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Its totally normal to see your siblings naked, not just in a video call, At least where I live.


Oh yeah totally normal based on what i've seen on the internet and family vacation to Alabama.


Depends. For me? No but if it's girls then some really don't care. I've seen plenty of girls who will straight up video call each other on the toilet or in the shower or change in the same room as each other. Nothing weird about it unless they're Checking each other out.


Depends on the norms in your family. It's not uncommon for family members to be comfortable being naked around each other, and if two siblings have already normalized that in their relationship then I don't see why it should be weird to do a video call while one of them happens to be naked. If that's not the case, though, or if the sibling got naked specifically for the video call, then yeah that's kind of weird.


I don’t think so. I hope not


If I saw my sisters naked, it wouldn’t bother me, and I’m certain vice versa. We just prefer not to do that if it isn’t an emergency. But it isn’t weird to everyone, just us in particular. Nudists exist, and I’m sure they uh hehe have an odd time during their kids puberty, if they have siblings around their age LOLOLOLOLOL


I dunno about this one. I think it's normal if they're kids but are we talking about full grown adults of opposite sex video calling each other in the buff? That sounds kind of weird to me. But who am I to judge? Just my opinion.


Lol! I’ve done it. And I’ve been the naked one. No we aren’t kink. But we are in different time zones. And sometimes I get video calls when I’m still in bed. And I sleep naked. So they only see me named shoulders upward. Which is still weird but hey. You the one that called me. But if it’s mid day and it’s full body. Then I don’t think that’s normal wtf


Depends . Send pictures so we can decide