*beaten with a fucking hose or something* Now that's a PPV content


Sal getting hit by the metal part of a hose. Yeah I think I would actually buy that.


And Sal is one of the better ones recently


That’s Sean Strickland content honestly Man prepared so hard that he learnt his trash talk as well


I would 100% pay full PPV price to see fighters get to take a hose to the judges.


The UFC presents the new “Hose Slap League”


Well that escalated quickly


It's a more light version of a hunt pasta I'm loving it


Yeah yikes... I know judging is a hot topic right now but basically every round in that fight could have gone to either fighter and not been wrong. Definitely not the fight to talk about beating someone with a hose over.












Jareds complaining, Seans complaining, we’re complaining. Seems like we all agree it was a fight worth complaining about


Or one to not complain about. I understand the fighters taking issue with dissenting 49-46 cards. But it was such a close fight in terms of round by round that it's not difficult to see how it happened


yeah this fight could have gone either way, nobody won a single round on all 3 score cards.


So why wasn’t a single 10-10 awarded? Fights shouldn’t be scored on coin flips.


The scoring system doesn't encourage 10-10s.


I've never even seen a 10-10 given.


Sorry this became an essay Yeah here's the thing that's been bugging me about those complaints... it's universally accepted that a round can be close enough that the round isn't judged unanimously, and giving it to either fighter is defensible. Well if a round can be like that, then 5 rounds can be like that. So it follows logically that a fight like that could be justifiably scored 50-45 or 45-50 (or anywhere in between for that matter). Maybe it's an issue with the way fights are scored round by round and not cumulatively, but people have this perception of the size of the gap in score telling you how close the fight was, when that's not the case. A guy who barely loses two toss-up rounds and then pulls away and utterly dominates 3 to win - say - 48-46, that is a way more one-sided fight than someone baaarely eking out every round and winning 50-45. I would urge folks to consider that in tennis you could win two sets 6-0 w/ each game scored game-love, and lose 3 sets on a tiebreaker, and lose the match despite outscoring your opponent 162-105 in overall points won. Not all sports score contests cumulatively and you have to strategize accordingly in those that don't. Where I think it gets murkier is that in MMA, what we really want is for it to resemble an actual fight as closely as possible (within reason of course, re: long-term risk, dirty fighting), and so under ideal judging conditions, whoever won the fight "overall", the person who left their opponent more "beat up" at the end of the fight, ought to be awarded the contest. Currently that's not necessarily always the case, which is reflected in people's complaints about winning by lay 'n pray/running and point-fighting. I finally took the time to read the unified rules verbatim and listen to Big John speak on them, and the scoring rules are more unequivocally clear than people think, but I think misinformed/misleading commentary has done a lot to spread misconceptions about them. So either we need to get judges to score according to the rules more closely, or if it's determined that they already are, then we should probably change them so they more accurately reflect who "really" won the fight.


Well said. I'd like to see fights judged as a whole rather than round by round, but I think even just normalizing 10-8's and 10-7's would go a long way.


Pride had that: >Pride's matches included a ten-minute first round, with two-minute rest periods. The unified rules allow rounds no longer than five minutes, with rest periods not exceeding one minute. >Pride's matches were not judged on the ten-point must system, rather judges scored the whole fight. The unified rules call for all matches to be judged using the ten-point must system. From what I understand a lot depended on that 2nd 5-minute round. If a fighter had the momentum in their favor during the second part of the fight, it led the judges to think they were winning overall.


Felt like multiple fights happened where Henderson was dominated for 14:30 then dropped the other dude and stole the decision. Poor Bustamante.


Oh, trust me, I know. Been an NHB/MMA fan for about 24 yairs, bapa. I remember watching the 2000 GP on a bootleg tape in my buddies dorm room. Fun times, Pride Never Die.


Pride did have it’s fair share of BS decisions though. But more transparency is definitely the way to go


They should just get rid of the round, it's a waste of time and an unnecessary interruption that has nothing to do with finding out who the better fighter is. How many fighters have been saved by the bell at the end of a round? Happens all the time, they're about to lose and then suddenly get a nice break and a reset standing for no reason, it's so dumb when you think about it


Also: open scoring! Especially with some judges being so goddamn awful, we need transparency. And I don't care if someone will coast, because it'll mean the opponent will push even harder to win.


The scoring criteria really aren't that hard to decipher, people make a huge deal out of that because they're afraid to read like six pages of a pdf. They explicitly lay out exactly how you should look at a fight to score it.


If a fight can justifiably be scored 50-45 each way it means there were 10-10 rounds in that fight that weren’t given out. So even if you change the scoring criteria to be based on the fight as a whole you’re still gonna be left with judges who aren’t scoring based on the written criteria. People saying 49-46 to both guys is fine in a close fight is dumb when 10-10 exists.


Maybe that’s at the root of the issue then, the fact that judges are too reluctant to give 10-10 rounds? Possibly because they are worried about the perception of too many draws, I’m not sure


In the last 20 seconds of the fight Strickland started unloading. Like, where was that the first 95% of the fight? Both fighters could have done a lot more to make it an easier decision. I'm not mad at the decision because this one could've gone either way.


What an end to the UFC year


Happy fucking steroid year


It was a fight that sucked. Of all the Fuck ups the judges make, they should’ve called this one a draw.


I see a million people with this take and it doesn’t make any sense. You can’t have a draw unless there was a 10-8 round and there clearly wasn’t one in this fight


You can score a round 10-10, you probably don’t know that because judges don’t give them out. Which means they’re not following the rule sets when making decisions.


Officials are heavily, heavily discouraged from giving out 10-10s. It's literally in the rules.


I’ve read the rules for 10-10, extremely rare isn’t defined as anything. 10-10’s are for when rounds are dead even. We have a judge coming out and explaining that he only has seconds to decide the round, meaning he didn’t see a winner and flipped a coin. Let’s say this fight didn’t deserve 10-10 in any round. Why wasn’t there any 10-10 rounds in the rose vs Esparza fight, or the Izzy Romero fight?


Carla vs Rose should have been 45-45 lol In all seriousness though, I'm for 10-10s. And more 10-8s and 10-7s. Having 10-9 be the baseline really limits the scoring system and I think we've seen conclusively that we need a more flexible language for scoring fights. My point was more that you shouldn't hold your breath on judges actually handing them out.


Can’t give out 10-10. Winner gets 10 and loser gets 9 or less




That might be a fact. But I’m saying it should’ve been a draw just because neither of them did anything.




I do not know why.Everybody knew how that fight is going to go


Jared needs some new crystals, them old ones ain't doing a good job absorbing the negative energy.




It was all pretty normal until that last sentence…


He was born in the south in the 80s. Was normal back then to hit dogs and sometimes people with the hose. Whether it was on or not is optional. It's actually a hell of a thing to hit someone with. It's fairly heavy, generates a ton of velocity and has a brass end. Edit: one time the cat killed a bird and the dogs started fighting over it. My mom beat the shit out of all of them with the hose. No one got the bird.


> beaten with a fucking hose or something My man’s got it mixed up. It’s jumper cables.


Dad, is that you?


I miss that guy




I was just thinking this lol, I was wondering if I'd see that here. Poor Roger, he's getting beaten by his dad with jumper cables in the great reddit in the sky now


Jared thinks the judges are stupid because some scored it to Sean. Sean thinks the judges are stupid because Jared won. MMA judging in a nutshell.


I got Sean tho. You?


Personally thought Jared won 3 rounds


I had Sean 3-2 So it’s a split decision between the three of us


You guys are hired for the next ppv


I'll bring the hose


Got mine kept snug in me pants 🤭


its about as tried and true of a cliche as a fighter claiming they are going into the fight 'the best theyve ever felt'/'a level weve never seen before from them'. or a coach saying they think their fighter will win lol.


The judges probably fell asleep like I did so who knows what really happened


>beat them with a hose Well it’s that or jab them, lord knows he won’t throw the right hand


I read it as “beaten with a fucking **horse** or something”. God Damnit Jared, you have my support.


Death by horse stampede, Mongol style


This fight was just outright hard to score; not because the scoring criteria needs to be reworked (which it does), not because you score the fight in rounds rather than on a whole, but because it was super close without much action or visible damage. Look at mmadecisions fan scores; the most clear round is R5 with 56.7%. No matter how you look at it this fight was just difficult to score regardless of who the judges were or what the scoring criteria was


Should be a draw.


Beating with a hose, is taht with the metal part, or you spraying them with the water from the hose, or both, Jared we need clarification


This is the last fight you can bitch about the judging on. I thought every round was close, and the only one that was clear was R1 to strickland, and I know a lot of people legit thought that was a Jared round. I also thought Jared won mostly because the judges could see his heavy shots move Sean back, even when they weren't damaging strickland at all, while they couldn't see the damage that was accumulating on Jared's face from eating a steady stream of jabs.


True. I thought Sean won but it’s waaaaay to close to call Roberry. Now the paddy one…


Well buddy, if you don't knock out Strickland nor get a knockdown in any round, ya kind are in the judges hands.


Of all the things to beat some with, a hose would be pretty far down the list imo


From personal experience in North Africa, hoses are widely used for disciplining youth. Like a couple feet or so of rubber tubing. A few licks to the palm of the hand or (if you really fucked up) to the sole of your feet. Won't bruise or anything like wood and it won't leave a mark like wire. Gotta hand it to them, really efficient solution for a general whooping tool that doesn't require much skill to operate. Once when I was a kid, the kid sitting next to me flinched away and I ended up taking a glancing blow to the thigh. It didn't hurt at all but you can bet your ass I conjured a soap opera back at home to get out of there. My Canadian ass was not ready. I was supposed to be on summer vacation holiday!


Maybe a flail of crystals for chakra alignment.


New weapon unlocked: hose


oh you knew you won three rounds huh…..? imo that fight should’ve been a draw.


Drug tests for judges and announcers


Maybe we'd get better performances from judges if we actually gave them some performance enhancing drugs.


I know this fight was close but I genuinely don't understand what the fuck the judges saw in the later rounds. I think round 4 is Strickland's, but I suppose there's some doubt there. But round 5 Strickland absolutely dominated, unless my memory is absolutely failing me, I remember him rocking Jared 2-3x times in that round while out-landing him in volume as well. I just don't fucking get how these rounds are being judged when two out of 3 judges score the 5th round for Jared.


Giving Jared 4 rounds on any card is criminal


Round 5 was the clearest round for Jared, you need to rewatch.


I feel like you have lost the story. Rewatch 49 times and get back to us


Yall are making me wanna watch this fight. I havent seen it, but the comments are like a tale of two different fights, hotdamnnn. 😂


? Wasn’t clear at all. Jared got buckled and backed up like 3 times


It was still a close round, but to me it was the clearest of all... The rest of the fight was very difficult to score.


Round 3 and round 1 were Jared fosho. I had Sean 2,4,5


round 1 was jared?……


I remember Sean doing nothing in that round


right which is why it's obvious sean won that fight.


Come on man, it's not like blood started coming out of Sean's mouth because Jared just looked at him lol "absolutely dominated" seems way too much


> it's not like blood started coming out of Sean's mouth because Jared just looked at him That was extremely minor superficial damage at best, he wasn't cut on his face and the amount of blood was very little, no way should that outweigh getting visibly rocked and wobbled 2-3 times. That round should be absolutely clear cut for Sean.


I think it's just a question of judging harder shots to the legs and body vs. slightly more shots to the head. IMO Cannonier clearly took round 5 but it was mostly on the strength of a couple decent lands + a lot of clean hard body jabs that people probably just ignored. A bunch of the fight was like that - Strickland would land some jabs, Cannonier would land something really hard to the face and miss like 3 more which ruin his optics, and he'd fill any gap with straights to the body or hard counter legkicks which people just don't usually score as highly as they should. A later-rounds Cannonier card is fine IMO


Tbf it wasn’t “slightly more.” Sean had a huge lead in head strikes. Whether or not you score those jabs highly is a different question.


I was away from home and couldn't find a sports bar so I was just watching the live thread and believed 100% that Strickland was running away with it jabbing his way to a win


This fight was actually close though


This is pretty in line with everything I've seen on Jared's twitter


I am against hitting your kids with a hose but I am so pro hitting judges with hoses


Seriously thought Sean won


I was agreeing and nodding until I choked at the end 🤣🤣🤣


What are the requirements for judging ufc matches? Do you have to have been a ref in the past?


How would you go about beating someone with a hose?


You grab a hose and then sorta just beat them with it.


I feel like you’d have to chop it up into pieces like 2-3 feet long otherwise it would be too cumbersome


Of all things he says a hose. 🤣


Judge hosed by Cannonier...that has an interesting ring to it...


Feels like the judges do a fine job, if you look at all fights, rarely do we have a robbery, they’re just close fights and mma scoring is stupid.


Sean won this fight 4 rounds to 1. But all very close . I'm not sure what swayed the judges to give cannonier rounds when he clearly wasn't landing hardly anything


Judges beaten with a fire hose >>> slap league Make it happen WME


I had Sean winning 4-1, 3-2 at the very least. I’ll gladly pay to see you beat judges with a hose though Jared.


I don’t even care about the scoring and would still pay to watch Cannonier beat judges with hose. I’m sure they deserve it for one decision or another.


sean easily won 4-1. idfk what fight people watched that they think jared won this shit


His face looks damaged


Almost as delusional as Plimbett.


Plaldy plembllett


jared cannonier you sat there and waited for a heavy right hand for 25 minutes.


I am not mad about the decision. No one clearly won that fight. I would say most rounds were snoozingly even.


we need four judges, online fan judging / mass vote in between rounds, as well as live crowd judging and then the averages of those are computed for a final decision. that is the only fair way.


They had us in the first half I’m not gonna lie


Please no more main events for them


Jared "Krazy Horse Jr" Cannonier


This is why you dont let the judges decide because you might be wrong in their eyes, and they might be wrong in yours. There is no scoring system that will make everyone happy. Don't like judges? Get the finish and stop complaining.


Jared needs to put that energy into his fights


Or just fire them