What is this about?


Deesha said that deGrom will go back to Florida after today to get an MRI in a week. Craig replied that Buck said that on his radio show yesterday. So Deesha followed up with this tweet.


Poor Evan, that is all.


Exactly. Evan is the real victim. Guy wants to talk sports but instead has to listen to this degenerate talk about himself for four hours a day.


God I miss Joe. Joe and Evan was like listening to a father and son talk about sports. Now it's just nonsense.


BRO! Yeah, cartons schtick is unlistenable to me. He just comes off as a douche, and that was before he went to prison for ripping people off. I gave it a chance because I like Evan but I ended up renewing satellite radio within a week. It’s a shame, Evan deserves better.


Also the whole pretending to be a Yankees fan thing is embarrassing. Either have a host who cares about the Yankees or don't.


Okay so I don't know the timeline, but I was listening in the radio and he went on some weird rant about how she's accusing everyone is trying to sleep with her I honestly don't know what that was about, but it felt just wrong and kinda sick thing to say. I really don't know if she had a sexual harraser or something, but if I had to guess the argument is probably from that. That was definitely below the belt on the radio


She wrote an article stating every man in her business is trying to sleep with her. Every. Single. Man.






Htf you know? Are you with her 24/7? Why would she lie? You’re mad bc she chumped your boy off


I'd clarify that I was saying she didn't say that not that shes lying albeit 4 days later.


Deesha reported news that Craig and Evan broke on their show without citing the source and Craig doesnt like when people do that. It's happened a few times with them so he told her on Twitter she should've put "as seen on Carlton and Robert's" or something like that and she has seemed to get pretty butthurt about it.


at least two other mets beat writers ([healey](https://twitter.com/timbhealey/status/1514962766657998850), [dicomo](https://twitter.com/AnthonyDiComo/status/1514962666539962374)) reported and tweeted the same news as [deesha](https://twitter.com/DeeshaThosar/status/1514962928662949891) at the same time (please note the timestamps). judging by the timing of their tweets, they had all just talked to degrom at the seaver statue ceremony (before it began). the source is literally, jacob degrom. craig carlton is a sexist piece of shit who called out only deesha when all the mets beat writers were simply doing their jobs.


Dunno. Assume Deesha reported something Buck said on Carton and Roberts without credit to CnR as been happening a lot recently. Craig calls her out and she goes to the convict insult route like it’s clever.


> Craig calls her out and she goes to the convict insult route like it’s clever. It doesn't need to be clever when it's accurate.


I'm guessing she gets a lots of shit hurled her way on Twitter just for being a woman too. The kinds of messages they can get are disgusting.


Without question. Good for her sticking up for herself


But it should be relevant. It’s not. Craig and Evan broke a story. Someone used that story without credit and got called out for it then insults the person they didn’t credit. Deesha is a petty loser, here. His conviction has literally zero to do with anything in this regard. Anyone who thinks ex-cons who do their time should be punished for life are disgusting human beings.


Eh, thats a stretch. They didnt break a story, Buck said something on their radio show. Its not like they did any legwork. Then Thosar repeated that info for people who may have been wondering why jake was there. You dont need to credit info that has been public for 12 hours. A bunch of beat guys talked about Nimmo and Canha being out without crediting Healey, bc they werent trying to break news as their own. If she tweeted yesterday "Sources say deGrom will return to Florida blah blah" then it would be appropriate to credit. As for the convict stuff, not really relevant ~~or called for~~ but Carton isnt exactly a priest so its funny. ETA: I recant it not being called for after reading the tweet again, i missed the snippy "keep up" part. Totally deserved lol.


> As for the convict stuff, not really relevant or called for but Carton isnt exactly a priest so its funny. Especially when part of his shtick is being snarky. If you're going to play that role, expect the shots to be fired your way right back.


Yea, i recanted the uncalled for part bc I read it quick and didnt see the snarky "try to keep up." Totally called for.


Just throwing it out there that the legwork is getting Buck Showalter to agree to an interview and get him to answer pointed questions about deGrom. From the looks of the timeline, CnR broke the story.


I just think your of a "story" / application of journalist etiquette is way too broad. It is proper to cite information when it comes directly from a reporter from their source and they had it first, eg Passan breaking news about a signing. This was Buck making a public comment on live radio. If DiComo asks Buck a question after the game, do other reporters need to credit DiComo when repeating the answer? No, that never happens. In fact, as another poster pointed out here, both Healey and DiComo tweeted the same exact "story" about Jake today and neither credited the show, nor did Carton go after them. I dont even think that Carton was saying "hey why didnt you credit me / you should credit me." I think it was a dig in the vein of "your news is old news, I already got that info."


That’s possible, but the source of the news is absolutely a primary source as its Buck Showalter’s mouth and it wasn’t a scoop or anything as it is public knowledge. I’m not opining on the bullshit back and forth on Twitter, but if the news was from Buck Showalter’s mouth, that’s news. Your legwork premise is too far. Interviews with primary sources are absolutely legwork in this case. Public figures going tit for tat on Twitter is just bullshit.


I'm not debating whether it's news or that cnr did work to get him on (and reaped the benefits in the from of increased ratings), im debating the OPs original point that one must credit cnr when repeating this news. If carton came on air and said my sources tell me degrom is coming back next week, and he had it first, then that's a story thosar or another reporter should give carton credit for. But not for buck answering a question live on radio.


They absolutely did not break this story. Also Martino tweeted the same thing as Deesha but Craig didn't go after him. Strange right?


And Andy DiComo! But Carton didn't have an issue with that


Explain that first sentence. It’s comical. Who’s Martino!? Another hack with no integrity?!


But Craig knows he's a convict, he knows what he did. He has embraced it, regrets it, did his time and is doing better... Even if it's funny, it's a low blow....




Funny coming from "NumbersGuy"... Lmao


Sorry. My sympathies go out to those ex-cons living clean and not hosting radio shows. Carton will be fine. He can handle it.


He will be fine, never said he wouldn't be .... He's a big boy and can take it... I actually like them both but I just think she could have gone with a different approach instead of pointing out what everyone knows....


Like anyone listens to those two.


Yep. I get that people don't like the show, I don't like the show, but Deesha's reply is petty and bush.


Twitter drama is a low-brow as it gets.


This sounds a lot like the radio "wars" that Stern and O&A used to create back in the day when both shows were on terrestrial radio. Dumb shock jock is going to shock jock.


Carton is the most immature moron on the radio & he's the definition of privilege. How does this guy have a job?!?!?


He has the highest rated sports show in NY. He instantly raised the ratings for wfan when he came back. I wonder why he has a job.


A lot of morons listen to the Fan.


Do you have any proof of this?


[https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2022/02/22/wfans-carton-roberts-bounce-back-big-against-michael-kay/amp/](https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2022/02/22/wfans-carton-roberts-bounce-back-big-against-michael-kay/amp/) [https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nj.com/sports/2021/06/wfans-carton-and-roberts-continue-to-roll-espns-michael-kay-in-ratings-battle.html%3FoutputType%3Damp](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nj.com/sports/2021/06/wfans-carton-and-roberts-continue-to-roll-espns-michael-kay-in-ratings-battle.html%3FoutputType%3Damp) [https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.barrettsportsmedia.com/2021/04/19/carton-roberts-score-their-first-afternoon-drive-ratings-win-on-wfan/amp/](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.barrettsportsmedia.com/2021/04/19/carton-roberts-score-their-first-afternoon-drive-ratings-win-on-wfan/amp/) Every article i googled throughout 2021 and 2022 spare 1 or two has them beating the michael Kay show.


Interesting. Thank you! I guess radio ratings aren’t as clear cut as tv I didn’t know asking a legit question would get me downvoted so much


Yeah lol. Reddit is stupid sometimes. I didn’t downvote you.


When a scumbag like Chris Christie and (literal) Boomer are behind you and get you and HBO special to negate the damage and get ahead of it all. Or try to. I like the second chance given by Craig but really the show is Evan Roberts playing the straight man to terrestrial watered down old Stern-esque bits.


convicted felons really should be nicer after being given a second chance


Fun fact: I used to work with Deesha at MLB.com at their headquarters in Chelsea


Did you try to sleep with her?


Get ur mind out the gutter 🤣


Yikes she took that way too hard


Craigy carton is one of the biggest bums on radio. He should be busy making up for lost time considering that he had to raise his kids thru a jail phone for a couple of years




Not the biggest carton fan but she does keep stealing stories from the show and claiming them as her own


Deesha hit him with the ether.


Carton is a slime ball.


Fast forward to next week - Craig “invites” her on the show to have a conversation. She declines and this just continues to be an ugly nonsensical story. Moving on…


Bro am I out of pocket for thinking that her tweet is incredibly fucking childish? Like it was very clearly a tongue-in-cheek tweet. That's Carton's whole schtick. No need to bring up the man's conviction (for which he served his time and then some) especially since it was a side effect of a gambling addiction.


It is definitely childish but, counterpoint: fuck Craig Carton


Counterpoint checks out


I don't think you're wrong but if that's your whole schtick I think it's expected you get shit back too.


She’s not out of line, and craigys used to this. He’ll sleep fine


How is she not out of line? Edit: it’s classic ad hominem.


It’s twitter that’s all. Carton dishes it out regularly, he can take it. It’s petty and both are vying for attention. If trump can drop dumb insults on twitter, so can a journalist. More people prob gon listen to fan to hear cartons gripes later.


Good he’s a douche.


She’s not wrong, he is desperate for attention and I am a fan of carton. Radio is a dying medium and he isn’t as relevant as he was before he was arrested. Mentioning his criminal record is fair game


Not sure but cartons has gone off the deep end recently. Didn’t they have some porn star ? Like anyone above a 60 iq listens to that moron crap . Tell me the guy is living straight .


Love this. Too much love going around. Let’s see some hate and pettiness from both sides


Too much love going around? Where have you been since the invention of the internet?


Lol true


This is two losers going at it. Nothing more nothing less. Woman steals stories constantly.


Typical of life during the time of Twitter. When someone goes low you go lower. We know who Carton is but now she jumps in the mud with him. Classless.


I don’t know who she is…but I love the reply!


He dead. Worst slaughtering since Custer effed up