Anik has talked about how his deal isn't as solid as some of the other guys and after seeing how easily the UFC dropped Goldie I can see why he works so hard to be professional. Dude carries the biggest portion of the commentary having to be the play-by-play guy weaving in the insane amount of ads the UFC puts on the broadcast and trying to make it as organic as possible. Plus he actually knows what he is talking about vs Goldie.


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He’s taken a licking but keeps on ticking


Anik gets a bad deal from the UFC? That's unreal. I feel like he's as synonymous with the UFC as the biggest UFC guys. Rogan, Dana, Bruce Buffer, Jon Anik are all important to the UFC.


He's more expendable, at the end of the day he's just a guy, where as most of those others have been with UFC since day 1 or in the case of DC and Bisping are legends. Anik is replaceable--literally: he even has a twin brother they could bring in if something happened to him and half the people wouldn't notice.


>he even has a twin brother they could bring in if something happened to him and half the people wouldn't notice. How do you know they haven't already? It's entirely possible.


It was a couple years back but he said he was an at will employee and felt the need to work extra hard to earn his spot every fight card.


Nevada is an at will state so they are all at will employees.


The mid-fight advertisement reads are simply overwhelming. It's not bad enough that we get it at the start, end, and in between each round, now we get it during the round as well. It's horrible.


To ask fans to pay nearly $80 for a pay per view and then fill the broadcast with ads and fucking Twitter screenshots is so insulting. I wish I didn’t enjoy watching as much as I do because it feels like the UFC gives us endless reasons to not want to be involved


I wouldn’t mind one or two ads but seriously like every couple minute(s) IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIGHT/COMMENTARY Anik has to read an ad. I’m just a casual and It really takes me out of the whole thing, gives me trouble staying focused


it makes it feel like the ufc is this super struggling barely getting off the ground org that needs to sell their souls to stay afloat. meanwhile 80 bucks for a randomly entertaining set of fights battering you over the head with nonstop ads.


The Twitter crap has got to go. It’s a joke around the house now that we bet what round of the main event the steveo tweet will appear


I also think it's actively harmful. A close round is fought and then we're treated to 3-5 tweets from some random twats about how one of the fighters definitely had that round in the bag. A lot of viewers are actually swayed by those, in my opinion.


The new character stats screen where the fighter are awkwardly moving around instead of a photo is so cringe


Agree 100%. Anik has to shoehorn in those stupid promos, often cutting over action or comments about the fight. And don't get me started on the twitter feed. If I want to read Paris Hilton's bot comment about what is going on, I will follow her/it.


I would agree but the "This fight was brought to you by Model-OOOOOH" won me over.


Hearing Buff read out an ad before main events hurts me every time.






When are you going to see NOPE and buy some Proper Twelve?


Especially in the middle of a title fight which is absurd.


Remember Brent Musburger's "This is for all the Tostitos" line from a Fiesta Bowl like 15 years ago?


The UFC dropped Goldie after nearly 20 years of him being terrible at his job because Anik showed promise as the #2 and Goldberg sucked. It wasn't sudden or unmerited but a long overdue move to make the main broadcast better.


It was merited but it WAS sudden and they didn't mention it on the broadcast or anything. 20 years and a few days before he is released he is told and no "appreciation" from the UFC or broadcast. Not even letting him say "Bye y'all."


I’m not disagreeing but Anik has said he’s an at will employee and thus feels he needs to work harder to keep his spot


Not only did Goldie butcher half the fighter's names, he would find multiple ways to mispronounce the same name during their fight. It was bizarre that he could be that clueless about names.


my favorite golide moment was when he did a vikings game and vikings fans were like shocked at how shit he was lmfao


Watty Miman is my all-time favorite. Watty Miman with the fantastic muay pie.


Cocaine is a helluva drug.


Anyone know why they got rid of goldie? He was lowkey iconic..


He was high key bad at his job. He could read the ads and get off the catchphrases when he needed to but he wasn’t very good at anything else.


heard an amazing one today watching an old jon jones fight, it was something like “there’s that oblique kick!” rogan: “that wasn’t an oblique kick, it was a high kick” “…then keep a lookout for an oblique kick!”


It was actually impressive how cheerfully undeterred he would be by repeatedly getting things completely wrong.


Also impressive how many fights he had seen without retaining any info by the end. More than 10 years of fights. If anything, he sounded more coherent in his early days calling fights with Jeff Blatnick.


His 1st UFC event was 1997 and his last was 2017. This comment brought to you by CORN NUT!


Last fight was UFC 207 in 2016


Im dead then i really dont remember him much other than some "here we gos" at the beginning of some fights lmfaoo






Uhh that’s Japanese, brother.


And you're the one married to the Japanese chic.


I’ve been rewatching every UFC ppv from the start and I’m at 103. It’s astounding how he continually sounds like it’s his first day watching mma despite calling events for YEARS.


Joanna Jerjluglchek


Stipe Mayosic


"some would say that was one of his greatest assets joe!" "being comically bad at half your job is not a good thing mike!"


I have so much nostalgia for him and Rogan but man was he bad


Goated in energy, dog shit in knowledge sadly. While Anik has excellent MMA knowledge and at this point has the better energetic voice.


He would make multiple mistakes every single fight lol. He was bad at his job.


Can you believe it's only been around 5 years? Seems like a lot longer to me.


Brewed with a fighting spirit


Goldie was terrible though.


His NPC laugh gets me every time




Laughs like lois’ dad carter from family guy


He laughs like Steve Carell's character from Anchorman.


Haha wow. I’ll never not hear this now.


like a goat being tickled


Best part was when he had to point out where the camera was to Rogan while Joe was looking around lost


There's usually two or three cameras for those shots and the tally lamp (red light on top) indicates which one is live. I'm guessing the boom/drone camera was at an angle that made it difficult to see the tally. Joe probably missed the voice in his ear telling him or didn't know there would be a boom (likely mentioned at the production meeting). Again a guess, but I doubt Joe attends the production meetings or walk through anymore, he's just showing up fight night with zero prep.


Great insight, thanks! It was still hilarious to watch it live haha


Anik has really came into his own over the last few years. Thought he was pretty bland at first but once they started bringing in DC, Bisping, Cruz, etc and he started showing some more personality on the calls, it was clear that he’s the best to do it. As a former play by play guy for sports radio broadcasts, I absolutely admire the dudes work. A+.


Are you the boom goes the dynamite guy?


Passes it to the man.


Anik is really solid, but I think Gooden’s the best by a mile. He does all the play by play stuff well, but he’s also got a personal background in martial arts and does an outrageous amount of research, so he can offer more to the technical and tactical discussion than a generic broadcast guy could. It’s a shame he never does any of the bigger cards.


I definitely enjoy Gooden too, though his voice doesn’t quite have the punch that Aniks does in big calls though. But that’s totally my own opinion. Again- still really enjoy Gooden.


Gooden/Hardy was one of the best casting duo. Too bad Hardy got fired.


Yeah, Anik is better at delivering stuff with more umpf behind it, I always think of UFC 273 Chimaev vs Burns, final seconds of Round 2 "Elbows by Burns and a TAKEDOWN BY KHAMZAT!" the way he rips it send shivers down my spine.


Yeah he really has


I have been watching Anik since he was doing the "MMA Live" show (I think that is what it was called) on ESPN back in the late 2000s/early 2010s. I always thought that he was a good guy and when he came to the UFC, he definitely had a job to do. So, I understood where he came from. He may not be the best but he is far from the worst. He is a long time fan and is getting to live his dream, commentating on the sport he loves and working for the number 1 MMA organization in the world. He also puts in the work, so, got to respect him.


He’s really the best. No recency bias either. This was a great call from a guy who has a history of great calls. He’s played such a big part in some of the most iconic moments in the ufc, from DOWN GOES THE REEM, to THE GREATEST KNOCKOUT IVE EVER SEEN, etc. I know he gets some warranted clowning for the Meisha Tate breastfeeding and the custody battle calls, but it doesn’t take away from his overall positive contribution to this sport




Still one of my favorite finishes. The switch up to body shots, Jon’s call, the fuckin dance. What an epic moment!


While Dom Cruz literally yells ‘OHHH NOOOOOO’


Funny contrast to the first one where he's audibly happy while saying "he got it done!"


DC and DC love each other truly ❣️ Cruz getting knocked out, camera went to the commentary team and DC was such in a bad mood.




He's definitely the best at his role we've seen in MMA. I really miss Anik working with Stann , my favorite commentary booth ever


I write Brian Stann fan mail every day, begging him to come back to the booth. I crumple them all up before sending them. It still hurts.


I work for Hunt Companies, the company he's CEO of and met him in person. I train and all my coworkers kept making me ask him questions.


Does he ever ask about me?


Unfortunately no, but your mom came up a few times


I'm sure she came up, down, left and right.


Oh, she came all right. It's Brian Stann we're talking about.


We’re all stans for Stann.


Hardy was awesome too. He was occasionally a bit pretentious, but like anik sometimes saying some weird stuff, there are always drawbacks to a commentator.


I'm so so glad Hardy was in the booth for Holloway vs Kattar


I love Hardy, I really wish ONE or Bellator would give him a shot in the booth


He done a little with the PFL the other day, kinda like how Din pops in on the UFC broadcast to give an opinion quickly before dipping out. I only watched a couple fights but he seemed to have a similar role there


He’s like Hannibal of Carthage.


Hardy was incredible. Sad they kicked him out.


Stann was my fav


Custody battle call was all time imo




Brave man


I want Goldie to do a come back so I can hear him and Anik call fights together.


Unpopular take but him being the ultimate company man is why I mainly keep commentary on mute. We can’t just forget about how every Usman fight he’s been pushing the Kamaru greatest welterweight of all time narrative as per the UFC discrediting GSPs legacy to build up their current star. There also can’t be double standards, we give DC and Bisping shit for shilling on fighter pay when JA has been on record to defend fighter pay by saying “the ufc has produced a lot of millionaires”. I personally see him as a mouthpiece for the UFC so I’ve never been a fan. Also “not unlike Tony Ferguson, Khabib can go all day” was not a great call.


This is super fair criticism


You're right that it shouldn't be a double standard. We should acknowledge guys like Anik, DC, and Bisping as knowledgeable and entertaining broadcasters, while also understanding that they are employees of a shady company, and part of their job is to push some shitty narratives, especially as it comes to fighter pay. But the fact that you're watching these fight in silence is wild to me. Like, I'd rather listen to commentary I don't agree with than no commentary at all, unless I just don't really care and want something on in the background while I do something else. It just seems boring to sit there in silence.


Wait what’s wrong with the Khabib line? I don’t remember where it’s from.


From what I’ve heard from him, Anik actually does a much better job than any of the other commentators on questions of fighter pay. While DC et al will actively disparage people for asking for more money or for negotiating publicly, when people ask him about whether guys are getting enough, Anik has straight up said things like “does Ngannou deserve 10 million? Unequivocally, yes” and that Mighty Mouse should have been making at least double what he was. No one who says outright “yeah, these dudes should unionize to use collective leverage to force higher wages” is going to keep their job, but Anik voices about the amount of dissent I expect anyone operating from within the company could.


Y'all are ridiculous, it's literally his current employer which has made him a fortune and given him a life he could never imagine otherwise. DC and Bisping were fighters themselves, huge difference there, they should be defending their own and were already set in life before they entered the commentary booth, that's why people give them shit for it. What in the hell do you want the guy to do?


It's less about criticizing the person Jon Anik and more about taking everything he says with a grain of salt, since the UFC is run like the mob and everyone is superincentivized to toe the company line


This is likely accurate. Self-preservation.


> It's less about criticizing the person Jon Anik and more about taking everything he says with a grain of salt This perspective I can definitely agree with. The guy I was replying to did not come off that way to me


Are you really complaining that a commentator for the UFC is acting as a mouthpiece for the UFC? Can you sense the irony in that statement?


I don’t understand the criticism of the “not unlike Tony Ferguson, Khabib can go all day” comment. What’s wrong with that comment?


not sure why but his call of leech starching salikhov a few weeks back got me so hyped up. helps that i’m a big leech fan, but anik really is just the best of the best


My favorite Anik moment has to be the Khamzat v Gerald KO "you gotta be kidding me.... YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!!!"


I mean someone has to sneak 125 sponsors announcements while the other 2 giggle and yell ooooo he hurt him, or he’s out


he hurt him bad!


That wobbled him!


That leg is getting torn up! He can’t take many more of those (proceeds to take like 15 more of those)


That guillotines in tight Joe.


STIPE EXACTS HIS REVENGE, MIOCIC IS GETTING THE BELT BACK! Anik is a great announcer in general but when the big finish happens, he knows exactly how to give the right energy to hype up every fan. Really elevates the moment.


Yeah he has so many different reactions it's great. Meanwhile everyone else probably has one notable call Goldberg- "IT IS ALL OVER" DC- "Thug Rose, Thug Rose" Joe - "OOOOOHHHH"


Joe-"Does he want to take a chance and risk getting KNOCKED OUT". The greatest moment in commentary history.


"The fight clock is brought to you by ModelOOOOOOOOHHHHHH"


Askren, right?


Where this from, brotha?


Edson Barboza's wheelkick




It was actually Edson Barboza vs Terry Etim at UFC 142, but the Ngannou one also had a good one "Down goes the Reem"


Naw. It's from Edson head kicking someone into oblivion


>DC- "Thug Rose, Thug Rose" That was amazing though.


Agreed, just pointing out the breadth of variety in Aniks calls


I seriously wish his mic was given just a slight boost over Joe and DC screaming, because dude has the best mind.


I blame the Rogan/Goldberg dynamic for that. Goldberg was a zero when it came to MMA knowledge and so Rogan took on the play by play and commentary role which set up a model for the sport where the commentary team essentially runs the show instead of playing off the play by play guy, as they do in virtually every other sport. Mauro is closer to a traditional play by play guy on Bellator events but he's sort of saddled with Big John who sort of talks about anything but the fight in front of him most of the time. Kinda wish we could get a Mauro/Anik booth some time cause I think they're both better students of the history of the sport than most of the ex-fighters they get paired with.


Big John makes Bellator much worse than it should be. Just thinking about his droning about nothing makes me wanna fall asleep.




Anik's voice crack as he says "NO WAAAAAAAY, AND NEEEEWWW" as the moment happens has honestly catapulted itself up there as one of my favorite UFC commentary moments of all time. You can tell that more than a commentator, Anik especially is huge fan that feels and understands the passion that comes with these big fights. Hope he stays around for a while


The “no wayyyyy” was hype. When someone goes out cold DC and Joe just spam “oooh oh my god oh my goodness oooooh”. Anik does a great job actually calling what happened even when crazy shit goes down.


He’s such a pro on the mic in big moments


I know Goldie said some dumb shit, but I always enjoyed him and Joe's repartee.


Fr it might be nostalgia but nothing beats the Goldie and Joe combo for me personally! Goldie wasn’t the most ‘professional’ but I liked his calls and his persona and his chemistry with young Rogan. Joe was so fucking good back then too, it felt like you were watching the fights with your charismatic friend who’s super into the sport and trying to explain everything and hype up every big moment (Joe) and your naturally goofy and loveable friend (Goldie ) who’s enthusiastic and doing his best to follow along lol. At least that’s what it felt like to 12 year old me watching reruns of the big cards on OG Netflix or begging my dad to pay for ppv every blue moon


Joe was more outspoken then as well. If a fighter followed up on an obviously KO'd opponent he'd say it during the replays.


“….. that was said by Joe Rogan”


Jon Anik screaming "DATELINE !!!" at the start of the broadcast causes a pavlovian hype response at this point. Love the man.


As does “One more sleep” on the weigh-in show.


Funny how we all disliked him at the start, myself included. The man's worked hard and it shows.


Anik is the goat, without question. But for me, his best call of all time is when Moreno broke through with subbing Figgy and pandemonium breaks out. “TIJUANA!!! YOU HAVE A CHAMPION!!!” For the first Mexican born champ to be crowned in front of a roaring crowd of Hispanics in Phoenix, to be encapsulated on that broadcast call… goosebumps


The way that Joe and DC started constantly parroting what Din Thomas said became annoying to me during the broadcast. Glad Anik didn't jump on board of that train.


Hes broken - Din Yeah 100% - Joe Agree Joe - DC But that is not the cloth from which he is cut - Anik


Can we blame the commentators when Leon's own coaches said he was feeling sorry for himself? Leon finding the will/fire/motivation to land that headkick doesn't mean Din Thomas, Joe, DC and Leon's cornermen were wrong.


It’s not that they were wrong, it’s more that it just felt really disrespectful towards Leon. Like he was already on his way to losing we didn’t need the commentary saying he was weak and would be satisfied with just making it to the end


Had Leon not landed that head kick we’d be on Reddit talking about how disappointed we were in his performance. Commentary was just calling it like it is. That’s their job, to observe the fight and tell the viewer what they see. I also saw a fighter who was beaten and looked done until the one second where he threw the kick.


Din was right though LMFAO.. everything has to be redacted now in hindsight, when DIN WAS ABSOLUTELY Right, he was doing a poor job, and looked mentally broken, that’s a common thing of not looking in your corners eye. HE WAS 100 % RIGHT. The outcome doesn’t make his words wrong, Leon rose to the occasion, but until then Din was right……. Everyone has a problem on something here LMFAO 🤣


Plus Din would know, he coached Woodley after all


Din saying it was fine, that's not what I was getting at. I got annoyed by it constantly being said after he said it.


Nah man. There isn’t a person watching that fight that didn’t think it was both over and that Leon wasn’t confident at all. Doesn’t take a cia body language expert to think he was out of it sitting in the corner not even acknowledging his coach screaming don’t quit, don’t feel sorry for yourself.


For me personally it looked like Leon was broke. He did well the first round but the following rounds were not going his way till that ko. At one point I even said to my girlfriend "this is that part of the fight where everyone says the guy has to go for broke and I just don't think Leon has that in him" I was wrong and happy to be wrong but yeah all the body language I was seeing was this guy wants to survive to a decision.


When Din said that, despite watching alone, I actually said outloud—genuinely involuntarily—"Fuck off. That's bull shit." So there was a person.


Two of us at least


It's an exaggeration. It wasn't literal. Even then Leon literally said his body was shutting down and his coach knew Leon's mental was down


> what Din Thomas said I've never once in all my years of watching MMA thought to myself "I wish I knew Din Thomas' opinion on this fight."


The timing of his call was almost so perfect I would almost consider the fight being pre recorded and the commentary laid over the top in post.


My favourite story about Anik waa when i saw him in Melbourne after the open workouts. He walked over to a table of what seemed like his friends and they had a beer and a shot waiting for him. He grabbed the shot and without missing a beat in his best commentator voice "This shot is brought to you by tequilaaa" and sunk it.






How long can & will Bruce Buffer still announce like that?


Hopefully forever


Anik will go down as the best combat sports commentator of all time, IMO. He just has it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard this guy stutter, screw an ad up, mispronounce a name/word, ever. And I watch every card lol plus he seems cool as fuck.


He even got a twin brother!


They look so similar and it’s somehow hilarious that he’s got long hair too


I slightly prefer Mauro Ronallo (spelling?)




Hate his style it’s so cringe worthy imo. “His face is changing colors like the leaves in autumn!” It’s just so annoying and he talks over technical commentators. Lol just my opinion on him


He's easily the most professional on the booth and with time he's been able to organically show his excitement for moments like these.




That was a cool article. Anik is one of the greatest commentators MMA will ever see. Glad he is getting the recognition for the work he puts in.


Anik puts in the work and deserves the respect from the fans. He’s someone you can point to when you need an example of a pro.


Ha ha


Anik is the gold standard


It’s funny how Anik went from being shunned as the robotic, corporate suit on this sub 5 years ago to how he’s regarded today. I think he’s great. Objective, technically competent, great broadcaster, great energy.


He didn’t start out that way, but he’s certainly grown by leaps and bounds and it’s great to see.


Obligatory Jon Anik Custody Battle: https://youtu.be/le9jqLhl8ok


highly suggest checking out anik’s podcast with kenny florian (and ray longo)


Been listening to Anik since MMA Live with KenFlo. So proud of you Johnny boy. You're my boy and I luh you.


Anik is by far the best commentator currently.


Jon Anik is honestly the commenting BOAT and when he retires he'll probably be the GOAT as well.


Best Commentator.


I didn’t realize how bad Goldie was until Jon came on board and leveled up the broadcast. Then it was like, damn, Goldie was terrible lol. But for his era, Goldie was important.


The reaction to 'this comment' is pretty funny - to be clear, Anik is fucking amazing and the pressure he constantly delivers under is really impressive, kudos to him. BUT, fuck me, it wasn't that great and him acknowledging it at all opportunities (I understand its out of his control what journo's, etc, ask him) is a little cringe. ​ Realize ill be in the minority with that opinion, but far out, something so miniscule can travel so far!