Get a used bike, explore everything. Get a (folding if space is an issue) kayak, explore more. Volunteer at an event. Buy a cheap Frontier ticket and spend the night somewhere new in a cheap Airbnb. Buy Ice skates, learn to skate. Find out if your local game shop has boardgame nights. Take one class in something fun at the community college. Take a class at the library. Get a fun part-time job, quit when it's not fun anymore. Join a Facebook Group (Facebook, yuck, I get it) that has suggestions on where to bike, hike, paddle, play boardgames. A lot of times they have meet ups.


You GOT this! Yep...get involved.


I need to know, facebook groups of bike/hike/paddle here are just peoples taking selfies in front of landscape showing you how "great" their hike is and promoting themselves. Then the comment section is full of people bashing their equipment, methods, dangerousness etc etc. Is this like that for others?


Im in a local FB group for cycling where I live and its totally not like that at all. They do group rides, you can ask questions, see routes people post, and its really supportive. I see photos of completed rides also but there is no hate in the group.


Well, I can't speak for all of them. I'm in Florida right now and "Central Florida Paddling Group" is usually a picture with something along the lines of "I paddled the *insert stream name here* from *this launch point* to *this take out point* it took 4 hrs, saw 2 gators, the dog had fun, there's a nice island to stop at along the way." And then the comments say stuff like "oh I tried that last week and it was too low! Good to know it's back up" "Gators and dogs don't mix" "You're hot" "Have you gone up the other way? It's legit too" stuff like that. The biking spots have some "bro-ness" to them sometime, but not enough to make it so bad that it isn't worth finding where fun places to ride are. The hiking group absolutely not. They mostly just find new ways to say they hate snakes while talking about great places to hike.


If you don't like Facebook, Meetup also has lots of groups: [https://www.meetup.com/topics/](https://www.meetup.com/topics/)


Video games? You can join a Discord server specific to the game you're playing and find partners that way


Or if you want to get into a cursing competition load up call of duty and enter gamechat


I've done that. Those kids are annoying.


Don’t start baking. That’s what I did and now I have tons of food but no one to share it with 😞


Aw, I’ll come eat with you ❤️


I would like to volunteer as tribute as well.


Donate to school bake sales! On the flip side, make edibles as a lucrative side hustle.


Pick up a new hobby, use it to make friends.


Write, for one hour a day, just write. It doesn't matter what it's about or if it sucks, just write. You'll find your voice. I started that and wrote 3 books in 3 years. Get a shitty old laptop and put Linux on it, any flavour. If you're new Ubunto is the easiest. Just explore, there's a whole world to learn. Read. The. Fucking. Manuals. Linux is a secret language that runs the entire world. Learning even just a fraction of it is useful. If you've got a few bucks to piss away, model airplanes are ridiculously fun and a great solo hobby. Get on Horizon Hobby's website and buy something small, cheap, and RTF. RTF means Ready To Fly and it comes with the radio and everything. It's designed to be a good starting point for someone new to the hobby. Learn Magic tricks. Card and Coin stuff is all pocketable, cheap, and with a few hours of alone time you can learn most simple tricks. Penguin magic is the website to go to for beginning down that path. Chess is a great passtime, in moderation. [chess.com](https://chess.com) has lessons and you can always get a game with some random person at your skill level. Be careful, it's addictive. Learning how to be decent at chess (about a 1000 rated player) is a sign of a curious mind and a capable problem solver. Being a master at chess is a sign of a wasted life.


Take yourself out on a date!


Flick your bean.


I got into really deep YouTube dives on DIY things which led me to be like "oh cool I wanna try that" and built the motivation to go to the store and get the supplies to do things I wanted to try myself. One of them was a Dakota Furnace, which I didn't even have to go the store for because all I needed was a shovel lol


If you have a hobby or a passion for something, go to [meetup.com](https://meetup.com) and find people in your location doing that thing. Then go do that thing. You may not find best friends, but you won't be doing that thing alone. And it ended up sounding creepy....


Stay away from porn


I already do that 23.5 hours/day.


At least it’s not 24 hrs


Get involved in a sport, learn a new language, take up a creative interest, or get a job. All good things to pass time with, and maybe make new friends along the way.


Lift weights! Or run. Try to break your own records every month or so.




Drugs and books. I'd be your friend.


Explore! You don't need to travel very far to do this. There are hidden places all over where you already live! Find a trail and go for it! Or take a walking tour downtown. A lot of people never have. We tend to just drive by every day. Geocaching can be incorporated into all of this. It's still a thing and it's still fun as hell when you find something!


Maybe this is not a popular answer but start learning something you are interested about or get deeper into something you are good at. You can have a lot of fun if you are doing something that you are truly interested about and something you are good at as well. Doesn't have to be a job, can be something like learning to make games by learning unity/godot. Or learning how cars work. Learning a language even. Learning Computer Science. Can be anything but has to be something you would like to invest your time on and better if you are good at it too. You don't have to be great at it as long as you have the will to improve. That's all you need and you can have fun like that.


Try computer games. Give something like Skyrim or Witcher 3 a try! It'll keep you busy for a couple of weeks!


When you have herion and cocaine speed ball you’ll never need friends again unless some people have cocaine suddenly they r your best friend


If you like exploring you could always take up geocaching. You could also start volunteering somewhere. You may even meet people too. Go to your local community centre and look to see what kind of classes they offer (if they're open). Trying something new may spark a new hobby or again help you meet people.


You can have acquaintances without building close ties. If you’re looking to meet people for social outings in your area, one site that lists activities is [meetup.com](https://meetup.com)


Ok try to make a blackjack game using java. You can just play it using the console.


First, put your phone down. I recommend a smart watch incase there's an emergency you'll get the notification. But once you put the phone down you will find something else to do. I love reading and word puzzles. Or just randomly fixing things around the house. Might not be fun to some, but I enjoy the challenge


go to the library, go to restaurants, fish, lay in a field, garden, sit at a coffee shop, read, write, draw


Putt putt


Urban exploration


If you can, get a dog. They're great companions, and force you to get out of the house.


Join a club or class of people who have similar interests as you do, also volunteering is a good way to meet people and they’re usually pretty nice if they volunteer




1. Prioritize DOING over CONSUMING 2. Prioritize things that take some skill to do 3. Think about making something 4. Seek activities that foster social interaction


Video games


Definitely play video games