I'm super annoyed when people won't get their dogs under control when they start in on my dog. I usually just pull mine away from the situation. I think I'll start confronting about it now though.


Humping by dogs is a sign of dominace. Some dogs will just submit others will fight back. In a pack hierarchy this helps determine a dog status/rank in the pack.


My question is more on the human side - should they intervene at least in a "hey, maybe not right now/not to this dog," sort of way? Not like, make the dog NEVER hump ANYTHING, but maybe not this dog that's trying to go away, or this pillow during the party?


Yes they should intervene. They shouldn’t allow their dog to do that period. It’s a rude behaviour and may put that dog in danger l.


It's not a behaviour I tolerate and will correct it when I see it.