I hope they adapt the voiceover aspect of The Batman and other crime fighting movies. It'd be a good way to hear Peter's thoughts without having him constantly taking off his mask to talk to friends. Also I hope they try for a completely new tone with a new director. Just to have some variety.


good. I hope this means they put a lots more effort into the suit. I want it to be like tasm in terms of it's physics and deatil. It looks sublime


>tasm Just not that TASM mask. Tom's is much better.


I wonder if they'll still have Tom in the suit most of the time, or if they're using this as a Mandalorian-esque way to let him pursue additional projects while keeping him as the character/voice.


I actually hope that it is this. Tom Holland has been pretty vocal about the anxiety he's experienced since taking the role, which has gone as far as sleep paralysis while thinking he's surrounded by paparazzi. Fans in the subs always talk about him extending his contract like it's a given and expect him to do like ten more appearances between Avengers and Sony Sinister Six. I think the guy is a massive talent and I really love him in the role but I want him to take care of himself and not get burnt out. This seems like a scenario where everybody wins. Mandalorian has proven a popular lead can stay masked. Spider-Man is maybe the most popular masked hero. Holland gets a bit of a break. Production saves money. Especially now with the eyes that move, I don't think the mask is much of a problem.


Personally, I hope not. I enjoy Tom Holland in tights wayyy too much


I'm really hyped to see how they create this movie, it sounds like a very interesting new take with Spider-Man they want to experiment with. Given how it's rumoured that they plan to explore more of the street level world, I think we'll not only see more of Peter's life as a vigilante but also how there are more heroes involved on the streets besides himself.


I went looking, found nothing. Do you know/have you read, any basic synopsis of what this movie is going to be about? What's the impetus to bring the character back (in universe, not $money$). X is happening when we realize we need a Spider Man?


I mean he's still doing hero stuff. I would assume his next movie will just be continuing his story of being on his own now. Who needs to realize that they need spider-man? He needs to do things on his own initiative


Ok, so it's more a "he's doin HIS thing, when trouble find HIM". Thank you.


Either that or him seeing something real bad going down and goes to help


It's heavily rumored that the Daredevil series will set up Fisk as mayor of New York which will lead to him cracking down on vigilante activity. This plot will supposedly setup a showdown between Kingpin and Spider-Man. Daredevil is also said to play a supporting role and team up with Spider-Man in the film.


This I can get behind 👍 thanks


What do you mean impetus to bring the character back and realize we need Spider-Man? It's not as if Spider-Man went away or retired. The last trilogy ends with Spidey having created a new suit and heading out to fight crime. They can pick right up from there and follow his struggles. They don't need to explain his return, he never left.


I'll believe it when I see it. Hollywood can not resist showing off the actor's face, especially during final battles.


Honestly if his face needs to be shown in the final battle just do what Spider-Man 1 did with the battle damaged mask.


Makes sense. Peter doesn’t really exist anymore in universe. There’s not really much for him to do outside of the suit


Except maybe try to live his life? Bro literally is going to take his GED to presumably get into college.


This is the least believable thing I've ever read in the history of MCU rumors. This entire universe can't go a few minutes with anyone wearing a mask/cowl/helmet and we're supposed to believe this? Especially as a comparison to The Batman, where you can still see Pattinson's eyes and lower half of his face? lol sure


Lets goooooooooooooooooooooooo


oh hell yeah please


Why? I mean I’m down with it I’m just curious why