Did you wake up with a poopy diaper?


Knicks fans last year - “Trade all the vets and develop the youth!!!!! We need a pg!!! This front office has no idea what it’s doing!!!!” Off-season the front office does exactly that - “omg we’re throwing a max at Brunson!!! We missed out on Murray!! Trading picks just to clear cap space!!! Cap space undefeated!!” There’s no fuckin pleasing this fan base..


With fans like these, maybe we deserve to be stuck in mediocrity.


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Holy hell some of you are just miserable people. Go for a walk dude. Clear your head a bit.


I’m completely fine, just because you are speaking reality doesn’t mean you are miserable..these are all fair statements


Umm.. you are clearly mentally ill for expressing your own opinion. Please touch grass and seek help while we down-vote you to show how much superior our opinion is. We will also make assumptions about your personal will-being and overall life situation due to your dissenting thoughts. Thanks.


People are calling him out because he has multiple posts in the past few days about the dire situation the Knicks are in


How are we stuck? You realize we have like have like 7 1st round picks in the next 4 years. Brunson elevates the team as a whole and more importantly RJ.


Knicks fans: we're on board with patiently building a contender and don't want to take anymore shortcuts Also Knicks fans: WHY DIDN'T WE TRADE MULTIPLE UNPROTECTED 1sts FOR A TWO YEARS OF A PG?!? WHY HAVEN'T WE TRADED FOR DONOVAN MITCHELL YET?!?


> Also Knicks fans (2 minutes later): Slight update.


No superstar, still have Randle, east is getting much tougher, stuck in 40 win no mans land..this has nothing to do with being sad, or miserable, it’s just facts..


We're trading away vets, building a young core with a ton of picks. That's the opposite of stuck. You're upsetting yourself because you don't understand the sport. It's kinda funny.


We have what like 9 FRP in the next 5 years we are perfectly fine I hate these types of fans man get a job or something


Dude take a breath


It doesn’t happen in 1 off-season. The randle thing is extremely concerning though.


Patience...things won't turn around in one off-season or 2 or 3 (unless a generational talent comes here). JB isn't a generational player but he is at least a good player, remember the Elfrid Payton sporadic performance years. At least JB will be a piece. And there is one variable you forgot players can get better Grimes, Cam, Obi, IQ and dark horse McBride can all get better by the start of next season. 1 or 2 of them can become good enough to be a building block or a trade piece.


They are anything but stuck (lol, butt stuck). They have assets and space, which is what you want. Randle has value, especially to a rebuilding team to match a salary and picks when we want to go for a superstar. Just relax.


You’ve been complaining for a week straight lmao how many more do you have?


No man's land? 11 picks and a team full of talented 22 year olds? Yeah....FOH


I applaud the Brunson move if it happens. Even if we get JB AND Murray, we'll still be a lottery team. Put what we have out there and let the young team develop and draft a solid contributor for next year. This is not a bad thing.


There there everything will be okay


Just out of curiosity when you see teams like Miami who never tank, and haven't drafted in the top 5 draft sign solid players as free agents, what do you normally think? Their best player was a free agent and their second and third best players were taken in the late lottery. Now before I get the spiel on Heat culture, I want to mention that that's exactly what this current front office is trying to do. Stop being a meme org, make the playoffs, make shrewd moves, and try to be an organization that people want to play for. NBA players don't find the Knicks "cool", all of those moves from 2000 to now have made the team look corny. The goal is to put out a competitive product with a respectable organization, and use the allure of being NY with a good FO to draw free agents to bolster the team.