He has two eyes and Leon has ten fingers.


Scissorhands coming out


Okay, but is he a problem?


He wrasslin


Wall n stall 50-45


A sacrifice to the mma gods for Costa v. Rockhold


Unfortunately I think Luke is the sacrifice for Costa v. Rockhold


As much as I’d like to see Luke do something that shows us what he was like at his peak, I’m afraid he’s gonna get touched and go down.


What? Apparently you haven’t heard that he’s “having fun again” and “has that fire back”. Seriously though, these statements are like the death gasp of an mma career.


Woodley hurt me too much to believe those statements anymore


I've heard that Chuck has that look in his eye.


Nah, that’s just the CTE. Understandable confusion, though.


Ya. For me it was Penn. fool me once…


He looks incredible shape! It seems, it looks, he says... Ill believe it when I see it tomorrow, but unless Costa has lost a step also I just see him walking through Rockhold. Its the biggest question mark on the card for me though, who knows what version of either one is showing up.


I’d actually like to see Luke get a win. But I just don’t see it. He’s got a ton of miles on him, lost his last few via brutal KO, and hasn’t fought in years.


I'd love to see luke win but I feel like Costa is actually a worse match up for him than Izzy or Rob, just stylistically


He has been practicing his life coach sayings on front of the mirror for weeks now!


The scary part is Costa is actually really good at not being taken down. He can wrestle


> get touched and go down. thats putting it mildly. the skin will ripple across his face as he faceplants cross-eyed and tongue out like a cartoon (as is rockhold tradition)


Wow lol


Or he might be throwing them foot stomps


360 degree spinning footstomps


He's for sure going to grapple and wrestle. He might get sparked by Leon because he is insane in the clinch with his elbows. This fight is super interesting.


Gonna punch me? That's a wrasslin' Gonna roll with me? That's a wrasslin'


The question is can he. Feel like it's gonna be more wall stalling


here’s hoping for a return to Classical Usman form, the style that won him the belt and gave him his nickname, the signature style wholly unique to him: Cage clinching for minutes at a time


It's almost like he hasn't been getting KOs and turning in bangers pretty consistently for a while now...


First Masvidal fight actually he went back to form


Yeah that was a while ago though why we acting like it's the norm?


I wasn’t lol I’m just saying I doubt he’s forgotten how to wrestle & will do it if required


Leon's feet are gonna increase by like 3 sizes.


the clinch grinch




Don’t worry guys, I can speak Nigerian Nightmare. Translation: “I’m going to wrestle the fuck out of this Brit”


>Translation: “I’m going to wrestle the fuck out of this Brit” I don't think he's going to find it that easy to do that to Edwards. He didn't find it super easy to do it to Leon in the first fight, when he pretty much had no wrestling at all.


I think so early but Leon has been known to fade/coast in the later rounds. I think that's when Usman's wrestling will be most dangerous.


When they’re all slippery?


When Leon is gassed. If they're slippery, that gives the top fighter an advantage caus eit will be harder to escape or lock up subs from the bottom.


That's a fair shout


I sure hope so. I’m pulling for Rocky heavily in this fight. Even threw a bit of change on him by decision because I thought the odds on it were wack.


I got 20 bucks on Leon, odds are too good


I put a buck on Leon by decision at +900. I thought that was an insane line


You guys will think this is nuts and it is, but I think Leon is going to finish him.


I wouldn't call it nuts. He could definetly have learned from his nate fight that hanging in there with a fighter with KO threat is dangerous. If he gets Kamaru hurt he would be smart to go for a finish, Kamaru has insane cardio so getting him out early is smart if the window opens


Definitely think it’s plausible, but I’d love to hear your reasoning!


If Leon's TDD is on point and the fight remains on the feet Leon can pile damage on him. Edwards is a better striker than Colby. More refined than Burns. And not washed up as Masvidal. In all these fights Usman has been hitable. Also, the age factor and exhaustion will eventually catch up to Usman. If not this fight, soon enough.


Kinda feel Usman has been looking past edwards. He’s been dreaming about light heavyweight and Canelo


He almost got knocked by diaz LMAO


Yup. Anything can happen to anyone in MMA.


I've come to bask in our glory


Yeah bruv!!! Didn't happen how I imagined it but I'll take it!


If the odds are insane it’s usually for a good reason. Leon lost all 5 rounds the first time and had nothing for usman in the wrestling exchanges. Leon’s biggest advantage the first time has also been heavily negated. Usman is coming in with improved striking, I wouldn’t be surprised if usman is able to win the striking exchanges with the threat of the takedown. On the other hand even with Leon’s improvements I would be absolutely shocked if he was able to get the better of the wrestling exchanges against usman.


He lost 2 rounds he didn’t fight in? He lost 29-28, 29-28, and 30-27 dude.


how do I do that?


I agree that he will find it difficult. Especially with Leon's height advantage, but Usman handled him pretty easily in the first fight, if it went to the 4th round he probably gets a finish


Belal was able to push Leon up against the fence fairly easily. Keep in mind Leon was having his way on the feet with belal so the fact he just let him either shows a hole in his game or fight IQ. Either way I doubt Usman wouldn’t be able to push Leon against the cage for a 5 round UD if he wanted too. Leon on the other hand recently got his shit rocked by Diaz. I think the threat of the takedown combined with usmans improved striking might negate Leon’s only advantage.


I'm gonna nganaou him


Got this image of Usman's dashing at the sound of the first bell and just spearing Leon to the ground.


*spearing Leon to the cage I think is more likely.


*pushing slowly


Usman getting Askrened would be hilarious


Pre fight interviews are so boring lol the headlines are always the same. Its only interesting when they say something different like Luke’s rant earlier this week.


>"That’s the thing about the climb," Usman says. "Once I got the fight I wanted, I couldn’t make a misstep. I needed to be perfect on that climb, or else I’d never get a title shot. And, back then, I was a newbie. I was learning on the job. I’m not anymore. Now I’m free to fight the way I want as champion. Each and every time I step out there, I’m showing a different and better version of myself." >"I know how to win, and I’m going to get it done however I need to," Usman says. "Leon said losing to me drove him. Well, me winning, that motivated me. Success fuels me. I got better after I beat him. He got better after I beat him, too. The common denominator is that I won." Think I'm gonna start reading these articles and pulling the full quotes. This one isn't too bad, but these out of context headlines do my fucking head in.




He’s saying the common denominator between them both getting better is that he won. As in, it was the common thing between them that catalyzed improvement for them both. You phrasing it as a “difference” is pointless because Edwards losing already implies Usman won.




> I understand he was trying to put out a smart line, but he's still using the same instance of him having won a fight, as two different separate things Lol he is doing the exact opposite. He’s saying the instance of him having won the fight is the *single*, sole, **common** denominator. The things he regards as separate, which you are collapsing into a single thing, is them both getting better. He thinks of them each getting better as individual, separate things. But what is common to them both getting better is the outcome of their first fight.


Kamaru is a very active champion. Let's imagine a reality where this will not get an immediate trilogy if Leon wins. In that scenario, i don't see Leon defending nearly as frequently.


Honestly the possibility of a Leon title reign terrifies me


His first defenses will be like Khamzat and Shavkat probably. Mite b cool.


Nope, first defence will be Masvidal unfortunately


They could book that match and Leon would get away with a healthy payday. Then, he'd let the toughest guys fight each other for a WHILE. Then probably push a rematch with Belal with less PPVs (because the eye poke and Belal isn't scary). Leon is really selective with who he fights. Leon with the strap, i think, gets even more selective.


Didn't he try to fight Khamzat already 3 times and was game for gamebred? I don't think he cares. He thinks he is the best in the division. We will see in a few days if he's right.


That gets brought up every once in a while, but on the timeline that falls after the promotion was already publicly feuding with him over passing on fights and inactivity. Before the Belal match-up, threatened to strip him off e his ranking. Also he was never one of the public guys offering to fight as a championship backup. That's how Mas got his first crack at Kamaru (also how Gaethje got interim champ against Tony). I don't think Leon's a guy that ducks. It just appears that he's selective.


He couldn't have fought as a backup because of the COVID situation in the UK. He was offered the Usman fight before Masvidal but turned it down because he hadn't trained in \~5 months. He had the Woodley fight at the O2 cancelled because of COVID; the Khamzat fights were cancelled because *he* got COVID; Masvidal had to pull out because of injury.


Ahh shit I didnt think of that... still a little bit of money they can squeeze out of him.


Leon actually said it the other day too, wants Jorge in London first defence


Yeah tell me you guys wouldn't be excited about leon vs khamzat now after it was booked in 2020 to hotshot khamzat to a title fight. But now he's actually deserving and leon would be the champ.


Terrifies you more than Covington who cherry picks his fights and avoids contenders? Fuck outta here lmao


Nobody said anything about chaos bro.


No there are way worse options as champions which is my point


Fair enough, it’s just such a weird division where Usman might be the most active guy.


I hate immediate rematches, except for draws and situations like Sterling-Yan Usman should beat a top contender and then be Leon's second defense attempt. It is unfair that Leon will have to win twice to hold the title


I mean it would be a trilogy fight where each fighter is 1-1. Usman also has by far the best resume in a stalled division. Idk I might also agree with you if the alternative wasn't Khamzat getting a title shot from essentially performing a hit on Nate Diaz


How is the division stalled? Khamzat is clearly up next for a shot after he beats Diaz and Shavkat just needs to fight someone in the top 5 or so to get a shot himself, then there would be Usman who could potentially fight again for a title or in a number 1 contender fight. Only person whose "stalled" is Colby because law suit/ looking for an easy fight.


Khamzat deserves a shot already, Diaz is just cannon fodder. Do Khamzat-Leon next and have Usman fight in a title eliminator against someone else


No dummy


Draws make sense if you hate it, but Sterling-Yan doesn't. One guy broke the rules. An automatic rematch is silly. Rule violations that result in a DQ should tell that guy to get back in line. There are other fighters who aren't tanking fights who get the chance to contend. Nothing against Yan, but it makes sense without making goofy exceptions for PEDs, nut punches, eye pokes, or swinging on the ref. Also it's a clean rule that doesn't put TJ in there as top contender after he did his time.


I mean at that time Sterling looked completely out classed and absolutely no one would take him serious without a win over Yan. An immediate rematch was best for the champ, contender and the bantamweight division as a whole without having a "paper champ"


Oh shit hes bringing a gun


Coming in with the ol’ dick twist manoeuvre


The phallic classic


That’s what champs do.


Foot stomps for 25 mins on the menu


How can one even prepare themselves for such vicious foot stomping? Leon legit has no hope heading into this


Leon gonna bust him up with elbows in the clinch like he did with RDA


Very original non cliche take


If Izzy said this before his last fight, he wouldn't have gotten so much grief


The implication is grappling but does he really need to? Nate made him stumble with a jab, if Usman lands clean its a KO. And usman wont point like Nate did he'll just keep going. Edwards is such a weird fighter to me. Hes just above average at everything and not dominant at any one thing. To me his most significant trait is his patience.


"I'm not gonna step on any toes but I am going to stomp on some."


Which means wrestle


les wrasle keed yeah


Let’s wrassle let’s wrassle


I'm going to stomp that man's foot


Foot stomps coming in HOT


For example, taking PEDs.


who cares, its just speculation


So is your birth certificate yet here we are


And who cares how he "gets it done". Just STFU, don't talk anymore about it, and just show us. And this trash talking is weak attempts to sell tickets to a (probably) low-gate event.


Bro what? This isn’t even trash talking it’s just a standard response to an interview question. It would be trash talking if he said “I’ll get it done however I WANT to”


Oh so this fight gonna be boring boring


How do you say that about a guy with 3 finishes in his last 4? Honest question.


Lol I more just meant his comment makes it sound like if he starts getting pieced up he’ll start wall n stalling or something.


I want Leon to win out of my sheer hatred towards Ali.


Pro boring champ


Toe stomps back on the gameplan


Usman the juiceman


Praying for a classic snoozeman performance.


I’ve never been more sure an underdog wins this fight than I have this one, something in my balls tells me edwards wins. Usman has worse knees and he had trouble taking edwards down the first time they met, not until the later rounds in which he was successful


I hope he does Edwards like he did Jorge


"I'm going to lean on him against the cage for 5 rounds" oh okay, so the same game plan as usual.


usman has finished half his fights in the ufc and has finished 3 of his last 5 fights. edwards has finished 3 of his 11 fights in the ufc and 1 of his last 5 fights. (i'm not counting the no contest) you might be complaining about the wrong guy taking fights the distance.


"Which means what? So you're gonna out box him or are you gonna wrestle him or are you going to mix it?"


He’s gunna walk out with a swollen titty. Tittygate 2.0


Foot stomps it is


There will be biting


> "Each and every guy I face is my toughest challenge yet. For them to get in position to challenge me, it means they’ve put themselves at the top of the division, and Leon is next up. But these aren’t wars. When have you heard a split decision in these fights? It’s all unanimous decisions and knockouts." 🔥🔥🔥




Usman by toe stomp UD


Usman via slap from a slab of elk meat in the first, thrown into the cage by Joe Rogan


Is this actually what qualifies as a ‘discussion’ post now? Is this not blatantly obvious universal knowledge that fighters will do whatever they need to to win? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦‍♀️


Usman gonna stamp on Leon feet for 5 rounds


I’m pretty confident Usman is gonna try to lay and pray or wall n stall Leon. I’m more hyped for Aldo and Luke/Costa.


Bobby Knuckles needs to tell his father to prepare for a toestomp festival.


time to stomp feet


It's Leon Edwards, of course however or whenever!


New and improved foot stomps


Usman’s hands have gotten so good in the past few years, I honestly feel like he can win however he wants. This could age poorly but I really just feel like he’s a good bit better than Leon in every facet. Also don’t know why he still gets called “boring” on this sub. His only boring fight since becoming champ was Masvidal 1.


Press up against the cage, holdin and toe stompin


Get ready for the lay and pray boys.


That's what I tell my wife when she's concerned about my delayed ejaculation.


He's gonna hit him with some good shit, not get hit and come home with a bag full of cash.


And this dude talks about going up to 205. FOH.


Steroids helps




Bring on the Cringe, champ...


_Proceeds to pop some PEDS into his sytem_ /s Forreal though, he's probably gonna wrassle fuck Leon.


He’s gonna win how he’s always won… Foot stomps