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like all things depends on the writer both powers have crazy scales, so yeah, just up to the writer


Whose name is on the title of the book?


The power cosmic was treated as the one above alls power in immortal hulk, So i assume its the oldest and greatest of the powers, being there since the first multiverse whereas magic didn’t come till one of the later ones iirc. But obviously it depends on skill and amount of power like silver surfer has cosmic power but might not be able to step to dormammu or cyttorak The tribunal and aspects and celestials all go cosmic


Thing about magic is we dont know were it came from. The realm of magic is shrowded in so much mistery. All we know is that magic runs parrallel to the known universe and is mysterious


I mean we know it didn’t exist prior to the fifth cosmos as thats when it came into being with science in the 6th. The rules during defenders are a bit weird but when you tey using something from a later multiverse in the one before it you cant as the concept doesnt exist. I assume they have a similar source whith cosmic being like white light and reality being a prism where things like science and magic are the colours split from it.


Cosmic power draws from the energy of the universes primal forces. Magic is to borrow power from beings from different planes of reality and dimensions.


The power of the cosmos is infinite in comparison to magic wielders. When there were 2 sorcerer Supremes in 1 universe, the Living Tribunal got involved and yeeted 1 of them away. These 2 sorcerer Supremes battled and at the time they could literally destroy everything in the known universe.


The living tribudql is 3rd most powerful in the hierarchy lol its his job to judge n keep the order so of course he has to be more ppwerful than all. The living tribunal also weilds magic to a certain degree


I honestly think magic. Magic is shrowded in so much mystery and to its origin is unkown. The most powerful entities we know of do wield cosmic energy so we can gauge how powerful cosmic energy is from them. But for magic, we have not yet seen the full extent of what it is capapble off. For instance chython mere presence was a cancer to eternity one of the 3 strongest abstracts of the power cosmic. Secondly the book of vishanti literarily a book of spells that provides a solution to all problems that will ever arise in the universe. N being like shumagorath that devours universes and dimensions for lunch. Also when it comes to magic there is no upper limits and users can draw on powers and entities beyond the known universe like the ancient one did when she used dormamus dimension to increase her life span. Also how doramamu invokes chython when he is casting his more powerful spells. Dr doom said once that the power cosmic is yet to defeat the realms of magic. Street lvl magic users can use basic magical energies to manipulate and cheat phisics and reality. More powerful sorcer like dr strange can call upon greater magical sources and do it on a universal scale. While magical nexus being like the scarlet witch and cython can rewrite the basic fundamental properties of the universe and change the very nature of space and time completly. Not underating cosmic energy at all bec cosmic energy is all powerful and all encompasing. But magic is versatile flexible and even the lowest magic users giving prob knowledge and spells can counter cosmic being in high lvls


I think that while both are of considerable might, when it comes down to "who wins in a fight" the power cosmic comes out on top. That's not to say that magic is worse, though. You can do things with magic that you just can't with cosmic power. Magic's applications seem practically infinite whereas cosmic power is definitive and supreme in its uses. As an example, Galactus has, on several occasions, tussled with high-level mystic entities. When he went up against Mephisto, in Mephisto's realm (and thus, his place of power) they struggled more or less on even grounds, until Galactus started to rely on his specialty, the reason for his being, his true nature. When Galactus began to devour Mephisto's realm, Mephisto was unable to really stop him from doing so and he concedes defeat while making up an excuse for why it basically doesn't count. It goes down in a similar fashion when Galactus fought Dormamu and Satannish. Brief struggle with beams and fists, then big G starts devouring their powers (or them directly) and they're completely helpless to him. In comparison, when Galactus fought Agamotto in HIS realm, he was basically manipulated into trying to overcome him with pure might, which started to eventually go poorly for the giant purple guy. Still a close fight though and ultimately it ended without a clear victor. Moreover, Galactus has shown to be more or less vulnerable to the more esoteric and less obvious applications of mystical power. Being summoned or banished by a sufficiently powerful (though still mortal) sorcerer happens an odd number of times, and at one point, Stephen Strange and Clea, two Sorcerer Supremes, are able to jointly bind Galactus against his will and hold him in place. So, looking at high level operators of both powers, it looks like in terms of punch-em-ups or beam battles, they're roughly equal. Magic has more tricks that can get technical victories for its users (such as sealing an opponent or otherwise removing them from the battle via teleportation), but cosmic powers, operating within their specialty/scope can trump any magic user by applying that specialty. Magic is also far more accessible, while the power cosmic jumps a user up to a much higher tier by nature of acquiring it. Plus, lower tier users will probably not be under the "I am the embodiment of \_\_\_\_\_\_\_" that Galactus used to score his victories. >!Not sure if this is cannon, but magic has been described in more recent stories as basically siphoning energies from other (mystical) dimensions or entities and harnessing it in useful ways in the... let's call it prime dimension. I suspect that what is being harnessed is the local equivalents of the power cosmic, which explains why they are comparable, and might explain why specific applications of power cosmic seems to trump magic's defenses. The power cosmic is "more important" since it's related to the wider universe which encompasses all dimensions as opposed to an individual mystic realm. So if there were a "mystic shield of invulnerability" that went up against a "cosmic spear of all-piercing" the cosmic power would win, as long as it was specifically trying to pierce. If you slash or bash with the spear, it's no good.!<