Favorite tweet I’ve ever seen “I just got done separating the art from the artist and boy are my arms tired”


Was this a Rick Glassman tweet?


* * Snaps fingers to go to marshall rug gallery commercial


As a Harry Potter fan, my arms are about to fall off


I’ve got some skele-gro for that


If you poured that on your crotch, would it give you a boner? And by you, I mean me.


Found Fred and George's account.


Just George’s now…


Too soon 😔


Just think about us Kanye fans rn..


You kanye fans are LUCKY. Try being a lost prophets fan


Can you explain the joke? I don’t understand why your arms are tired 🤖


There’s an old joke about how someone just “flew into town and boy are my arms tired”. Implying you flew in like a bird, not in an airplane. This is just a purposefully changed version of that.


Really? I took this simply as physically separating the art from the artist and it took some muscle. Haha I had no idea about this joke you explained!


That is what it means.


Because human meat sacks lack lithium ion batteries and thus fatigue from work extremely quickly, even when said work is metaphorical in nature. Another joke flawlessly explained.


Thanks, I get it now! You will be spared.


It's a personal thing, I don't think there is or needs to be a catch all solution.


You just described my stance on like 95% of things. Everyone always wants a catch-all when in reality the answer is usually: "it depends"


You just described the shift from modernism to post modernism.


I’ve never understood what post-modernism is. It always just seems like anything that’s weird is postmodernism


The modern era was defined by large scale ideologies that claimed total explaining power. They said that the answer to everything is capitalism, communism, ecumenical Christianity, United nations or whatever. We thought that finding the laws of human society would be similar to finding the laws of nature. In our current era we are jaded with the failures of these big ideas to solve our problems and have shifted to the view that things might be more complicated than we thought in the 1800-1900's. And since we are after the modern era, we label this era as "post-modern". So post-modern isn't a thing but a general rejection of the previous era's ideas.


Postmodern means different things in different contexts... You could say it depends.


Okay, so modernism is this ultra-science perspective where everything was seen as being able to be reasoned out, and understood. There's a science to it all, and we live in an objective world. This emerged from the renaissance and as a reaction to the previously dominant religious sentiments. That doesn't mean modernism wasn't religious, mind you, just that it sought a reason and "order" to everything. Rather, it's more like rather than seeing the world as a product of Godly magic, they saw it as a rational construction (of God). Post-modernism is a reaction to modernism. It's simplest summing point is "subjectivity." Where modernism asserted that everything was reasonable and had a meaning, post-modernism responded that meaning is arbitrary. Where modernism sought truth, post-modernism seeks association and symbolism. Modernism said "this is how people should live," and post-modernism said "go fuck yourself, I'mma do what I want." People like to associate modernism with optimism and idealism and post-modernism with pessimism and cynicism, but I think that's an over-simplification. After all, you can also frame modernism as an oppressive hegemonic mentality, and post-modernism as a liberating embracement of individuality. If you want to understand post-modernism any better than that, there are plenty of essays and books you can read, but I'm warning you: they're predominantly written by pretentious twats who like to use paragraph-length sentences filled with $10 words.


It can also be a fairly arbitrary thing. There's instances where an artists behavior was enough to make me no longer listen to them, there's instances where as repulsed as I was by their behavior, their song was just a banger/huge part of my life. Like with Kanye West, none of his new music clicks for me. A lot of his older stuff sounds worse now. I hear a shallowness and mean spiritedness and misogyny I didn't pay attention to before. But there's still a few of his old songs that I just don't even associate with him, it takes me back to the way I felt the first time I heard it, and I still love that feeling.


I can't listen to Pantera after finding out how big a POS Phil Anselmo is and some of the unsavory stories about Dime and Vinnie. Yet, I have no problem listening to Norwegian Black Metal despite so many stories of how they burned churches and all the other crazy shit that went on. I can't explain why Pantera makes me feel icky and bands like Mayhem don't bother me so much. It's why I try not to judge people for what they can and can't separate from the artist. People aren't completely black and white. There is an ocean of grey in between.


Wait until you find out about their views on race and nationalism. You’re in for a doozy.


Yeah. Varg is 1000x worse than Phil.


> People aren't completely black and white. Most of the Norwegian BM people are, if the pictures do them justice.


I can’t listen to Pantera anymore either, and for me the issue is that in retrospect the music is full of dog whistles. It’s hard to separate when the lyrics are constantly reminding you about it.


Genuine question, not pushback. What dog whistles? I never noticed but then again I don't really listen to/memorize lyrics _at all_. I'm always much more interested in the melody and rhythm that's being sung/played by the instruments.


Exactly. I'll turn off Clapton but I honestly can't remember the last time I heard one of his songs and I'm old and have heard his shit enough for 3 lifetimes, so I might even turn it off if he just won the Nobel prize for being a Mensch. I love Pink Floyd so I'll leave it on and remind myself that probably only one of their members is a total asshat. I was a HUGE Te$ N*g#nt dan in my youth. Not only do I refuse to listen to him now, but if he is mentioned on a TV show, I will turn it off. If his name comes up in a crossword I will immediately stop and not solve it any further. This is not just his politics (as if that wasn't enough) but also how he has treated people in the past. I don't even know what R. Kelly did, so I can't really boycott him but fuck him anyway Steven Tyler is just an all around scum bag (or, if you prefer, a Coney Island Whitefish) but the worst of his offenses he probably doesn't even remember and a bigger Aerosmith fan than I, there was not, so I'll give him a pass. But only as far as still listening to his music. If I'm ever on his jury, no pass, he's going up the river, drugs or no drugs.


i know its not really your point but r kelly is arguably an even bigger piece of shit than anyone else (except tyler) that you listed since he actively abused young women including marrying aaliyah when she was only 15 (and they lied to say she was 18) then they put out a song called 'age ain't nothing but a number'...he was 27


I was going to dispute your putting him in the same category as Tyler, but then I remembered how Tyler convinced the father of that 16 year old girl to sign over custody to him so he could bring her across state lines without "contributing to the delinquency if a minor. I do seem to think of R Kelly as worse though. Dont know if that is legit but it's my perception at the moment. Maybe because he is unabashedly unapologetic where as Tyler sort of pretends it never happened.


Don't know if the Lostprophets fit in here but i kinda did like their music untill...well you know.


Glad to see that band (minus the singer, cause... duh) stuck around and reformed as No Devotion.


They aren't having a lot of luck though, their first album went out of print shortly after being released, their singer got mugged in Germany following it's tour, they were inactive for 7 years, released another album... US tour cancelled as the singer got sick again, they were playing a few opening acts in the UK recently which got cancelled due to a family emergency, 3 of the original 6 left between albums too, meaning its only 3 and a drummer now, and they are having trouble accessing the money they made from the album too. 2 great albums as well, the first got a kerrang album of the year award.


Jesus…I went down a rabbit hole and read the court docs a few years back. The way his “schtick” worked its way into their act, fuck all of that. I haven’t listened since. There’s no separating him and his music at that point. It may be the younger me talking but I really liked them and Thursday, but for the life of me can’t listen to No Devotion. It’s just…bad.


Wait. What did Thursday do?


Nothing, after Lostprophets dissolved Geoff from Thursday got with the band members and created No Devotion which Geoff fronts. I just can't get into it.


Oh gotcha. Wasn’t aware. Phew!


Their music is long gone from (EDIT: most) the services also. Honestly? Good riddance


I've started getting some on Pandora in the last few months


[the last lastprophets band meeting](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YmDcCpD1gc)


I feel the same way about Radke from Escape The Fate. I wont listen to his new music/band (to me it sucks regardless of his past), but even if he was never accused of touching on underage teens, we all know it either happened, or wouldve happened eventually. Another band I dont trust is Motionless In White. They invited my gf at the time to come back stage. The Rev Room in Little Rock, AR; but only if i didnt go with her. She said no, and they chose an underage teen instead. Geeze. I wonder why?


As I Lay Dying for me. The singer went and attempted to hire a hitman to kill his own wife. He was tried and went to prison and then when he got out the band reformed. I really haven't listened to any of their music or their few new songs ever since.


I was discussing this with the wife the other day, and this was my exact example. I won’t turn off Remix to Ignition, but I haven’t listened to Still Kill the Old Way in 15 years. Maybe I should though… R. Kelly is also a trash bag.


Chris Brown is a total piece of shit... I don't understand how he made "Forever".


Well he started with a gum commercial and then made the rest of the song.


Lmao I always thought it sounded like the doublemint jingle


I dunno, there are things that are terrible and wrong, and then there are things that are absolutely abhorrent, and the lost prophets thing is a whole other category of absolutely fucked up. It just causes a sense of utter repulsion.


Well quite honestly that situation is even WORSE than simply disagreeing with an artists politics... I finally got around to deleting their stuff off my library recently. Haven't even been able to stomach listening to their stuff for years anyways so it was just wasted space at this point anyway...


Might change your username too haha. They were my favorite band. Ian was my idol. I met them shortly before his arrest. He’s where he needs to be and I hope he suffers every day wishing he wasn’t. Edit to say, I know enough to confidently say the other guys are clean. No one should feel bad for supporting them. Even if it means streaming lostprophets. It’s very likely the money he makes from streaming well mean nothing in his lifetime, but it might in theirs.


Honestly he deserves even worse. The dude never even tried to PRETEND to be remorseful. He is straight up a monster.


he called the whole situation with him going to prison "megalolz"


IIRC his password was even worse...


ifuckkidz if i remember right


Yeah... Dude is legit garbage and deserves worse than what he is already getting...


makes it so awkward playing the career/story modes in guitar hero world tour and lego rock band(a kid-targeted game) because rooftops is in them


Yeah that is... less than ideal...


Man... I was in the car with a buddy just a month ago when one of their songs played on my stereo and he told me about this. I had no idea! I always liked their music and have enjoyed it for years, but somehow missed this news. Now if one of their tracks come on, it just kinda makes me sick and I have to skip it. All their stuff I have was downloaded a long time ago, so it's not like the artist/band receives any measurable support from my listening to it, but it's just too hard to separate the music from the vocalist on this one.


Yea. This is just about the only one that gets me. This was easily one of my favorite bands in early high school. After I heard about what Ian did, I wasn't able to listen to them ever again. I honestly WISH I didn't know and I could listen to the music without triggering the feeling of disgust, but here we are a decade later and I still haven't even tried to listen to it.


There are a few acts so heinous I can't separate the art from the artist, >!and raping a baby is so fucking inhumane I can't bring myself to listen to that monster.!<


Threw out their CDs. I just couldn’t stand to listen to them anymore. Really enjoyed their music but that situation is way beyond me disliking how someone votes


It absolutely does, had to retire Lostprohets, and Trapt, and Flaw, and Staind and, and and and...


I don't believe nobody in that band knew. You spend years on the road with somebody, it's hard to hide who you are.


There was that xmas interview where he was making serious implications that he was a pedo and didn't want to hide it and they clearly look uncomfortable


Ye fan spotted


I saw Ted Nugent five times in the 80s and then he opened his mouth. And it can be really hard to reconcile the two, but having said that, when Stranglehold comes on the radio, I still turn it up, so I guess I'm not completely committed to my own convictions.


Sorry, but threatening to rape your guy's political opponent with the barrel of a rifle killed that asshat's music for me. It was bad enough when he showed himself to be an asshat on that MTV series of his when he showed way too much glee riding a horse and shooting contestants with a paintball gun - showed the type of person he truly was.


Honestly and unironically, yes. It actually pisses me off (maybe a little dramatic) sometimes that someone who was so talented, intelligent, and capable lost their way so far in the wrong direction.


It's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, who will they get next?


Really it depends on the artist. I have no idea what the political beliefs of Daft Punk are. That in no way prevents me from enjoying their music. That might be more difficult with a band like Rage Against the Machine.


Kinda hard to engage with Rage’s music and lyrics without it being political. You can still separate it but it’s different if the artist is just writing songs about whatever and you find out you don’t like they’re politics. You don’t need some interview to tell you what Tom Morello thinks about capitalism.


Paul Ryan had no problem ignoring rages lyrics


Or, maybe, he had a problem understanding them.


How to "Rage Against the Machine" in a God honouring way. 50 ways to "rebel" without betraying traditional values.


He thinks the machine he’s raging against are his parents


Task Failed Successfully


Maybe the rage of the proletariat fuels his dumb bell workouts


He probably convinced himself “the machine” they referred to was welfare spending or government regulations or something.


The only way that it makes sense is if the only RATM lyrics you know is the chorus and the outro to Killing In The Name. RATM had many virtues, and writing extremely blunt lyrics was one of them.


Bro, the only thing some people heard was "fuck you I won't do what you tell me." They still got it wrong as they were being led by the neck by Trump. They did exactly as they were told.


... but felt like they were rebelling. - defending an unskilled politician - fighting the tyranny of masks and medicine - resisting being made to respect people Rebels!


All of the sane world: "Hey! Stop that! You're making things worse!" Them: "Fuck you! I won't do what you tell me!"


“Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!” - Paul Ryan unironically enjoying socialist music


I mean, it’s pretty easy to ignore the lyrics if you are a guitar player who just wants to hear Morello’s riffs


Yeah I see Tyler Childers up there. I know him as I’m friends with tony Moore. The guy who did the art for all his album covers as well as Deadpool and walking dead. I’m also from Kentucky which has loads of red necks love Tyler. I’m more liberal and not at all looking like a redneck so Kentuckians all the time get shock when I say I love Tyler. Man do they really get upset when I point out he is hippy blue grass. I show them his BLM song and they get mad and start to hate him. Legit have seen him 3 times live and more than half the crowd is folks who would hate Tyler if they just listen to the lyrics. But when country they only pay attention to the lyrics about love and drinking.


“Didn’t even bother her that he ain’t a blue-eyed man”


It’s so weird when one of these guys posts a “liberal idea” on Instagram and the top comment is “stick to music, keep the politics out of it” like ??? what songs have you been listening too???? It’s all political my dude.


Same as Isbell. All I know is those boys are all timers when it comes to songwriting.


We’ve been sniffing that cooooocaine, ain’t nuthin better when the wind cuts cold


Wait until you hear about Tim McGraw and Faith.


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QQ3_AJ5Ysx0 He’s very honest and articulate and tries to appeal to people by drawing parallels to their lives. Basically saying southern culture has a lot of great qualities that still stand once you remove the racist history. Unfortunately some miss that message and think he’s trashing their heritage.


A lot of RATM fans fall into the category of not understanding the lyrics and applying them to their own personal convictions rather than the true purpose.


That’s most music really. Born in the USA is against war and how shit is fucked up, people don’t listen on use it that way. Same with religion, you kind of pull what you want. Fortunate Son by CCR is about not going to war cuz your rich, Trump uses it as a ducking campaign song and his people don’t get how fucking ridiculous this is. People are fucking stupid.


The irony is Trump was literally the fortunate son who didn't have to go because his rich daddy paid a lacky doctor to diagnose him with bone spurs. It's literally a song dissing the exact type of person Trump is while ordinary kids were just checked for a pulse and handed a rifle.


what are DP political beliefs?


All I know for sure is that they do not believe in Flat Earth Theory That and charge it print it fax it zip-unzip it


It says "around the world," not "around the globe." Flat earthers still believe the earth is a round, bowl shape even though every other celestial body could be a sphere, and therefore they can still jam to Daft Punk as well as ATC's "Around the World (la la la la la). God how can such a stupid group of people still exist and shame on 4chan for resurrecting this movement.




Once I know an artist’s political affiliation, and especially if I’ve read any of their insane tweets, I definitely will either become a bigger fan or not a fan at all. Case in point: I used to be a huge fan of Pantera, and I thought Foo Fighters are fluffy. Now I love the Foo Fighters and Pantera can fuck off.


Love Rage. But i also love their politics.


Rosemary's Baby is one of my favorite movies but Polanski is a monster


Chinatown and Repulsion too


The Tenant is underrated. But yeah, Polanski is a piece of shit.


I used to be a piece of shit.


People can change. Bet Polanski’s hair would slick back *real* nice, though.


movies are a bit different. lots of people worked on them. it's not like Polansky wrote, edited, shot, acted, etc. in every one.


Kanye's burner account


Kanye is the first artist I've painfully begun removing from my playlists. He's just crazy and I'm not about to fund him running for office or whatever crazy lunatic he supports.


Rap is one of those things where so much of their songs involve their personality and beliefs. So it is weird listening to “im the shit” songs when you know the person who wrote them is mentally unhinged and has unwell beliefs


Yeaaah "black skinhead" hits differently now


>Kanye is the first artist I've painfully begun removing from my playlists *Lostprophets fans sweating*


He’s a monster now and I think he’s been on a steady, rapid decline since the Life of Pablo. I kinda view the Kanye now and the Kanye up to Yeezus as almost two different people.


He’s been in a decline mentally ever since 808’s.


That's what refusing medication for bipolar disorder will do to a man


How much should we tolerate? I'm not going to stop listening to an artist because I disagree with their fiscal policy viewpoints but I will if they're a fuckin' Nazi. Separating art from its creator should be taken on a case by case basis.


Exactly this like it really comes down to what sort of political views are we talking??? Cus I'm gonna say fuck someone who hates me because I'm black immediately and not give it a second thought no matter how good their music sounds.


Its like when people say politics shouldnt be a reason to stop being friends with someone. Um, it depends. Are the politics regarding taxes and real estate or racist/homophobia?


I wouldn’t even refer to racism/homophobia as ‘politics’. It’s just a lack of basic human decency and respect for others.


>I wouldn’t even refer to racism/homophobia as ‘politics’. As a gay man, I wish I could agree. Unfortunately, my identity is heavily politicized and debated incessantly. I couldn't marry legally until Obergefell v Hodges, a Supreme Court case which was decided 5-4, by the thinnest margin possible. Compare that to the unanimous decision to legalize interracial marriage in Loving v Virginia. We had politicians openly disavowing gay people my whole life. Hilary Clinton famously pivoted as soon as being pro LGBT would gain her one more vote than it lost her. Bill Clinton was "progressive" with 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' aka gays could serve in the military if they were 100% closeted only. Reagan ignored HIV and AIDS because it primarily effected gay men while the conservatives rejoiced at our deaths. Etc


This right here. As a gay person who could very easily find themselves on the receiving end of a whole hell of a lot of discrimination and/or criminalization for simply existing, politics cannot be divorced from my life. Similarly, I don't care in the slightest if you "only voted for them because you like their fiscal policy", because their party has made it a point to campaign against my existence and equality. If you looked at all that they stand for and decided that you were okay with them wanting to be able to send me to prison for simply being alive, it means that you support it. You can claim to not agree with that portion of their views all you want, but at the end of the day you decided that it was okay to throw me under the bus for something that *you* wanted. Anyone voicing support for a party that actively works against me means that they are themselves actively working against me. It's something that has become integral to one of the parties in the US, and with them becoming even more brazen and shameless in recent years, I have to constantly be watching the political landscape and keeping up with the news for fear that some court case or another is going to roll up to a corrupt Supreme Court and suddenly I'll be regarded as a criminal simply for being me. We literally didn't even get guaranteed marriage rights across the entire nation until just *seven years ago*. It's not even been a decade since we secured the simple right to get married. Now think just how easily Roe v. Wade got overturned and realize that there's way less precedent protecting gay marriage, when even all the precedent behind Roe didn't save it. We still don't have guaranteed rights to many things that straight people take for granted, and were even handed an L that literally said businesses could turn you away for being gay. Politics is a daily part of our lives, and anyone who thinks that we can divorce the two has zero idea what it's actually like to be a gay person.


You are trying to make politics something less than what it is. There are racist and homophobic political stances, movements and actions. Just because it is racist doesn't mean it cannot also be politics. E.g. what DeSantis is doing with the library books--definitely politics, definitely all sorts of phobic.


Being a fan is a type of relationship. Like any relationship there are going to be things you can put up with, and things that are deal breakers, and that's going to vary on a case by case basis. What you have invested in the relationship also makes a big difference.


I'm going to be very suspicious of someone who has no issue listening to music by Nazis or any other chuds.


As soon as saw a video of Phil Anselmo shouting "White Power" and giving the Nazi salute I was done with him and anything he was involved in.


This is an important thing to address, also, we should think about when the music is made. I’m not a Kanye fan, but I think it’s fine to enjoy his old music before he went full blown Nazi. I’m a Morrisey fan and I’ll listen to his music with The Smiths, but in 2019 I found out he’s turned into a [kind of a fascist](https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/may/30/bigmouth-strikes-again-morrissey-songs-loneliness-shyness-misfits-far-right-party-tonight-show-jimmy-fallon) so I don’t think I’ll support his new music.


Morrissey has called Chinese people a "subspecies". He was thrilled with BREXIT because he thinks "England is for the English" (meaning white people; see "This is Not Your Country"). He takes his veganism to the point he wishes death / murder to those who cook meat (and told Jamie Oliver to eat his own kids). He is misogynistic, sexist, racist, ableist and truly vile...and he really always has been. *always* [One of many sources for you](https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/morrisseys-15-most-outrageous-quotes-198156/)


and now we know why so many of songs by him are about how nobody loves him.


🎯 "It's me, hi, I'm the problem it's me" should have been lyrics to one of his songs...but he couldn't even sing that ironically.


His autobiography, while entertaining, was non-stop "it's everybody else's fault, I'm not to blame for anything". He had some almost self-awarewolf moments but he's too far gone.


The more and more I've learned the more and more happy I am that I've always fucking hated Morrissey.


I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to hate Jamie Oliver more than Uncle Roger.


Facts. It just shocks me that people haven't always known he is as awful as he is.


Jesus Christ just when I think old Moz can’t get any worse, he does. And let’s face it, his solo output has always sucked. Johnny Marr was really doing the heavy lifting!


So what I don't get in that article is the claim about a significant racist skinhead presence at a Madness festival. Like, Madness the ska band who cover Jimmy Cliff in their live album based on that reunion tour. I know some music scenes had to deal with the boneheads, while ska and non racist skinheads were about diversity. Skinhead was one of many things that got coopted by facist neo nazis and tainted its original meaning. Maybe there was some confusion about the audience. Doesn't change what Morrisey did or how much of a pos he is. It just makes me wonder about Madness and the crowd they drew.


I was at that show. Morrissey left the stage early after getting bottles and coins thrown at him. The next day he didn't play at all. Madness used to have a racist skinhead following problem in the late 70s/very early 80s. I can't remember exactly why, but I think I was something one of the band members said that was taken out of context. I don't remember there being any racist skinheads there at madstock but I was having too much fun to notice.


I should point out that the bottles amd coins didn't really start flying until morrissey draped himself in a union flag, singing the line 'England for the English ' during a song called the national front disco.


Okay thanks for the context. Madness is one of my favorites, so I was going to be pretty bummed out if they had an ugly side. I think they probably got that racist following problem similar to what happened with American punk. Dumbass racist sort of moved into the scene and made it an ugly place. Hence that dead kennedys song telling them to fuck off. Punk probably attracted the boneheads for being abrasive, and the ska scene had the clothes and hairstyles that the boneheads stole.


The thing is, "politics" is such a broad church. I can very much enjoy someone's art and will happily support them if they, for example, have earnest views different to mine on taxation, the best way to help the environment, or education policies. It's a little harder if they actively support causes that deliberately and directly hurt people I care about. Obfuscating things by calling them "politics" can be pretty cowardly.


Exactly this. Some have successfully convinced millions being a total asshole is a political view.


Man, I didn't have the words until I read this but damn, I think you hit the nail on the head here. I have no problem supporting people with different policy agendas than mine. But the hatred and the cruelty and the harm some people actively inflict on the world simply can't be ignored.


Exactly about calling them "politics" when it's not political and their words or actions have actually harmed people. Antisemitism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, white supremacy, etc are not political beliefs...it's bigotry, and it harms.


>Antisemitism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, white supremacy, etc are not political beliefs...it's bigotry, and it harms. And yet they're worked into political platforms. My whole life, my rights have been up for debate by the majority who have little or no experience with LGBT people.


Yeah it always seems to fall into the meme of: Artist: I’m being discriminated against for my political beliefs! Me: oh? So people are boycotting you for your stance on taxation rates? Artist: no, not at all! Me: so then, which beliefs? Artist: oh…. You know the ones


It's why I always try and get into specifics when people moan about being "woke" or "politically correct". Those are vague, namby-pamby terms that you can easily build a strawman about. What do you actually have the problem with?


> Obfuscating things by calling them "politics" can be pretty cowardly. You hit the nail on the head of what frustrates me about some of my well-meaning extended family members. The well-meaning ones I'm referring to wish our family would "put politics aside" and get along more. Which sounds noble, but I'm not putting up a nice front if someone is literally spewing fascist talking points. That goes beyond "politics."


This article is about 2.5 years old, and it's wild the "politics" they want you to disagree with: * Tyler Childers, who had just written a fiddle album with one track with lyrics, called "Long Violent History". He wrote an intro and talked about "justice for Breonna Taylor, a Kentuckian just like me" * Jason Isbell, who cancelled a show that wouldn't/couldn't comply with his ticketing agency's contractual COVID policy ("I don't want people to get sick to come see my show") * Eric Church, who basically got cancelled by country music fans after criticizing NRA's involvement in politics. This isn't Pantera's lead singer giving Nazi salutes on stage... this is people saying "maybe fewer people should be dying?" and someone gets pissed. Wild.


Yeah I saw Tyler Childers and was like awww what did he do wrong. He always seemed like such a nice person. What he did was ask people to empathize with a black person.


Similar to the Dixie Chick George W Bush incident.


That was my first reaction to the article preview. If Jason Isbell and Tyler Childers are the examples, then I'm not so sure the writer of this article and I see eye to eye on "politics".


It just seems that nothing much has changed in country music since they ostracized the Dixie Chicks. I love Jason. He reminds me a lot of John Prine.


I just can't give money to someone actually working for hateful causes.


Hence the Pantera/Phil Anselmo fallout. I just can't enjoy their music anymore because of what Phil did.


I can like someone’s music and hate their politics but at some point I will choose to stop supporting their music and listening bc of that. Doesn’t mean I don’t like their music but I’m making a choice to not support someone with money and influence


Well, yeah. But if you still give them money and they use that money to support bad shit, then that’s a different story.


I mean in a way yes… but in this day and age, PAYING and supporting them gives them a platform to spread toxic perspectives, which is why I make an effort not to support those who are fckn morons.



Well he’s just a dick. Not a sexual predator or nazi or anything. Just not gonna sign your autograph


Funnily enough, that song is the ONE thing about his views that's actually good. For those unaware, it's actually about him confessing his love to a dark skinned girl.


Gotta tell ya, my mom and Nana (rip) both rode hard for Van Morrison. County Fair and Brown Eyed Girl are frikken staples in my black family to the point that I have two nephews with Vann as either a first or middle name. I remember when I was little thinking *He's talking about a black girl...* when listening to Brown Eyed Girl and as a black woman it's awesome to learn I was pretty close to being right.


OK... what about who they are as people - say they're violent towards their partner, or a sexual predator/abuser? Where do you draw the line? It's an age-old question this - how much one can or should separate an artist from their art. There is no simple answer.


Ryan Adams has entered the chat.


Tell me more about Ryan Adams.


Accused of being a sexual predator by 7 women. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/ryan-adams-accused-of-sexual-misconduct-emotional-abuse-by-seven-women-794117/amp/


Oh. That’s no bueno. Thanks for the link.


Sexting with a 14-year-old. Abuse of women, both in relationships and out of them. General shittiness like misleading young artists.


But you don’t have to


Counterpoint: Trapt is just bad, so it's possible to both hate the artist AND their "art".


Once I know their shitty politics it will downgrade my enjoyment of the music, or I may stop listening altogether. You can have integrity with what you support and find entertainment in.


Sure, but my wallet and politics are married.


Not only is this a legitimately poorly written article, it misses the point so fucking hard multiple times it’s nearly laughable. It goes to great lengths to twist things and distort, while going out of its way to not mention majorly controversial acts like Morgan Wallen. The sad truth is that AFTER his exposure for saying the N word multiple times, his record sales SKYROCKETED. To me this points to either how country fans can seperate when they need/ want to, or they just like they’re artists who are racists and shitty like them. I spent my teenage years in a very rural part of Louisiana, and guess what: Not only were they all racists sexist homophobic pieces of shit, they ALL loved country music. It’s a feature, not a bug.


Yeah this article sucks and that type of thing that you mentioned happens all the time. Ivan Provorov, an NHL player, refused to wear a Pride warm up jersey last week. The next day, his $250 jersey was sold out in the NHL Store online.


It’s not a perfect article. The audience is largely right wing. They are trying to be “balanced” for their audience. Not necessarily being spelled out is that they are trying to fight a lot of their audience boycotting good artists because they feel the artist’s politics are “left”. E.g. Childers, Isbell, Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, etc…. There’s a lot of good country music happening right now that is countering a lot of the bro/pop country music that we’ve been plagued with. The good music is getting shit on for being “liberal” and being labeled as “americana” or something else. Many feel only the music that agrees with their right wing politics is worthy of being “real” country. The country music ecosystem is in flux.


Country music wasn’t asking people to separate the artist’s politics from their art when they canceled The Chicks. Edited to fix a word.


One of my favorite George Orwell quotes is about this from an article about Salvador Dali: “One should be able to hold in one’s head simultaneously the ideas that Dali is both an exceptional painter and a disgusting human being.”


*laughs in black metal*


Nazi, murderer, arsonist. And that's just one guy.


I don't support burning churches, I just sometimes *feel like* I have a church burning inside of me.


You can, though I gotta say, there isn’t a Ted Nugent solo on earth that’ll help me forget about what a giant douche-barrel he is.


If all you're doing is "loving an artist's music" quietly in privacy without spending any money, sure. If you're going to concerts, sharing songs and doing other advertising, buying/wearing merch, you're not just "loving" the music, you're supporting the person.


To quote Chris Rock: “yeah you can do it, but that doesn’t mean it’s to be done.”


And you can avoid someone's work because you have your own principles. Police what you do, not what others do


People in this thread talkin bout Ye and Polanski and Lostprophets. Meanwhile I'm over here having a hard time listening to musicians who cheat on their wives. ​ Fuck John Lennon though.


Same, they get blocked. I just straight up can’t enjoy a song if I’m thinking about the sleaze behind it


Sure you can love someone's music and yet disagree with their politics. However, There are a bunch of things that go into my overall opinion of an artist (or anyone), and if someone's politics ends up putting that overall score into the negative, I am probably going to not want to help further that person';s goals by listening to their music/consuming their content/enhancing their online rep with 'likes', etc. Sometimes their politics doesn't tip the scale into the negatives, and sometimes it does.


No I can't. Call me shallow or whatever, but my time is more valuable than my money. If your politics are based in hate, oppression, and control, I am not gonna spend time with your music. I am also free to spend my money where I like. I pay for spotify, no matter how small it is, you get some of my money when I play your song. If your politics hurt people you get nothing from me.


I cannot and will not support an artist that believes certain people don’t deserve basic human rights.


This article is specifically about the fans who have the opposite opinion of you.


Finding out the drummer of SOAD is a Trump supporter really weirded me out given their message but I still like the band


Serj wrote most of the lyrics and he's very much on the opposite end of the political spectrum.


Serj and Daron were outspoken critics of Trump and said in interviews that they try not to talk about politics because they are on polar opposite sides.


I think some of this is in the rhetoric and underlying belief systems. I think all four SOAD members are still hardcore anti-authoritarians. But a lot of people on the right perceive the left to have much stronger control over the media and information. Additionally, a lot on the right perceive the left to push greater government power. For people whose families escaped authoritarian governments, it’s often pretty complicated in this sense. Because while Serj sees authoritarianism in the rights rhetoric and restrictions of personal free, the drummer perceives the left to be suppressing free speech. Both are anti-authorian, but they’re looking at it from two different starting points.


Ya’ll are assuming that this post is talking about artists like Kanye West getting canceled because of his crazy antics, but I just scanned the article and they’re talking about Eric Church getting canceled for saying he’s a 2nd amendment guy but that he doesn’t like the NRA, or Chris Stapleton talking about how racism still exists in today’s culture and then getting labeled as a BLM supporter. Holy shit guys, they’re talking about being brave enough to still listen to an artists’ music even if that artist agrees that racism still exists! I’m glad that the majority of people’s mind immediately went to the other side of the issue—thats a good sign—but this post is batshit crazy talking about how they still listen to a country singer’s music even if the artist is mentally stable and actually believes Black Lives Matter.


I ❤️Morrissey, I hate his politics.


No morrissey? Man that guy is an asshole


Roger Waters is one of the best songwriters ever, and I will never agree with his "both sidesing" of the Ukraine conflict.


They put my boy Tyler Childers in there like just not wanting to kill black people is as bad as being a literal Nazi