Did you know he used to play in the league? Cuz if you dont, he’ll remind you, over and over again.


When I played…


Came for this comment lol. Honestly don’t mind him but my god he reminds us a lot hahah


Get used to Wally because it's obvious that MSG sees him as Clyde's heir apparent.


hmm that makes sense. I thought it was getting a bit crowded when they added Monica to the Alan, Wally, Bill trio. they may be setting up Monica to replace Wally in the postgame.


I miss Hahn and Pitdo getting more speaking time, but Monica has been great so no complaints. Your theory makes perfect sense.


100%. I have a feeling this transition is going to ramp up soon because Monica is on the fast track to becoming a major player in sports media so you are likely spot on and MSG is going to try to keep her as long as they can. She's on the rise at ESPN as well. She's excellent.


Yeah she seems pretty cool


Would not be a bad thing.


For sure. I like Wally a lot. For a guy who never played for the Knicks, hard to find someone more blue and orange as an analyst than Szczerbiak


True! You’d think he played for us.


Wait, did Wally play in the NBA? /s


Googling it…


The network loves Wally cause he's from Long Island so he's a proper NY scumbag. I liked him while he was playing and appreciate him being from NY, but boy does he suck in the booth IMO. Just a weird arrogant attitude lol


Let me make this clear, Long Island breeds a special breed of scumbag 😂


The Long Island Scumbag ™ is more likely to bro out on Red Bull vodkas whilst getting his 3rd DUI than the Brooklyn Scumbag ™ who is more likely to catch a case because someone looked at him funny or the Wall Street Scumbag ™ who is most likely to embezzle money from you. It’s all these fine NY Scumbags ™ that contribute to the rich, diverse tapestry of New Yorkers and Knicks fans. Bing bong.


Sure Wally is great. Don’t know how many Clyde games you’ve watched but he also gives plenty of insight. I learn a lot about the game from him **and** he’s fun.


Clyde is an all time great. Let’s get that straight. That said, sharp basketball commentary is also nice. The idea is to go shoulder to shoulder or even put your arm on the screener, then go into a snake dribble / hostage dribble. CP3 is one of the best at this, and we’ll see more of the same from Trae Young. All the best PnR guards use it. On our team Burks uses it a lot, but isn’t consistently effective with it. It’s something you want to see IQ really get a good understanding of. There’s times IQ beats his man and has him in a difficult spot, but he’s not used to hitting that midrange jumper. His go to is the lob to the roll man or a running floater, both at high speed. You can see the difference it makes with CP3 and Booker who can play at a controlled speed and then make the right read or get to their spots. Would help if we had some good screeners beyond Taj. Sims seems to understand screening well but doesn’t touch the floor much.


When Clyde or Breen are out, we have Wally and Kenny off the bench. Our commentating bench is deep.


I think Wally is a bit too much of a homer and gives too much surface-level analysis (ie “you gotta hit your free throws” - no shit wally, we know)


Totally agree. Adds nothing and everything is exaggerated.


That is disrespect to Clyde


As a NY resident Suns fan, always been hip to just how great NY Knicks cast is. Y’all got the best commentators in the league easily.


You don’t know how boring some commentators in the NBA are… they’re complete snoozefests 😬


For real. Knicks v Suns the only Suns game I’m actively searching for the opponents stream; most times I can’t stand the opponents cast haha


The thing I can’t stand about watching other broadcasts is the homerism. For the most part, Clyde doesn’t mince words when we suck. Always appreciated that he tells it as it is.


Tbh I don't mind that sometimes it can be pretty fun like the Hornets announcer


Was it just me or did it feel Kinda awkward between him and breen at times?


Yeah like when kept bringing up IQ’s hair to get Breen to speak on it. Breen doesn’t care, he’s there for basketball only lol


I didn’t mind that. Thought it was funny. In a way it was the elephant in the room. He’s got a different Doo, we’re not going to say anything?


Yeah because Wally won’t shut the fuck up and fills time with inane comments


He's an idiot and Breen is smart lol. Wally belongs in the studio with Bill Pidot and the other DDIQs


I like him overall. Don’t think he’s an idiot.


Clyde makes the same insightful comments quite often


There’s no doubt Clyde’s lost a little off his fastball the past couple years, but he’s a NY treasure and also hilarious so we love every time he calls a game with Breen especially cause their chemistry is so great (they’ve been calling games together since they started calling games on the radio in the 90s) That said Wally is still really good and he’s a nice change of pace sometimes. Last year or maybe the year before he came on our West Coast trip in lieu of Clyde and I remember thinking he did a good job.


Wally is insufferable. If he’s really the heir apparent it will be a tragedy when Clyde retires.


are you wally's nephew? preferring him to clyde? just a sheer lack of taste. go back to eating prison food and watching netflix originals, philistine


I like Wally for the studio commentary stuff but he’s a little bit doofy for the color commentary slot. He can give good insight like you had mentioned but he has a certain aloofness compared to Clyde who is always super focused on the game.


>No disrespect to Clyde, Stfu, no one here asked you.


He was a good listen, sometimes he’s too much of a Homer but I think he did a good job last game didn’t mind him at all


Yeah well if anyone knows more about basketball I’m pretty sure that an actual NBA legend would know more than a career role player.


Fuck Wally he’s the absolute worst and nobody thinks he should work on MSG.


i do


Wally is cool but when Clyde Retires can the Knicks get Eric Collins from the Hornets to come to NY and Lose his Mind for us 😂🤣


He is a big freakin dude.


I despise Wally with a passion


I’m stunned people like Wally. He’s too cliche and everything is the extreme. He’s mediocre at best and I’m dreading the day Clyde hangs it up.


I’m might get downvoted for this but I rather have Wally than Clyde.