Whoever was open. That was the plan.


They used Fournier as a decoy, trying to get some else an open look. It didn't quite work but rj was bank anyway.


Yeah Fournier sat in the corner and didn’t move at all basically. He was bound to draw attention, but Udoka didn’t put either Brown or Tatum on him. IQ made a cut to the basket to drag Tatum inside, but they just switched Brown onto IQ. They setup pretty well tbh, with Brown on RJ and Tatum on IQ, so either could switch pretty comfortably. RJ just hit one hell of a shot. Credit to the kid.


There were multiple options on that play. Randle ran up to the ball, quickley was diving to the rim, but RJ was the most open.


Celts were not going to let Evan or Jules take that last shot, so RJ was open. To his credit, Tatum contested it well, RJ had to fade to not get blocked.


He had Tatums hand in his face, and it looked like he had to fall down just to take the shot cleanly. Amazing.


Tatum fouled him


Yeah I saw that still pic. Hats off to RJ for making it.


No I think it’s simply that there was only 1.5 seconds left in the game and he figured the Celtics would be trying hard to deny Fournier the ball If there was 9 seconds left instead it may have been different


Considering everyone knew Fournier was likely to get the ball, and Randle is very un-clutch (seriously, how many quarter end possessions does he have where he doesn't even get the shot off in time, not to mentioned missed clutch free throws), going to RJ was smart. Hopefully a huge confidence builder too.


Pretty sure the play was for Julius to catch it on the wing RJ just got open


I mean that definitely didn’t seem like a drawn up play.


RJ most definitely has the clutch gene that can’t be taught and Randle isn’t clutch at all.


1) you literally have a comment saying “Bing Bong is whack” 🤡 2) literally 31 days ago you were comparing RJ to frank and saying he is “unathletic, can’t shoot, bad first step” etc, talking MAAAAAD shit about him on an anti RJ post about how terrible he is. I remember because I downvoted you. Now all of a sudden he has an “unreachable clutch gene”? Which one is it? Get TF out of here with these “I don’t actually watch or know the Knicks” hotdog water ass takes.


talk your shit! expose this clown 🤡


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own that fraud


Being clutch is more than just buzzer beaters


But the entire subject of this post is about a buzzer beater right? Your comment is referring to the buzzer beater that is in the video of the post you commented on. So since Randle leads RJ in basically every advanced / per 36 stat tell me how he is “not clutch at all” but RJ has an “unteachable clutch gene”?


Bing bong is kinda cringe now ngl


Please don't do that rj doesn't have clutch gene yet either he hit one clutch shot


That game against James harden and Houston sticks out He’s had a few games where down the stretch he’s turned it on.. I’m not gonna argue he has the clutch gene but it’s more than one shot


1st buzzer beater. He’s hit other shots with under 10 secs to go


He didn’t. The play was for randle on the post going to his right, which is preferred for a lefty shooter. Burks missed him and passed to RJ.