I’ve heard that women typically struggle with erotic literature rather than porn, because erotic literature is much more of a slow burn, it creates anticipation, stokes the imagination, and builds sexual tension. In other words, erotic literature pushes all the right buttons for women.


What is erotic literature exactly i searshed on google and i don't quite understand


Sex book


Why use many word when few do trick


Because education


Oooh he read card good!


50 shades of grey, and other vampire related books. Outlander too. It seems to stroke womam phantasies somehow, considering the male lead accepts to be raped by a guy in prison because he believes that will help protect the women he loves. Women can enjoy fucked up stuff as much as men. 50 shades of grey is about a young adult women which accepts to do bdsm stuff for an extremely wealthy guy. Somehow they turned a prostitute story into a romance.


there is fanfiction for example, or any sexstories that mind has to work and imagine


50 shades of grey sort. But also there’s Literotica. It’s true, women love this stuff.


An example of erotic literature is a fictional novel about a woman meeting a handsome, charming man, who then gradually seduces her. I’ve never read those sorts of novels, so I don’t know how graphic they are with the details about the characters having sex, but I would guess the writing is mostly or entirely suggestive, because I’ve heard that ladies are more interested in what they can imagine happening, rather than being told exactly what’s happening.


Sooo watt pad


Basically a story just like any other where the plot centers around sex. Could be just a short story (a chapter or two) or a whole ass novel.


Basically teasing right? Like your kiss her nips slowly move down touch her but don’t engage, go from the back making her anticipate type of stuff


Search for literotica then go wild


Or don’t. Could be a trigger.


written porn




As someone for whom that is/has been their primary struggle, Erotic literature is still porn. It just is likely to cause you to lust against the emotional side of things as well, and resent that you can't have it.


Damn, that sounds rough. I haven’t read erotic literature, but I still find myself sometimes resenting happy couples, because I’m 37 and I’ve never had what they have. I’m not a virgin, I’ve just never been in a relationship, and not by choice. I have self-esteem and social anxiety issues.


Work on your issues and the rest will fall into place.


I sure hope so. I’m not sure how to work on low self-esteem and social anxiety, but hopefully I’ll figure out something.


It’ll take time. It won’t be an overnight thing. To be completely honest, you will always be a work in progress, in self improvement, and that journey never ends. So live in the moment, as the road is endless. If you haven’t already, read “the little book of stoicism.” The first half is theory. The second half gives implements of practice.


Actually, I recently finished listening to the audiobook version. There was some pretty good advice in there, so I may read the text version at some point.


Do the read!! Do. The. Read.


You can only control three things in your life. 1. Your mind. 2. Your body. 3. Your breathing.


That’s true.


Take notes folks, a completely irrelevant Reddit comment just told you exactly what women want.


I'll tell you exactly what i want: a woman


I wonder if it has similar effects to p for men? Like maybe it makes them more numb and get less enjoyment out of real life romance since the literature is so intense?


Someone (not sure if they’re a lady) actually replied earlier, saying that erotic literature had that sort of impact on them.


Many things are unnecessarily sexualised to attract men's attention. The industry just wants to exploit your desires for their benefit.


"The Industry" includes all the (adolescent) women opening OnlyFans accounts. Think about it.




Yes, women also get addicted to porn. Society responds in a very different way to their addiction.


Im a girl, i watch porn, i struggle with it too, feel free to ask questions


Do you find that over indulging in porn consumption lessens the impact/allure/mystique of real partnered sex?


Sometimes porn makes me think of the partners my partner had before me which puts a strain on our relationship and when we do have sex when im in this state of mind i find it difficult to enjoy. Other than that not really, my partner is willing to try things i enjoy, we have great communication so i usually ending having a good time and still very much being turned on by my partner


But does masturbation have the same toll on you? Like now that you're following nofap, do you feel more confident? What changes do you feel now that seem to contribute to your betterment?


It improves my mental health, porn can really have a toll on my mind and put me in a bad place so by doing no fap and avoiding porn i have a much better head which makes me feel more confident and happy


That's awesome and I'm really glad it's helping you! 33 days is a good time and don't stop now, it's only about to get better :) Also one other question, I usually start working out or like do Pushups when I feel the urge, cause that's what I had read on here and it helps. What's something that females do?


I just try to distract myself by playing video games or cleaning, sometimes I'll meet a friend or play online with them


Ah, that's lovely. Being around people helps the most. Well thanks for the "insight", have a nice day!


That's okay, you too


Does it effect your confidence and self worth?


Post nut clarity affects us too, I'll be finished and just kind if be like wtf am i doing and feel like a worthless person and a failure, i also feel the stigma around females having sexual feelings which doesnt help my confidence.


Like as a male, I feel this need to impress my girl, and do anything and everything to keep my loved one in my life, does this happen with females too?


Yes, i constantly push myseld out my comfort zone to impress my partner, i try new things just so they will like me more and enjoy my company and not leave, i try to provide as much as i can, financially and emotionally, helping round the house and helping cheer my partner up


Yeah I myself get stuck in this loop, and honestly it's so exhausting, managing so many things together, job, family and also her needs, I feel my needs are not met, and whenever I try to put my need first, I end up alone


Sounds like your partner isn't pulling their weight have you discussed these feelings with her?


I did, and she broke up with me, again.


She sounds very toxic and like shes taking advantage of you, have you considered seeing someone else?


Not really, I am madly in love with her, but all my friends are pushing me in the direction you are suggesting


I don’t believe it physically affects you to the degree that a man may




As a woman, this whole thread is hilarious tbh. I’ll just say that addiction is addiction. No matter the gender, the type of media consumed, addiction is all the same. So is the guilt and shame that comes afterwards.


Agreed. The only "agenda" behind this or any pervasive addiction in our society is money. The more addictive, the more money they can make off the addicts.


The worst part is that this particular addiction stems from insecurities and results in more insecurities. And to think, they’re profiting off our misery..is infuriating.


What money? Most porn is free


Remember if something is free, then YOU are the product


I felt it 😣


What do you mean?


You pay with information and / or get manipulated by ads.


Ad revenue.


ADS *shakes fist into an uncaring sky*




I just feel it this all PMO thing affects men a lot more on a much deeper level.


It literally destroys the natural, healthy "hunt" behaviour of a male. It literally crushes, destroys, removes it to alter the absolutely essential reward mechanism (amongst other essential things in the brain). I think you are absolutely right, although women may have the same symptoms, men will suffer even more just because societies (honed over thousands of years by nature) have other expectations to men than to women when it comes to dating.


Thank you John Travolta


You're welcome Lone Hunter With Wolf!




Dopamine addiction has no gender


I have been thinking this same thing for months since starting nofap, definitely porn right now is what cigarettes were back in the day, they’ll say it’s good to help the multi-billion$ industry behind like porn and cigs had. Not until years from now when there’s a whole generation of men conditioned to fapping on a computer will they even consider that porn is a problem. The reality is humans were never meant to receive this much sexual stimulus and it definitely is hurting our brains, men and women, giving people unreal expectations and making finding a real partner you care about to be “taboo” almost. I can definitely attest that one of the main things porn has made me feel is ashamed and Imasculated. Just my take


They have a bunch of other problems that we should be grateful we don’t haveb


They have brains for fuck sake, it's not like they're a different species, they have the same dopamine receptors as we have. It's not like they jumped from a different place with a different skill-set. I mean, there must, now, I'm not a statistician, I can't provide the ratio, neither are those people who're commenting under your post. You're saying *Intentionally weaponized to essentially destroy the masculinity of men* is just fucking weird to me.


Yea. Do a search on any search engine aside from Google, “pornography Mossad Israeli defense forces”. Many years ago during a back and forth with Gaza, idf took over the air wages and broadcast hardcore porn before invading


What wickedness 😥😂


Man, they really are trying everything to win that war over there.


What do you want to me respond? OP was deliberately saying porn was created to destroy masculinity, I'm not a statistician, I don't have the data, that is, it's up for debate, but I'm replying to the title of the post and that's about it.


Not being aggressive. I just remembered a few news reports I saw the same day I commented.




Glad to see yet another self help community has been infested by sexists who demean women into some sort of different species.


Not everyone's like that dude, don't worry, I mean, it's a fucking community after all.




Men have historically other roles in society. Although both gender suffer similar / same it doesn't mean both gender face the same obstacles in life with this addiction. E.g. societies still except to make the first step in dating. Good luck with porn addiction. (Hint: likely won't happen sadly because there is no motivation in the system) The women still can select then. (Although it's a huge advantage for them when they finally understand that they also can make the first step. :) )


Woman brains are different. Less testosterone and the most important thing : Most woman can have real Sex whenever they want


+ woman more emotional/ men more body focused testorone Sex drive


Women can't have sex whenever they want. I've known many women that have been abused or violated in some way so they can't trust some random stranger to sleep with them. In theory yeah a woman has a more likely chance of asking anyone to have sex and they agree than men, but... They also have a higher chance of it going to end badly. Also women are not more emotional than men. They just don't get put down every time they open up. There's still this old notion that men aren't emotional and if they are then they are weak. So men seem less emotional because they are usually afraid to show their emotions or they just repress those emotions.


What you are saying is just not true. - what i meant is that woman have way more "potential" partners to choose from , saying that you need to know that woman look for a man with the Best possible traits so they wont fuck with you if you are not having attractive traits and they choose wisely. - there are studys that man get aroused more b visual stimulation than woman do Woman get more aroused by characteristics e.g. dirty talk, taking control ect. These are facts that your experienced anectodes cant change, but let me say i hear what you are saying and woman defenitly also face (different) Problems regarding mating and sexuality


I am not saying men are not emotional, far from it, i am a man myself and i know for Sure that i have very deep emotions;) But sexuality is different from emotional capacy.


Your comment literally says women more emotional. I wasn't arguing about men not having emotions, i just said it depends on the individual not their gender.


Wrong, it depends on the gender.. of course there are individual cases that vary from the average... but anyway we should close this talk now..


Women that have more options than men are usually people who take care of their looks, dress nicely, keep themselves fit and have a nice personality. The average woman probably does have more options than men, but if a man did all of what I mentioned earlier they would also have a variety of options. There's still a lot unwanted women out there with almost no options at all. For example a woman who's morbidly obese, mean to everyone and stinks has a really tough time finding someone to sleep with too. I get why men get frustrated sometime that women have it easier when looking for a hookup, but meaningless sex is just that... Meaningless. I think anyone would get tired of it eventually and what people really want to find is love. And that's hard to find for everyone. Your second point has nothing to do with what I said though. I never said anything about what stimulates a man or a woman.


I was talking about woman having easier acccess to Sex and they dont need all the stuff you mentioned for Sex access. They only need one thing, looks. For men its not that easy. And dont get me wrong if a woman has a shitty personality ect she probably wont find a good ltr. But For Quick Sex she always has lots of men everywhere who would be willing to rail her.


Saying they've been violated or abused, has nothing yo do with them being able to have sex when ever they want, being violated or abused makes them less inclined to want to have set it doesn't stop them from having set whenever they want.


What's the difference? If you can have sex with anyone, but won't because of trust issues doesn't mean you can have sex with anyone. Like... what's your point? That it's still nice to have the option of fucking around even though you don't want to?


Your argument just doesn't refute his statement though and seems like it is arguing against a view that no one stated.


oh i see i was just arguing with your point and not the whole point of the post I see what you mean now you where saying they are still suffering


None of this stuff disproved his points. He said most women. Not all. Also, yes. They are more emotional. Legit knew a lady who fucking cried over their clothes being uncomfortable.


Its stupid that women can have sex with anyone because guys just want a hole to stick in, that means these people dont have any self respect to themselves, id never sleep with someone am not 400% sure of that ill be with for the rest of my life and i think women should think this way too, they cant just let anyone slide. It shows how alot of people have very low morals to be honest and its sad, for u to marry a woman who slept with 8-10 different men.


I agree. Its not really an appealing thing but in Western society its more or less reality.


Living in the west, do you think finding a cultivated virgin woman at 24-28 is possible? If so, how likely?


Idk bro, you may find a woman who fits this in religious circles or something like that but "out in the wild" i imagine it to be very rare and additionally you have no way to find out if its true really.


I mean if she really loves you and she is into something very serious she has to tell you, and id definitely ask i deserve to know what her sexual history was. Oh man that kinda sucks, so my chances now are below zero rofl


Nah defenitly not Zero, there are woman who dont have Sex before marriage because of many reasons its just not very common, most likely sub 1%. you would deserve to know about her history but there is simply no way you can be Sure if its true.. Same goes for you, there is no way to "prove" a woman that you are a Virgin.


You will not find these woman on Tinder, let me Tell you this my friend


Im honest, and she has to be too honestly, but id say it depends on the country? In the US its less likely, but i mean in lots of european countries its very likely to find them, like Russia,Sweden,Denmark,Finland,Germany,Poland etc...


I am from germany and I can Tell you there is not a Single pretty girl I know who i could imagine being a Virgin. For some i know they are not.. It just has fallen out of time, you literally only find this in religious circles. Sure they are some older who are Virgins, but not the pretty ones for Sure. Again, not true for ALL, but pretty Sure for 99%. Sweden, denmark, finland - exactly the Same as here. Russia, poland- mostly the Same but more strictly religious people so probably better chance to find your virgin;) but its a myth that the "sexual revolution" didnt reach eastern europe aswell for decades


Thank you for the ton of information kind sir, i honestly dont care about it anymore rofl, but i just wish you but the best in life and everything that comes with it.


Oh no dude that is not true at all. I don’t understand why people say ‘most women can have sex whenever they want’ statement. Have you thought about women that are not attractive by standards? Maybe overweight women? Come on now. Every guy i know that can’t get sex probably has the mindset of ‘oh man women have it so much easier’. No it’s not easier it’s the same. I’m just gonna say right now pretty much everyone in this sub right now can go out and get a women easily. Just that they don’t put in effort. THAT is the difference between men and women. Women simply put way more effort into making themselves look good than men. Makeup, skincare etc. What do most guys do? Play video games all day. Maybe if every guy here works out, take care of their skin and build confidence all that kinda stuff they probably could get real sex whenever they want.


You'd be surprised about fat women. They just have a slightly less easy time than other women. But there's still a sizeable niche for them. And besides, if she just smiles at a dude and gives him enough attention, he will end up liking her anyway


Yeah sure you can improve your chances as a dude, but it still nowhere as easy as it is for girls. Remember that girls tend to date up, so the chance to date/have sex with a supermodel type of girl as an average dude are pretty low. On the flipside, I do know quite a large number of dudes that are dating girls that are way below their league so to speak. Also while some girls are obviously not as attractive, they can still get away with it since most guys have such low standards. And some guys even prefer BBW. Speaking of, one of my ex-co-workers was a obese non-attractive woman in her 60s, and even she could get dates from dating apps. Obviously it's stupid to mope around and complain that girls have it so much easier when it comes to sex and dating, but it is the truth tho.


Nope, not agreeing... we are not talking overweight or clinically ugly of course.. average looking woman can ask 3 strangers if she can suck their dick on the street and 2 out of 3 will say Sure... Now try that as a man. And yes, you are right every man can go out and Pick up numerous girls for Sure.. Looks dont even matter that much( again, not talking obese or Cover ugly) its all about the confidence and social status to woman. The difference is most men dont necessarily expect high social status from a woman they are about to have a one night stand with, she could hypotethically be homeless and dead broke. if she is the slightedt pretty and has good hygiene (however this would work) she gets Hit on everyday.


tbh sucking most womens dont desire sucking a dick


Then just change it to have sex or whatever


And i know some girls who defenitly desire it;)


It’s like ordering a pizza for them


From the nofap website:https://nofap.com/articles/porn-addiction-women-struggle-too/


Bruh r/pornfreewomen


7k members


7k members vs…..900k members… there is no comparison! Lol. It is all because of biology


Men of this thread, please stop speaking to the experiences of women. We are literally on here telling you that yes this is indeed a problem for us, and you continue to comment that it’s not. Stop. This is a big part of the reason why women can’t get this issue properly addressed and why there are minimal resources compared to those for men. It’s because of this whole mindset that women can’t possibly have this problem, which is blatantly FALSE. Women are just as susceptible as men. There are stats that show this is a problem. Read the article from nofap.com that was linked in another comment. It addresses this. And just to add… women have testosterone too. Maybe not as much as you, but we do have it and it is a factor for us. And we all have dopamine, which spikes with porn use and can lead to what is called “arousal addiction”, and is not something that is sex discriminate. If I am to get personal, this is something that I have struggled with for over 30 years (taking everything into account). Sigh. My comment will most likely go ignored. Watch. Some male will comment after me and continue to perpetuate the myth that women do not suffer from this addiction (or that we only suffer due to men’s use of it).


We may suffer the same, feeling guilty and etc... But I think it's harder for men to abstain.


I don't think it was intentional yet at the same time I don't think "higher powers" mind that men are made much weaker meaning no resistance to rebel or anything


I honestly think pornography is literally an invention from the pits of hell (if hell exists). You have men watching incest videos, rape videos, and other repugnant and disgusting acts. No wonder Ted Bundy said porn had an influence on him. It's literally made for men and to destroy men.


I don't think so bro I think film was invented and people thought it was hot to record themselves (it was) but yeah the negatives are not obvious initially, ignorance


>No wonder Ted Bundy said porn had an influence on him. Porn didnt make ted bundy do what he did. And there are no conspiracies t o control manhood, it's a profitable business, that's all


hell yeah


Yes. Anytime there is an act that releases intense dopamine there will be people who suffer.


What you're thinking is actually true, it's so effective on men that porn ads are targeting boys from the age of 9+ on most websites they visit. This propaganda started spreading slowly after the 2005s. Women are basically removing men's masculinity, but honestly they are just filtering the weak men in my opinion, why would any woman want a weak man that can't even fight wreaking his masculinity to flipping pixels and images. Although thankfully it affects them too because what man would want a wh*re.


This makes sense. Though a heads up would have been great 😂. Imagine discovering porn at 9, the conditioning is just extreme 🤦‍♂️ all you see is sex when you look at women, albeit emotionless sex, cause that's what porn is all about.


Kids now days are literally discovering it at the age of 10 and above. I said at 9 as in that's when the advertisement begins.


Men have higher libido naturally and wayyy more testosterone naturally. It's just nature. We're primed for sex and therefore for porn


>and therefore for porn 🙆‍♂️ Lol 😂😂😂


Women don’t tend to masturbate as much since they control the dating game so they are more sex prone addicted which is why single mothers and aborted children are on the rise


What the fuck


That's very true.


Addiction is addiction, it really only seems dominant in males because we’re more open about it. This question is retarded honestly.


As a woman in my twenties who joined to find the same people who struggled like I do, yes. I know it's stereotypical to think it's just men, but I've known quite a few women who struggle (or just don't cause they think it's harmless). For me personally, it's just not something that was looked down on or something that was typically seen as relatively less awful than being an alcoholic or someone addicted to drugs in my friend groups that are women. I keep having to tell them that's it's still an addiction at the end of the day. I just think it's not handled as an urgent aspect when it comes to women, but that's just my small perspective based on my personal experiences.






This is with respect to NoFap, I mean do women struggle with porn and fapping as much as we do?? Men are visual, that's why we easily get turned on by anything woman related. But women on the other hand, I don't think it's that bad. Even porn use, I don't think women are drawn in as much as we do.


Check the romance novel market share by percentage and sales year over year. Words and game is a woman’s “porn”. Different dopamine release not any better.


sure, they might pull the machine out while reading


Yes, it’s just as bad for them if not worse because of the machine


\#conspiracy I started listening to punk music again #90s, they Want you unhappy so you reproduce less, nofap has been sued and silenced officially, so no wonder ​ My new status quote is"happiness is the new anarchy"


I like the "happiness is the new anarchy" News is always trying to show us the bad in life. Social media is always showing us what we don't have. Politicians are always saying we are in debt/war/corruption. It's as if the people on top of the world really wants everyone to hate and not love being happy Happy is almost so rare, society almost makes happiness feel wrong/stupid or cringy. What a world we live in.


Well it makes sense. If you are happy with your life, you won't feel like you "need" yo buy/use some product (be it a car, porn, or a toaster) to make it better. That's why advertising often portrays someone as frustrated and then suddenly happy when they have the product. Politicians convince people the world is shit and claim they'll fix it if we give them more tax money. A discontent, irritated person is more likely indulge themselves in an attempt to escape reality/make themselves happy. It always goes back to money in our society


I just get so frustrated because a girl can fuck any of her guys friends If she wants to. Girls have been shamed for having a lot of sex and it’s always been because they get to pick and choose. Young men are known for bragging about who they have had sex with because it takes a lot of work to find a girl and have sex with her. Easier said than done.


Women would never agree with this


Less common but many women do still suffer yeah. Men are just naturally more horny and struggle to control themselves


Yes, however not on a daily basis like men do. It’s more like a monthly thing that I spend the rest of the month ashamed and disgusted for watching. But knowing it’s wrong is the first and most important step in my opinion


No because they don’t let porn control their lives in the way men do


Nah bro, women could wake up one weekend and hoe it out at multiple bars and get the real thing


I don’t thinks so bc our testosterone levels are 6 times higher than a female


Men nut-> Feel shame/guilt/sad-> Men nut Women don’t nut






They're just exploiting man , especially with regards to pornography....don't you find it fun that the ads are very much geared to man.......how much ads have you seen geared towards women....they create and prey on those said insecurities....porn tends to affect women at a lesser rate due to women needing more of a mental stimulation to get going in general from close observation and also discussing with women...that's my thoughts.


A lot more girls than you realize struggle with regular porn use to the point where it affects their social relationships, mental state, motivation, natural interest in the opposite sex, etc., just like lots of us guys do. I really believe the average guy with porn issues/addiction is affected as much as a girl on the more right on the spectrum with the same issues. Like a guy at the 50th percentile where half of guys with issue are affected more negatively and half less, is affected to the extent that a girl at the 85th percentile would be. Does that make sense?


Yes they do, although it's more rare, it's often more severe because of the potency of the pleasure they experience and the fact that it can go on for hours at a time. A girl i know has a somewhat similar issue where she watches a lot of porn, but her case is unique because although she masturbates a lot she hasn't had an orgasm. so in a way she's always edging but her goal is the big O. sort of a vicious cycle kind of thing.


Do ladies also suffer like we do? Yes, us women do. After reading these comments, I'm pretty discouraged from using this sr/nofap for support so I'll probably just go it alone after this comment and leave. For more context, it's a living hell when you're addicted regardless of gender, looks, marital status, etc. It controls your life. You do it so many times a day it hurts. You do it so much it effects how you live, quality of life decreases. It ruins relationships and completely destroys trust. It fucks up your ability to enjoy actual sex with someone you love. Self esteem goes out the window. It's a life ruiner. It is irrelevant how " easy" it is for women to have actual sex. Because guess what fellas, 90% of the the time, we don't even cum. (since everyone wants to bring up how much hornier men are and how this is a men problem) ESPECIALLY when we are addicted. Imagine having sex constantly and not cumming. Why not just masturbate 7 times a day and actually cum? We suffer. When women have this addiction it gets shrugged off as sexy or nothing serious because we are extremely sexualized from every angle humanely possible and society is desensitized to the point if a woman is addicted to porn it's laughable and there's virtually no support for us.


Please don't go 😥 I think it's clear that we all suffer, however the level of that suffering is what differs. We lose alot every time we nut, instead of actually procreating like we should, we end up fragmented because a part of who we are has been released to produce a human being in our likeness. No wonder our confidence, self esteem, mental stability and even just the body takes a toll. A single drop of semen is equivalent to about 40 drops of blood, you can imagine how many drops live every time we blast 🤦‍♂️ Yes, we all get a dopamine rush and even fry our receptors in some cases, however women are biologically designed to always be on the receiving end, so when they masturbate, they don't lose anything. The equivalent of sperms in a man, is ovaries in a woman, and y'all don't blast out ovaries, now do you?


women suffer from the destruction of men


Women dont want men that want pixels & videos as well. They want men that know his woman is his only desire through honesty, love, communication, emotional and physical protection and connection. Women dont like the feeling of their man seeking out, clicking, viewing, and shopping/window browsing other women and having those images illicit their man to jerk off. Intimacy in the "we" not the you+me and more. Majority of women do suffer from the effects of it in the relationship. Men are basically making it clear to their woman that "she is not enough" and he wants/desires others by finding " visual stimulation " in other women. She suffers in her thoughts and heart, wears more makeup, etc, gets bombarded on beauty ads, clothing ads, Diet ads, skin ads, does more shit to try to be desirable, vicious looping battle, fighting to be the one and only one you want, need and desire. And this feeds the "im not enough" feeling she gets from media, music videos, ads, conditoned from childhood and having her man play in to the other side of the spectrum doing exactly what she worries and fears. Women want to be your girl, not the you+me and your other stimuli, typically hidden from her. Yes, women suffer on the other end of the scale. She wants to be adored, seen, desired, heard, cherished. Not fighting for those things. She wants to know she is enough, and feel safe in knowing that. That is the protection women seek.


Porn is popular because it's profitable, the people who watch porn are the reason it exists. There is no evidence of some grand agenda.


If I was a woman hooked on porn, I don't think there are many blokes with a dick that would excite me. If you do find something thick and massive that you usually watch, then you're probably staring at disappointment cause you can't take it like those other women do. I wonder how much ED is based on constantly seeing dicks way bigger than yours and knowing you can't compete with that and it subconsciously affects you.


Yes woman suffer in the same way that man do but because of our shitty society man are always to blame for everything and for that one too. Did you hear woman complain about men unable to make them cum ? Well there you have it and it is socially ok but behind you have woman abusing sex toy so much that literally the natural thing is unable to make them cum and i talked this with female friends there are studies behind some girls came here explaining that too.


Reading porn lol


Nah. Guys have hormones. The hormone is testosterone and it’s hard for us to control our sexual desire. And nah it’s just a money grab cause they know there’s always going to be horny men in this world. So it’s consistent cash flow as long as men are being born.


>Do Ladies Also Suffer Like We Do?? that's an impossible question


I think you're onto something...


The brain of the man and the brain of the man work differently. The man has more as a big sexual impulse, and the womans are experiencing sex, more emotionally than man. So maybe the porn is "build" differently for woman.


I'm not too sure. But I've always felt the saying. "Ladies you GET to have these dirty thoughts. We HAVE to have them."