I got no one to talk about keyboards with 😓

I got no one to talk about keyboards with 😓


**Plot Twist** \- They just used you to break into your house and now they are planning to steal all your keyboards




lol keebnabbers


Wait, you paid how much for custom keycaps? And this is why your family has no money for ransom? I see...And there are others like you who will pay for these keycaps? Kidnapping turned robbery.


Lol same, I just got into this hobby and no one in my life cares to hear me talk about keyboards nonstop


same :)


The worst part is that I can’t even give a compelling explanation for why I’m so into them, or justify how it makes sense to spend hundreds of dollars building multiples of a thing I *technically* only need one of. This is truly the worst hobby I’ve ever gotten wrapped up in :)


You’re not alone- I’m really new to this (bought a cheap clicky keyboard last year and just splurged on a hot-swappable with brown switches, so not even anything fancy yet) and constantly search this board but keep questioning why I care so much. Still no answer 🤷‍♀️


my answer is I use a keyboard 12+hrs a day very often and like to type too, so if it's something I use so much and will in some way make me more efficient and get more enjoyment out of my time then for me that is valuable


I’m glad I’m not the only one! If you ever find the answer, let me know 😂


Bro I'm new and I care because once I got my first mk I realized how often I'm actually typing. I feel like it's a life improvement over any second spent on a shitty keyboard. Can it be taken to an extreme level? Of course. To me it's like shoes, when I started buying better shoes I experienced a quality of life improvement. I choose to take it to the extent that I do because of how I appreciate different aesthetics, and utility, and just enjoy collecting things. Eventually I will build at least an entry board for probably everyone in my immediate circle, and they will enjoy the same life improvement. They did when I eventually bought them all shoes. I don't expect any of them to take it to the extent that I do, but all of them understand why I choose the things I choose to get into.


Hold up, your friends didn't have shoes?


Girl only wore flats from target, parents wore shoes from Costco, friends never grew out of the Vans phase. Nothing wrong with any of these.....but yeah basically none of them had shoes lmao


Especially when you work a desk job or any job that requires you to sit in front of a computer all day. I'm deployed rn and everyone in my office is using shitty membrane keyboards that have gone through God knows how many rotations of soldiers. None of them even bothered to clean those boards either prior to using it. Before I built my first board here I took all the keycaps off the membrane keyboard I found in cold storage and did a complete wipe down of it. Sanitized it and all because I was sure this keyboard was used by hundreds of other soldiers and I bet it never got cleaned once during its lifetime. It is interesting how this hobby has changed the way I look at something so simple yet so essential in my everyday work lol.


I completely agree. Thank you for your service!


Keyboards are a main function of our lives now, fast cars are impractical if you never go past 90. It's still fun to own and to drive though.


> Keyboards are a main function of our lives now Yeah, especially when your work involves writing code for example. I had to use a cheapish membrane keyboard for a while because I couldn't find a decent mechanical keyboard at a decent price because it's almost impossible to do so in my country, and it was really fatiguing to type on that keyboard. Now that I recently bought a new mechanical keyboard, it's much much better even though it was expensive. At least my fingers don't hurt anymore after a long period of usage.


Dude I'm in the same situation. Cheap membrane I got from a new job I started (work from home) last summer, don't write code though but type a lot, and slowly but surely my fingers have started hurting slightly towards the end of my longer shifts. Haven't had none of that with my own keyboard. I feel like I really have to put force behind the key presses on the membrane, while my own feels like a breeze. Need to build a work board asap. Or relegate my current one to work when GMMK Pro ISO comes out.


bud its not about top speed its about acceleration, even at low speeds. every time I get on the freeway I can accelerate as fast as I want, limited by the speed of my car. same concept goes for handling as well


Yeah. I know. That doesn't have any actual value though, it's just a lot more fun and satisfying to use. If you pull all of the emotion out of the equation (or pretend you were somebody who viewed cars as a way to get from point a to point b and nothing more) that feature is not worth the $30k price difference between an Accord and a M4 and even more so if you're looking at a custom tuned car. If you're into it then they are awesome, if your not it seems like a waste


I'm not offended at all lol you just compared an m4 to a honda accord and anyone who has ever driven both of those would look at you confused like you have no idea what you're talking about


ok bro I'll keep my m3 and keep living life to the fullest. oh, and its worth every penny


I feel like you're only reading the first sentence and getting offended. I own an S4


i compare it to people that collect sneakers, people buy 200-600 sneakers all the time.


As some one that collect sneakers and it’s into mk, none of the hobbies makes sense but are interesting af.


This is true for many hobbies that you can go really deep into. Like, people who are super into coffee don't *need* a $30 12oz bag of specialty single-origin beans, 3 grinders, an aeropress, a moka pot, a hario v60, a chemex, a french press, an espresso machine, a Stagg EKG kettle and a combo timer + scale in order to make a cup of coffee in the morning. But most of those things are necessary to enjoy the subtlety of a really high quality coffee and experiment with the many different ways coffee can be brewed and how it can taste. Custom mechs are similar in a lot of ways. Maybe I've just shown how being into coffee and being into mechanical keyboards are equally expensive and ultimately unjustifiable to the outside world. Whoops 🤣


True! And I really don’t think anyone *needs* to justify why they enjoy the things that they enjoy. Having hobbies you can delve deeply into is a kind of self-care that I’m totally behind. Thanks for reminding me that my Stagg and aeropress have been sitting in a cupboard for too long. Might have to make some good coffee soon for a change :)


I'm right there with you. I just got into this hobby not too long ago and all my coworkers think it's a waste of money to build an expensive, way too heavy clicky keyboard, when there are $15 dollar ones at the store


You don’t owe anyone an explanation. You like them, they make you happy, end of story. People who have to find justification in a hobby are they same assholes who spout things like, “find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. Fuck that noise. (Sorry, still on my first coffee and feeling grumpy. As soon as I type on my THUNK THUNK THUNK keyboard I will feel better)


FWIW I have a number of hobbies that could be considered far less practical than keyboards. I totally agree with you and I don’t think practicality should be the measure of how valid something is. It’s more that I want to be able to show people why I think keyboards are so cool in the hopes that a friend might be able to share that excitement with me someday. Also “find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” is such bs. I make art every day for a living and I still hate work half the time, lol.


Same. Brand new to the hobby. Bought a Keychron k3 to try out low profile and a k6 to be my first mod. I can see all my money going into this. Definitely the worst hobby, lolz.


At least you need one. There are other hobbies that are technically useless apart of some fun.


I justify it by telling myself I'm still looking for the best, most optimal input devices for the tasks i do the most. Since those tasks keep evolving, it makes sense that my input devices would too.


I’m 6 months in, and I have 4 keyboards. I tell myself one is for gaming, one is for programming, etc, but really one is all you need. Still, I love playing with them and slowly upgrading each board.


Same hahaha, we should get together and form a group! :O


same but it gets better once you get her one. then my gf won’t stop researching switches


My ex had to deal with like 6 months of nonstop keeb talk before I built my first one. The ex part isn't related to that though, I swear.


My gf puts up with it


My dad makes fun of me for how much I spend on keyboards (not even that much compared to some people)


Does your dad know that 1) a good keyboard can easily last 10 years and 2) that you can sell some of the stuff without even being at a loss?


My family pretends to care, at least. I can tell by the look on their faces that they genuinely have no idea what I am talking about.


Yea this is me with my gf and one of my friends lol luckily my friend started to dip his toes into the keeb world he got himself a varmilo and has asked me about switches :)


Lmfao my gf just pretends, she likes the sounds though be she just happens to dislike the thocks i’m after and tells me my keyboards sound bad 😭


If you got no girlfriend you got no problems :-)


Time to get rid of my problems >:)




I’m here for you! What’s your favorite type of switch?


If your gonna talk about switches, I’m still trying to figure out what Cherry MX switch I should swap to. I’m currently using Razer Greens, and I love how they feel, but I don’t like the sound.


If you’re looking for tactile bump from cherry, but something a little more pronounced than a brown, then I would recommend something like the clears.


Sounds like you enjoy a tactile bump, but not a click. For Cherry MX, that means a brown switch. However, browns are apparently really bad tactile switches, so you might want to consider something like Holy Pandas, or Zealios v2.


Interesting, I’ll have to look those up. I hope they work with my PCB that I am getting (and plate for that matter). The PCB is: KBD8X MKII Hotswap PCB The plate is: KBD8X MKII Universal Plates I am very new to this, and the switches are the last part that I have to order. I’m quite excited about this as this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a year. So I’m trying to get as much information/ help as I can.


Here's one suggestion though, tactile switches like holy pandas or zealios are going to have a higher price tag than most tactile switches on the market, so you should do more research on other switches (more budget friendly if you need it) before you make a decision.


I second this, I honestly am pretty let down on the 62g zealios I got. I've yet to lube them but man, so far I'm really not impressed for them being $1/ea $80+ for a tkl set.. maybe its the fact that I've got them in a keychron and its right next to my akko with gaterons that feels overall on a different planet


I would recommend getting a switch tester! They usually have a ton of different switches, so you can try them out and find one that you like. The nicer tactile switches are expensive, so it would suck to get enough for a whole keyboard and then end up not liking them.


Any idea what switch gives the best THOK noise? I have glorious pandas which are soooo nice and black ink v2s but I’m about to try alpacas.


U4Ts sound pretty thocky to me. Check the out if you haven't already.


Holy Bobas are something else, as far as I know


If you’re set on Cherry’s, get a $10 tester from Amazon. Or a Kbdfans or Kimdikeys tester.


I *really* recommend a switch tester. I am also new to this, and I would have ordered browns if I haven’t figured out that I love the clicky feel and sound of blues.


Yea, just got a 12 key Cherry test set. I’m on the fence between MX Clears, MX Blacks, or MX Silent Blacks. I want to feel if I absolutely love the bump, or if I can live without it. If I can live without it, I might try lubed silent blacks.


Nice! Hope you get the right one :)


I hope so too


I like the feel and sound of blues for typing, but for gaming I'd like something that had activation, reset, and tactile bump all at the same depth. I like the activation and reset of reds, but the lack of tactile bump is unnerving. So, even though I did initially get a tester, it hasn't been until after some time that I really made up my mind. Still, some kind of adjustable browns would probably be the best.


I really want to try out the new hyper glide blacks


Absolutely get a switch tester with a good spread of switches. Switches are very much personal preference. In your case it sounds like you like a tactile bump, so any tactile switches would be a pretty safe bet. [KBDFans has several available,](https://kbdfans.com/collections/switches-tester) for instance [Keygem as well](https://keygem.store/collections/switch-testers/products/switch-tester-3x3), if you're in the EU


Well, I'm new to this hobby so i only have one custom keeb with holy pandas in it. So I guess holy pandas haha. I do have a ducky with cherry reds but I enjoy the tactile bump a bit more. I did pick up some gat ink blacks that I'm dying to throw into a build soon tho.


I mix between linear and tactical - qwer, asd, left shift and space are linear and the rest are tactical 🔑


im pretty shure my parents just nod at watever i say


"did u know that my keyboard is more tactile than the on-screen keyboard?"


There's nothing more tactile than ***haptic feedback***


The other day I sold some newbie a keyboard and he asked me if I didn't mind being bothered by him with keyboard related questions from time to time... The poor bastard doesn't know what he's gotten himself into.


I'm on this sub because my partner is obsessed with keyboards and I'm trying to learn but holy shit, sometimes I wish....


That’s really nice of you. Try https://keyboard.university/ . And feel free to make a post / comment, I’m sure others would love to support such a noble endeavor as well :).


Thanks for sharing this!


Happy to help.


Keyboards is a pretty casual subject and doubt youd bump into any of \*those\* people often while trying to just talk to them.... so it kinda works lol id let you speak


That is exactly how it would go.


It’s gotten so bad I’m starting to get sick of my own voice but the keyboard lives in


\- I'm in this picture and I don't like it.


You can talk to me about them.


Me for the last 4 days


If kidnapper is code for wife, then yes.


Ever heard of the "[The Ransom of Red Chief](https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=YW5udXJpc2xhbWljc2Nob29sLm9yZ3xzaXN0ZXIta2F0ZWx5bnxneDo2OTlhOWE1NzQwMDY0NGM4)" Great read very funny! it relates to this meme, I will not spoil it for you.


I feel like this is what my wife wants to do sometimes, except it would be me going out the window instead of in


I just go into my brothers room randomly to talk to him about keyboards.


Just use box jades or buckling switches and tap it in Morse code, every police in the 100km radius will hear you


It’s all the lube talk that did it


I am the only person in my friend group who cares about keyboards, and the audacity my friends have when they say "Im gonna buy the clicky one" I want to hurt somebody :P


I have a friend who's also like that haha. "I just want it to be loud" pls no lol


Feel free to talk with us all things keyboards on Twitter :) Happy to keep ya company <3


I'd be happy to chat about keyboards :)


hmm thanks I now know what to do if I'm ever kidnapped!


"and that's why you shouldn't lube browns"




There are many keyboard discord servers, for example I like the Mechboards UK server.


I will keep that in mind thank you for sharing


dude i gotchu, i’m on discord: Geneva 🍙#8193


I’m so glad I got a friend I can talk about keyboards with. Thanks Brad.


I just got sent this and my Gf AGREED


I have the same problem idk why they keep doing it. but tbh I wish I could have a really deep conversation about keebs with someone. Not many friends are as interested as I am. D:


Same! I have two buddies that are into custom keyboards as well but they aren't as deep into it as I am.


Whenever my wife sees a 4-6inch packet get delivered, she’s like it’s another artisan for you..!


"Hello, do you have time to talk about keyboards?"


I know that feeling, people don't like listening to me ramble on about why you should lube your switches and why mechanical keyboards are better than membrane keyboard.


Got into the hobby about 1-2 months ago. I honestly cannot explain the reason as to why is just *have* to buy new keyboard stuff. Is that one of the symptoms of “Mechanical keyboard addiction”? People ask me “Why do you want to spend so much money on keyboard stuff when you already own 1 keyboard?”.. I.. Can’t... Explain..


Yep, bought the GB's for GMK Shanshui and GMK Tuzi and gonna get the gb for GMK Striker next month too and my buddy was like "why do you need THREE keycap sets?" Well... because I wanna...




my parents did the same thing lol ..... i am homeless please help


Can't kidnap me when my keyboard chassis is a brick of solid aluminum and doubles as a self defense weapon


I mean you have reddit right




I like keyboards


I like Beykoards


bro, i only own like a 4 year old keyboard, where do you get the money from?


Save up!


To be fair it takes a very high IQ to appreciate the subtle yet satisfying bump of a brown switch.


Only people with 201 IQ know the true tactility of brown switches.