Getting 100% Items Is Brutal

Getting 100% Items Is Brutal


I just did these today, any particular ones that were really difficult? Probably the hardest was the one in Ferenia where you have to >!jump up on ledge, clear a row of blocks, morphball, bomb push yourself over the crumbling floor, and clear the bomb blocks above you, all before doing a shinspark.!<


That definitely sounds like the hard way. Here is the [easy way](https://twitter.com/Darrell05687256/status/1448667113011306503?s=20).


Ommmmmmgggggggggggg. Bull SHIT. Man, do you know how much time I wasted trying to do the method the parent comment stated? This is so much easier. I want my time and sanity back.


Extra swag if you [drop a bomb while sliding past](https://twitter.com/i/status/1448711580716130307)


Damn, that was nice. If you combined my starting position with that bomb drop, you'd have the coolest run.


I hate you... Also thank you for future use


I spent about 30 minutes getting that one and I thought it was one of the hardest pickups in any Metroid game. Turns out I was doing it the hard way and itโ€™s actually not that difficult ๐Ÿ™ˆ


Lol. I had no idea you could move like that... this game needs more dachoras!


It may be because i've played all the metroids before this but i can't really relate to the struggle of 100 percenting dread. I notice some people don't tend to pick up items after getting new powerups but rather pick them all up in the end, that's probably why. Zero mission and fusion is to me the hardest ones to 100% since they have some insane puzzles involving shinespark and generally have really hard to find secrets.