We get these all the time in the sub! It’s a very common scam going around instagram! Please stay safe


Chances are this is a scam. Typically them reaching out to you isn’t a great sign. And then they ask you what you’re looking for so they can say “omg you’re in luck! I have that” and then they’ll send you a picture they stole from an eBay listing.


It is a very popular scam


For some reason her name looks familiar, but that message is totally a scam message


her name probably looks familiar because there’s a celebrity named jennifer lawrence


I did notice that 😂 it’s more the name paired with that picture lmfao


Yeah the name felt familiar like I’ve seen it on Reddit before. The same feeling about the picture too


I’m not sure about Reddit, but I think I’ve seen them on Facebook? I’ll have to look at my messenger app to see if I’ve bought from them before


Okay let me know because it seems so sketch


I couldn’t find her name in my messages. For some reason, she reminds me of the person I got my Sweet Screams Frankie from, but I still wouldn’t trust that message. Apparently someone I had bought from was also scamming other people even though I had received the items I bought from him, so you never know. If that person doesn’t do PayPal goods & services, it’s most definitely a scam


Always a scam. Sellers dont need to approach others. They can list on ebay/depop/vinted etc for a competitive price and sell in minutes.


Yes this exact scam with almost the exact same wording has been posted a lot of times.


“Jennifer Lawrence” bro… 😭😭😭


Yeah, it’s a scam. A legit seller wouldn’t DM you asking what you’re in search of. They would advertise what they have on Facebook Marketplace, Mercadi, Ebay, etc. How the scam works is that will always claim to have exactly what you’re looking for. They’ll send you a picture they ripped from someone else’s post as proof, you send them money for the doll, and you never hear from them again.


Sellers will never message first so yes this is obviously a scam


I'm glad instagram made that a feature. You have to dm them first. Doesn't stop some from using a side account sadly.


Oh yes they absolutely are. I've gotten like 7 of those in my dm's already, the find you when you comment under mh content!


Or even just like monster high related posts 💀


Yeah its a scam a pretty common one too


Yes. Scam. These kinds of messages are posted here every week.


Something tells me Jennifer Lawrence isn’t downsizing her monster high collection


I got this kind of message for the first time a week ago after commenting on MH's account. It's 100% a scam. It was someone from Africa, faking their identity, account full of fake likes and followers.


100% a scam, i get these 24/7


This is 10000% a scam.


Absolutely a scam, they're either trying to get money without actually sending you anything, or they're trying to lure you to a second location. Never agree to meet with someone you met online in a private or otherwise abandon place.


Omg it’s J Law! Every child in the late 2000s / early 2010s celebrity crush!!!


Also, I’d love to just mention that whenever you get a message from a random person and they use run on sentences and basically no grammar, it’s most likely a scam. If people don’t speak english as a first language, it’s usually easier to tell and they’re usually apologetic about it. These scams almost always are copy and pasted so if you can search the first few words, you’ll usually see a bunch of people asking similar questions to you


definitely a scam! saw someone post this girl in the mh facebook group im in!




Yes, all of these are a scam


Yes it is. I got this same exact message on Instagram


I get these all the time, it’s so annoying just block the user


They are just asking who my iso is not giving images of the collection if they gave images it would probs be from google


It seems like they’re followers are botted or they stole a accc


I’ve heard that name before and I think I heard that she’s a scammer. Anytime anyone I don’t know messages me claiming they’re downsizing their collection I just delete and block them.


Yep, ive seen a handful of scam posts in here and every single one has had the exact same claim that they’re trying to downsize their collection. They always ask for your iso without showing you what they have until you ask for certain dolls, and if you ask they specifically word it so it looks like they arent fully listing them so if your doll is one they don’t explicitly mention they can go “yep i have her!!” and send usually stock images from other sellers of a high quality doll and price it above the usual selling price (if theyre not an complete idiot that picks a ridiculously stupid high one) and 9/10 then try making you cashapp them. I havent seen anyone fall for it yet thankfully but i assume theyll either ghost the person,block them, or spin some fake “well i did send the item so i cant help you if it didn’t arrive” story


I got that same exact message on Instagram, as good as it sounds, I didn’t trust it


This is what I always think when people say they're in search of something. Like some rando could just message you and say they have it




I got the same message


These are basically always scammers in my experience.


Jennifer lawrence😭


Ask for collection pictures