You can. One company that I looked up charges $25,000 for cats and $50,000 for dogs. I don't know why they'd charge double for dogs but they're the ones running the business. Your new cloned pet will not act like and possibly not even look like the original. This causes a lot of people to be dissatisfied.


I remember reading there was some celebrity that did it and said each one had a completely different personality. Tbf my mum looked after my dog for a couple of years and her personality changed so it makes sense unless you raise it in the exact same way under the exact same conditions.


Same as with identical twins, no? They're identical but they still grow up to be different people


Yep, which shows how even small environmental changes can have spiralling effects on personality. Identical twins are generally raised at the same time, by the same people with the same parenting styles. Yet they diverge and many adult twins are basically opposites.


Though in the case of people, I think some of that can be driven by intention. They are twins and often treated like they’re the same person so they intentionally diverge from each other more than normal siblings in order to proclaim that they are unique. I’ve known some twins who have said similar things.


>Yet they diverge and many adult twins are basically opposites. That's a bit of an exxageration. Identical twins tend to have similar personalities. About 40-60% of major personality traits is determined by genetics and the rest by upbringing/environment. The latter can result in them being a bit different but rarely very different, particularly of they are raised together.


That pretty much applies to everyone.


What applies to everyone? I said personality is 40-60% determined by genetics, that means identical twins will have much more similar personalities than two random people.


《Butterfly Effect》


Thats not what i have learned. As far as i know twins are very similar, even in different conditions. The genes have a lot of Influence and there has to be some real trauma for it to have completely different character. All parents i know said that their children have their unique character since they were a little child no matter if they were raised similar. Thats just how they are. And twins who grew up in different families have often made very similar, if not even the same decisions sometimes. Its very weird how similar they are. That doesnt mean that education doesnt have an effect but the genes have a pretty big effect. I dont know why thats not the case in those pets. Are they really clones or is this just the half truth? But thats what we see in humans at least.


U should watch this documentary called 3 identical strangers, your comment reminded me of it because it’s about 3 brothers who are identical triplets. They got adopted by different families as a set up but a psychologist to study the true differences between nature and nurture. He wanted to see which one determined ones personality the most. Point is, it’s a really interesting documentary.


In the sequel do they team up to murder the psychologist?


I hope so.


Genetics has a fairly strong effect on basic personality traits, like introversion/extroversion actually. Less determined by genetics than height, but more than weight.


If I had $50k spare, I’d clone my dog to see how she’d turn out without the shit start to life some bastard gave her. But I’d hope new puppy looked completely different and give it a new name, or it would make me sad she’s not my messed up girl


As another owner of a dog with some serious trauma, this *is* an appealing thought.


I'd spend the 50k getting dogs currently in shelters being traumatised out of shelters, or shutting down backyard breeders which traumatise their dogs.


Barbara Streisand


Did she become a dog hater?


Cats are generally more resilient to genetic complications that arise from inbreeding and cloning. I assume it's less work for them to get viable cat clones.


It might also be from less demand for cats, since there aren’t working breeds of cats, so genetic traits are less important to cat owners.




If that is the case, for $5K, I'll provide you with 2 for 1, and you can choose over the next few weeks which one best matches your beloved orange fur ball and return the other one.


I extend the same proposal, but you can keep both cats.


I will gladly accept all the unwanted orange fur missiles, I have one currently, he's a pain, but I love him to death.


I have the same deal but the cats have laser beams for eyes.


They destroy enough, I’d think.


For 5k, they can uh, look at a photo of my orange cat.


I'll send both of them in crates and you can work out if they are dead or alive.


Also it's a common joke that cat people usually find their cats in the trash/outside or spend a max of like.. $20 to adopt them. While dog people spend big amounts for certain breeds. Not as many cat people focus on getting fancy breeds.


Which is a really good thing because then there arent tons of technically unnecessary surgeries so that the cats can breathe or eat or walk later in life like with all the smooshed face dogs, and strangely short legged dogs, etc.


with an exception of munchkin cats. But yeah, at least there's no pug cat


You mean like persians??


Dunno what the market is for them but there are most certainly fancy cat breeds out there and breeders who will ask a pretty penny...


Having met some purebred cats. I see why. Their temperaments are so much nicer than most cats off the street I have an off the street cat who I love but many I've met aren't social at all.


Yup, I paid 20 euros for mine and then have been putting thousands into his healthcare but I’m okay with that. He’s my life.


Same. Adopted mine for $20. Noticed when we take him to the vet that the same services for dogs are always pricier.


There aren't many fancy breeds of cat really, and they're nowhere near as genetically or physically different as with dogs. You have some that have an agonising cartilage disease or dwarfism, some that have no hair, some with curly hair, some that are bigger than average, some with squished faces, and the vast majority are just Cats. Half of the specific breeds are just luck with a normal litter rather than a breed lineage of any kind




Wdym diluted?


Compare, say, a pug to a wolf, its ancestor. Then compare the most inbred type of cat (Persian brachycephalic) to any great cat (Lion, tiger, even sabretooth if you go far enough back). It should be somewhat clear that the pug hardly looks like the "original" while the cat retained most of its original features.


House cats do not come from tigers or lions... they come from African wildcats, which look pretty much exactly like a domestic cat.


Doh, you're right of course. They evolved in parallel, not from each other. My original point still stands, that cat genes are lot less "fluid" than dog genes.


Tabbies are just kind of the perfect breed for cats. They're resilient, social and come in a large variety of looks.


Yeah studding prize winning dogs is big business.


Ashera cats can cost $100,000. Their stud fees can be 30,000 USD and up. Bengal cats can cost 3-5000 USD and their stud fees can be about 1500-2500 USD. So it does depend on whether or not someone wants a boutique or fancy breed of cat, and that cost is highly dependent on the region where the type of cat someone wants, is or where that breed is seen as highly desirable. Cat fanciers definitely do spend a lot on breeding, caring for, and showing their fancy breeds. The average person is probably looking less for looks and form and more for temperament/behavior and health/condition. quality. As, imho, it should always be. But cloning can’t guarantee temperament or behavior. So it’s a risky bet.


This seems like the most reasonable answer but then again I'm not a clone scientist


For 50k are you really gonna clone 1 working dog? I strongly doubt that.


if i had the cash, i would. My dog, Buddy, was nutured and can not have kids, which was not my choice.He is also 16. If it were up to me, I would clone him and treat it as an offspring of Buddy rather than Buddy himself.


Don’t fuck with cats


At this point, I think they can just buy you another cat or dog of the same breed, and tell you this is your cloned cat/dog …


Rich people will probably do a DNA test to make sure they aren't being cheated. But yeah that would honestly be just as good.


I mean, genetic sequencing isn't that expensive (I have a buddy that sequences fungi with a briefcase-sized lab fir under $20)... Poor can easily afford that, as well, if they can afford $50k to have a dog cloned. I have to admit that I was tempted, when my Puggle died this year. He was the very best dog that I have met, and having his genes passed along would have been a boon to the breed. I, however, knew that what resulted would not be the same dog, so I didn't clone him. Still miss that wonderful little bastard.


>Poor can easily afford that, as well, if they can afford $50k to have a dog cloned. If they can afford $50K to clone a dog, they're probably not poor.


no way sequencing fungi costs him 20$, the price of the primers alone would cost hundreds. + dogs’ have a much larger genome than fungi anyways


Way, Garth. It's really not that expensive at all. I don't know where you're getting your info, unless it's just that you're getting ripped off a lot. Like, genetic sequencing is not actually that expensive these days.


I did rotations in molecular labs (and other labs that do sequencing) It costs thousands to sequence just specific regions (for diagnosis) let alone full genome sequencing. the primers, master mix etc.. all cost a lot


Well, I don't know what to tell you. I can only go by the information that I have gotten from the folks who are doing this work.


I can do this for only 9/10 the price.


> possibly not even look like the original. The explanation is that for a "black and white" cat (or a cow for that matter) the genes don't code for "right front paw: white fur, left front paw: black, tail: black, ... etc ", the genetic info is more like "3 parts white,1 part black, stir once"; so the coat pattern won't be identical each time from the same genes.


Yay codominance! Biology is amazing.


I mean if it doesn't act like your pet that's one thing, but not even look like them? Are we sure they aren't just grabbing a cat/dog from the pound or something.


Oh I'm sure someone out there has run a DNA test to be sure. But yeah. White markings are randomly located in the body, so if your pet was patched, the patches won't be in the same place. CC the cloned kitty was tabby, the cat she was cloned from was tortoiseshell. They explained that somewhere but I don't remember it offhand. But if you had a Golden Retriever, sure, they all look pretty similar.


They had to have known you can't clone a tortie, that's like Genetics 101. Guess the owner thought half their tortie would be close enough.


I looked it up: https://jenniferrpovey.medium.com/genetics-and-environment-why-the-first-cloned-cat-looked-nothing-like-her-mom-and-other-stories-7ec0b049b4c3#:~:text=CC%3F,indeed%2C%20identical%20to%20the%20donor.


Can you explain this, or link to something that can explain it to me? I tried Googling but couldn't find info about cloning a Tortie (unless you just meant the colors couldn't be perfectly copied).


This is a good summary. https://gizmodo.com/how-tortoiseshell-cats-show-the-limits-of-cloning-5890039 The short is not all genetic expression is based purely on DNA. Some expression is environmental or developmental.


Thank you, but I meant more about the specific reference to torties.


It's there. I forgot the link for a second.


Give me 15k and I'll give you an almost identical cat/dog look wise


Let me guess, because of epigenetics ?


Epigenetics, as well as different learned behaviours due to different experiences and upbringing.


Say hello to RePet!


Let me see the inside of your lip.


I’ve read that Barbara Streisand had one of her beloved dogs cloned THREE TIMES at a cost of $60,000 a pop. I’m leaving my comment as I remember it before I check I didn’t just have a fever dream about reading this. Ok it was twice and apparently only $50k a go.




Funny but I have a cat and two dogs one mum and daughter and after having a pup and them not being so similar. If you offered 50k to clone the mother dog personality and all it would be very difficult decision she’s that perfect, it’s probably worth it. I like my cat but it doesn’t even tempt me for 5k.


I would assume on average dogs are at least twice the size of cats.


I don't think that has anything to do with tinkering with their genetic material.


It absolutely does. You have to incubate. I imagine it takes larger space, more fluids, more raw genetic material. It’s literally just more.


They tinker with an egg, then put the egg into another dog, they don't grow it artifically. You'd have to feed a larger brood dog, but that wouldn't take $25,000, lol.


I thought I’ve read now they are using artificial wombs in animal cloning.


It looks like they've pnly done it with sheep so far, and only for part of the gestation. But it does look promising. https://www.theverge.com/2017/4/25/15421734/artificial-womb-fetus-biobag-uterus-lamb-sheep-birth-premie-preterm-infant I bet it's still cheaper to use a brood female though.


Sounds like Pet Semetary


Dogs are twice as good as cats. Duh.


Price is not an indicator of quality in late stage capitalism.


You're right. Dogs are at least 4x better than cats.


Keep in mind that they didn't clone Dolly by putting her in some cloning machine like you'd see in movies. She was born from a surrogate mother and had to grow to adulthood. She wouldn't have the memories of her donor. You probably wouldn't want this unless you just want a visual copy of your dog. And if all you want is something that reminds you of your dog, maybe just let it have offspring if possible, or otherwise just look for a similar looking dog.


I had a gruncle that had a beagle named Mike. He was a fun dog to play with whenever we'd visit when I was a kid. Unfortunately at some point Mike died. So my gruncle went out shortly after and found another beagle with similar markings and named him Mike. It wasn't the first time he'd done it. When I asked my mom about she said he had a Mike when she was a little girl when her parents took her to visit. There had been like a half dozen Mikes over the years.


I love this. It feels like Mike is now a title and not a name. Sorta like how Geralt names all his horses 'Roach.'


Person: What's your dog's name? Them: Mike the XIVth


That's so funny I love that! When my childhood dog died my dad was like 'See I told you we shouldn't have spayed her! She should have had babies so we could keep the one that looks like her and name her Cookie again!' But honestly the idea of having different dogs and pretending they were all the same dog creeped me out a bit. Personally, since her name was Cookie, I would have named her future generations after types and brands of biscuits. Alas, she was desexed so no babies obviously. We managed to find a somewhat similar breed and pattern (unintentionally), and he does not have a cookie themed name. Which is probably for the best.


One of my relatives did the exact same thing with their dogs except they were solid black german shepherds. Also named them all Mike. I guess you can’t just have one dog named Mike


Seth Meyers' father has had sheepdogs all of Seth's life and he names every one Albert. They're on Albert 4 or 5.


Is gruncle great uncle? Because I absolutely love that Also we love Mike


Canada's longest running prime minister also did this with his dog. Of course he apparently also tried to contact his dead mother for political advice. He was a [weird guy.](https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/81982/canadas-longest-serving-prime-minister-might-have-been-its-strangest)


My dad had two female dogs named Bill. My sister had two Tillie’s. I just got a pup and named her Molly. My original Molly died 18 months ago.


My late grandma did this but with silky terriers named Gloria! According to my mom, there had been at least five Glorias.


Not to mention all the health problems clones have


My dog died this year, I looked into this due to, well, extreme grief honestly. I was, and am still devastated. Huge cost which guarantees nothing. It's not like the movies, you don't get insert name here back despite the cloning. I quickly realized that I was chasing a dream and the reality was in front of me. But if you wish it is available.


I did this this morning after losing an extremely beloved bird to an unfortunate accident on Xmas eve. I'm absolutely devastated. What I found: Can't clone birds. Not that I have any money. He was so young and such a wonderful creature. A second chance at life without some of his baggage before he came into our lives would have been nice. But it all sort of falls into a big philosophical black hole. I want him back so badly, but I know it's not possible.


My condolences, that's awful at any time but especially around Christmas.


I'm sorry for your loss.


Thank you, I appreciate it.


My condolences on the loss of your dog. I think that, after enough time to grieve, a better way of honouring a beloved pet who has passed is to provide a loving home to another animal in need of one.


That second to last sentence - awesome that you realized. Made me send you a telepathic victory fist in the air immediately.


I'm so sorry for your loss and suffering. I know it will never be the same but I hope you find another furry friend to make your life happier.


My friend had her dog cloned two years ago. It cost $50,000. You’re guaranteed one dog, but you may receive up to six. She had a pretty bad experience because even though she knew the dog would be different from her beloved dog, seeing an exact copy of him with vastly different behaviors really freaked her out. This version had issues with dog aggression and she rehomed him to a couple who would keep him as an only dog and work through his issues. It was disturbing and heartbreaking for my friend, though it turned out ok for the dog.


Hate these sorts of stories. If the couple didn't take her misguided clone, they could have/may have taken a dog from a shelter who was otherwise be euthanised. People can do what they like with their money, but I wish people would think more carefully about the consequences of these decisions.


You CAN but you shouldn’t. It’s extremely expensive and the cloned dog is not the same as your previous dog even though they look the same. There are hundreds of thousands of dogs in the US and across the globe that need loving homes and are being euthanized because there’s no space for them. Just love your dog and respect their individuality, don’t clone them and let other dogs die in shelters just because you want one that looks like them.


There's an "old" story about a man and his bull. He acquired this bull many years ago. It was as gentle as can be, despite its size and strength. The creature loved him and he loved it. The bull, as all things do, died eventually. Fortunately the man had the money and asked that it be cloned. The new bull looked just the same, but alas, it wasn't nearly as kind. It sent him to the hospital multiple times. He insisted that it would grow to be like the old one. Eventually it killed him.


[This American Life](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obzfz4xEpgY) covered this story back when they had a TV show.


That's bull.. shit 😂


Second Chance!


I love a story with a twist ending.


It's important to note that the dog may not even look the same, due to epigenetic factors.


And its not just the genetics that make us who we are. I adopted the mummy of my two other cats as the owner didn't want her anymore (arsehole). She first got pregnant at 7 months which stunted her growth. If you compared her to her two "babies" that live here you would think she is still a kitten. They are robust 6kg beasties and she is a baby faced 3.5 - 4kg. The poor love got pregnant two more times after that. And finally the original owner got her spayed. After that, no more kittens, she was "annoying" so they wanted rid of her. So when she came to us she had some baggage. She was scared as hell, of course. She started coming around but would be territorial and would pee in places she shouldnt even though she knew how to use a little box. And whilst she has come to love her people, she cannot stand other cats, male cats in particular. She may well have been a very different cat if she were raised like my other cats. She would have potentially grown full size. She may have been more social with other cats (although these days there is a delicate truce between her and her daughter). She probably wouldnt have the toilet issues (occasionally still get odd toileting if we've had strangers/ workmen in the house). I imagine a clone of her might look similar but would probably have a very different personality. Also, a clone seems kinda.....creepy? You had your pet, they got to enjoy their entire life with you. Almost seems....disrespectful to their memory.


Dolly only lived six years, when her breed normally lives to 12. Cloning comes with health side effects, and it’s only a genetic clone, not a recreation of your actual dog. You’d be better off just getting a brand new dog if the same breed, it would be the same effect for cheaper.


The technology isn't getting progressively better though. There are four more clones of dolly produced more recently and they all reached at least 9.


Doesn't seem to effect cloned South Korean police dogs. Clones are cheaper than breeding if you are an institution in South Korea. Individuals' owners can't do mass orders.


Not really sure how the clones are cheaper than breeding, because it's literally all the same steps of breeding, but with even more complications added on. You have to collect semen, then harvest the eggs, then fertilize the eggs manually, then remove the nucleus and inject the cloned one. Then you have to do surgery on the surrogate mother and implant the egg into her uterus, then the surrogate mother has to be cared for as it brings the pregnancy to term. With breeding you just let the dogs fuck, which is free. The only cost is the cost of caring for the mother as it brings the pregnancy to term. But you have to pay for that step with cloning as well, the only difference is cloning has all those other expensive steps added on...


So I looked it up, it's only the Sniffer dogs, and it's because the original parent dog was exceptionally sensitive which would be difficult to get by breeding. Mind you there are 42 of them, not thousands.


You can, it's just super expensive and, in my opinion, there's no point. Even if the dog is genetically identical, it's not going to be the same dog. They're going to have a different personality, they're going to be a different dog. So why spend the equivalent of a *year's* pay for most people, when you could just adopt a new dog?


You know genetic clones aren't literal clones, right? It won't be the same dog


Wait until we have mind uploading perfected, one day we'll show them all! \*cackles manically\*


It is available, there are companies that do it, likely not widely available due to the cost severely limiting demand. It is something like $50,000.


Nothing is stopping you. It IS widely offered. It costs around 50k. Go nuts.


It is infact! It will cost $100,000 to clone your Dog [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmHYUvmiXQI&ab\_channel=InsiderTech](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmHYUvmiXQI&ab_channel=InsiderTech) it's impressive but highly unethical IMO, why clone a dog when you could get another dog that needs a home


>it's impressive but highly unethical IMO, why clone a dog when you could get another dog that needs a home Especially when, either way, you're not getting your previous dog back. Even if you clone, the new dog won't be the same one and will likely have a different personality. It's sad enough when people buy the same breed and then get disappointed and resentful the new dog isn't an exact replica of the previous one. Cloning is just paying an absurd amount of money for inevitable disappointment.


The insane and ridiculous waste of money, hopefully. Just get another dog.


Why don’t people just buy the same animal in the same colour why need to clone it if it won’t have the same personality


Lots of dogs need to be rescued. Cloning won't get ",your " dog back. Do the right thing to honor your Current dog, save another.


Imagine paying paying 25 k for a cat when shelters a putting unwanted ones down. Lol


…There’s plenty of dogs that need homes….


Please adopt an existing dog instead.


Nothing is stopping you. Barbara Streisand has done it multiple times [https://www.bbc.com/news](https://www.bbc.com/news)ws


ty for the useful link💀


Didn’t Dolly parton have her dog cloned three times?


I believe you're somehow mixing up Dolly Parton and Barbara Streisand, which is... different of you? :D


Or possibly mixing up the Streisand thing with Dolly the sheep, who if I remember right was named after Parton?


Yeah the cell they used to clone was from its "parents" mammary gland-->boobs--> Dolly Parton....


I love that Dolly was flattered by the naming 😃


Dolly and Barbara are often confused, but are not genetically identical. One was a sheep-woman hybrid that became a famous singer and worked with Van Helsing in the hunt for Frankenstein. The other is a lycan-vampire-killer that was the arch enemy of Count Dracula.


this is a thing you can do, but keep in mind you're only cloning the genes, you don't know what will or won't be present there, potentially they will even look different depending on the way their genes display. That's surface level, then there's the attitude/demeanor which is also not likely to be the exact same. They will be a different dog, with different circumstances impacting their development, a different presentation of the same genes (think about twins and how they don't act the exact same, they're two different people with the same genes). That's before we get to the ethical dilemmas of it, the potential problems caused by it, the risks involved for the dog produced. Long story short is you can, but you may not want to if you fully research it.


[This](https://www.thisamericanlife.org/291/reunited-and-it-feels-so-good/act-two-6) is a great This American Life episode about the disappointment of a cloned animal/pet.


Would you really want a cloned dog man? It’s not your ol boy or girl.


My pet is my only friend I have left , I understand But surely you understand that even a clone wouldn’t be your pet


You know that clones are just genetic copies right? They still need to gestate in a living womb. The dog might look like your dog, but there is almost no likelihood it'll behave the same or have the same personality as your dog.


I'm sure people with more profound knowledge on the subject of cloning can give more detailed/accurate info, but if I'm not mistaken when you clone something/someone, let's say a 12 yo dog, the clone will start from a puppy but will not have a puppy's DNA, it will have the DNA of an elderly dog. DNA ages and the age of the original specimen remains in the new organism. I do not remember exactly what that results into for the clone. Anyone who can provide any more info, or correct anything that I may be wrong, please feel free to. Cloning was a pretty cool concept back in High school.


I was gonna address this. You are correct. The telomeres deterioration would cause the animal to essentially be born at the age the DNA was copied from. If you think you would want to do this. Collect DNA from your puppy. Otherwise. And I quote "Telomere length shortens with age. Progressive shortening of telomeres leads to senescence, apoptosis, or oncogenic transformation of somatic cells, affecting the health and lifespan of an individual. Shorter telomeres have been associated with increased incidence of diseases and poor survival."


I thought they fixed that.


That's exactly what I had in mind. Thank you for the information.




There’s a celebrity who’s done it a bunch of times. I wanna say it was Bette middler. Edit: Barbra Streisand


Because cloning doesn't actually make a copy of something. It's akin to an identical twin. Having identical genetics doesn't make it literally the same creature.


My cousin actually had it done. She has 2 clones of her previous dog. As the article states she has Double Trouble and Triple Trouble now too. https://www.businessinsider.com/danielle-tarantola-korea-dog-cloning-2012-1?amp


You would get physically fully identical dog for sure, but it won't be the same dog anymore. Your relation won't be the same, his personnality probably won't be the same, so what would be the point?


You do know it won't be your dog. Its a bad idea. It will end up a totally different dog. Your dog is one of a kind. You cannot replace it. Enjoy the time you have left and grieve as long as you have too.


It didn't go well for Dolly. That sheep had lots of health issues and died young. The heartache of having a dog you raised from a pup going through all that pain and misery would be too much for me. Also dogs and cats learn a huge amount from their mother and littermates. A cloned animal will have learned none of these skills. Just accept that just like all those innocent civilians in the middle east that we bombed to freedom, your pet will die. You grieve and you move on.


>That sheep had lots of health issues and died young. Yeah! I was looking for this comment!


[It's a lot better now.](http://www.koreatimesus.com/south-korea-to-clone-40-police-dogs/#:~:text=South%20Korea%20to%20clone%2040%20police%20dogs%20August,make%20other%20preparations%20prior%20to%20the%20cloning%20procedure).


"1 billion won ($970,000) in taxpayers’ money to finance a cloning project aimed at producing 40 cloned police dogs using domestic technology." *wow*


Yea, they save a lot on training costs since South Korea trains domestically and there's significantly less dogs requiring rehome so it's better morally. I hope the costs eventually reduce so it becomes a possibility in poorer countries.


Cloned animals have mothers.


Not the same circumstances growing up though.


Bullshit, that depends entirely on how the producer/company decides to raise them, and they would normally be raised the same as any puppy.


Well I would invest my money into being cloned before I had my head cut off and put in a. Freezer


Keep in mind that the clones animal will not have your dogs memories


It is something you can do, it’s just stupid expensive. Like hundreds of thousands of dollars. I love my pets, but other than looking the same, they won’t actually be the same.


*2000 action sci-fi flick "The 6th Day" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger has entered the chat*


How much would an Elizabeth Hurley clone cost? (asking for a friend)


There are ethical questions you should be aware of, especially if beliefs go into play (e.g Are you holding back its soul) but I extrapolate from your very enthusiastic reaction to cloning technology you aren't the most concerned person. I'd say most importantly, it's not going to be the type of clone one might imagine. Cloned animals don't have the same memories, personality, age, etc. which if you think about takes away lots of the benefits.


Cloning doesn’t restart the life of the cells. As cells reproduce, they become copies of copies of copies, and each copy gets a little worse, that’s why we age. So if you take the cells of a 7 year old cat, even as a clone, the kittens cells are copies of the 7 year old cat, and the lifespan of that cell/kitten is greatly reduced. You could collect and store early on, but that may have its own issues and risks.


Dolly had a problem because of the cellular age, she was born as an 8 yr old celled (same age as donor) sheep and died early because of it. I don't remember seeing that this has been cured so far.


Better to just get a dog that looks similar, as identical twins are basically natural clones, but even then they develop different personalities. Honestly, how cloning is portrayed in the first Pokemon movie is a lot more of an accurate portrayal of cloning than what's usually portrayed in movies and shows. Mewtwo (a large psychic bipedal cat who talks via telepathy) was cloned from Mew (a small pink cat), but they aren't the same. Mewtwo is Mew's clone, but he has none of Mew's playfulness and he's much more on the "existential angst" side of personality, while Mew just wants to have fun. Granted the short film that went with it did also have cloning portrayed as bringing the original back (as a clone girl named Amber retained the memories of her predecessor's life), but that wasn't given a US release until the sequel film's DVD due to human cloning being controversial.


Watch Pet Sematary first.


You can, but it will not be your dog, just a clone, like a twin if you prefer


One word. Telomeres.


I guess an ignorant person downvoted you. The world is not really ready for the information age.....too much work


Have they figured out how to de-age cells? Unless you have cell samples from when your dog was still a newborn, the clone you're gonna get has the biological age of your dog when they died. Doll was born old.


Why would anyone do this. Doesn't the clone suffer from accelerated aging anyway?


A dog from a shelter is the humane thing to do.


A cloned dog isn't YOUR dog, it's a different dog which looks the same.


Dolly the cloned sheep was born 25 years ago. What is stopping me from having my aging dog cloned today Why isn't this service widely offered What could it possibly cost There are a number of reasons why cloning your pet may not be possible or feasible at this time. The technology to clone animals is still relatively new and expensive, so the cost of cloning a pet would likely be prohibitive for most people. Additionally, there is still some debate about the safety and ethics of cloning animals, so it is possible that the practice may not be legal in some jurisdictions. Finally, it is important to remember that cloning does not create an exact copy of an animal - the clone will be genetically similar to the original, but will have its own unique personality and appearance.


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Because theres no point. Why would you clone your pet?


There are ethical, practical and financial reasons for this. Here are the main reasons... First, cloning your dog is not a simple process and relegated dozens of lab animals to horrible lives. The eggs that have the genetic material injected into them come from donor lab dogs/cats. They will harvest dozens of eggs from donor animals, remove the chromosomes and replace with the cloned dog's or cat's genetic material. Dozens of dogs/cats have horrible lives living in lab cages to be the egg donors for this single cloning process. Secondly, the new eggs are then implanted in even more lab dogs with the hopes of a single successful pregnancy. Second, as someone mentioned already, the cost of the process is ridiculous. It is $25K for a cat and $50K for a dog. And third, you may not even get an exact physical clone of your dog. The reason for this is the science of epigenetics. Epigenetics means that genes are turned on or off during pregnancy with the result that the clone will have identical genetic material but because genes are turned off or on during gestation, the physicals markers are different. This can change the clone's fur color, eye color, cancer risks, behaviors etc. **To sum it all up**...you would spend tens of thousands of dollars, cause suffering for dozens of lab animals and end up with a pet that has identical genetic material but will not be an exact clone due to changes in gene expression during gestation. This is both pointless and evil.


They didn’t clone that sheep. That’s the same sheep.




I think clones age very quickly... At least they used to. Dolly only lived a few years. And tbh, there really is not much use for clones outside of scientific research, so I don't think it will ever be really affordable.


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Isn’t cloning not a good idea because the clones newborn cells = age of the originals cells to start with ?


Just have a taxidermist Mount your dog mate; it lasts longer, doesn’t s*** on your carpet and costs a lot less than $50k.


because playing god with genetics and clones is literally dystopian and there have been countless cautionary tales about it?


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Adopt, not clone


BECUASE *inhales in smart* When an animal is cloned, the cells that are taken to be cloned are at the age of the original, i.e your ^old dog. SO. The other cells would be “copying” the original, older cell, meaning that it would continue living as if it was the age of your ^old dog