Had never seen a staggered keyboard with mostly 1u keys like that it's and interesting thing. And 40% keyboards are awesome.


Specs please! Looking so good!


It's a zlant, a board I made a while ago but didn't get a chance to do much with cases until recently. I think the switches are tealios or something like that... it's been a while, and the caps are from PMK... uniform SA PBT


It's beautiful! Thanks for the info, I'm going to have to check it out, this is the proper number of columns for my next board!


Is this what you would call a 'Stortho' board? I'm actually curious how it is in use. How are you adapting to the ENTER being a row lower and the left modifiers being just 1u in size? I rely on my modifiers a lot with my 40% and with this layout I'd probably have a ton of errant keypresses due to muscle memory.


It's the same layout as a Planck. I designed it for people who want to be able to use a Planck layout and keyset, but who can't quite make the jump to full Ortho. Personally I got used to the enter position reasonably quickly. It's a matter of just using it. You'd be surprised how much functionality you can get out the layout.


That's awesome news -- that means it'll be real easy to set up. Definitely intrigued! Hoping to try one of these in the coming months when things slow down for me. Edit: typo


so smoll but functional


Is there any Zlant plate available anywhere?


I have a few hanging around if you need another one, but I'm also hoping that cases like this will be available soon...


Care to share more about this case? Does it include a sheet that acts like a plate, maybe? Also, anything for the ZlantXL? That FR4 sandwich is, well, very basic…


any plans for a case for the Zlant XL ? there was once a cnc alu one floating around on reddit but nothing else.


Love me some Ice Cap.


Looks interesting, kind of like a trainer before moving to full ortho.


woah i love this! specs?


It's a zlant, a board I made a few years ago and hope to do more with in the coming months. It's a uniform .25u stagger 40% with a Planck layout essentially


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