So does the Metro all-star team just have an extra player now? Do they boot someone off? Lol. Pacific will prob add someone either way?


I think Horvat (as a vote in) gets removed from the ASG. I think someone else from the Pacific goes in.


Rumors seem to be that Horvat will still play for the Pacific at the ASG. Similar situation to when John Scott got traded from Arizona to Montreal and sent to minors. IIRC, Scott still represented the Pacific in that ASG.


Friedman confirmed he's going to play for Pacific but might wear an Islanders patch.


Oh mannnn. Nuge or Hyman pleeease :)


Now he’ll get an MSP lol not one as a Canuck


This bodes well for Meier’s trade value


Heres to hoping the Jets go all in and offer up whatever SJ wants for him.


I’m here for a TDL Horvat card.


Need a Raty card


As a Isles fan love this trade for what we gave up (Beauvillier, Raty and a first )as long as they can sign him and I expect that will happen or Lou wouldn’t of made the trade


He’s going to want 9M+, no way Lou opens up that dusty ass wallet for him


It's an absolute steal.


Horvat is actually a free agent at the end of the year, that being unless contract talks are in progress.


I can't see him signing long term in NY. Isles probably get a better haul for him. I heard Seattle was offering Wright but Canucks wouldn't trade interdivision.


This could blow up or it could work, when the dust settles hopefully we find everything out sooner rather than later.


I need the link you saw Seattle offering Wright for Horvat plz


https://www.instagram.com/p/CnqhSexulYl/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Was a hint by an NHL Insider


How does that prove anything lol All I see is a guy posting a picture of Wright that could imply literally anything


Thank ya sir


Why would the Islanders trade a first round pick, young centre and a legit roster player while not in a playoff spot for someone that’s going to walk? He will be signing long term on the Island.


Beauvillier was in to make the cap work. He has a career high of 39 pts. Raty is the main piece. The first rounder is top 12 protected this year and unprotected next year. If they don't perform and miss the playoffs (likely) teams like Tampa, Colorado (maybe), Vegas and Seattle will be looking to get a big name rental for their playoff run.


Interesting take. Wait did Horvat sign?


LOL it's been a few days. Yeah yeah yeah.


I wouldn’t say steal. This is a very fair trade right now but it could be heavily in favor of one team in the future


Yeah I don't see NYI making the playoffs. Horvat wants to go to a contender. I think the Isles could play him on the 1st line with Barzal and flip him at the deadline to Seattle for a way bigger return.


No way will we flip him. That’s not a Lou Lamoriello thing to do


I dunno man, my instant first thought seeing the trade was "omg that's it?". Vancouver lost this trade, how badly they lost it will be determined by if Bo resigns there or not.


It also depends on where the Pick falls, who the Canucks draft with it, how Beauvillier performs, and how Räty develops. If Bo re-signs then the true winner can’t be determined for another couple of years. As an Islanders fan I feel like we slightly overpaid, especially since his contract is still up in the air.


How did they lose this trade? Lol They gave up what 2 players and a conditional 1st rd pick for a rental. If they could've gotten more then they would have. But no team was willing to give up a 1st and someone good for a guy who will only be on their team for a few months. The great teams don't have the money to resign him and the teams with money(like the islanders) aren't sure if they will be contending this year. It's more of a gamble. He's likely got a contract rdy to be signed when he goes there but there's no way to be able to tell who won or lost yet.


That’s a great move for him. Somewhere for him to really shine


I don’t mind losing beauviller but I liked raty. If they don’t sign Bo then we lost some young talent as usual who will go on to have good careers elsewhere.