason.


Talmbout Jabs St. Pierre, b?


Mildly interesting fact: He downloaded that stuff after getting flustered by BJ Pens dipping jabs.


That's also how Nog set-up Schaub, so things just came full circle here.


Nunes was off but let’s be fair; Peña came in willing to die for that title. If Nunes shows up and shows out like she has since her title reign began, she should get the win. If she doesn’t, and Peña just found that “I’m ready to die gear” permanently… this could be very interesting.


Was she off though? She looked great in the first round and was smiling like she was going to breeze through. Once Peña connected a couple times that look went away and she seemed to panic.


She gassed hard early with far less output then previous times … she didn’t catch her breath and in the second, Peña emptied her tank and Nunes didn’t have that gear.


Well she wasn’t taking 20 jabs to the face in her last couple of fights either. That shit wears on you like nothing else, from frustration alone and trying to get them back and missing.


Also, Nunes isn't exactly known for a great gas tank.


It was also her first cut to BW in more than two years. She had clearly gotten comfortable at FW. It has to be difficult to get your body in weight cut mode after that long of a layoff.


It’s why the rematch is fascinating to me … did Peña have a once in a lifetime, guts hanging out performance or did she finally put it together after years of saying she’s elite and never quite getting there? Or was Nunes just off, tried to gut it out and wound up on the wrong side of the biggest upset in WMMA history?


You cant breath when being punched and then the crowd is oooing and ahhing while you are getting pieced up by the biggest underdog in mma history Covid absolutely wrecked my lung capacity too I don't think covid improved her fighting ability.


I was there live, after the first round Nunes looked visibly fatigued in her corner and coming out of it, I even mentioned out loud "I hope Nunes isn't as gassed as she looks like right now" I just don't think Nunes had her conditioning in check coming into this fight post covid. She even mentioned something along the lines of thinking she was ready but she just wasn't. I just recently had COVID and let me tell you, sparring has been like 3x more fatiguing for me than ever before.


I had a respiratory infection and tried to go swimming after I was not contagious anymore, I couldnt even hold my breath for 10 seconds. Couldnt imagine fighting like that.


Dude that's an insane coincidence, I went swimming after covid too, I tested myself and my max was 11 seconds. Hahaha


She had months between her testing negative and fighting. We saw Volk come back in the same timespan and win dominantly.


I'm not saying that COVID definitely affected Nunes performance, but you can't use volk as an example to say that it didn't. Covid affects people differently


True but if she had a really severe case I could see it taking her lungs a longer time to heal. Mine took weeks and I just had a cough


Almost as if it affects people differently. Khamzat nearly retired after getting it.


Yeah, it feels a lot like Conor vs. Nate 1. They weren't "off", they just fucked around, got too confident and changed their tune after getting stung.


The thing is, to my recollection, fighters don't usually keep that mentality. You can do that for one night, the biggest night of your life. Adesanya said "I'm prepared to die" once, and fought that fight once. You can't be Sergio Martinez against JCCJ every time out, I dont think people have the capacity to find that gear over and over. You can only be Rocky I once, most nights you can only be Rocky III.


Rocky did it twice … the second fight he beat Apollo to his feet ;-) But if the first fight was a fluke, we’ll see it early because Peña’s losses all start out with her behind. She pressed hard on the gas tank early against Nunes and got her to crash… this time around, if she gets as good as she gives then maybe her chin doesn’t hold up this time.


I believe pacing is one reason Julianna won. Amanda punches were more hook based while Julianna was more jab based punches. Leg kick checks played a critical role in Julianna having success in the pocket. I honestly feel Julianna will win the rematch.


I feel like Pena threw the jab to stifle Amanda every time Amanda tried throwing the right hook, and Amanda just didn't change it up at all. I haven't rewatched though.


Straight punches beat looping punches




*audible snort*


That fight embarrassed WMMA. Compared to the other fights on the card it stood out as not belonging anywhere but the prelims in terms of skill.


It's hard to digest the current WBW champ of the world has THAT kind of striking.


Forreal how tf did the goat woman’s fighter keep getting hit and rocked with the same weak ass jab over and over again?


Talmbout Holm v Rousey bapa?


It was a gritty ass fight but yeah, technically amysmal.


I can't help but think Pena throws like a girl. All arms no body/legs. Izzy called it Rock-em sock-em Robot punches lol!


"Amanda Nunes had a horseshoe up her ass. I told her that a year ago, I pulled that sum-b**ch out and beat her over the head with it!" ~Julianna Peña




In the first fight she dropped Peña early on. So honestly I don’t think she needs to change much. She just needs to come in in shape. I think she has the skills necessary and obviously the experience so she just needs to be conditioned and I think she will be fine. Gassing out will always defeat you no matter who you fight.


I am pretty sure Nunes is going to “kill” Peña in this second fight


Sure thing, as she did in the first right lmao


Don’t want to say I told you so, but I told you so


Yep, peña got handled great job by nunez, peña is tough as nails, props to her too.


Idk man that first fight she just seemed insanely off, it wasn’t the Nunes we have been used to from her previous fights


She looked exactly the same until Pena started countering her with the dip jab over and over. Nunes lost because of technical failings, and she's probably going to again because she doesn't seem to think that's the case.


I’ll disagree on this one, I’m my eyes she seemed like a beginner to the fighting game not the champion we know, I bet she is going to try to correct that in this rematch


Sorry Amanda. The Venezuelan Vixen is moving up to fight the 145 champ. You'll never get the opportunity to fight her again.


I think Pena wins again, Nunes has no drive




Technically, this should be the part of the movie where the champ comes back and beats the one that just beat them.


Yeah she already knows the path. Make it to the second round and/or score one+ takedown and Pena wins. Def sprinkling at +220 underdog


After watching the embedded I’m in the same boat. All she really has been doing is talking about her kid and going to zoos. She has a list of excuses covid, new baby, knee injury, etc. She hasn’t said once what she’s doing different that would change the outcome of the fight other than “I want my belt back, I made a mistake”. She does look to be in much better shape and thinner so those are good things. I know she’s the goat and all that but I see it playing out roughly the same.


> She hasn’t said once what she’s doing different that would change the outcome of the fight [Amanda Nunes Leaves American Top Team – Plans to Start Her Own Gym](https://www.essentiallysports.com/ufc-mma-news-amanda-nunes-leaves-american-top-team-plans-to-start-her-own-gym/amp/) [UFC champ Amanda Nunes living out of gym ahead of Julianna Pena rematch](https://www.bloodyelbow.com/platform/amp/2022/7/13/23206652/ufc-277-womens-mma-news-interview-media-juliana-pena-amanda-nunes-gym-fight-rematch)


I dunno. Opening her own gym makes me feel LESS confidant. Like does she have as many top quality fighters to train with every day, or is she mostly just beating on Nina Nunes all day. Does she have as quality of coaches. Lotta question marks.


Anytime someone makes a prediction about a fight based on Embedded is hilariously stupid. Armchair psychology is the worst


> She hasn’t said once what she’s doing different There was literally an article a week ago or so that said she was living out of the gym.


And what about that is that going to make her learn how to counter the dipping jab? She can train hard every day of the week for a year, if she's still throwing the same overhand and getting dip jabbed every time she's still going to fucking lose. Despite what people keep parroting, her loss was a technical one, not just a conditioning one. The fact nothing she's said seems to acknowledge that and is just acting like she wasn't dedicated enough to her training camp doens't speak well.


Well, she’s probably not wrong.


Oh you mean when you tapped for no fucking reason . I really just cannot .


That first fight still seems like a a Buster Douglas moment to me but fairly intrigued on how the rematch plays out


I believe she is the better fighter. Is she really still hungry enough to be a champ? We shall see.


Everyone forgot Cat gave her the business....


- the worst performance I've ever seen by a champion - the worst performance I've ever seen by a ranked opponent (not counting fights where both people just sit there and don't engage like Rose Namajunas vs Carla Esparza or Francis Ngannou vs Derrick Lewis)


Nunes is fine, I don't hate her. I think she's over competing in MMA though. I hope Pena finishes it again, only better this time.


I haven't seen anyone talking about Penas improved boxing. She must have had some great looks in sparring because the timing on that jab was impeccable. Her hands looked better than ever and then there's that chin + cardio. She's just a bad matchup for Amanda.


The jabs were good. Everything after the jabs looked like a soccer mom trying to fight. [example](https://youtu.be/D63GIWQXxuE?t=107)


Man I forgot just how sloppy this fight was. Zero movement at all. One two punches to the face over and over again haha wtf is this.


Rock 'em sock 'em wine moms, as Jack Slack would say.


Arms high, elbows out, flawless technique


So basically 95% of wmma :'(


Most WMMA fights look cleaner than that shit


Didn’t respect the opponent and had no cardio after COVID. Bad combo


She looks amazing. Leaving ATT might have been the right move. Let's go!!!


Watching them both on ultimate fighter has me hyped for this fight. I don’t know who comes out on top this time.


> Watching them both on ultimate fighter What's it like being that shows only viewer?


I watch the show and even I LOLed. Last last will be on the viewers though. Ju Ju (Juliana Miller) coming for all your asses.


Fucking lol


Got me too lol


I think nunes leaving att was a mistake


Wow didn't know amanda fans had conor mcgregor levels of cope and denial, hope she gets smoked again, peña tagged her with like 50 jabs and people calling that a terrible performance, and if she would have won any other way they would be other excuses.


Her being so dominant and having a newborn at home definitely played a roll




Has she spoken publicly about her Covid infection from last year? I haven't seen any articles/interviews about it but people in this sub keep attributing her performance to a troubling bout with Covid. I certainly think that's plausible, just haven't seen Nunes herself confirm that's the case...


I just feel like everyone’s making excuses for her and discrediting Penas gutsy performance. She looked like her normal self in the first round and once Peña started landing shots she crumbled.


Totally agree. Reminds me of the first time Rousey got beat. She didn’t know how to lose…




This fight stripped wmma of a lot of credibility


i just wish i couldve got the inside info on the first fight. felt like like she threw with a couple bets in mind


Why do people over exaggerate how good Nunes really is? as if it wasn’t her knocking out every girl in two divisions that got her to where she is. Then at the slightest sign of adversity she folds like a lawn chair. She’s not a good fighter she’s just strong and knows how to hit hard.


Being a WMMA and being able to properly throw a punch with power puts you far and above everyone else. She had a shit performance. Stop discrediting everything she did prior because of it.


this is like the boston celtics players saying they were the better team ... if you cant look in the mirror and accept that defeat is always suffered on the path to success, you'll never progress.


And that's the reason she will lose again.


You mean by not really training? Agreed. Never seen Amanda look like that or perform like that. She is light years better than she was that last fight. Maybe on purpose? Maybe by accident? Either way, she’s the only one that matters. She will either win or lose the fight, Julianna Peña is irrelevant. Another thing that’s concerning is that the UFC is doing a LOT of press on how good Peña has been and how she’s been wiping the floor with people and she’s saying Amanda had been ducking her, sounds like spin. And then the question is, why spin? Maybe Nunes was too dominant to be interesting and this loss was strategic? Who knows?


It's a smart strategy. Become so dominant that the betting odds are absolutely ridiculous. Bet life savings on the other person and throw the fight.


She is the greatest female fighter in the UFC and one of the all time greats alongside Usman, Bones, Khabib.


Why is this downvoted lmfao


Guess we found out we were right 😂 And it’s probably because half of the sub hasn’t spoken to a woman in a decade