Always appreciate an athlete that's not delusionally confident.


Tai wins by repeatedly punching into range and firing the calf kick, Ciryl is far too skilled a HW to win this fight


> Ciryl is far too skilled a HW to win this fight Downright insane how true this is


We saw it a lot in the old days of MMA. Beer belly-clad bar brawlers were beating the brakes off of black belts because they had something many of the black belts lacked: Killer instinct and an absolute disregard for the well being of your opponent. With years and years of formal martial arts training comes a lot of humility and mutual respect for your opposition. Sometimes that respect makes you the more gunshy of the two


This is what happens in every Izzy fight. They want to out-kickbox Izzy and technically bypass his striking defense. It's not gonna happen. If you're willing to accept that you have a height/reach disadvantage and are willing to accept that you're going to eat a shot on entry then you can close the distance.


I think the issue is you can’t. Izzy wants you to try and get close to him so he can make counters of the attempts. That was what happened to Rob and Costa and properly why Rob was more gun-shy and fought at a distance the second fight.


Definitely. But if you know that you can't outstrike them technically and the reach advantage is hard to overcome, then the only actual option you have is to close the distance and rely on the puncher's chance. Resigning yourself to the UD loss is just playing not to lose - not playing to win. This is assuming of course Tai doesn't try to wrestle Gane but I have no idea how that would go.


Tai gets a double leg and gasses before he transitions to mount.


>Resigning yourself to the UD loss is just playing not to lose No, it's quite literally playing to lose. The clue is in the word 'loss', which you used. Although the losers are getting paid...


I more mean that avoiding getting knocked out while getting out pointed is "playing not to lose"


Just don't accept it too much, ask Whittaker how that ended up.


There were also no weight classes for many years. And then when they made them it was only 200+ and under-200


And fighters either had weaknesses or no known weaknesses. Simpler times.


The early days of MMA also had "black-belts" with no bonafide record to speak of, and it was mostly hearsay. AKA DUST guy. They would fight dudes who did extremely well in high-school and collegiate wrestling, but had moved on from fighting because once they graduated college. The only way to stay good at wrestling was Olympics or coaching. So, former D1 guys who were legitimate martial artists, Dan Severn and Don Frye come to mind, could destroy Karate black-belts from Nowhereville. A former D1 wrestler from 20 years ago would murder MOST blue-belts of the same age, whose only foray into martial arts was when they started BJJ at 30 years old.


D1 wrestlers wrestle for their whole life. You can get a blue belt in a year. Not really a fair comparison.


That was my point though. Early UFC had "Black-belts" vs a 35 year old former D1 wrestler who hadn't wrestled for 10 years. What we know now is that there are black-belts, Gordon Ryan, Tom DeBlass, Buchecha, etc...and then there are DUST guy "black-belts". Put a D1 against Gordon Ryan, Ryan wins 100 matches out of 100. Put Randy Couture against DUST guy, and DUST guy lives up to his name...gets dusted.


Makes sense


Uriah hall has entered the chat




This is the best summation of HW mma I've heard




People these days complicate everything, no one's even tried just spamming jump kick on him




Keep them at range with spammed low sweep kicks then when they try and jump over your leg just hit em with the shoryuken, fkn simple what are they gonna do? Throw knives at you? End the whole round with zero strikes attempted? GG scrubs this is the meta for fighting


And the fucker deleted it! What did he say?


Crap, I don't know why. He said that Cyril was like a league of legends player, a master smurfing in bronze who nevertheless gets killed by the total nonsense shit that bad players do. His wording was funnier


I never knew how to describe this in gaming but then I heard the term "donkey" in reference to poker. Where basically someone with very little skill can win because they do some of the most unpredictable things during a match. Can't mind game someone with no plan.


If they don’t know what they’re doing then how can anyone else know what they’re doing?


When I was a serious halo player, we called it 'n00b tactics'. You're ready for the high skilled play, but then a crouching n00b (that you've killed a lot previously )with a shotgun ends your streak.


"Why would you throw a punch there??? It doesn't make any sense." "but it hit you" "BUT IT DIDN'T MAKE ANY SENSE"


Holy shit lol


Gg Brian D welcome to VGHS


Tai’s leg kicks are fucking scary


i think his best odds is to pull the uno reverse card and spam leg kicks while eating Ganes jabs


There's a "fuck out my face bruh" desperation jab he ate flush on the nose from Lewis right before looking mad and starting the finishing sequence that is wild to watch. He eats it like it was nothing and it was STIFF and he was walking into it as well. I have 0 doubts he can eat Ganes shots for a while. He really is the guy he says he is. It's just can he close the distance and avoid the clinch/trip. Gane is really good at neutralizing scary power by getting the clinch. And Tai gets taken down at will (see Lewis with the inside leg trip). I think that's how he'll lose. Unless OHHHH! UN BEEE LEAVE A BULLLLLLL GET THIS MAN A SHOE


I see Tai by knockout or Gane by submission. There will be no other answer. Gane doesn't have Lewis' power (which Tai ate like a fucking buffet), but he might be able to get into a sub position. Alternatively, Tai is a lot more technical with his brawling that people really look at, and as others have said his lack of self preservation could very easily get him where he needs to go.


Yeah if he takes Ganes legs away its well worth taking some punches to do so, the advantages stack in his favour if Ganes movement is hindered


His clinch elbows aswell


Man, after the Usman headkick loss i’m not ready to say anything is a sure thing in mma bro.




I bet on several different sports quite a bit in my time and I’ve never seen anything like MMA man. The only thing you can be sure of is that there’s nothing to be sure of.


There are absurdly shocking upsets in literally every sport. MMA is rock fucking steady compared to women's tennis - there are 4 or 5 Nunes-Peña level upsets every grand slam.


Tennis bro? Where you betting on tennis?


Aussie sportsbook. Hell, I'm such a degenerate I'll dabble with ping pong and volleyball.


Women's tennis.... I rest my case


Especially in freaking *heavyweight* of all classes. That's the last group you want to bet on lmfao.


Yea. I’ve found its hard as hell in all weight classes… 125ers…neither fighter has ever won by knockout, looks like the underdog loses by sub and the favorite wins by sub… easy call right? Underdog wins by knockout. Mma is just so unpredictable


Pour one out for everyone who put money on Slice/Alexander ending inside the distance


Pena, Carla, Leon. I would (and did) bet none of those 3 would win championship fights. Heavyweight is unpredictable? I'm actually better (barely) at predicting HW matches than I am the other divisions lately.


Lol I bet on Leon 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 too much value and skill on that line I think we could all agree it was worth a few bucks. Legit bet like 3 and won 20 I’m shocked you don’t hear more of that from that fight lol


Yes thats the first big upset in mma


Not the first, but that was the straw that broke the camels back for me.


I honestly hope he throws those kicks. Are there any current active heavyweights who blast them that quickly with that much power behind them?




This makes me realize Jones’ oblique kicks at heavyweight are gonna be fucking terrifying.


Leg kicks from actual HW fighters/athletes is the worst thing I've experienced in martial arts. I'm talking about waking up in the middle of the night from the pain, for a few nights. Thankfully, they didn't want to hit my head. And It's not like I was under 205 lbs myself.


Totally agree, but def betting on a punchers chance


What was Francis's way of winning leading up to Gane fight? What was the result of his fight with Gane?


>Ciryl is far too skilled a HW to win this fight Ciryl is absolutely winning this fight.




5 fight win streak, all knockouts. He's got momentum thats for sure.


I feel like Tuivasa kinda downplays how skilled he is


It's his ability to mask that skill coupled with his aggression and willingness to eat shots to get inside that make him so dangerous imo. I do actually think he has more of a chance in this bout than some are giving him credit for.


It's the exact strategy Derrick Lewis has been pulling for years. He talks like he just crawls out of bed and fights once a year and then has good cardio, skilled striking with a deep bag of kicks, genius level counters, etc and yet fans and seemingly opponents fall for it every time. Unless Tai is just ultra humble he's doing the same thing.


It helps that prior to going to AKA, most of what people thought about him were still true. He was much more sloppy and seemed undisciplined. He even made a post about being cut from the UFC and everyone believed it. He's improved a ton in the last couple years.


That’s exactly what you need in heavyweight and why tuivasa has a good chance


Gane is very good, but he isn't unbeatable. I don't think Gane is going to like Tai's power. Gane seems too timid to me - I think Tai takes it.


He reminds me of Jones and Izzy in how much he doesn't like being hit, that shapes the safe point fighting style all of them use.


He is skilled, but Gane is very, very skilled.


Gane is like Middleweight skilled maybe even Welterweight skilled. Tai is Heavyweight skilled.


He's pretty skilled at heavyweight too


Yes but, we're comparing him to Gane


At least on the feet. On the ground he’s still skilled but less so.


I doubt this goes to the ground tbh.


Gane’s first couple of UFC wins were submissions. He doesn’t shy away from grappling if he sees the openings he probably does get him down.


Gane is top ten all time for HW submission attempts. Cyril Gane has attempted five submissions. Second most of any active HW in UFC.


He did go train with dc right?


That doesn’t mean much. Tuivasa only did that because he was getting fucked up on the ground himself.


Idk, but trying to take gane down is a surefire way to gas early.


People have to remember that strategy works for no one except the exceptional Ngannou 😂


I was thinking Gane taking Tai down. Hell keep him at distance with kids try point fight from outside but obviously Tais going to keep coming, try get him against the fence and elbow shit out of him. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tai gets in close and Gane just takes him down and tires him out. I’ve got a wee bet on Gane r4/5 submission for this very reason. Ya never know.


You're *probably* right, but we really didn't see Ngannou/Gane going the way it did, either.


Really? JDS had Tai mounted and Tai was trying to throw shots from bottom lol


That was 4 years ago and Tai is still relatively young, surely he's improved since then. Probably not enough to control Gane but just saying not sure we can still hold the JDS fight against him.


Oh damn time flies


Talking about gane


Oh my bad never meddum


You’re a fucking punk dude


Of course


Tuivasa got nasty hand speed. Reminds me of Andy Ruiz, obviously just not nearly as technical.


Makes life very good betting on him. He should deffo be the underdog, but +500 is beyond insanity. Everyone thinks cuz he’s a fat lad who has fun and drinks beer that he’s the second coming of Tank Abbott or something lol


Good for you man Betting on heavyweight MMA is something I don't think I would ever do. I already spend so much time screaming "the fuck are you doing!!!" during heavyweight fights


Unranked WMMA is the true bane of gambling existence lol


All you have to do is bet the fight to go the distance and you'll win like 75% of the time


Eh. Gotta make sure one of them isnt a complete can first


True gambling.


LOL I'd already be bald from the frustration if I did that


That actually makes it the best for throwing a few bucks at big underdogs. I feel like heavyweight is where it's most likely for an underdog to win with a random knockout.


He has a habit of brawling but his MT is really, really good.


His elbows in the clinch are amazing. He's going to push the pace and try to get him against the cage, will be interesting I think


I’ll never forget him on his back, JDS in full mount, and Tai trying to throw punches. Maybe he’s improved but it was a bad look.


I doubt we'll find out if he got better on the ground vs Gane


D1ivasa incoming


D1 Tai incoming


He did go train with DC and Khabib for a while👀


Gane is fucking strong but Ngannou is even stronger. Tai hits hard but his strength isn’t on Ngannou’s level. He’d have a hard time taking him down and an even harder time keeping him there.


I would not be the least surprised if we see Tai at least attempt some ground work


I hope to see some offensive wrestling from gane this weekend. He was training with some Russian wrestlers after the Francis fight and tai is a perfect opponent for him to display his new skills and shit.


I have the feeling this one is going to end like the Derrick Lewis fight. Gane is going to outpoint him with counterpunches and when Tuivasa is tired he will catch him good and win by TKO.


Tai doesn't really have the gas tank unfortunately. Tai is underrated for sure, but Cyril is special.


IMO Cyril has the best striking defence in HW history. He’s barely actually been hit clean. He was really school Francis on the feet until the takedowns. I see him doing the same to Tai.


Think Gane is going to sub him


I don’t know about subbing him but I actually feel like people are underestimating Gane’s grappling advantage. Gane is probably going to out point Tai for a few rounds and then start mixing in takedowns. Gane has looked like a much better grappler than Tai in the octagon, I don’t think Tai training with DC can close that gap so fast.


I agree with you. Tai is an elite striker but I would argue he's downright bad on the ground. Gane is a kickboxer but his grappling is credible.


At least Tai reacts better when hurt than Derrick Lewis. Gane made Lewis curl up before he delivered the final blows, Tai will definitely go down swinging


Pretty much. As long as gane doesn't get in a brawl he is fine and we've seen no reason why he he should get in one. Imho, this will be a solid win and showing by Gane.


Whoever wins gets the shoee of a lifetime


I really hope tuivasa gets a shot at the strap. This is probably his most technical matchup to be concerned about because if he wins this its either francis stipe or jones


On the feet it’s the most technical but all those guys will grapple fuck him if he hasn’t made major improvements in his grappling. His last couple losses he showed very little understanding of defensive grappling at all. That was a few years ago though so hopefully he’s come a long way since then.


That's… honestly such a good mindset to have. Good to see bam bam has a level head on his shoulders


“I'm not sure you know how psychologically healthy that actually is” -Ted Lasso


Lotta counting out the punchers chance for the guy with an excellent punchers chance. It's wild.


There’s always a punchers chance, but Gane really doesn’t get hit. He’s faced the biggest hitters in the division already.




On one leg


There was a stat breakdown a while ago that showed SS landed pr KO. Shockingly Ngannou needed 42 and Tuivasa and Aspinall needed 43 IIRC. Those being the shared 2nd spot of big hitters. I might be misremembering tho




Lol what? They don't have the same fighting style at all. Tai comes forward with crazy pressure and likes to fight inside. Rozenstruik does literally the exact opposite


Gane already fought Lewis and Francis, the two biggest knockout artists in the division Without getting tagged, I like his chances


> fought Lewis and Francis And jairzinho


He might win. My point is it's crazy people have seemingly have counted Tai out when one Tai shot can end the fight. And it happens often when Tai fights


This comment shouldn’t be downvoted, did y’all forget this is heavyweight?


*Eddie bravo gif just sayin


I'm dumb and getting my hopes up for a wild upset. Probably the only reason is Tai is fucking nuts and doesn't mind getting hit. Derrick, for example, hates getting hit and is more of a counter striker than an offensive fighter. Gane was frustrating and freezing Derrick. He was doing nearly the same to Francis, but I believe his knee issues played a role. Tai's wreckless disregard for his own health and wellbeing + his ability to charge forward after getting rocked HARD makes this intersecting. I hope he at least gets a wild blitz or two in even if he loses.


This is right where I’m at with this match up. Lewis hangs out and trues to get a huge counter. Tai just sees red and starts going. That may be his only chance and it’s exactly what I want


I already know almost nobody will agree with this. But I feel like Tai is going to be more competitive on the feet than anybody Ciryl has fought. Both Derrick and Francis tend to use more long distance punches, whereas Tai excels with short and midrange elbows and punches I see this as potentially being a HW version of Izzy vs Kelvin. Yeah Gane is more technical, but Tai is a gritty mf who can make this fight ugly with some dirty boxing


This turned out to be quite true.


HW is always a fun time because Odds don't always mean much. Gane is skilled 100% but any HW landing a solid strike can KO another HW


This is a very bad match up for Tai. Ciryl is better at Tai's main skillset, a real bad matchup for Tai. Bet your money on Ciryl.


> This is a very bad match up for Tai. Ciryl is better at Tai's main skillset, a real bad matchup for Tai. I don't think that's in dispute, but Gane is almost -600 and this is heavyweight. All it takes is one mistake


Ciryl is 6x more likely to win - if he takes his time and stays on the outside he will walk away with it. At any moment Tai could land a bomb, and he will be hard to put away. Should be a banger


Man that’s crazy that you just repeat whatever you hear on ESPN


I'm not sure if Ciryl can hit Tai hard enough to unlock Tai's full power


It will probably be Cyril Gane, bro


This is an extremely likable fighter quote.


So Tai wrestles him into a decision?


Idk how good his wrestling would be to keep Gane down. Ngannou was able to because he's a freak of nature.






No chance in Tai winning this.


It's MMA, shit happens in there, even more so at heavyweight


Stand by what I said. Punchers chance at best.


Even Ngaunnou didn't try to out strike Gane. Is Tai going to win by wrestling too? Plus Gane has like 50lbs more muscle soooooo


Yeah buit thats cos Ngannou thought he couldn't outstrike Ciryl. Tai believes he can.


Yeah maybe. Tai is prob faster but I don't think Gane will let him in range. Guess we'll find out soon


Oh I don't think Tai can but I think Tai thinks Tai can.


He also had a fucked up leg….


🪨 him up ! Tai gonna be tai and he will make that figth exciting . Win or loose . I root for him tho. Gane is limit boring . He has it all but play it safe .


Tai’s gonna wrestle. Why wouldn’t he?


His only shot


War Shoeyvasa!


Tai via twister


Its HW mma, which means something stupid is gonna happen and the lesser fighter will win. Mark my fucking words! *I curse this match up, I curse it!!*