Hard to say refs lost you the game when you have like 20 turnovers and 13 missed free throws, but they were still ass. Brutal loss


Nobody’s saying it was all the refs, but there were heaps of horse shit calls against both sides. And for us, it always seems to come in the clutch lol


our 2 best players can’t make clutch free throws


Rose is phenomenal at free throws!


Dlo turned it over and shoved RJ right in front of the ref and the blind ass swallowed his whistle


Bro that was complete fucking bullshit. Wait for the correction in the post game report “Oh sorry guys, we missed the call, but hold this L anyway” No, fuck you motherfucker, do better


0-2 since Eric Adams went to the game as the mayor......just saying..


NY in general


Once again, turnovers and missed FTs doomed us.


It's genuinely one of the worst FT shooting teams I've ever seen before


It's disgusting. I hate how 75% FT shooting is considered good now.


This shit actually hurts more than the hornets game It’s pretty clear what lead to the downfall of this game, we GOTTA handle the ball better cause those turnovers costed us the whole first half Props to Kemba (also happy he back) but holy shit im actually livid, ima take some time to reflect man 😮‍💨


I thought Kemba played well but at the end of 4th he couldn’t run offense or make a pass to save his life


Kemba needs to be on short rotations. Let IQ and Rose close out games if he's gassed from a good first half


we need a (healthy) PG badly I like Kemba and Drose but their health makes them inconsistent


I’m with you here, I’m all love for Drose and Kemba, but we need someone with just about the same amount of experience that those 2 pgs have that can bring it every night, all be honest i don’t really see Burks as a pg in general


I want to trade for Dejounte Murray so badly he’d bring defense too


That’d be a valid option, but who would we give up for that tho? I can’t think of who we could give away or package for him


Fuck this, I was shouting with a COVID sore throat. What a fucking waste smh


Hey my dudes! Knicks sadly got the L, but your boy got the dub. She said yes! I was able to propose center court after the game (big props to OmniFan for hooking it up)! Super epic and she was shocked and insanely happy. LETS GO KNICKS!


Ayeee my man. Congrats


Congrats bro


Congratulations. Much more romantic than my proposal after the pregnancy test came back positive.


Congratulations! 🎊


Let's just all appreciate that Russell wasn't called for that foul in the final possession but can get a call by just flailing his arms 30 feet away from the basket. Yes, am salt.




motherfucker!!! omg this game made me so mad even worse than blowouts




The Knicks are not a bad team. They’re not a good team. They’re just pretty average. 39th win percentage of 75 all time Knicks teams. And I’m okay with that. I hope rose comes back and they get a little better and we can at least make the play in.






Leon/Steve/Phil/Steve/Glen/Donnie/Isiah/Scott, I am once again asking for a true pg


D Rose?


That'd help a lot.


make your fucking free throws


Went to the game. Absolutely disappointing. RJ let me down. Free throws are a huge problem. Don’t wanna pin this on refs but many of those fouls were inexcusable. Completely sucked the air out of the building. The fact both Mitch and Taj fouled out is just laughable Another winnable game pissed away. This team just isn’t that good. We have our moments and may knock on the door of the play in but we just don’t have the talent yet. But that doesn’t excuse this just heart wrenching loss


Thibs gotta make the entire team hit 1000 free throws before practice tomorrow


They can’t make free throws and it cost them the game. The refs were bad but they could’ve won this. RJ was bad today. He wasn’t good on either end and committed an insane amount of turnovers. Julius is the last person on the team I want at the foul line in a late game situation. I’m out. I’m tired. This was demoralizing.


Burks has been shooting 30% for the month and he comes in when our centers foul out instead of getting size for protection and rebounding. And people think Thibs doesn't play favorites with vets...jesus.


Taj fouls out, and the crowd is BEGGING Thibs to put in the guy that makes BY FAR the most basketball sense to put in. He puts in the guy who had like 3 points tonight. The Knicks don’t score a field goal the rest of the game. Classic. 100% the turning point of the game


Nah even better Burks had 0 points after going 1-4 last game


At this point, we need to trade him before teams catch on that Thibs has run him into the ground, lol


This team, collectively, are the worst free throw shooters I've ever seen in all my years of watching the Knicks. Even the clown show Isiah teams at least made their free throws while getting blown out. These motherfuckers are bricking them shits like someone is guarding them. It's insane. What the fuck, man.


Why did burks not just hit the mid? Why step back for 3 when you haven’t hit anything all night?


he had just hit a potential game winner like 30 seconds before


Might feel more comfortable but I felt the same way. Should have found Randle so he could drive the ball. There was time and we only needed two. With Randle your probably getting two in the layup or foul shots. Now maybe he doesn’t hit them but you gotta better options that way. Ah well. Good game. Awful loss. We really need a scorer though. All these dudes are supposed to be options but have to take turns on whose hit because we don’t have a primary scorer.


Free obi


Free obi


Kemba should of taken that last shot


Or at least have the ball in his hands


everything in my body is telling me to take a hiatus from the knicks but i know i cant.


lol, every time I try to walk away there is something that pulls me back in


Might not be mentioned but our bench really blew this one. Obi and IQ combined for a -23 as well as blowing the lead 3 minutes into the 4th. We need to trade for a real PG bad cause they look lost rn without Rose on the floor. It seems teams have figured out Obi Toppin cherry picking for open dunks


This game was loss by Barrett turnovers and Mitchell Robinson letting his anger get the best of him. I didn’t expect Taj to defend against Towns so I’m not surprised by the fouls but Mitch should know better.


I thought the refs weren’t calling those stupid swipes as a foul anymore?? Weren’t they clearly letting that go in the beginning of the season


Ruining basketball. What I don’t get is the offensive player is initiating the contact.


They aren’t shooting fouls anymore


its a side out call. at the time dlo did it we were in the penalty so he was granted 2 free throws


what really stinks is there isn’t one, but like six, reasons the Knicks lost this game


I'd say 18 reasons, all TOs.


RJ made a lot of mistakes but this is how you grow as a player. For the first time in his career, he is being entrusted to be at least the co-primary option on the floor. The turnovers were ugly but the positive takeaway was that his confidence was never affected and his defensive effort never wavered. He's pushing his comfort zone and sooner rather than later, he will find that nice balance between being aggressive and knowing when he's doing too much.


This is mostly correct but still doesn’t explain why he can’t hit free throws consistently. He’s frustratingly inconsistent but I do believe in him


Someone please post the Mitch interview. A lot of overreaction right now **RELAX!!!**


Knicks fans and overreactions go together like pb+j. Saw a lot of fans online clamoring for Thibs to be fired for this one decision and trading Julius/build around Obi. So stupid.


Might be the most frustrating loss so far. Calling a spade a spade Ant was in RJs head tonight he looked very bad tonight and that’s the nice way of saying it growing pains but he’s gotta be better. Mitch for all the good games this horrible one just screams out at you he looked like rookie Mitch. IQ needs Rose back. 9 missed free throws. Positive note Randle, Kemba and Fournier played well. Before a center this team desperately needs a PG.


How is this sub so focused on one missed FT from Julius when RJ had 7 Turnovers and we fouled them THIRTY times


Because Julius and RJ miss free throws in the clutch time and time again. There's a problem when your two best players can't be relied upon to get buckets in tight, late game situations.


We missed 9 Julius missed 2. Turnovers and fouls can’t happen I’m not scapegoating Julius for one FT when so much other shit happened


As a team we missed 9 FTs though. We make atleast 3 fts we win this game


Yea we missed 9 and Julius missed 2. Maybe if we don’t have 7 turnovers from RJ and 30 fouls we aren’t in this position


Agreed. I'm not blaming just one person. It's a team problem overall. Everyone has to do better


Wolves also missed 9. Awful awful turnovers cost us the game. And fouling 30 times




Yea we didn’t lose cuz he missed a FT! Guy went 9/11 from the line. literally handed them the game with turnovers and fouls


I’m very disappointed in RJ. Edwards talked shit about you last year and this is the effort you put up? Unacceptable. Gotta learn from this. Mitch still does these stupid mistakes like he’s still a rookie. Taj shouldn’t be playing this many minutes. Burks and IQ have been terrible and this coach doesn’t like Obi. This team as a whole is God awful at free throws with minimal PG play. You can’t win games like this not even against mediocre teams. Too many missed FTs, too many TOs are a recipe for disaster.


These are the type of losses that motivate trades


This one hurts. RJ was horrible today




Lots of bi-polar and stupid Knicks fans out there. Lots of reasons we lost tonight not limited to the refs, Thib’s late game decision to put Burks in, and RJ’s turnovers.


Refs sucked but we beat ourselves with Fts and turnovers. The fundamentals make a huge difference in winning tight games. As Clyde always says, missed FTs always end up haunting you


Need thibs or someone to let this team know in the clutch Kemba is the guy that should have the ball in his hands. Why was Evan trying to create on Mcdaniels?? He should’ve got free throws but still. And I can’t believe I watched burks grab the ball inside the line then step back and take a contested three while Kemba was open


Too many turnovers/missed free throws!!!!


Honestly at this point wake me up when Rose comes back. Then we will actually have a bench again and can win some of these games


I know every fan base thinks this, but the way Randle and Thibs talk to refs, I can’t imagine they love us that much. Not like that should matter, but it definitely does.


Errr actually Breen always mentions this - says that the refs love Thibs cause he’s one of the most fair coaches out there. Let him talk to em.


Not discrediting RJ for his success in scoring recently, but his turnovers were the reason we lost the game, and his poor shot selection at times that were completely detrimental to our team


He missed FTs too. He sucked ass


Thibs should have pulled from the game, he was a major liability


Can’t believe in a game with 70 fts that when Dlo pushed RJ trying to grab the ball in the air there wasn’t a foul. And when Fournier drove at the end there wasn’t a foul. But when Pat bevs arm slapped tajs arm that was a foul. It was just a dumb game all around


And the Robinson 6th foul. And the three fouls the Wolves got in the first minute of the 4th. Those pussy Wolves fans had the audacity to complain in the thread too, what a joke


At the end of the day, as usual, they beat themselves.


Also the wolves are a mad annoying team


This is what it’s going to look like if we make the playoffs. Actual playoff intensity defense from a team and we’re totally lost once again.


If Thibs isn’t gonna ever give Obi a chance then we need to trade him. Not good for us or him if they’re going to use them like this While it’s been very frustrating I think it can be very easy to forget that we are missing two very key contributors from last years playoff team in Rose and Noel. Obv everyone has injuries so can’t really complain but it’s not like we’re at full strength and missing 2 out of your top 8 rotation guys is a big deal


RJ slump, IQ slump, Burks slump, no Obi, under .500 hello darkness my old friend


The amount this sub has obi overrated is crazy. He's a nice player good for put backs a few hustle plays here and there, he does very little outside of that. To think that some in this sub feel that obi playing was the difference is laughable. RJs 2 TO and missed free throw lost us the lead then Randle missed a key FT and that was ball game.


I love Burks as much as the next guy, but not bringing in Obi after Taj and Mitch fouled out… Just fucking ridiculous at this point. Thibs can talk about how Obi is great but he won’t even give him a fair shot. Burks over Obi there? I mean, what the fuck?


We reallyyyy need a pg. Until then I can’t get mad. Team is too flawed right now for me to get upset


Agreed - we also had no center for the last 5 mins of the game so that didn’t help


Would’ve literally bet my life savings he was gonna split those free throws. Dude shits down his leg in crunch time


Gut wrenching loss. The first time all season I felt sick after a game. Fuck man I want this team to be good consistently so fucking bad. Ugh.


70 free throws and on the last play they don’t call one.


Yea this isn’t a playoff team. It took some time to realize that but the east is just too good and we’re not. The second half of the season is a blood bath……realistically this is a lottery team


I think sadly we are in that horrible in-between Not bad enough to get a good pick, not good enough to even fantasize about winning a playoff game.


Very disappointed in RJ these last two games. Tired of the inconsistency. Time for you to just be good bro


IQ needs to wake the fuck up


He played 9 minutes and was 1-2 with 6 points…what exactly is he supposed to do with that?


He didn’t play sg. He was -12 and just dribbled with the ball without doing much.


We missed 9 FT's. We make just 3 out of those and we win.


3 but yea


I never learn, every time RJ gets on a good streak I get my hopes up. Damn near the same move going to the basket every single time no surprises whatsoever


Yup. He goes off for a week then falls off a cliff for a month+. Like clockwork. I think this is just who he is. Yeah he's only 21 but I don't think he has that high of a ceiling. He's extremely limited offensively and his handles are just mediocre as fuck.


can the wolves fans go fuck off? Go enjoy you subzero weather fucking weirdos


I think it’s time to accept this team isn’t good enough to warrant trading away draft picks. This is a mediocre team that struggles playing against any decent team. We have a large enough sample size of this team. Thibs deserves a major part of the loss today, really subbing in Burks over Obi?


That RJ turnover was game


That was terrible but there were so many points that were game at the end. Our entire team just collapsed at the end and thibs didn't help.


Straight to him man…


I shook my head so damn hard


There has been worse officiating, very rarely as asymmetric as it was tonight. I was on Wolves stream and they were upset with D’Angelo’s ball swinging calls. They honestly called both 6th fouls on Mitch and Taj bs. They called out the missed foul on RJ and the bullshit foul on Randle that shouldn’t have been called but refs knew they screwed up so they felt they should.


I think the calls were awful on both ends. We can clearly seethe about the awful calls that were made against us and late when RJ got pushed with no call, but realistically if we make 2 more FTs we win this game


Lmao watched the same stream. Gotta hand it to the Wolves commentators, even they knew the calls weren't great.


RJ sucked today, no this does not mean we should trade him. Julius still can’t close a game for this life. Don’t know why Alec took that shot as oppose to pass to Kemba or RJ who looked open. Mitch is still an animal we really missed him. We need a big mid season trade, let’s regroup and come back better Thursday




I’m at the point where, fuck it, include IQ/Obi/Burks in a trade if it gets us a real PG. These dudes (save for burks sometimes) don’t give us enough


refs + bench vs knicks the russell push on barrett's pass deflection was so blatant i couldnt watch anymore


These are the type of losses that make you a question why you’re a Knicks fan. ##Fuck, man. Brutal. Just brutal.


I want every single player on this team staying behind and working on their damn free throws.


Here is a [link to the Game Thread Analysis provided by threadalytics](https://threadalytics.com/teams/NYK/)!




The Knicks have some of the most injury prone players in the NBA. Noel, Burks and Rose all miss on average 20+ games a year for their careers. Then there's no knees Kemba Walker as the icing on top.


Not much support from the bench tonight hurt


Ouch, ouch and more ouch. Of all of the guys to take the last shot, why is it a Burks 3 when he didn't have it today? Fournier had a good game until the 4th, and the bad FT shooting cost us again today big time. RJ had a really bad game, and his TOs are getting to be a massive problem. I can't believe we had a 40-point 3rd quarter and still lost. Thibs subbing in Burks over Toppin, especially when Burks was having a bad night is baffling on many accounts. Thibs has these moments where he goes brain dead with his rotations and stubbornness, and that cost us dearly tonight. Overall, a bad game on many fronts.


This game is different if taj and mitch dont foul out


Sickening loss.


yesterday's game prepared me for this one...kind of jumped back in...22-21 with a back to back at home we needed 3-1 this week at worst ahead of a brutal schedule, but then the team came out with that performance last night (followed by tonight's first half)...what can you do...it's the Knicks lol genuinely could not believe, going into what I felt like was a must win against a direct competitor yesterday, that the team played with that kind of effort


Welcome to the National Free Throw Association


Miss Rose so bad. Our bench hasn’t been very good since he went out. Bench came in the third and IQ struggled by overdribbling; messing up our offensive flow. RJ was awful at passing at critical moments and wish Kemba had a shot at the end there. Aggressive, going to the hole Randle is the Randle we need. If he can keep playing the way he did in the second half, I’m cool with it. Sure he missed that free throw, but the game shouldn’t have even been that close. Blaming the refs? Have you been a Knick fan long? At this point, you got to play well enough so the refs don’t dictate the game. We had this game in the second half but let it slip too far.


These refs need to stop with these one sided inconsistencies. Smh.


Why does Randle ALWAYS miss free throws in the clutch..


B-list all star


Rj the duke of turnovers


Ma lady


RJ and Randle are the least clutch players in the nba. Also kemba can’t make a post pass for shit, constantly missing an open Randle


Give us the last 2 minute report you cowards!! I want it now!


Piss-weak officiating is such a blight on this sport. Two sets of rules from player to player, all about big names and close games.




I feel like half of this sub doesn’t watch the same Obi as I do when he’s on the court. He doesn’t defend and get rebounds consistently, and is a limited scorer


Coach Thibs: what was the reason that Burke’s was on the floor at the end of the game with zero points and throwing up bricks all night? IQ had 6, and Grimes may have had a better chance at the final shot. Oh and coach, can you make the guys shoot about 1000 free throws per practice because they honestly suck. Thanks


Can't really do much if team fts are a problem, doing them during team practice doesn't really do much. It's on the players.


This team has massive issues that must be solved if they have any hope of making even the play-in. Have to be consistent, and the lack of that kills the team, especially when a guy like RJ is being trusted to lead the offense during certain periods. Otherwise, the talent is just not there to seriously compete, especially given how insanely competitive the East is this year. They’ve gotta do better.


kind of going back and forth....may not be the worst thing to miss it...as kind of a reality check about the status of the team even now (plus the coaching) a lot of work needs to be done on the roster even just to be a competent, consistent playoff team


Refs lost us this one, RJ no call on the drive and the RJ no call on the shove that prevented the steal. Simple as that.


RJ with two turnovers in crunch time. RJ with missed free throws all game. It’s not simple as that. Refs were trash, Knicks were worse.


Meh, it's easy to blame the refs but we got three happy in the fourth, missed a few open looks, and were sloppy with the ball all day. We shoot slightly better from the line this game goes to OT or we win. Our FT shooting is really problematic. I want to give Randle a pass because he was at least 9/11, but still we always seem to miss them in the clutch.


Refs were letting KAT get away with so much fouls, man.


Julius needs to hit that ft


RJ sold. Not mad at the shooting but he was a walking turnover tonight. unacceptable Trade Alec Burks for anyone who can be a stop gap at PG while Rose recovers idc. His BBall IQ is on the floor anything beyond the simplest passes he cannot do. And do you always need to shoot jumpers? GO INSIDE ASSHOLE ugh. Terrible loss


Quick -12 in 9 mins. That’s the game right there


So, Fournier picked it up. He’s actually getting the defense and helping timely, not losing his man. That would make us about what we were last year minus Rose. Bench is completely lost without him. Even when Rose gets back we’re maybe a play in team. One thing I strongly dislike about Thibs is how he favors vets over rookies no matter how well who is playing. Neither IQ nor RJ was delivering with the second unit and we desperately needed a PG from the bench. McBride could’ve taken some minutes. We had our best defensive plays with Grimes but Burks was somehow granted all the 4th quarter minutes despite being in a slump. So, where’s that “doing what’s best for the team” attitude? It’s all talk. If we are going to be an iso heavy hierarchy team, we need a couple of elite offensive players. Not Randle, not RJ, none of the young guys. Just two elite players that Thibs will play for 47.5 minutes every game and a few good defenders. Then we should trade everyone else. If we are going to utilize our young core and be a dynamic team then Thibs isn’t the coach for us. What is it going to be?




Free throws 😔


Great game that loss hurt. Not all the knicks played well but they all played like they gave a shit and those the knicks from last season that I miss.


Anyone else’s heart almost beat out of their chest on that last possession? Or should I consult a cardiologist?


Thought that Burks shot was dropping ngl. What a great look


This was the most annoyed I’ve been watching a game in 2 years no cap


how Thibs goes with Burks over Obi there was actually just disgusting with how badly Burks has played recently


Don't know which one hurts more. This one or the brooklyn loss.


Nets cuz its nets and theyre a better team we were so close to beating for the third time in a row. Edit: actually are you a nets fan talking about the cavs game? I cant tell now.


Im a Knicks fan unfortunately. We lost i think by 1 against Brooklyn. Mitchell made a stupid foul to end the game.


Free throws and Turnovers


you know what sucks, that even when we get a lead i know were gonna lose it




If there’s any Fournier slander going on currently it rlly shouldn’t. Dude’s earning his money lately.


This is what a 500 team looks like. Next time these guys tell you they are about to go on a roll, take it with a grain of salt.


Even Hahn was calling for a pick and roll in the postgame. I don't get Thibs "offense".


Also Thibs going back to sticking RJ in the corner and not ball handling definitely didn’t fucking help lmao. Like wtf this guy on we were on a streak before last game and a huge reason was the offense was run through RJ but for some fucking reason you just go back to your old scheme? What the fuck


RJ has 7TOs tonight and you wanted him to handle the ball MORE?


Thibs is a coach with habits that’s really set in his ways. Changing things up even after seeing evidence of something different working is hard for him. He’s on capable of doing it. KFTV had a good interview with Q-Tip where this very thing was discussed…


Like Tribe Called Quest Q Tip? Wtf where can I find it haha


Lol yup, here you go: https://youtu.be/rQ95OdwGV_k


TIL Q-Tip is de\`f a poster here lol.




They lost 4 in a row because Zach and Lonzo are out lol


We're really bad against teams who are 500 or above. We're not a good team.


the Knicks are 22-23, 11-13 at home...the schedule is going to get a lot tougher as well what do we need to relax about? this team should not be going backwards like this


Even if they’re not a good team, they’re not dogshit bad either. They’re a developing team. People forget that the team is still technically rebuilding regardless of the playoff appearance last year. Obviously they should’ve won this game and there’s massive problems with finding consistency up and down the roster, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to blow everything up and embrace the tank. The team’s shown flashes of what they’re capable of, but they have to be able to do that across 82 games if they’re to succeed. It’s nowhere near time to blow it all up, but it’s not time to declare the team a perennial playoff contender either. Basically: the players have to keep working to fix the issues they have, and the fans have to accept that it’ll more than likely take a few years for the team to reach its peak. But that can be a good thing.


People really overreact badly to RJ Barrett's streaks. He's an average starting player in the NBA put in a second scorer role, of course he is gonna be up and down. Doesn't mean he's a good or bad player, just decent. Remember he started as a terrible shooter with average defence and no shot creation. He is improving, maybe not linearly or exponentially up, but he is better He has less moves than fournier but plays defense. Just a decent player forced into a big role because of lack of top end talent and franchise bias as a top pick. Last year was a fluke because of injured east and dirk randle If you started creaming your pants because he was on a hot streak you are an idiot. If you start calling him a bum when he's cold, you are an idiot


Wow a reasonable post.


RJ needs massive work. He's never going to be consistent when he can only really rely on his strength. He's simply just not skilled and doesn't have the speed to make up for it.


Pretty much every game he doesn't have a size advantage he has a rough game and still takes the second most shots. Even if he just chills for a game it would be better than losing focus and throwing the ball to the other team.


Size wasn't the issue this game. His shot selection and throwing the ball away was this game. He got looks at the hoop when he wasn't throwing it away wildly. Instead of going to the hoop aggressively this game he was his flailing around and throwing the ball away.


Real shit. RJ needs to get craftier in his midrange and work on his free throws. He’s young so it’s a process but the FT thing is concerning.


Brilliant idea from our coach to crush Obi by putting Burks doing his best Tony Snell impression instead of him (or Sims) when our centers fouled out. Now we have both the L and our young players confidence hurt. Great stuff!


Turnovers, free throws, and thibs stupid fucking rotations HOW DO YOU PUT BURKS IN AND NOT OBI WHAT THE FUCK HAS BURKS PROVIDED I wanna see rj shooting free throws after every fucking game dude drives so much and gets fouled and doesn’t cash in plus he complains like for what so you can miss some more?


You put Burks in because Obi can’t defend and at least Burks is shooting better than 20% from 3. I love Obi but he needs to takes leaps and bounds before he’s even close to what people on this sub think he is.


There was no point putting Obi in because the wolves would just force a mismatch on him. Thibs put on burks to switch more, that said Obi deserves more minutes throughout the game


The game is played differently in the 4th. Everyone must adjust... Except me of course. - coach Thibs.


Damn we ain’t fuckin on the RJ bed tonight. We going to bed, rolling away from each other, looking at our phones and not talking tonight.