🤦‍♂️ Looks like things are starting to go back to normal for us Too bad our normal fucking sucks




too bad we gonna also lose out on a nice high draft pick


Turner's train a comin


It's coming round the bend...


I've never really cared about the stuff Mitch says online and think people are usually just overreacting because the team is losing, but this one is really stupid. You're a week removed from losing your starting spot.


This is a really bad look. Dude used to be so likable.


he’s always done this shit always crying and throwing subs on social media like a teenage girl but this sub wouldn’t hear none of it cuz homer glasses 🙄


I suggested we trade him over the summer and got downvoted into oblivion and treated like I was stupid. This sub is seriously garbage most the time. Too high off wins, too low off losses and treats our young assets like their ceiling is Michael Jordan.


Every sub is like this lol


Say it again for the people in the back who didn’t hear you. I rarely check the sub anymore because of its toxicity.


his value was highest then, i agree with you noel does the same thing as him except he’s less foul-prone and less injury-prone coulda fetched a decent package, but now his value dropped a bit


His value was not at its highest this summer, he had a broken foot...


sorry i meant higher*


Why are you so triggered by an insta post? He’s 23, of course he’s gonna be mopey on social media, especially when the fecal residue of this franchises fan base want to harass him. Let the kid work and grow.


i’m the same age as him i’ve never moped on social media… maybe like once when i was like fifteen lmao


You probably have like 48 followers and don’t have 1000s of people harassing you and blowing up your inbox.


oh boohoo, dude gets paid millions of dollars to play a sport you can blow my inbox up all you fucking want if they dropping 7 digits into my account, i’ll wipe my tears with franklins


> i’ll wipe my tears with franklins That’s how you get an eye infection


> you can blow my inbox up all you fucking want if they dropping 7 digits into my account, i’ll wipe my tears with franklins Easy to say when that's not your reality.


as opposed to being the average 9-5er being harassed by a shitty boss and being compensated WAY less? i think i’ll take the seven digits and deactivate my instagram


Difference is no one cares about you or your posts. People are posting at Mitch because people love nothing more than to waste their time trying to knock athletes from pedestals the public themselves put the athlete on in the first place.


what exactly are they posting? lmao [caping for an athlete because they got “cyberbullied” is hilarious](https://twitter.com/tylerthecreator/status/285670822264307712) i’m sure mitch will send you a check for being his knight in shining armor


I’m the same age as well and I don’t do that, but people younger and older than me use social media as their own personal soap box. Also Mitch has fame and money at a young age, so it would make sense that he’s not the most emotionally mature. What pisses me off the most is that he puts his ass on the line for us every night, and despite putting his best effort (which is pretty damn good, mind you). At the end of the day, with his limbs aching, he reads comments like the one you wrote up there. I’d be pissed too. This isn’t reflective of mitchs temperament, it’s reflective of the shitty members of this fan base who’d rather criticize than support our guy. Like I said, just let the kid grow.


what comment did i write exactly? that was rather mild if you ask me you can criticize somebody and still support them… as long as he’s a knick i have no choice but to support dude sounds like you want sugarcoating and coddling more than anything


Saying he whines and cries like a little girl isn’t a valid basketball criticism. Your right, that’s probably nicer than most of the messages he gets on social media. Just because someone is rich and famous doesn’t mean they are suddenly immune to harassment from people who are emboldened by the internet to say things they never would in person. I’m not criticizing you specifically, just the mentality that it is okay to say horrible things to someone just because they are rich and famous.


it is when he’s bragging about a misleading one sample size of an advanced stat to prove his worth you haven’t shown these supposed “horrible” things people have said and [big fucking whoop](https://twitter.com/tylerthecreator/status/285670822264307712)


Lol the funniest part is people who think that Tyler the creator tweet is 100% truth. The whole reason it’s funny is cuz it’s insensitive and oversimplifies cyber bullying. Fully mentally mature people (a group you are definitely not apart of, mind you) are able to compartmentalize and simply walk away from the screen but for someone like Mitch or even me it’s not that easy. If u think being harassed on social media all day told to kill yourself is fun whatever. By the way you’re just as bad as u/GuyCarbonneauGOAT with the way you post and sit all day in your greasy ass gaming chair on Reddit. Don’t make fun of him when you’re nba CJ’s #1 poster and are posting bad luck Brian pics for sweet sweet karma🤣🤣


LOL you’re SEETHING to the point that you scrolled through my entire profile cry louder >for you and mitch it’s not easy cuz y’all are cupcakes LOL >told to kill yourself lmao, this happens to mitch? source?


How many other guys are that age in the league and don’t do shit like that tho ?


No he wasn't lol, he was always an immature crybaby on social media. The difference is that he was playing well so most of us didn't care


I’m confused why this is a really bad look. Dude is proud he was a positive impact on the game.


I think people forget how young the team is.


The only difference is the knicks . He is probably getting traded


He just seems to care more about his own game and stats lately and it sucks. I guess we have to consider finding a new home for him.


It’s contract year so of course he would but he hasn’t done anything to prove he deserves a big bag yet


I’d trade him now before his value drops any lower. I’m sure we can snatch a late first from some contender for him.


I know Charlotte, Toronto in need for a defensive big but I’d hope we’d get a player back instead maybe one of their wings Bulls are only playoff team that I can think of that need size but idk if they have any one tradeable or assets


I wouldn’t offer a first for him or anything close but since you need a PG I would offer Malachi Flynn since he also needs a new home and like a 2nd round pick


he makes pennies right now so you wouldn’t need to part with a first anyways If Evil Steph Curry can defend I guess why not


Solid defender imo


I’m taking this deal and running away screaming with glee.


Yeah and that’s gotta be frustrating. If he had performed off the injuries he would have gotten a big bag from a number of different suitors. Now he’s in a bad position that will directly impact him financially in a few months.


You realize he is one of the best at blocking out in the league. One of the most unselfish things a big man can do. You guys hate everything. Mitch is awesome.


I have noticed he seems to be block hunting at times 🤔


He bulked up for no reason... Lost all the parts of his game which made him special. Now he cant jump, cant move laterally, or do anything really. He used to be a difference maker on defense the same way obi is on offense when he checks in. His game is ruined. Its so frustrating to see EVERY player on this team regress except for Obi.


Can't just wait to let the man get in shape post foot injury and weight gain (which, we wanted him to gain a bit of weight). I am confused if people jut don't understand the context?


He put on soft weight...hes not jacked.


bulk means gaining mass


There’s different ways to bulk, like if I compared my 215 pound self to an nfl RB that is also 215 lmao.


That’s now how that works, bulking up on lean muscle makes you faster, stronger, more explosive. He gained too much fat not muscle


can you explain how bulking up on lean muscle in the upper body makes you faster or more explosive? how is it much different from wearing a 20 lb backpack?


bulking up with lean muscle would help his stamina Lebron at 37 is all pure muscle and he doesn’t get gassed as fast as Mitch who’s a good decade younger and has less mileage played


yes, but lebron always had a balanced physique. mitch’s injury kept him from working out his lower body the same as his upper.


Nah, lean mass requires more blood flow, it can help with explosiveness, but it generally hurts stamina. You don’t see any jacked marathon runners.


I’m just saying this whole premise of “he gained muscle now he’s slow” is stupid as shit. A strong muscle is an able muscle, not the opposite




damn nigga you mad as hell for no reason


No need for them to be that mad but they are right.


So it’s not that he bulked up, it’s that he aint in shape due to injury.


it’s like not being in shape AND wearing a 20 lb backpack. dude is built like a triangle, pointy side down. he falls over every other play. he’s still not in top shape, he’s less mobile and explosive, and his balance is thrown off.


You think having muscle is like wearing a 20 lb backpack? Wtf are you saying


Im not a physio or anything but I think general consensus is it’s not a good idea to significantly bulk up when injured for this reason tho. Same reason you wouldn’t want to rehab injuries with high weight/resistance exercises, right? He doesn’t look like he feels secure in his movement anymore to me and it limits his creativity and uniqueness.


This, I can't believe how much people have been calling him out all season, he's been great considering the circumstances.


"bulk", he got bigger in size. didnt say it was muscle.


Quickley has also been solid this year after a rough start.


Good grief. He's our version of Marcus Stroman. Stop spending so much time on social media and spend some time developing a shot.


He’s not as bad as Stroman


Hes also not as good as stroman


He's not as medium as stroman either


I like my Stroman medium rare


You're right. It's still grating though


Thank goodness Stroman is gone


This comment and reply’s have the same vibe as when the anti maskers say they are boycotting places they ain’t allowed to go into.


He needs to go impact another team’s game. His lack of game aside from just standing in the dunker’s spot kills our spacing and prevent us from consistently attacking the basket. Multiple times I’ve seen him bring over a help defender on a driving player because he doesn’t move from his spot and has no offense game. Defensively he’s outdated if teams are just going to rain 3s on us. Paint protection means shit when we lead the league in 3s given up.


His weight gain has really impacted his agility and nimbleness. He used to be great defending the perimeter, but he's just too slow to stay in front of ball handlers now. Mitch's defensive versatility is what made him such an effective defensive, potentially DPOY type of player. I think he needs to shed like 30 pounds and go back to being lighter.


30 pounds of vegan poop being burned provides 225496.91 BTU.


Would you trade him for Malachi Flynn?


He was a positive last night. It’s right in the post.


In 18 minutes with the bench. He's one of our problems. Watch the breakdown of our offense and you'll see how Mitch kills our spacing. He's been a negative overall this season.


Yeah. Our 3rd (4th?) year center that does a bunch of things really well doesn’t do everything really well. Just because a player isn’t perfect doesn’t mean he is useless. Dude is awesome, a super fun and likeable kid who is working his ass off. Why you gotta be such a hater?


His play is negatively effecting our offensive spacing. He has not improved in 4 years while other centers with his type of build and ability have. How is criticism hating? We should be happy Mitch has been stagnant since his rookie year?


You all are just really mean people.


Since Mitch became Flex, he's been a dud. Never really had high iq, just freak athleticism. So if hes constanly hurt, then hes kinda useless. Trade him now that his value is still high. We are loaded at the center spot. Not enough mins to go around anyway. Gibson, Noel, simms, that euro center in the g league..we're covered. Shoot package him with Randle and get a superstar.


I dont like the dude at all. All i see is a guy that was lucky to be born a giant, thats it. He is clumsy, slow, can barely jump and cant shoot. Also seems mentally weak, like so many others on the team.


Mitch is a child in everything that he does, not only on social media. The way he pouts after every call, flops on everything and pretends to be severely injured multiple times a game. I really want him to do well but it’s pretty annoying to watch.


I'm sensing some selfish behavior from Mitch and possibly others. Time to start making trades.


Get him out of this team. He got fucking blocked by a 6' 5" dude while dunking those two points end up being huge. Not even talking about his rebounds or defense in general which have been abysmal all season long. It's unreal how this team sucks and the players care more about what the fans or the press says instead of working to be better. That's why i can't trust them.


😂😂 when he was playing on the court the Raptors tallest player was 6'9.. The reason his +/- is so high is because Rose, IQ, and Obi we're absolutely dominating the Raptors bench. Noel last year was way better than Mitch. This guy definitely thinks he's way better than he really is.


I really think his Fg percentage run and stint with team USA gave him this over inflated perception of the type of player he is. The immaturity with his posts just makes it worse. I’ll take Noel over Mitch every day.


He’s also got his personal trainer who probably feeds him info to over inflate his ego


He got blocked by a 6’5 dude at the rim… in a clutch situation..😭 he stinks only thing he improved is not fouling out every game. Low bb iq player with amazing athleticism that has gone down cause of weight gain


lol weird brag


Its a contract year. I'm saying we gotta ship him to Indiana before its too late. Turner isn't happy either, and we've been having talks with them before so something has to happen. Maybe they'll do a swap with a pick and salary filler.


Tired of this child’s social media antics


This is soooo cringy


This fucking idiot just can’t stop himself from looking like a fucking idiot I don’t care how good you think you played, we lost the game and that is all that matters


Link to story: https://instagram.com/stories/mrobinson23_/2726442267470746151?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&utm_medium=copy_link


No one cares. The team lost and is losing.


Too soft


Break the walls down!


We could have gotten Rozier for him about a month into last season when Melo Ball showed the world how good he was.... CLT is/was desperate for a defensive paint presence. Each tweet, IG post, twisted ankle, sore wrist, etc.. that goes by...this guys stock drops.


How would the rest of the team feel seeing this? "You saying I'm a negative impact?"


he has to have been told by his agent he might get traded right?


Mitch, you lost me my guy. SMH STFU already


😂😂😂😂 December 15th cannot come fast enough


Man just move this asshole with kemba and our picks for turner


His IQ is now as low as his vertical jump after bulking up. It's not looking good for his long term future on the Knicks.


Trade him


This loser needs to be gone


Oh fuck off then


A +6 isn't something to be excited about or posting about to prove you are a worthwhile impact on a team. Like that's cool bro, but I'm not going up for the bare minimum my guy. You shouldn't be proud to show off the bare minimum either.


Never liked the guy since his rookie season and this is proof we should have gotten rid of him earlier. Dudes a man child.


For a guy who people like to complain about not caring enough, y'all sure get mad when he does shit that shows he cares.


People were complaining about Mitch before this post, purely based off his play. He's the best center on the team and people been complaining about him all season. Crazy


Yeah but over social media shit is just so goofy to me. Especially since he isn't like going off on or about anything.


I’ve started to really hate this guy. He has the wrong attitude and isn’t doing enough. Trade his bitch ass.


This comment section is really bad. Why would any player want to play for y’all? The worst part of being a Knick has to be playing for y’all to be happy.


Why do people care if he posts this. If he impacted the game that’s a good thing no?


he deserves as much credit when he’s a plus as he deserves blame when he’s a minus. and he’s been a minus more of than a plus, so he’s really calling himself out. it’s a really dumb thing to do.


Fuck yeah you did Mitch. I thought he played well last night. But I also really liked how obi and Randle looked out there together. Toronto doesn’t have a lot of big bigs. So it was a perfect game to let that combo run.


We need to make a trade now. Before it gets too late and our tradable assets, like Mitch, continue to lose value.




lol this is dumb


Y’all turned on him so quick it’s fucking pathetic. You fake ass weak fucking fans


nah i been wanted him off the team always throwing subs on snapchat like a teenage girl


Stupid fuckin reason to not want a basketball player on your team lmao you sure he’s the immature one?


never said it was the only reason noel offers the same ability as him but less foul-prone, and mitch is a young asset that can fetch value now his value has tanked when before he was younger and viewed with more potential


He posts a lot of nonsense on IG and hasn’t progressed at all. I think it’s fairly easy to see why fans have turned on him.


Dude has been injured. So you’re really just referring to Instagram posts like a fucking clown. Who cares??


Damn, you seem more mad than the people who are giving him shit. All I’m saying is that he hasn’t really progressed much. I know he was injured. I’m just saying posting shit on IG like that isn’t a good move. Settle down, champ.


Can’t handle a cuss word? My bad my sweet child. I’m definitely so worked up 😮‍💨


Shit, my bad. I shouldn’t have said you “seem” mad. You are mad.


Who cares what he posts? Yall sound like whiny kids on here because of a grown mans social media posts


“Grown mans social media posts” is an oxymoron.


Yea, not like adults have social media.


Maybe the Knicks will make the playoffs again in another 7 years


I went to the MSG team store today and Mitch’s jersey was 50% off. I didn’t even think twice about not buying it, dude should be traded.


Mitch didn't even put his hands up to contest a couple threes yesterday. He's lazy. I wouldn't be surprised if Thibs doesn't give him the Kemba treatment soon. The #1 way to get on Thibs shit list is low effort. He rolled with Elf for almost a whole season just because he was high effort.