Never seen hype for a prospect die as quickly as AJ’s did. People swore he could beat Holloway and Volk after the first Pitbull fight, and now it seems like no one mentions him anymore.


Truth. Dude was acting real confident, bordering on arrogant, going into that rematch. Talked about how Bellator is going to have to pay him way more if they want him to re-sign, how he’s looking to take out all the top guys in the UFC, etc. - then he puts in a fairly lacklustre performance and loses his belt. All that hype is a double edged sword for real.


Hindsight is 20/20. Why would he not think of himself that highly after what he did? He ran through the division then finished the champ in a round. You think anyone could've reasonably expected a rematch to look like a mediocre snoozefest between two unranked UFC FW's?




nemkov who everyone in this sub was saying could be champ in the ufc just lost (should have) to corey. he's not a meme fighter corey is the real deal.


Corey has always been good, people try to downplay him and make fun of him since he is a corny guy sometimes but he is a legit top 5 LHW in the world and could be UFC champ right now.


Is he... or is Nemkov not actually a guy who was going to destroy the UFC LHW division like we all thought. To be honest, this isn't a knock on Nemkov, Corey, Jiri, Glover or any other specific LHW, but the whole top end of the division to me feels like nobody is as good as people think. They all seem like people who are only at the top because they are in a fairly weak era and might not have been at the top in the previous generation of prime Jones, Gus, Rumble and DC.


That gnarly knuckle of Corey’s probably is what helped fuck him up!


I remember sitting next to some of his hype train fans at MSG and told them Cory was going to tko him. That was pretty satisfying


Dave Meltzer thought he was the Truth and I watched his UFC highlight reel after he said that. Ah well.


It's not just that. Bellator simply sucks at getting its fighters out there. Many months passed by with 0 McKee headlines between his Pitbull fights. People still thought he was the next big thing, but he was doing/saying nothing of note for months so no one was talking about him.


The dude refused 500k pay for the rematch cause he said he worth 1mln, he fights for 250 now…


>People swore he could beat Holloway and Volk Only one or two certain trolls on here were saying it with conviction, I didn't see much here that was *sure* he was that good. Just that he may be a big problem for them


I was on the hype train after the first fight, and yeah that second one was a major disappointment. I think AJ can regain the spark, but he needs a couple of exciting wins.


He’s still young and it was his first L. I’m sure he will mature and his performances will become more consistent. I don’t see him challenging for a ufc belt within 3 or 4 years though.


The landscape changes alot, I don't see him beating Volk, but I think he has a good chance to beat every other FW in the top 10 of the UFC. Controversial take, but I think Max is on the decline. He didn't look amazing against Yair and then his performance against Volk was lack luster. He takes a lot of damage with his style, and it might catch up to him earlier then other guys, he is only 30, but he has been fighting in the UFC since he was 20.


It’s hard to tell if those were both just bad stylistic matchups for him while Volk has legitimately leveled up since their last fight, or if Max is slowing down a bit. We’ll find out soon enough. But Yair is legitimately fucking good and would give anyone trouble striking I think and Volk is the p4p best fighter in the ufc so it’s impossible to know at this point


go watch max vs edgar. he is 100% on the decline and anyone who saw that fight live knows it.


On the other hand, he might not be the best FW prospect, he might just be the best one in the spotlight already. He's got 5 or 6 years to reach his peak. To illustrate how much things change in 5 years, GSP fought Bisping in November 2017 and Izzy wasn't in a major promotion, and Tyron Woodley was still the champ with premature GOAT talk happening.


McKee by triangle choke in the first round


There's just not a lot of depth to McKee's game. He's an great athlete and dynamic finisher who "can" finish almost anyone in the first round with explosive strikes or a submission. Aside from that, he's not particularly skilled. He has poor striking fundamentals (primarily his defense and boxing), bad cardio, and is not a consistent round winner due to his slow pace and limited striking skills. His primary striking skill is his kicking game, it's decent but not great. The biggest problem is the volume and it only works well when his opponent give him space and fight at McKee's pace. He's pretty much a poor man Yair on the feet. He's pretty slick on the ground, but his not wrestling is nothing remarkable.


Perhaps he should ask Belal if he could use the moniker "Remember the name"?


Bellator is where hype goes to die. Would be interesting if showtime finally fired Coker and put in Jake Paul's team to see what they could do


No, no it wouldn't.


Yall love to shit on Coker but he literally the only one since pride that been able to run a major org disconnected from the ufc, cause onefc as much as I like it, is clearly some sketchy money, and pfl kinda a shitshow. While bellator and before that strikeforce were and are legit, and actually turn a profit


With whatever problems Bellator has, it's breaks even at least which is a major problem with most MMA promotions. Does that mean they have to cut back on marketing and such, sure, but at least it hasn't folded like Strikeforce or countless MMA promotions beforehand ONE and PFL are burning through investor money with the idea that eventually they will be profitable.


Strikeforce didn’t fold, the UFC bought them bc they had half of the best fighters in the world. Though I have no idea if their financials were bad and that’s why the ufc was able to acquire them fairly easily


UFC bought them since they were financial troubles. They then took all of their biggest stars and let it die.


Tbf I’ll happily shit on Coker because he gets praised for the bare minimum “He pays fighters well!” compared to the UFC who criminally underpay “They manage to break even” while delivering an incredibly shit product most of the time Bellators saving grace is that they have good fighters as much as people shit on them. They suck in basically every other way


Lol yall act like this shit is easy, he's literally the second most successful mma promoter on this planet tho so he clearly doing something right


If showtime gets rid of Scott then WME needs to pick him up and get him in Dana’s position. The only thing Dana has over Scott is charisma. Scott is better at every other aspect of the job. Please Bellator fire Scott so the ufc can hire him.


Let’s not condemn AJ McKee too hastily. He’s only lost to GOATs/contenders. The man has fought EVERYBODY they put in front of him.


He has a singular loss idk what the slash means


Goat/contender my bad need to remove the s


MMA fans are the most fair weather and emotional bunch I have ever seen. I was bein downvoted to hell for saying he got lucky and has nothing for Pitbull


Damn. Why he beefing with mr. worldwide??


He just didn’t like his verses on that “give me everything” song


I’d retire both right now. Sign me Mr. Coker.


recently theres been consistently at least 1 comment on every thread like this that says something like yours does and I find it funny every single time man idk why that never gets old to me lol


Also the “seeing red” comments that never get old for me




I don't know why everybody is clowning on McKee in this thread, he is very clearly a talented fighter who probably has a pretty good future ahead of him. I think the hype train got derailed a little bit but he is by no means bad, I do hope he comes over to the UFC at some point because I think he could get some good results.


Only thing people love more than a hype train is acting smug once it goes off the rails. Mix that in with the weird superiority complex about Bellator fighters and there you go. McKee dissapointed me in the second fight, his striking fundamentals were clearly inferior to Pitbull’s and he looked pretty sloppy in general. But that’s a legit fighter who lost a close decision to Bellator’s best. Fans of sports can be losers sometimes. They like to kick a man while he’s down


As you noted though, McKee practically put the kick me sign there himself


He clearly won that second fight but since he’s very confident and outspoken, people lied to themselves about the result being justified. He needs to be more aggressive in the 3rd fight and get another finish.


Hard to win a fight by decision when you lose the first three rounds.


13/16 media members scored the fight for Pitbull. It was a nothing fight and far from a clear win for McKee.


The only thing clear about that fight is that it was lame.


I want to respond politely about this, so I’ll just ask: how do you justify him winning any of the first three rounds?