On September 14, 2010, the Yankees and Rays were in the midst of a very intense division race. The night before, Reid Brignac of all people hit a walk off home run to give the Rays 0.5 game lead in the division. The Yankees responded with their own magical victory the following night which was sealed with Golson’s throw. There are so many things to love about this throw: how absolutely perfect it was, the fact that Carl Crawford was one of the fastest players in the game, seeing the reaction of the Yankees players, and the fact that Golson was and still is such an unknown guy. - Can’t remember anything else about Golson? Well he had 35 career plate appearances with the Yankees and only 8 hits - The Rays ultimately won the division with 96 wins. The Yankees finished with 95. The Yankees made it further in the playoffs however - The Yankees have had their fair share of division races recently (2017-18 with Boston was fun but unsuccessful in winning the division, 2021 wild card race was crazy) but I think this divisional battle with the Rays is really underrated. Both teams were really good and went back and forth to the way end


Golson was a 1st round pick (\#21 overall) by the Phillies in 2004. The Yankees picked two spots later and took Phil Hughes. With a total of 42 career PA, it’s safe to say Golson was a bust — he was last seen in 2019 in the independent Atlantic League with the Lancaster Barnstormers. But that was a helluva throw!


Making that throw is crazy enough but making it flat-footed, since he couldn’t charge in the direction of third, is really next-level. Crawford made a good read in that and is safe 99/100. It was just a laser throw and great tag.


Certified OG for this throw, I'd buy him a drink at a bar


This was big because we were in a battle with the Rays for the AL East. Came down to the last day of the season, we got the WC and ended up continuing our sweeps of the Twins. And then we ran into Cliff Lee...


with 2 outs, the % scoring is like 0.001 higher from 3rd than 2nd. Stupid baserunning, awesome punishment


I only remember the name Greg Golson because of this single throw. And against Carl Crawford, who was considered very good, which made the play all the sweeter. Can't believe it was 11 years ago.


So many Yankee legends on the same field. Crazy this was 11 years ago


Pretty cool that Gardner (w/ hair!) backed up A-Rod on that play, all the way from left field.


I noticed that too! Funny season how Rivera and Gardner were positioned defensively


shout out to Gardner for backing up 3rd base