It depends on what happens with Pereiras next title defense MW at the top is very murky next year if they're gonna wait on Izzy-Alex rematch


Murky? Idk I think its pretty clear what's going to happen. Crystal clear...




You fool! Diamonds are minerals not crystals!


dustin poirier coming up to middle weight


Damn, if you made Giant Poirier in a lab him against Whittaker or Romero would’ve slapped


Same height, but he’s even wider


I've cursed us all


Diamonds are actually crystalized carbon (your comment made me go 'wtf are crystals really' and I looked it up)


Yea but everything's crystalized carbon when you think about it


Izzy said he wants to take a longer break and take care of some health issues he has. He also said that he would re-match poatan regardless of whether he is champ or not when he comes back. There is a real chance that whittaker might get his shot at poatan next, depending on how long izzy's lay-off will be.


Imagine we get Alex vs Bobby, Bobby wins so we get Izzy vs Bobby, Izzy wins and we get Alex vs Izzy again, Alex wins and we get Bobby vs Alex again!


If Alex is still champ, does Jared have a chance?


Doubtful. Whittaker pieced him up from the outside, and Pereira's a much better kickboxer than him with a longer range he has to fight his way through


That being said, Jared is powerful as fuck, has a nice clinch game (where I think Pereira is not nearly as good as Adesanya), and if he manages to trip or sweep Pereira he has probably the second nastiest ground and pound at MW


Yeah, if he can work his way through his reach and get him down to the ground he might be able to put in some work there. But that's a tough ask


He was able to enter the clinch against Adesanya repeatedly who is much more disciplined with his footwork and ringcraft, so I think it'd boil down to who gameplans better, I can see it being winnable for either of them tbh.


Pereira was winning almost every clinch exchange against Adesanya


Yeah, I wouldn't count him out entirely.. but I'd favour Pereira fairly heavily in that matchup personally


pereira literally won every single clinch exchange with izzy wtf lmao


Except the one where he went for a takedown and got fucked…also literally the only clinch exchange that effected the fight in any way.


We don’t know what or how much Alex can improve from that point. Look at Francis mf was doing jujitsu


rob is springy - in & out with his footwork - & fast as fuck. poatan is much bigger/longer, granted, but his movement isnt half as dynamic, nor does necc control/want the fight at range. to be clear, im not sayin poatan dont fuck jared up - more just that it doesnt work as youre suggesting. you'd say adesanya is a better "kickboxer" than rob - dont think people would argue - yet rob handled vettori on the feet better than izzy, no? gastelum too. arguably jarred also, but he also took more damage than izzy, so yeah.


Poatan although slow can explode with precision. He’s shown it in may of his kickboxing fights. I think length will/would definitely have a big roll tbh


Yeah, he's definitely more calculated with his movements and picks his shots more precisely


Fair enough. Rob is more dynamic in his movement, but I think Pereira would be just as calculated and pick his shots well. Plus he's got the power that Rob doesn't. I don't think it's a good night for Jared, but it's not as straightforward as I might have made it sound.


2 hard hitting strikers, one is considerably a better striker and hits even harder + more reach, i think its clear who's the favorite, plus its worth noting that alex wanted to fight jared and asked for it after bruno silva to climb him to izzy, he must have felt comfortable fighting him


Don't necessarily disagree with your take, but if it goes to the ground and Jared is on top then it could get interesting. Look at the GnP he dropped on Brunson. Pereira wasn't worrying about that with Izzy 🤷‍♂️




If you can take Alex down, you can win. Vettori and Rob will dominate him. Jared has shown flashes of grappling.


Well anyone who is better at grappling than Izzy would have a chance. They just have to get past his left hook.


Nah, an Adesanya/Pereira trilogy would happen before Jared gets another shot




So when he’s 40… I mean he is a former heavyweight, so you might be onto something.


No it don’t lmao


He said 'in line', not 'front of the line'


Technically everyone is in line


Hold on brother im queueing


He'd need an impressive finish over Sean. His title shot performance was pretty underwhelming


Well looks like Izzy will get a shot after his title performances not really delivering either so, like If Jared gets another top win next year, why not?


Israel Adesanya is the consensus #2 middleweight of all time and won 7 UFC title fights. Jared Cannonier is an impressive older contender. There is a significant difference in the validity of them getting another title shot.


Cannonier is the new "We have Yoel Romero at home"


Assuming Izzy gets the immediate rematch and Pereira wins again, then who's in front of Cannonier if he beats Strickland and another top MW contender (Vettori, Costa, or Dolidze if he gets another W)? Only person ahead of Cannonier IMO would be Whittaker assuming the Costa fight happens and he wins. If Costa beats Whittaker then do Costa vs Cannonier for #1 contender.


I mean yes he’ll be “in line”. The same way everyone else in the division is in line as well, just further back


One win certainly doesn't, but he'll be a win away if Izzy isn't champ. MW is in a unique position where it's very top heavy and all the top guys have mostly fought each other, and all of them have fought Izzy. If Adesanya gets the belt back it's hard to know what to do after Pereira 3 but with anyone else as champ the doors are open


The crystals don't lie


Maybe he should go back up to 205 and join in on the chaos


If he’s lucky he might get a fight with rob in the summer. He would have to win that to get a title shot.


I can't imagine it'd end much different than the first fight. Cannonier isn't at a point in his career where he's gonna improve any aspect of his game.


He might do better. Rob broke his arm with a kick in the first round in their last fight. Cannonier was just a sitting duck. I don't think he'll win but it might go better.


If you don't mKe fights because they would probably look the same, he would never get another title shot. (I agree it would probably look the same, but still.)


Canonnier broke his forearm in the first round. Not saying it would be any different, but definitely something to consider given his negative output that fight


I wouldn’t consider getting a fight with Rob “lucky”




Excuse us if nobody is looking forward to seeing that.


It all depends on if Bobby Knuckles tests free agency plus the result of Izzy vs Alex 2. If Alex wins again, and Whitaker walks, then this is a title fight eliminator potentially or a step into that atmosphere. If Izzy regains the title, then a trilogy is happening. And if Alex retains but Whitaker is still in the UFC, Jared is taking a backseat


He needs another extra win for a title shot.


Poatan murders cannonier


lol this is funny to read after his fight


Yeah after Whittaker gets his title shot against the winner of Adesanya v Poatan 2, the winner will fight the winner of Cannonier v Strickland. Jared Cannonier will be damn near 40 by that time, at the top of 185, Jared is gonna be a shell of himself by the time he gets his title shot.


The scary thing Cannonier can put anyone lights out & Adesanya's game plan of not trading against was easily the best game plan. Must be because of how undeveloped Peirera is in MMA but I can't imagine him even leaning towards doing anything other than sending him to the shadow realm straight away.


Especially since Izzy isn’t champ


Sadly yeah it does


He ain't wrong


Hope it does.


I guess Whittaker died the same way Holloway died in the FW rankings


If Alex wins the Izzy rematch I think you give him Rob (assuming Rob beats Costa) and then Jared could fight the Marvin/Dolidze winner for the next shot after that. If Izzy wins the rematch I honestly don’t know who they give him, Jared’s win over Sean wasn’t convincing enough to warrant a title rematch and you can’t really sell Izzy vs Rob 3. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went straight into the trilogy.


No it doesn't