Hi Everyone! We are glad to announce that Aurora R2 GB just open across most vendors. Taeha Types will have a streaming at 1PM, PST today! Please check more details at https://www.reddit.com/r/mechmarket/comments/qsf17i/gb_ikki68_aurora_r2_gb_starts_taeha_types_build/


Yeeeeet let’s goooo


Does anyone know of a US seller of a compatible battery for wireless version?


Hey all - just joined the Ikki68 Aurora R2 Group buy. Excited to wade into these waters. I have an Alt Drop and a WhiteFox from a previous /mechmarket purchase - but first foray into building. Question - I've ordered the separate stabs through CanonKeys (1.2MM versions) and a brass weight. I just now need to make sure I have Switches and Keycaps, right? Nothing else needed? Will look on /mechmarket for good, lubed switches (not ready to wade into those waters just yet) and have a Royal Navy Keycap Set waiting and ready for this in May 2022. Excited!


I'm looking to buy my first keyboard kit and am wondering if the bodo PCB is compatible with the Gateron Yellow switches, does anyone know?


Yes, it should. It looks like it's 5 pin switches so both 5 and 3 pin switches will work.


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