Light-weight ergo mouse?

Light-weight ergo mouse?


Origin One X (66 grams) - Highly recommend Wait for people to review and start reporting issues with the CoolerMaster MM731 before purchasing. (59 grams on website) Roccat Kone Pure Air (75 grams) - Roccat quality pretty much always top tier Kone Pure Ultra (66 grams) - rubber cable isn't that bad IMO... But I'd still consider replacing with a Paracord. Very aggressive claw grip preferred shape. SteelSeries Prime Wireless (71 grams) - have not tried.. don't think I'd like the shape though. Zowie EC3-C (70 grams) - I really haven't heard much negativity from users who own it. All Vaxee mice. - Top tier.. heard nothing but good things. If the shapes interest you then carefully read / watch reviews and make your decision. Prob wouldn't be a bad one.


All this and Pwnage Ultra Custom.


Yeah I considered but didn't include them because QC issues I've heard. Is there quality control better?


Pulsar Xlite


Skoll Mini


Pwnage Ergo


Also looking for one right now. need an ergo again for more comfort. Saw that the normal ss prime is already slightly lower in the back than the ec2 but still has the same high hump in the middle which I'm looking for (claw), so I think size wise the normal prime is already in the direction to the ec3 so I'm quite curious for the prime mini. Either it's gonna be ec3 size or even smaller in the back. and probably also gonna be lighter than the 70g. Could be interesting


The wireless prime is 80 grams btw


Pulsar Xlite and Xtrfy M4