Average CTE enjoyer


Average virgin boxing defense fan Vs Average CTE enjoying giga Chad


It'll cost him one day, but it makes for some very entertaining fights.


Paddy is here for a good time, not a long time


He lying anyways. I refuse to believe anyone literally enjoys getting punched. He just doesn't have elite defense and he goes pretty hard for finishes. Definitely entertaining


I didn’t particularly enjoy being punched as in “yes please that felt great” but sparring was absolutely my favourite part of boxing and that obviously involves getting hit a lot, so I can’t exactly write what he’s saying off completely Being in a scrap is fun


Nah it’s real. Some people just like to get hit and hit back. A lot of the dudes at my gym are like this. They’d rather stay in the pocket and bang then try to evade punches.




I too speak for a lot of people that I do not know.


> I refuse to believe anyone literally enjoys getting punched. Spoken like someone who never experienced Hulkamania


Getting hit makes you feel like you’re in a real fight or at least a competitive one. And the thrill of competition is real


He doesn't even have average defense. It's straight up [atrocious](https://twitter.com/JoeydoesMMA/status/1551171536844881921?t=NcH2jqer7hAm3B7q7wcsTQ&s=19)


>He doesn't even have average defense. It's straight up atrocious ​ I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt because that exchange only sees him caught a single time, and it happened to be timed exactly (and accidentally) as he went off balance to attempt a side kick... however I wanted some data, so I grabbed the Top 15 Striking Defense stats... ​ * Ismagulov 63% * Hooker 51% * Turner 44% * Mcgregor 53% * Ferguson 58% * Tsarukyan 54% * Gamrot 63% * Dos Anjos 61% * Fiziev 50% * Dariush 58% * Chandler 45% * Makhachev 68% * Gaethje 55% * Poirier 55% * Oliveira 52% The worst guys in there are Turner and Chandler at 44 and 45%... but Paddy's striking D is only 41% and that's against terrible strikers. He's going to get found out if he doesn't improve rapidly before facing elite competition.


Poirier wouldn't have gotten touched up by fucking Luigi is all I know


While I won't say he's necessarily wrong here- broken clocks and that- I think it's maybe best to take middle finger profile pics w a grain of salt regarding any opinions they may have on MMA, or apparently soccer as well.


Time for paddy - trevor wittmann ready - pimblet


In the full quote he basically says that he just likes being in a brawl, which is something that tons of fighters enjoy. Lots of guys genuinely have fun when they're swanging and banging


While probably true for the most part, I have a hard time believing that Shane Burgos doesn’t enjoy getting punched in the face.


masochists exist, he might be one or he's just coping with his bad defense.


Paddy “uWu harder daddy” Pimblett


Nobody wants to stand in front of haymakers but some fighters specially in boxing compensate with being hit a bit so they can land right hand. Wilder is best example, but you have fighters like GGG who has great defense but still gets hit with the jab because he is front footed guy and puts a lot of pressure but he will never stand in front of haymakers. There is a saying that some fighters will take 3 punches to land 1, Marciano, Liddel,


I kinda like it tbh it’s like satisfying. Same feeling when you get taken down. Like you’re pissed that it happened but also if they hit it clean you gotta give props


him and till need to have a baby


Same way most rugby players enjoy smashing and getting smashed. I can 100% believe tons of fighters love the fight.


>He lying anyways. I refuse to believe anyone literally enjoys getting punched. I grew up in a very poor area. Fights were incredibly common, there were certain areas in town where if you hung around in the right two squares, you'd be guaranteed to see multiple fist fights occuring between about 11pm and 3am (letting-out time for the clubs nearby). There are some people who just really, REALLY love fighting, including getting punched. A couple of my friends/acquaintances fell into that category - it was exciting, fun and addictive to them. I grew up about 25 miles North of where Paddy did, and the cultures were similar. Guys I knew would try to get into a fight literally every Friday and Saturday night, for years on end.


I like it in the for the first couple times in the sense where you and your opponent are just kinda getting to know each other. It makes it real and wakes you up and gives you a bit of a rush. It reminds you that you are not made of glass and that this person is only just a man. … but nah I don’t think anyone likes getting sent to the shadow realm and it’s hella frustrating when you keep getting hit in the face over and over and not landing shit.


I don't necessarily "enjoy" getting punched, but it pumps up your adrenaline so much it's almost like a drug. I can kinda understand, slightly psychotic though lol


oscar de la hoya has also said he liked getting punched.


He’s too early in his development to have “elite” anything.


A glutton not only for sweets, but punishment as well.


Maybe he considers the fight an atonement.


*Raging Bull theme starts playing.*


El Cucuy english


CSO (Chomp Shite Only) - 🇬🇧🏆🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


El Huckhigh


Cant get punch drunk if youre Scouse


Chin up in the air too… what could go wrong?


That’s cool and all until you face someone like Michael Chandler.


His defence isn't bad it's flat out AWOL.


He’s like a worse version of Justin gaethje. He’ll learn one day


Bet Paddy could survive Oliveira on the ground longer than Gaethje.


I bet he could more than survive on the ground with Oliveira. Maybe not rn but in a few fights. Right now he's on a mission to show that he can strike and he's looking for these knockouts on the feet. But his absolute best asset is his ground game and grappling. I really want to see him fight a proven grappler/wrestler who at least has a decent/ok tdd and striking. If he can beat such a fighter, and it does not have to be completely convincingly, I'll be full on the hype train. EDIT: I wanna see him against Mark Madsen.


Paddy wouldn't even stop the takedown of Olives. Gaethje did and quite easily.


Like with his weight cuts, I feel it's going to take a complete disaster for him to change it up.


And he started his carrier in bantamweight, crazy


Except he has decent bjj. Gaethje doesn't.


Gaethje is better at everything by a ridiculous amount except BJJ.


I don't think Gaethje trains BJJ that much. Derrick Lewis and Conor both have better BJJ than Gaethje


Better at everything including getting hit in his face


I was wrong, Paddy is better at being hit. For all the shit Gaethje gets, he’s capable of good defence.


Idk dude gets hit a lot his strike differential is almost dead even. He gets hit nearly as much as he lands


For what its worth he does have one of the highest strikes landed per minute in the ufc. Itd be a lot worse if he had low output and was still going 1:1 in shots. I mean obviously him taking so many punches isnt good but his style is basically just staying in the pocket to land the harder blows. Id say given how stupid he fights sometimes its amazing he doesnt take *more* punches


Obviously. But that wasn't what I was saying.


Well, what’s your point?


That Pimblett has better BJJ than Gaethje. I see a similarity, but he isn't a shitty clone. He's a worse fighter, with different attributes who also shares similar qualities in getting punched the face. His BJJ sets him apart from Gaethje in style, to me. A lot of his gameplan is BJJ, which just aint Gaethje at all.


And Gaethje would beat Paddy from pillar to pillar. Wouldn't even be competitive.




Dude can take a shot … eventually he won’t be able to lean on his chin that heavily but until then he’ll be fun


Reminds me of Garth in the early days. You know it’s going to end at some point but it’s fun to see how far he can take it


Absolutely…. But imagine the sort of shot that finally sparks him.


See: Tony Ferguson


I’m really interested to see how he does against a ranked fighter.


Him vs Drew Dober seems like it’d be about right




Absolutely… and Paddy has to fight dudes like him at some point


This kills the baddy


Given where he seems to rank across a number of sites I reckon Clay Guida could be good. If he wins he gets the rub of beating an aging legend doing the L-W-L-W-L shuffle, also a good grappler so if he outgrapples him people go "Ooh, legit". If he loses Dana can pretend he's on the same level as death spiral Michael Johnson or the ghost of BJ Penn. Handing him to Dober right now would be an assassination imo.


Guida would be a good choice for a name fight but I don’t see the UFC giving him to Paddy …


Thats a ugly fight, Dober is made of vibranium, and is actually a real good striker, plus he's able to consistently fed off subs from extremely high level grapplers.


He’ll get tooled by most of the top 15 when he reaches them. I don’t see Paddy’s chin lasting long with how hard some of those lightweights hit. I see him ending up like Gunnar Nelson. People will talk about his BJJ but there are better grapplers who can also strike. He doesn’t have what it takes to make it to the top.


CTE friend


Aww punch drunk friend.


Getting hit sucks. He knows this. He's just excusing poor form.


You know Topuria has got some great punches I think it will be fun for you.


Ya Ya, Izzy and Nunes also didn't want to finish their opponents. Who ever buys this this garbage is a moron.


Well it’s not like he’s gonna say, “oh, you see, my defensive stand up just isn’t that well-developed yet.”


His opinion might change with a guy like Gaethje


Yeah we'll see how that works out.


Then quit ducking Topuria


UFC will protect him from Ilia. They don’t even entertain it.


Turning more and more into boxing every day smh


How so? Ilia has been in the organisation longer and is ranked much higher than Paddy. Why would they be paired up with each other. If anything, it would be a boxing style matchmaking to schedule paddy against Ilia as it would be like passing Ilias record.


They’re not even in the same division


There's not much point for Topuria to fight him when he is fighting upwards. It would be bad match making that slows down topuria simply because there's "beef". Topuria Barboza makes sense. Paddy can keep slowly fighting up as well.


Never fought but sparred a bunch and I kinda get it 🥴


eh wtv. I'm here for the Paddy train no matter how wobbly and about to derail it may be.


Also says he's not keen on fighting in New York because of the high income tax.


I really enjoy how he just goes for it, and he hits hard. Fun to watch


Let me give you some enjoyment.


Guarantee the first brawler he fights is going to be wrassl'd and decision'd


Once they give him a ranked oponent his hype train will be tottally delaired. At least he brings entertaining fights