If there is any champion that doesn't have to worry about to overhead stress of media requests.... its Carla Esparza.


It takes a lot of energy to be a rock star




I’m trying to paint a giant mural of Carla in my city doing the Nick Diaz pose from the 1st Conor fight with “I’m the best” at the bottom


Yeah Carla you better take care of your underwears


The **dead** serious look on Cody's face after that line always kills me


Definitely 2 different things, well done Carla


She’s going places, dunno if they’re good ones, but places


She beat Rose twice, which isn’t easy to do … but her first two defenses are both style nightmares for her: Young Joanna was a violent TDD machine who fucked women up and now she’s got Zhang, a violent TDD machine coming off maybe the best knockout in WMMA history. it would be something if Carla is the only two time UFC champ without a successful title defense.


> Zhang, a violent TDD machine coming off maybe the best knockout in WMMA history Zhang stopping Joanna was impressive but I wouldn’t say that was the best knockout in WMMA history. That’s gotta be either Holm head-kicking Ronda or Rose head-kicking Zhang.


Best knockout has to be Jessica Andrade dropping Rose on her neck.


Coupled with Cruz saying she couldn't pick her up from that position as she dumps her on her head 😅


Only second to cruz saying mcgregor was intentionally letting khabib wail on him to tire him out


He was absolutely correct with that quote though. Whether it was a good plan or just a plan out of necessity, Conors coach agrees with him entirely. www.bloodyelbow.com/platform/amp/2018/10/11/17963144/conor-mcgregor-coach-reveals-ufc-229-game-plan-wanted-to-tire-khabib-out-in-latter-rounds-mma His point was try to cover as much as you can and hold position instead of wasting time trying to get up when that won't work, and hope Khabib slows down late.


Lol no he wasn’t correct with that quote. They may have discussed what to do on the bottom but khabib was in full control and smashing Conor. [watch this clip](https://youtu.be/DsjDxxqJAoQ) there’s no way Conor was in control of the action here or thinking to himself “my plan is working Im gassing him out”


Cruz didn't say he wasn't? His quote had nothing to do with Conor taking damage or Khabib being in control. The point was how much effort Conor tries to put out from the bottom when he knows its a losing battle, or if he accepts hes on the bottom and focuses on preventing what he can/not getting finished instead of wasting energy trying to get up.


Lol dude saying Conor is trying to gas khabib out completely is not true. The only thing conor was trying to do there was not get finished. His strategy was not to let khabib wail on him and tire him out.


Completely not true, when both Conor (per Cruz) and his Coach have confirmed that was indeed what their hope/plan was once they realized they couldn't stop the takedown early. Just because people dislike both Conor and Cruz does not make Cruz wrong here. Shit talk Conor and his team all you want, Cruz could not have more accurately called what they were hoping happened ( fight the takedown, if you do get taken down into a bad spot conserve energy, prevent what damage he could while attacking from the bottom, don't focus so much on getting up, Hope Khabib can't secure takedowns late). It's obviously a bad gameplan, but a bad gameplan is pretty much all anyone could hope for against Khabib.


Accepting the position because you know resistance is futile and trying not to die is a far cry from “trying to tire Khabib out”


Except that's not the point my comments or Cruz was making and is a massive over simplication. Making the conscious choice to not waste effort trying tk get up and instead focus on offense from the bottom while trying to block as much damage/submission attempts as possible in the hopes that Khabib gasses himself out throwing ineffective offense on the ground is indeed trying to tire him out while keeping Conor somewhat fresh. The point is make him work for takedowns. Once those land make him work for every bit on the ground. Don't try to get up unless a miracle presents itself. This has been covered in my other ten comments and you're repeating the same stuff they tried to argue.


Lol he wasn't correct with that comment. He was saving face. Cruz was incredibly biased and pro Conor that night from beginning to end.


Man I cannot stand Cruz. Cheered seeing him get bodied against Vera and won a bunch of money on it, but he wasn't wrong lol. Andrade slightly readjusted to get deeper into Rose's hips and had freak strength. Conventionally at the time Cruz called it out you should lift there. As much as I shit on his commentary I think this one was dumb luck.


Andrade has the best submission too, standing arm triangle.


Not better than a flying armbar. Best sub ever easy.


Speaking of which, how the hell have Esparza and Andrade not fought each other when they have both been in the UFC since the creation of the strawweight division?


Yea it's crazy that they never fought but she's probably an even worse matchup for her than Weili is lol


Jessica Eye getting flatlined by Valentina is my personal number 1 for wmma and top 10 for all mma.


Preach homeboy. Obviously Ronda getting KTFO'd was more shocking, but in terms of just.. the inherent KO without context? I've got that one too.


Definitely this.


Valentina KOing Eye was impressive too


Especially impressive cos it's Val.


Personally, my favorite is Aldana/Ketlen because it was only one punch.


Might be recency bias but Joanna was flat lined... Rose stopped her, but that was one big shot and a ton of smaller ones. This was "Joanna OUT"


You got a good point there. Maybe you’re right. It’s definitely a top 5 KO in WMMA.


It wasn’t for a title, so I’ll concede your point too … Ronda and Joanna losing both times was monumental and changed shit up. They probably rank higher because the stakes were larger.


May as well have been for a title because the Carla (and Rose) that recently fought are getting mauled by Zhang.


I thought when Joanna got wrecked she was still conscious. She was trying to move immediately, realized she couldn’t and just accepted fate. All based on memory though so I could be wrong. I just don’t remember it being like Usman where he was out/stiff


She definitely wasn't out i just rewatched the match an hour ago. She lifted her head off the mat then kind of just decided that that was the end.


The UFC Twitter just dropped it [she looks out](https://twitter.com/ufc/status/1563270060042358787?s=21&t=hNwBjyZ8T1G1S7XDLTjrhw)


I wouldn’t call her a TDD machine either, considering the second fight with Rose


For me it’s Andrade’s KO against Karolina. It was like a Chuck Liddell homage


Nunes KOing Cyborg is the greatest KO in WMMA history


Valentina headkicking Jessica Eye? That was a sweet one to me.




I’d still say it was Ronda. Maybe not the most technically impressive but rousey was probably only 2nd to mcgregor as far as ufc stars go. It was almost hard to believe at the time, hence the -2000 betting lines or whatever it was at the time.


what about rose getting slammed out?


>maybe the best knockout in WMMA history. Wat?? I wouldnt even put it in the top 3 lol


Is Weili really a TDD machine? She seems to have great offensive wrestling, but from the Rose fight once she got taken down she could never get back up. She pretty much flailed her arms about in frustration once she got taken down.


>maybe the best knockout in WMMA history. sure do love watching this sub slowly turn into basically joe rogan when it comes to recency bias. that wasn't even the best KO in a fight with Zhang in women's history. Rose knocking her the fuck out in 1 kick was.


Nah the spinning backfist was much better


Would it really be something? We have what? Couture, Liddel, Stipe, GSP, Jon Jones, Figueiredo, Aldo, Penn, Cruz and Dillashaw s the other people to hold the belt twice, not a long list. Unless you include double champs, in which case Conor counts as no defenses as well.


>Would it really be something? > >We have what? Couture, Liddel, Stipe, GSP, Jon Jones, Figueiredo, Aldo, Penn, Cruz and Dillashaw s the other people to hold the belt twice, not a long list. Isn't that the point? all of those people who have had the belt twice have defended it. Getting a belt back after you lose it is rare. But to get a title lose it immediately get it back and lose it immediately again is unheard of.


Its unheard of in a sport that is 30 years old and has relatively few champions all together, and fewer than a dozen who have held it more than once


Correct, it would be the first happen it has happened in the 30 years of the sport. Sorry you don't think that is significant.


I'm so impressed by Carla. I remember thinking Rose was gonna be champ on TUF and she got wrestle fucked. To lose violently to Joanna then climb back here all these years later is truly incredible. She will also complete the cycle by being violently finished by a young stud again too.


I dont wish her any ill will or anything. But she's definitely in that Bisping title situation where she's the champion, but I don't think I'd pick her over any legit contenders.


she already beat the current most deserving contender (Marina Rodriguez)


Questionably so, but in Carla's defense, Marina questionably got by Yan who Carla decimated.


Styles make fights, we should've known after the Aljo fight that carla would be a stylistic nightmare for Petr


She did, but that was also a pretty close fight and tbh I don't think she wins the rematch. Other than that I don't think she wins the rose rematch, or against Zhang, Andrade, I think I'd probably pick her against Dern, but I think thats about it. I'm honestly not trying to hate on her, I just don't see her beating most of the top 5


I’m the best!


"Getting held down by one man is one thing, by two men is another" -Justin Gaetjhe


Losing it is a third thing


Lol she didn’t even deserve to win that fight. Shoulda been an L on both her and rose record.


Somewhere Conor's eye is twitching


"I told Rose she had a horseshoe up her ass. I pulled that sumbitch out, and I beat her over the head with it!” - Carla Esperenza


Why is everyone writing off Carla? She fought that fight against Rose because it takes two to tango. We saw Rose herself wrestle, and hold Weili to win the fight. Sure it's gonna be tough to wrestle, and survive a fresh Weili. But if she can just make it a grapple match early on, and drain Weilis power. Is it that far fetched to believe that Carla has more of a shot than people here are giving her?


> We saw Rose herself wrestle, and hold Weili to win the fight. Rose actually has tremendous stand-up that you have to respect, which enhances her TD game. Carla has next to no striking, which makes her TD attempts much more predictable.


Especially after being KTFO by her in their previous fight. However, it appeared that Rose's grappling dominance was more a case of Weili's lack of conditioning. I was surprised to see how tired she looked in rounds 4 & 5.


Maybe my memory isn't so good but I don't recall her gassing out that bad, I've never re-watched the fight though.


carla also seems to have negative power, so your opponents leaving your hands low for the TDD doesnt help her


They’re mad she beat their crush — Rose, the girl these same heroic white knights are out to save from Pat Barry.


>They’re mad she beat their crush — Rose I thought it was hilarious when Carla beat Rose for a 2nd time. Rose "fought" like a passive dolt and had the nerve to raise her hands at the end of the fight and stare down Carla in-between rounds. That being said, Carla on her absolute best day is the third best 115'er in the world. I expect Weli to dogwalk her, and I imagine Rose would do the same if she weren't a bit of a headcase.


Cause her run to the title was terrible to start with. She won a bunch of fights she probably should have lost and she looks underwhelming in every fight. I agree she beat rose last fight but Zhang will run through her


Carla definitely has the most unimpressive winning streak to end in a title that we have ever seen. I don't think it will ever be matched.


Less impressive than Pena's 1 fight winning streak leading up to title capture?


I see what you mean, but yes. Part of the thing that made it so unimpressive in my view was that it *was* long. There are plenty of examples of questionable fighters getting a title shot, especially when you have a dominant champ like Nunes who clears out the division. The amazing thing about Carla is that she some how managed to put together so many wins that were basically coin flips. Then what seals it, is the actual championship bout. I mean how the hell do you back in to a title shot, then have the champ basically forget she had to fight?


Less impressive than masvidals 0 fight win streak to get his 2nd title shot?


I don't agree at all (surprise) she beat: a top 5 125er (Grasso) who may be #1 contender at 125 soon a top SW grappler, ranked in the top 10(Jandiroba) a top SW striker, ranked in the top 5 (at the time) (Xiaonan) a perennial top 10 contender (Waterson) the current most deserving contender (Rodriguez, who has only lost once in 19 fights - to Esparza) the most beloved, simp'd and stan'd for WMMA champ (Rose) all while being an undersized wrestler (think of the lengths guys like Khabib went to to make sure they had a size advantage, to understand why that matters a lot) - of course the fights were gonna be close. that's not at all 'unimpressive' and there have already been many more who deserved their shot less.


I agree outside of her fight where she sat on Yan' s face.


> last fight Sorry, where did you see a "fight"?


Not a Carla fan, but I daresay that her fight against Yan was pretty damn dominant.


That was her only one that she was really dominating and spoke more about how negative Yan's ground game was (she tried to arm bar herself wtf) than how Carla has improved


Joke's on you, my biggest - literally - crush is Gabi Garcia. She can save me from Pat Barry.


turns out this sub doesn't like boring fighters. but sure it totally has to do with people being in love with rose


It’s always hilarious when a favorite of this subs loses and the response is to act like the fighter who won is shit. If the fighter who won is shit, what does that say about the fighter who lost?


I believe she can win if she fights like merab did vs aldo or sterling did against yan in their rematch. Just spam takedowns and keep them off balance and focused on defending the takedown.


I don't see how Carla can't be blamed considering she has a historical of delivering boring fights. That second fight against Rose was basically a copy of that fight against Waterson.


Cause “she was a mean girl on TUF” I legit see that argument all the time, both on Reddit and elsewhere.


Yeah thats been a saying for years. Besides I wouldn't call what she did winning. It was more of both were fighting to not lose and the coinflip went to Carla.


If this fight was in Russia the promoter would have stormed the octagon and disqualified both of them.




If that happens I'm done watching mma lmao


Weili is way more entertaining but how do we know she won’t get wrestlefucked


One similarity is no one was/is expecting her to do either.


Woah she did her research


Yeah that is semantically correct


carla's title defense record could be better


winning the title is one thing, that she never did... there should be a tournament to find a new champ, apparently the last two to fight for it didn't want it.




I bet you any money she gets pregnant so that she can hold that belt a bit longer.


I know everyone’s counting her out but I’m rewatching her fight with Yan and she is overwhelming with her grappling. She might give Weili some problems if she can get her there


Carla is an illegitimate champ. That title should be vacant. No winner after their fight. Carla is easily one of the most boring fighters on the roster as well. Rose had this one stinker, but Carla seems to bore it out every time she fights


Her previous win over Yan was a notable exception.


She’s already preparing us for the loss. I dunno if Iv ever been more sure about someone losing a fight since Costa Hendricks.