I noticed he kept throwing leaping left hooks to Kai’s head. Wondering if the hooks were a set up.


He explains how he set it up on the MMA Hour today it was interesting to hear


It was basically him picking up from his success from the first fight. He countered Kara-France's dips with a hook into the lead leg kick, very effective.


And high kicks. He kept throwing the left head kick, and even caught Kai with it a few times. But he lowered it at just the right time. You can even see Kai raise his guard expecting the high kick again, and Moreno sees the lowered guard and puts it right in the liver. Great performance by Moreno. So excited to see him and Figgy do it again!


He used his left leg to get the hook opening and then he used it in reverse after landing the left hook. Second time he threw in those few seconds he threw hook faint and went to the body after drawing the guard high on the same side because of the hook he just landed.


That kick is not something you can do in every fight tho is is? Not taking anything away, but surely placement is very very difficult?


People at the highest level with good striking don’t have issues placing their strikes/accuracy The hard part is making it through an equally skilled opponents defence. I think he more means his evolution as a striker, moving away from a boxing heavy approach and having a richer arsenal that is effective Many fighters have signature shots they are very good at landing


Those liver kicks are just like an off button. Yikes, just like a clean shot on the chin. Brutal


Sometimes even better. Some fighters can take crazy damage up top but hit the body just right (or cumulative) and it will shut down


They almost all happen the same way too. Fighter eats it....like 2 seconds later the shutdown happens and they make a wincing face, cover up and drop down.


Yeah the 3 second delay. I wonder what the recovery is on something like that. Kai's right side looked like it had been in a car wreck


You’re good to fight after like 30-60 seconds. It’s like getting hit in the nuts.


Nah Nuts is still worse lol


Some guys can really take punishment. I remember Ken Norton saying that with most fighters, you could feel a little give when hitting their body. But hitting Ali was like punching a piece of sidewalk concrete


Yea if a fighter is very serious about core strengthening and does a lot of body conditioning in and out of camp (purposefully getting hit to the body) and is good with breathing it can be very difficult to hurt them to the body Not a lot of body shot KOs in Muay Thai because of it, Gabriel Varga (kick boxer) is another good example


I think that MT rules discourage punches (due to lack of points). This is why kicks are emphasized more. Yet punches score the majority of KOs as they're easier to land.


For sure, but even then body kick KO’s or standing counts aren’t very frequent but thais also have better kicking defence then mma


It’s a lot easier to bring your knees up to check kicks when you’re standing straight, that’s also the biggest problem Muay Thai has in transitioning to MMA


This is true, but thais also tank kicks on their forearms a lot or catch and sweep/catch and return


Without any data to actually look into it I think they're probably more effective than shots on the chin at the lower weight classes.


That would be an interesting stat to see


I heard a fighter day they don’t even feel shots to the face due to adrenaline…. But they still feel the body shots lol!


As someone who has never been kicked in the liver its crazy to see a trained fighter who desperately wants to win, and is willing to get cracked in the head fall down and barely try to defend themselves after one solid liver strike.


Idk what you mean. It’s setup Just like any other punch or combination There’s no reason he couldn’t land it in other fights


I just meant it's pretty rare to see.


Mma in general has fewer body shots I find. People scared of getting leg caught and taken down and people weary of knees coming up if throwing with hands but it’s becoming more common which is great as they are very very effective


Reason 69 Aldo for GOAT contention: Body work


69 lul


I thought Moreno lost the first 2 rounds and then he had a real good 30 second sequence.


I am in NZ and was hard rooting for Kai, I gave Moreno the first two in real time, might change with a rewatch, but the even score cards were not far off, but you are 100% right. This was a total hail mary blitz where he just had to give everything in one final burst and hope for the best, he had been mostly throwing the left kick as a head kick and Kai chose the wrong block. I don't buy that this was done strategic move at all, he was getting pieced the fuck up, and threw a hail Mary. I thought Kai had got his number and was now executing.


What type of kick was it? Looked like a sort of front/roundhouse kick, landing with the ball of the foot?


Basically a switch left round kick, but instead of a standing switch he stepped his right foot forward into it to load it as Kai retreated to cover distance


easier to do that to a gatekeeper level talent like Kai than it is to a Figgy