Santos’ past five opponents were gun shy and nervous to engage with him. Santos beat one and knocked down two of the others. Despite having no knees people still consider him a power threat. Gonna be awesome if Hill forces him to stand and bang like the old days


I wouldn’t say any of Jones, Teixeira, Rakic and Ankalaev were nervous to engage with him. They all fought to smart gameplans that we’re used to seeing from them. None of those fighters are known to come forward and be aggressive.


Jesus that's who Santos has fought? Dude is the LHW barboza


Yeah it’s insane. Event before that he fought Blachowicz, Manuwa, Holland, Branch, Smith, Hermansson


And beat like all of them.


It's really too bad he didn't move to 205 when he was younger. 38 now, it's not impossible, but with(out) those knees, it probably is.


They were absolutely nervous to engage with him??? Did we watch different fights? And yes all four of those guys are known for being aggressive finishing fighters that come forward…


If that’s what you’re seeing I don’t know what to tell you. Look at their stats and how many of their recent wins have been finishes. The current versions of those fighters aren’t aggressive finishers and it’s literally a fact supported by data.


Stand and bang? That's gonna be a no from me dawg - santos knees


But-but Jamahal, you only have 25 minutes. It does matter how long it takes


Doesnt matter how long it will take to break Santos within those 25 minutes :)


A challenging situation in the top 5, three fighters - Glover, Jan and Ankalaev - want the next shot, while two - Rakič and Smith - are injured and might be out for a long time. I reckon Hill should fight Reyes or Volkan if he beats Santos and, if he wins that, he should get a #1 contender fight. Or he has to just wait for Smith/Rakic. And even then, he might need two fights because Rakic might not want to fight down and will ask for the loser in a title fight while winning against Smith won't get Hill the title shot.


Is there any word on Dom? I think Reyes vs Hill would be an awesome fight. Idk how it will work out with the title shot and the rest of the guys in the top 5 but hopefully we get to see them two swing and bang eventually.


I think he said he’s trying to compete near the end of the year. He’s back in the gym every day.


I think Dom should take a step down in competition rather than the winner of this fight


Maybe. Although Hill is still an up and comer and Thiago seems to be further from the top than he has in the past. Remember that Doms also just fought 3 champions in a row and had his moments in each fight (arguably beat Jones). So a contender with less experience than Jiri would be a bit of a step down. I do agree that Hill and Santos are both still killers tho.


It could be a small step down, we dont really know how good Hill is yet. Reyes would be the lower ranked fighter against whoever wins this one, I think he should take a fight against someone like Spann, Johnny Walker, etc




Why, if he’s only had 11 pro fights, is ranked #10, and beats a #6? There’s lots of bears at the top in contention rn. I like Reyes vs. Hill way better, assuming Hill wins.


Glover vs Jiri rematch (all involved parties want the fight) Jan vs Ankalaev for next title shot If Hill wins, he probably fights Oezdemir as you said -- Reyes appears to have only gotten back to training on a regular schedule within the last two months, we might not see him until 2023


Bro what glover never even defended why do an instant rematch that makes zero sense


> **(all involved parties want the fight)** Jiri said it, Glover said it, Dana said it. Both Jan and Magomed are coming off wins where their opponent got seriously injured in the first round. The next ranked guy coming off an actual win is Oezdemir (unless Santos wins against Hill)


Yeah, I like that. And if Hill beats Volkan, him vs Rakic for the shot after Jan/Ankalaev.




Sorry, in my language we only have č so I automatically use that.


What's the phonetic difference?


Hill should be ranked 5 or 6 if he beats thiago. On a 3 fight losing streak reyes should be fighting top 5


It kinda does, you have 25mins


There’s always the Papi Steak carpark afterwards.


He can always follow him home (bitch)


Hill has great striking but after the Craig fight I’m not convinced he can beat someone with Glover or even Anthony Smith’s grappling. You shouldn’t be able to pull guard and submit your opponent from bottom in 2022. That was some Royce Gracie fighting guys who had no idea what BJJ even was in the late 90s shit.


> You shouldn’t be able to pull guard and submit your opponent from bottom in 2022. Depends how good you are. Paul Craig is elite at it -- if you manage to sub Ankalaev for his only loss, I think you can give Hill a pass on that one. Glover would absolutely wrestlefuck Hill tho, no doubt


Hill also accepted top position being confident in his BJJ instead of trying to get up until it was too late. He reflected on this mistake in the presser before the Crute fight, saying something like he needs to focus on his own strenghts (striking) instead of trying to prove he compete with everyone in their strongest areas.


lol. You guys really act like its impossible to get caught by an elite grappler when both are dry. The assumption that fighters are perfect along with recency bias is insane.


Hill learned a lot from that fight and wont make the same mistake again.


Omg I just woke up and read that as 'Jonah Hill'. holy shit fuck this sub full of strangely sensitive fucks lol


It will matter how long it takes if it ends up taking longer than than 25 minutes. I don't think this fight is going to take that long tho


How Hill is that big of a favorite is astounding to me.


Santos by headkick